Audio Bonus: Living With Courage and Grace

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Audio bonus from Lorraine Cohen and Powerfull Living

Have you had experiences when things just came together easily? They just flowed…probably with little or no hard effort. It wonderfull isn’t it?

But how about those times when life feels scary, overwhelming, and uncertain? When burdens seem too big and you feel helpless because you don’t know what to do to make things better? Or when you feel your heart break and you wonder how you will stop hurting and feel peace? Imagine living your life free from fear and suffering….

Hear an enlightening conversation with me, Lorraine Cohen and host Michelle Mayur on “ Courage and Living in “the Spirit” of Grace

In this 90 minute conversation you will discover:

1.    A powerfull Grace process.
2.    How to shift from suffering to effortless effort.
3.    The truth about “techniques” and how to create real transformation.
4.    How you might be blocking Grace and unconsciously creating more fear, struggle and misery.
5.    How to decode the new language of this Golden Age to receive abundant goodness into your life.

Experience a brief centering meditation and a Blessing at the end of the call which is an energy transmission of Divine Grace!

Plus!! You will receive a copy of the Grace Release Process that I teach my clients to master!

Bonus #2 - Receive a subscription to receive my ezine, tips, special offers and event invitations to live a soulfully abundant and meaningfull life. As a subscriber you will also receive a second FREE 23 minute meditation with Theta Brainwave technology called “Connecting With Your Soul Self” as my gift!  Feel more centered and go deeper to connect with your soul.

Value $167

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