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Special Event! Heart-centered Wisdom: 24 Female Visionaries – One Mission

I’ve joined a revolution!  A heart-centered, mission-driven revolution dedicated to sharing feminine WISDOM, LOVE and INSPIRATION and destined to transform lives around the world.

It’s the INSPIRATION REVOLUTION and I’m inviting YOU join me and bring your sacred energy to the collective intent for the Inspiration Revolution!

Now more than ever the world needs waves of love, healing and inspiration and that’s the collective intent behind an exciting event I’m honored to be a part of.

I am one of 24 featured female ‘revolutionaries’ brought together by host, Bestselling Publisher and Inspirational Revolutionary Linda Joy for Season 3 of Inspired Living Secrets: Heart-Centered Wisdom for Thriving in Your Life and Business. (Over 11,000 sacred listeners have joined her previous seasons.)

Check this out:

With a collective of feminine wisdom like this you’re guaranteed to be inspired, empowered and transformed! You’ll be learning from some of the leaders in the fields of personal & spiritual development, positive psychology, self-empowerment, natural health as well as some of today’s up and coming movers and shakers including my friends Christine Kloser, Christy Whitman, Shann VanderLeek, Kristine Carlson, Tess Marshall, Jodi Chapman and more…


Just some of the wisdom being shared…

  • What is the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance and why is it the most important of the Universal Laws
  • How to access the power of your authentic self
  • Learn the various means that you can receive messages from your internal and external guidance
  • Lead your Wealth with Masculine Money Focus AND Female Spiritual Faith
  • Witness how shame and suffering keeps you from caring for your mind, body, and soul.
  • The #1 myth both new and experienced business owners fall into that keep them from receiving the fees they truly deserve
  • Why self-abandonment leads to anxiety, depression, relationship failure and addictive behavior
  • Discover why creativity is so important for the New Paradigm
  • The four essential building blocks that create the foundation for nurturing confidence and self-esteem in your children
  • How to balance your sacred energies to create flow and ease in your life.
  • Participate in a sacred guided journey to encounter your own inner creative genius
  • Learn how to be inventive, authentic, and simply positive about your future, regardless of what’s going on around you.
  • Learn to surround yourself with people who reflect your inner beliefs and values

…and so much more.


Let me tell you, Inspirational Revolutionary & Host Linda Joy is a woman on a mission… a mission to inspire, empower and support you in thriving in every area of your life. You may know Linda as the publisher of Aspire Magazine – the premier inspirational magazine for women or as the publisher of two best-selling books dedicated to inspiring women to live deeper, more authentic lives. All of her multi-media brands are dedicated to spreading a message of wisdom, love and inspiration!  I told you she’s an inspirational revolutionary!

Your registration includes…

1. Access to the all 24 INSPIRING INTERVIEWS & replays
(Can’t make a live call, no worries your registration includes 48 hour replay access.)

2. 24 Transformational BONUS GIFTS from the Featured Speakers

3. An UNPRECEDENTED TREASURE TROVE of GIFTS from our Sacred Sponsors & Media Partners including a brand new fabulous one from me!


I look forward to feeling your sacred energy on the call!

Love and blessings :D


PS – Imagine, a powerful and F*R*E*E opportunity to discover the secrets of thriving in every area of your life from some of today’s leading revolutionaries.

All the details will be emailed to you as soon as you register!


Being Engaged And Getting What You Need On Interactive Virtual Events. Are you Missing Out?


Opportunities abound to attend a multitude of online calls and programs that invite interaction. It’s easy to sit back, take notes or just listen and experience the energy of the call. Many programs are pure teaching while others invite group participation that creates a very rich experience for everyone.

Those are the kinds of calls I enjoy the most. I love the group dynamics when folks are really engaged. The comments, contributions, and questions always enrich the conversations because we are walking our journeys together!

Even though virtual events offer a degree of anonymity, they can still feel daunting. Some folks listen to everyone else and stay in the background.

The idea of being vulnerable can feel foreign and threatening. Opportunities to have support can be uncomfortable and confusing especially if you don’t know what you need and what to ask for.

For example: I invited my subscribers to attend a Q & A FREE call on March 2 to ask me questions and share any challenges they were struggling with. As registrations came in, most people did not submit any questions.

