Create Your NEW Health Story!

Have a recurring health condition that flares up or health problems your doctors can’t figure out or fix?

Are you dealing with chronic pain, a lingering illness, or a disease diagnosis?

Did you know that mental thoughts and emotions like fears, anger, resentments, and guilt can make you vulnerable to create health conditions and even block your wealth?

These sessions are for you if are on your spiritual path and want help to heal and clear your health issues from a deep core level.

Quantum Energy Healing Sessions will accelerate your body’s ability to heal to experience relief faster PLUS help you to release any stuck energy in your body!

Whether you are in physical pain, dealing with an illness or injury or just wish to accelerate your spiritual awakening, you will receive powerful benefits from this mind-body experience!

Sent remotely for 20 minutes and continues to flow to you for 24 hours in waves. This energy transmission is a NEW dimension of Quantum (Life Force Energy) Healing channeled directly from God’s Cosmic Heart. My Angelic and Higher Realms team assist the transmission to support the regeneration of your body’s true state of wholeness and vitality.

Includes a 10 minute pre-chat and 15 minute follow-up to maximize your benefits for the session via phone or Skype.



I wonder if you realize how far I have come with your help! A year ago, I was almost housebound, wearing braces on my legs and on chemo and TPN! The transmissions combined with your insight,  “challenges and experiences”, love and support have empowered me more than you know! I am so grateful for all the miracles I have received just in the time I have known you!

Healing at all levels…spiritual, physical, emotional and vibrational. As I try to find words, tears are flowing …how does one find words to describe “miracles”

Pain: A profound decrease in chronic pain levels living with Cancer, Lupus, and Osteonecrosis . As a result I have been able to taper the opioid medications in my implanted Pain Pump. I also was also able to discontinue all breakthrough pain medications.

Autoimmunity, Health Improvement: Over the last 6-8 months, I have experienced the first positive health changes in years.. the energy offers me so much Hope… and Love! Recent surgery was cancelled too!

Sleep: Before working with you, I was not able to sleep more than a few hours a night. I am now blessed to sleep several hours a night and am grateful to wake refreshed and anxious to start the day. (Miraculous!) Thanks for believing in me!” ~ KB



In the first 2 hours of my day I received 2 concussions from smashing my head on metal beams and had a heavy metal cart, over 60 lbs and under 6′ fall on one of my legs, ankle, and foot. It felt like the bones were being crushed I contacted my friend Lorraine Cohen who recently took care of a shoulder issue for me with her healing work.

She brought the swelling down so that I could keep going throughout my day and saved me from super serious damage. If you need some FANTASTIC healing work that tends to work very quickly, contact her. There are very few people that are able to work on me and this work is having such incredible results that Lorraine has become one of my go-to people! ~ Jesse An Nichols George, Code Interpreter, Author of The Code Journey.



Thank you SiStar for that beautiful healing transmission. It deeply cleared me right down through my bones, taking away pain and inflammation. It showed me that I’ve been stuck in denser energies and trying to give from a depleted and traumatized place. That I need to fill first. You then connected us to Divine Source and I was full instantly, and calm. Thank you for helping me remember and re-member, bringing the flashlight. Mercy girlfriend, I really needed that! Thank you thank you ~ Valerie A Szarek, EnergyWork/Shamanic Practitioner.




Mia Saenz 1I had my first healing experience with Lorraine Cohen during an illness of Influenza B. I had been in bed for weeks, closed my office, and just been diagnosed with secondary Sinus Infection. I was a mess.

Within two days I was upright and moving freely so that I was able to reopen my office and return to my 60 hour work week. An amazing experience. If you are sensitive to energy you will be blown away! This is brilliant work! Thank you, Lorraine for sharing this gift with the world.~ Mia Saenz, Spiritual Self-Love Teacher, Healer, Media Host and Editor-in-Chief – BellaMia Magazine



I had a wonderful experience with Lorraine. I was feeling burnt out, frazzled and fatigued. I was having a hard time sleeping and getting out of bed in the morning because I was just exhausted on a lot of levels. I went to Lorraine to get a quick boost so I had the energy to take better care of myself and make healthier choices. What I received was so much more! Lorraine made me feel so safe, calm and supported. She gave me some great advice and support before and after the healing work. I had some deep clearing and insights that really helped me shift what was causing a big part of the problem on an emotional level.

I definitely got my boost, started to feel much better and I got my sparkle back! My sleeping improved and some old injuries also stopped bothering me. I even lost some weight which was an unexpected welcome bonus! I highly recommend working with her if you need some help whether it’s getting your groove back, unraveling the root to clear an illness or speeding up recovery from an injury!~ Umoh Luna, Sacred Branding



KimberlyMy back was in acute spasm and I could barely move. Desperately wondering, Who can help? I called Lorraine for a healing session. By that night, my back has relaxed enough that I could sleep. The next day, I was able to buy groceries and work a bit. As if immediate relief from agonizing back pain wasn’t enough, I had a series of shocking breakthroughs in other areas of my life over the next two weeks that resulted in profound inner awakening. Thank you Lorraine. I want more! ~ Rev. Kimberly Marooney, Ph.D., Owner Angel Blessings



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The intention of this healing energy is to work both on the core and the symptoms level. Sometimes we can release things quickly and other times, dismantling patterns occurs in pieces. Be open to the ways messages come to you to help you understand how the experience is serving you.



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Disclaimer: Each person’s experience with healing energy is individual. I do not guarantee specific results or claim that this energy transmission will be a “cure” for you.  Sessions are not to be used in place of medical advice, nor are they intended to diagnose or specifically treat any medical condition. Be open to receive and allow the energy to serve you in the highest way.