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Carnival of Healing #165, November 22, 2020

Welcome to the November 22, 2020 edition of the Blog Carnival of Healing, founded by Phylameana at About.com. The purpose of this carnival is to feature information about healing, healthy living, self empowerment, and spirituality. I hope you enjoyed the carnival last week hosted at The Angel Whisperer.

And now, without further adieu, enjoy this week’s jam-packed collection!

Spirituality and Personal Development

~ Carmen Davailus presents Enlightened Spirituality and Happiness posted at Naturally Holistic. She says, “Enlightened spirituality really means a spiritual awakening, or illumination as the result of something. Just what does spirituality have to do with HAPPINESS?”

~ Donald presents 9 Tips to Live an Abundant Life posted at Life Optimizer.

~ Chris Edgar presents To Feel Inspired, Focus On What You’re Contributing posted at Purpose Power Coaching. Many of us worry that, if we pursue our goals, we’ll be somehow taking from others and giving nothing in return. In essence, we’re afraid that following our dreams might be inconsiderate or selfish. However, if you focus your attention on the ways what you plan to do would serve and create happiness in the world, you’ll likely begin to feel inspired again.

~ Akemi presents What Is Spiritual Healing? posted at Yes to Me.

~ Nancy Miller presents Here’s to a Long and Healthy Life! posted at Photography Colleges.

~ Zhenren presents Healing and wisdom posted at Seeing. Knowing. Doing..

~ Peter Murphy presents 9 Motivation Secrets That Make Dreams Come True posted at Get Motivated Stay Motivated.

~ Gazzali presents Happiness Purpose posted at PROenrichment.

~ Isabella Mori presents a solution for “but” posted at change therapy. In this post, we sample the power of solution focused therapy to deal with that pesky little word, “but”.

Nutrition, Health, & Wellness

~ Lovelyn presents High Fuctose Corn Syrup is Bad for Your Health posted at The Art of Balanced Living.

~ Nancy Miller presents Exercise Restraint – The Perils of Over-Exercising posted at X-Ray Technician Schools.

~ Sarah Scrafford presents 100 Illustrated Relaxation Exercises for Your Mind, Body, and Soul posted at Massage Therapy Careers.

~ Kevin presents 5 Tips to Prevent Elbow Injuries | Weight Loss, Fitness, Exercise, and Health posted at Weight Loss Journal.

~ Grace Young presents Computer Comfort posted at Disabled 2 Abled.

~ Naren Ghimire presents 5 Golden Sutras to Be In Sex — Sex, Meditation and Spirituality posted at Spiritual Pub.  Read a list of five golden sutras that will make sex a joyful, divine experience, not just an act of momentary fun or release of energy.

~ Valeria presents Take the Bull by the Horns: 12 Months, 12 Healthy New Habits | Timeless Lessons posted at Timeless Lessons.

~ fitnchic presents 8 Ways to Boost your Metabolism :: FitNChic.com - Get in Shape Fashionably :: posted at FitNChic.com - Get in Shape, Fashionably!.

~ Peter Crump presents Lowering Cholesterol Naturally. What Does It Mean? posted at Natural Health - Natural Skin Care.

~ Kelly Turner presents Appetites: Why We Supress Them and Why We Should Stop posted at Grounded Fitness.

~ Atif Farid presents Apples – From a Medical point of view… dratiffarid posted at dratiffarid.

~ Susan Johnes presents Prenatal Vitamins posted at Pregnancy Calendar. Learn why it’s important to take prenatal vitamins

~ Khan presents Getting Back Your Pre-Pregnancy Body posted at Higher Education and Career Blog. He says, “For many women, pregnancy means nine months of no dieting or exercising. It can be a liberating experience to not have to count calories or watch the scale. However, what happens at the end of those nine months when all the “baby” weight you thought you were carrying turns out to be fat? How do you return to your old body and weight?”

~ Edwin Casimero presents Recent Eczema Success on 11 month old twin sons posted at Eczema and Psoriasis Cure Blog.

My thanks to all the contributors for their submissions! Click here to submit to next week’s Carnival of Healing which will be hosted by Jenn Givler at The Reiki Digest.

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Happy Thanksgiving



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  1. On November 22, 2020 at 11:35 am Akemi - Yes to Me responded with... #

    Hi, thank you for including my post in this carnival.
    While some people see spiritual healing only in the context of getting better from physical illness, I think it is far more than that. It is about restoring the wholeness of our soul — which can result in improved health.


    Akemi Gaines

  2. On November 22, 2020 at 2:16 pm lorraine responded with... #

    You’re welcome Akemi

    I agree that the soul can be restored when we invite healing on all levels. Not only can we see improved health, we begin manifesting more of what we want and experience greater peace and happiness.

    Have a fabulous weekend :D

  3. On November 22, 2020 at 5:50 pm zhenren responded with... #

    Hi Lorraine,
    thanks for adding my post, it’s much appreciated.

  4. On November 22, 2020 at 11:35 pm Naren Ghimire responded with... #

    Dear Lorraine,

    Thank you very much for featuring my article in your carnival. Great work!

    Naren Ghimire

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