I was puzzled. Why aren’t you asking me questions?????

Here was an invitation to pick my brain and people weren’t speaking up. I’m so used to jumping in with both feet and getting right into stuff, that I can forget that not everyone is at the same place of comfort in being transparent and my idea of engagement is not universal.

When opportunities to attend interactive virtual events arise, how do you engage?

  • You might have questions you don’t even know you have.
  • You might have ideas and thoughts you can’t articulate in words.
  • You might be afraid to express and disclose because you feel too vulnerable or fear sounding foolish/needy/rambling…
  • You might have all sorts of beliefs about being quiet and just listening (not seen or heard)
  • You might think you have nothing of value to contribute to the conversation.

Can you relate?

And if you are new to calls/teleseminars being open to questions and comments, you might wonder what kinds of comments or questions would be acceptable in that context?

Perhaps, you should use to the time to ask for more information or to clarify a point that is being covered?

Offer a challenge that you are currently having?

Comment of what was said that resonated or validated something for you?

Most hosts will suggest ways to engage or give you some guidelines to participate. I always invite folks to ask for clarity in any program I teach especially because language and words have different meanings for us all.

Another person’s question or comment might spark something in you that you wish to share to enrich the conversation. Your comment might be just what someone else needs to hear. Another point of view is added. Conversations become layered with rich comments that inspires the group. I see that happen on calls all the time.

In one of my programs, I had the pleasure of meeting a special woman who believed that she had no right to express her heart and that she should keep her voice silent.

Throughout the program, she was invited to speak whenever she felt she had something to offer or had a question. Everything she shared was rich and meaningfull for everyone.

She found her voice is small courageous steps, testing the group’s openness to receive what she wanted to express. Each step deepened her courage and confidence.

It was a joy to see her overcome the past conditioning to reclaim her voice and own her wisdom. Like watching the phoenix rising from the ashes to soar.

We all want to feel connected and fear being hurt, judged or rejected.

So how do we shift from feeling separate to becoming a part of greater whole?

We must be willing to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out of our comfort zones and take risks.

Whether the conversation is one-to one or virtual, engaging is critical to getting what you want and need. To engage in the fullness of life, you can’t be sitting on the sidelines.

You might not know what you want or need until the sincere longing of your heart is revealed through engagement.

Play with the idea of reaching out and connecting more with others by choosing your small steps where you feel the most safe and supported. Test people and situations that you resonate with and be open to be surprised.

Look for opportunities to be a part of communities with kindred spirits for more personal support. Engaging with others who feel like “family” can provide a safe haven where miracles can happen and breakthroughs become common. That’s the power of Love and Grace!

In fact, I have two invitations for you!

My new Soul Circle Group is forming Now

And….. I am launching my new Soul Café’ beginning March 19, 2020.

I love working with groups.

Choose from two opportunities to experience and engage with a powerfull, loving community of kindred spirits.

Which one calls to your heart?

Take an action and get engaged in getting what you want and need.

Come play with me.

Let’s create magic together! :D




Learn the Cash Alignment Grid. Hear my FREE Call w/Beth Grant, August 22 noon EST


Attention disillusioned, frustrated, big-hearted entrepreneurs! Are you tired of million-dollar promises? Are you starting to wonder what on earth it takes to create sustainable success online and offline?

I haven’t done many business focus calls for quite some time and when I recently heard Beth Grant, I HAD to book her.

In this compelling seminar, marketing strategist and spiritual mentor Beth Grant will be sharing her insights on why the marketing tools you’re learning aren’t living up to the promises and how you can create more income with less effort using her revolutionary Cash Alignment Grid.
You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of where things are going wrong and how to quickly ramp up your results. (Seriously, this is a jaw-dropper, folks.)
If you’re just starting out, learning this on the front end is going to save you boat loads of time and money. If you’re established, you’re going to have an a-ha moment and see how to ramp up your results big time.

When you hear this FREE call, you will know why. And if you think you will hear the same stuff you have been hearing, I’ll bet you won’t cuz I didn’t.

Join us for “How to Rapidly Increase Your Sales Conversions Using the Cash Alignment Grid”.

Wednesday, August 22, 2020.

12 noon EST/10 am central/ 9 am PST/ 5pm UK

Register here for the details and access to the replay even if you can’t attend live

You will be glad you did!

