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Lorraine Cohen Special Offer

Are you ready to lovingly embrace your wholeness, self-love, your inherent worth, and Divine power to manifest what you really, really want?

Are you yearning for a deeper relationship with the Divine and your soul so that your life becomes a joyful creative expression of your truest self?

And do you feel called to shine more brightly, and make a difference in the world by bringing in more love?

The two essential keys to create your greatest life is self-love and your relationship with the Divine. When you love who you are and have a deep bond with the your Essence, magic happens.

*You will also receive an additional level of energy activation with each audio that includes healing and high vibration energy with the support of the Higher Realms. You may see, feel or sense the Violet Ray of Transmutation. And if you are sensitive to energy, you will feel God’s Presence in these recordings. *

This collection will help you deepen your connection with the power of Divine Love and opens the door to have all of life’s purposes flow, which includes Love, Money and Abundance! When your heart is open to love miracles happen.

Are you ready to fall more deeply in Love with your Self?

Item #1

Download as an MP3 – Value $39 

Through The Eyes of Love 

Do you have a love/hate relationship with yourself? Experience a powerful 18 minute journey to see yourself through the eyes of Divine love to feel greater compassion, kindness and self-love towards yourself. When you know you are are loved and feel love towards yourself, all areas of your life blossom. Love opens doorways to receive life’s miracles. (Many people report deep emotional shifts and feel God’s Love with this special audio!)


Item #2

Download as an MP3 – Value $49

primal painter, acceptanceLive in Brilliance 

Sometimes we develop health problems and stay sick because we are afraid to embrace our brilliance. This 29 minute meditation layered with powerful healing affirmations will help you connect to your Divine Life Vision and let go of what is holding you back from living it so you don’t need to create physical ailments, illness or stay sick to avoid it anymore! This audio invites you step into the next chapter of your life with health and vibrancy!


Item #3

Download as an MP3 and digital pdf- Value $129

woman beautifulHealing the “Not Good Enough” Wound Teleseminar Recording AND Bonus Healing Meditation called, You Are Enough!

Did you know that “not feeling good enough” affects how much self-love you feel and receive from others, how money you make, and how connected you are to Divine Love?

Mental hought patterns that cause the most disease in the body are criticism, anger, resentment and guilt! ~Louise Hay.

Includes a 90 minute teleseminar recording, workbook and two guided healing meditations with Divine Love energies to deepen self-love so that your body doesn’t need to hold onto thoughts and beliefs that can create illness, relationship issues, financial scarcity, and unhappiness. What can block the ability to receive the healing power of Divine Love? Feeling unworthy is a huge if not the biggest block to receive Divine Love. When you do know that you perfect, worthy, and lovable you can let go of patterns that drain your energy, keep you stressed, and susceptible to disease.


Item #4

Download as an MP3 – Value $39

woman power1Drenched in Love

This 21 1/2 minute meditation will help you to allow more Divine Love into your heart– releasing, washing away anything and everything that no longer serves you that has been held in thought, in beliefs, and emotions that has prevented you from fully receiving, knowing, understanding, allowing, and giving love. The power of love can create a shift from scarcity and fear to money and abundance in every area of life. How much Love can your heart hold?  How good are you ready to feel? Use this powerful audio to find out so that your life flourishes.


Item #5

Download as an MP3 – Value $39

Money and Abundance Activation

Your life is meant to be happy and rich! Enjoy this 16 minute special Money and Abundance meditation to expand your connection with your Abundant Nature and Universal Divine Flow. This guided process includes a powerful visualization and mantras to open your personal flow of abundance and also support world abundance.


Item #6

30-minute personal heart-centered coaching OR Intuitive Guidance session with the Higher Realms 

Value: $119 – $180

Use this 30 minute session for any life challenge, spiritual guidance or direction, get advice, brainstorm some ideas. break through a block…whatever you’d like my support with to create what you really want.

Or choose to receive guidance and messages from spirit to help you live your life purpose and soul calling.

(*Personal session via phone or Skype must be claimed within 60 days of purchase.)


