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7 Resources To Live A Prosperous Inspired Life

In the telesummit I hosted called Your Powerfull YES: Courageously Living An Inspired Life, July 27- August 12, 2020 several of the speakers (including yours truly) put together some very special packages for folks to take advantage of to create the life of their dreams.

Attendees grabbed these resources and now you can too.

>> Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney - Clearing Blocks to Receiving Home Study Course

Receiving is the key to everything. When you are open and receptive, you are in the flow of creativity, love, and joy.

Are you experiencing financial hardship? Are you blocked from manifesting the calling of your soul? What are you longing for?

Recognize what might be blocking you from receiving the love, satisfaction and abundance you desire.

Clearing Blocks to Receiving Home Study Courseincludes 65 minutes of audio instruction, a 47 minute clearing and opening meditation, and a 20-page eWorkbook. During the meditation, you’ll be guided to experience a deep connection with the Source to receive the love,  healing, and forgiveness you need to receive guidance from Spirit

Click here to purchase this exciting transformational course at only $47

>> Ann’s Taylor Special Audio Bundle!

Experience nine powerfull healing recordings about: Miracles, Happiness, Trusting Your Divine Intuition, Heal Relationships Issues, Eliminate the Barriers to Amazing Self-Esteem, Be Empowered to Have Good Luck, A Quiet Mind, Do you want to be successful?, and Healing money issues (we can have a lot of beliefs about money all jumbled together).

People were blown away by the instant healing they received during my call with Ann on “Healing Money Issues Now”.

Purchase these miraculous healings at a special price of only $97. Click here

>> Reverend Dr. Lorraine Cohen  - Changing Lives Through Radio and Teleseminar Guest Interviews Home Study Program

Do you want to build name recognition, make money and make a difference in the world by reaching a global audience? My new Radio Training Home Study mentor program will help you do that. Using a step by step blueprint, you’ll learn everything I know as both a seasoned broadcaster and popular guest about how to pitch to the right program hosts, secure bookings, and “knock out” your audience so they will want to become raving subscribers, clients and customers. The wealth of materials will not only help you be a fabulous guest, the information will also enrich all areas of your business! The bonuses recordings alone from featured experts are worth the price of admission!

Save an instant $200 and pay only $497 (reg. $697)  when you type INSPIRED in the coupon box at checkout by 12/31/2010. Buy it here

>> Anita Pathik Law - Hypnotic Manifestation Audio Bundle

Imagine what would be possible if you were able to shift from worry to faith and from lack to an abundant and grateful mindset. Imagine if your subconscious mind was released from years of conditioning you into “not enoughness” and unworthiness. And, imagine, if beginning today, in a matter of minutes, you had tools to shift you into a prosperity consciousness, just by pushing “play” and simply relaxing and receiving a peace inducing guided hypnosis.

Over the years, some of my most treasured resources have been the hypnosis and meditation audios from my good friend, Anita Pathik Law  has put together one of the most comprehensive and indulgently relaxing, peace-inducing packages of 32 hypnosis and meditation audios that are amazing…

  • Remove subconscious blocks that hinder prosperity and receiving
  • Heal from chronic pain and illness
  • Overcome debilitating depression, fear, guilt, insecurity
  • Open sudden, unexpected flows of abundance and money
  • Heal the past
  • Develop an empowering sense of self worth, 
  • Utilize hypnotic anchoring techniques and powerful positive suggestions to become balanced, happy, motivated, prosperous, healthy and fit - inside and out!

Only $197 for these life-changing audios you can listen to while you sleep and reap the rewards! Learn more
>> Janet Attwood’s  Passionate Life Secrets Program

If you are ready to fall in love with yourself AND your life, here are just a few of things you’ll learn, absorb and master…

  • Discover What You Love - Go through The Passion Test process to discover your top 5 passions (they might not be what you think!).
  • Doing What You Love - Master the 4 keys to making an income while following your passions and do the things for yourself, your family and friends that you’ve always wanted.
  • Loving What You Do - Apply the 7 principles of living a passionate life, and be prepared for avalanches of abundance in the areas you need most.
  • Loving Your Life - Follow the effortless process of discovering and aligning with your life purpose, and wake up each morning pinching yourself. 
  • Loving How You Do It - Create a realistic and rewarding action plan to bring your passions and true purpose to life.

Only $397 or 3 payments. Check it out

>> Ping Li - Master Manifesting Circle Invitation

Imagine yourself living each and every day at your highest, most abundant level of love, light, purpose, contribution and compensation—Now, relax in the knowledge that you have been guided here at this moment to make that vision a reality.
You can have O-V-E-R J-O-Y in your every day life:
O - Open to higher consciousness, new insights, clarity and confidence in your life
V - Vibration Purification to Align with your divine essence
E - Energy, vitality, and well being to take action on what you are guided effortlessly on a daily basis
R - Reprogram Your Subconscious and conscious mind to move beyond the limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back
J - Joined and assisted by the highest beings of light, Goddesses of Light, Angels, and many beings of higher realms of reality, along with my beloved Quan Yin…
O - Open your heart to receive – have more joy, flow, and abundance come to you easily
Y - Yes, rebuild your physical body at the Cellular and DNA level which keeps you younger and youthful looking and slows down your aging process
Only $97 per month. Cancel any time. More details here

>>Marci Shimoff’s “Happy For No Reason Personal Learning Course

These notable people have joined happiness expert, Marci Shimoff, on the recordings of this new course: Paul Scheele … Chunyi Lin … Jeddah Mali … Hale Dwoskin … John Assaraff … Jack Canfield … Lisa Nichols … Lynne Twist … John Gray.
In eight CDs and through 100 pages of the guidebook, you will learn practical, down-to-earth strategies based on the new science of happiness that will help you experience happiness “from the inside out.”

Save an instant $150 off the entire course. Pay only $98 (reg. $248) Go look

Plus you can still get the program recordings and hear some special audio clips. Check it out

These resources will be some of the best investments you make in your business and in your life!



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