What people say about Lorraine’s love filled healing energy activations:

Lorraine’s audios are magical to experience. Her energy transmissions are unlike anything I ever experienced. I felt wrapped in Divine love and held safe in an amazing space of healing, empowerment & unconditional love. Miraculously all the stiffness, tension and pain in my body dissolved and I was shifted into a much higher state of consciousness- peaceful and ready to step up to my true potential. Thank you Lorraine from the bottom of my heart. ~Love, Gisela, Germany

WOW thank you SOOO much for an amazing session! It was so powerful I am still tingly and in a state of JOY and PEACE. with tears in my Eyes I send you THANK YOU and blessings. R.M. Canada

What a stunning audio package filled with Nurturing, Love and Lorraine’s incredibly soothing voice! “Drenched in Love” is absolutely beautiful. When I had my hands on my heart it felt like my heart was thumping out of my chest. Listening to “You are Enough” I saw the Violet Flame of Transmutation with my inner sight throughout most of the audio. With “Living in Brilliance” I felt soothed, caressed and supported in Divine Love. Give yourself the gift of these nurturing audios as a precious act of Self-Love. ~ Michelle Mayur,  Australia, #1 Bestselling Author, Embraced by the Divine

They are wonderful! I especially enjoyed, “Drenched in Love “, which I listened to 3 times last night! More times since then! It put me in a wonderful space to set an intention in sacred space thru prayer/meditation to focus on deepening/expanding my personal relationship With God! All are very powerful meditations!  ~ Richard, MS

Everything inside me went still.. and my breath went deep..and I knew.. that shifted something deep within me.. and I will look at myself so differently.. I am so grateful And your “I am” statements that followed.. brought me deeper and deeper into LOVE. Wonderful all glowing, cell dancing, self LOVE!! S.B. New Zealand

“After that first meditation, I felt a profound sense of Love from the Divine. There are no words that can express the feelings and emotions I am experiencing right now. This is just unreal! Thank you so much for this!” -Linda, FL

“Amazing! I felt my whole body begin to buzz. I was vibrating with an outward expression of Love! Absolutely wonderful Lorraine! “-Brittney, NC

“I am so excited about this! This is an answer to my prayers. I feel so uplifted and happy. Thank You. Love to You!” – LB

“Thank you for the meditation. I emerged in joy and inspiration” – HM

“Thank you so much Lorraine, you do not know how much I needed this! Your divine calling on this has served my needs. You are amazing. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!” – CS

“Thank you Lorraine for a very inspiring teaching and blessing which has lifted my spirit. I am grateful, thank you for being you, bless your beautiful heart. May the abundance to have just offered multiply in your life a thousand fold!” – GK

“Oh, Thank you so much Lorraine for the incredible illumination I am feeling a shift in this moment, particularly around depression. Many Blessings to you ” – BC

“A great process has started, I am shaking and I feel energy moving in my body…Thank you SOOO much, I do feel SOO aligned with this call, it feels absolutely great and exciting, thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Sofia

“I felt healing and started crying because I felt I was reconnected to God. Fear came in my life at this time to help me to come back to the Source. I’m sure I could go deeper in my past and unlock some blocks.  I love you. You are doing an awesome job.”- Lise,  Canada

About Rev. Lorraine Cohen

Lorraine Cohen is internationally recognized for Soul Power and Cancer Coaching, Quantum Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings.

For more than 30 years, Lorraine has used her highly attuned healing and intuitive gifts to support thousands of conscious women to dive deeply into self-love and self-care to transform past emotional wounds into wisdom, compassion, and power.

A fierce advocate for her clients’ transformation, she guides women to restore their authentic power, inherent worth, and True Nature to manifest their deepest, fulfilling dreams in alignment with the Divine; to turn their life into play so they can create a self-loving, healthy, and abundant life in alliance with their soul calling.

She is an international best selling co-author for two anthologies, “Unwavering Strength, Vol. 2: Stories to Warm your Heart and Soul”, ‘Embraced By The Divine: The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion, and Purpose.’ and an internationally published feature writer for BellaMia Magazine

As a popular broadcaster, she hosts The Compelling Conversations Series on personal development, and spiritual topics with leaders in the field. Her warm and engaging presentation style makes her a sought after public speaker, media guest, and workshop leader engaging audiences worldwide.

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