Can’t wait to be with you!



Holiday Specials Thru 12/9 With My Love

Twice a year I love to do something special from my heart to yours. Today’s the day! Yea!

Happy Holidays dear friends!

I’m holding the vision for 2012 to be a year that takes your breath away with excitement and joy - better than you ever could have imagined.

You deserve it!

So, I’m excited to invite you to take advantage of what might be the biggest special I have ever offered to support your personal growth and transformation as well as your business success!!!

>>> Save 25% - 50% on all of my audios and ebooks including my four hottest teleseminar programs designed to support in living a rich, joyfull, and soulfull life from the inside out.

  • Take Charge of Your Life: Overcoming Overwhelm, Procrastination & Fear
  • Self Forgiveness: The Pathway To Grace
  • Creating Miracles: Manifest More Abundance, Joy, And Vitality In Your Life NOW!
  • Your Powerfull YES: Courageously Living An Inspired Life Tele-summit!

Select the audio  programs hereand ebooks here

>>> Save an instant $200 off my acclaimed 5 week Radio & Teleseminar homestudy program. In this 5-week mentor program, you’ll learn EVERYTHING I know as both a seasoned broadcaster and popular guest about how to pitch to the right program hosts, secure bookings, and communicate your value to make your guest appearance compelling and brilliant so that listeners will want to become subscribers, clients and customers.

Build name recognition, make money and make a difference in the world by reaching a global audience, and do it the right way! The bonuses alone are worth the price of the investment! Receive an instant $200 off the program price when you click the Buy button. Choose a single or 2-pay option here>>> Schedule a private session with me or give a session as a gift!
Do you feel your soul yearning to be free? Do you know deep in your heart that you are here to have a happier life than you are? Are You Ready to Give Yourself Permission to Finally Live Your Purpose and Partner with the Infinite Power of the Universe to Live a Greater Life than you Imagined?

Could you use some help in liberating your SELF to make 2012 a joyfull and abundant year?

Purchase one or two (max), 45 minute sessions  at only $125 per session (regularly $175), a savings of $50 or $100 for two! Use the session(s) for Life Coaching, Mentoring, Brainstorming, or Spiritual Guidance. You might be at a crossroads in a business or life transition, stuck in patterns of fear and self-sabotage, confused about what choices to make about “what’s next”, or out of alignment with who you really are and your relationship with Source… Give one session as a gift to someone you love.

If you have wanted some private time with me, now’s your chance! Click on this direct link here  and start the New Year as the powerfull Creator you are.

These holiday specials are available thru Friday, December 9, midnight EST, so be sure to take advantage before they go away!>>> LAST!!! If you missed my special Thanksgiving call, it was fabulous. Download the call here thru 12/31/2011.

Love and blessings,



The Venus Evolution Global Telesummit, November 7 - 18, 2011

To help you THRIVE on your Venus Evolution, my friend Hueina Su has gathered celebrated 20 world-class mentors, authors and leaders in personal development, spirituality and business for The Venus Evolution Global Telesummit. The amazing lineup includes yours truly, Maryam Webster, Marci Shimoff, Bernie Siegel M.D., Andrea J. Lee, Christine Kloser, Adela Rubio, Rachael Jayne Groover and many others.

Sign up for this FREE Women’s event:

What does Venus mean?

~ Victorious  courageous, resilient, powerful
~ Exceptional  high-achieving, driven, successful
~ Nurturing  heart-centered, compassionate, altruistic
~ Unique  dare to be different, authentic, out-of-the-box
~ Spirited  passionate, purposeful, inspirational

I’m so honored to be a part of the speaker lineup for this transformational event for heart-centered, high-achieving V.E.N.U.S. women! These amazing mentors and speakers will offer you INSPIRATION as well as powerful TOOLS and actionable STRATEGIES to help you BE your true self, claim your POWER and live your DESTINY.

What’s really different about this Telesummit is that, each speaker will share their deeply personal transformation stories. We’re NOT talking about glamorous success stories here. We’re talking about raw emotions, vulnerable dark night of the soul moments, and what they did to turn their lives around and triumph over adversities.

In my presentation, “From Desperation To Divine Grace” you’ll hear me share things you might never have heard me say before that might be exactly what you most need to hear right now. 

Plus, I’ll be ending the call with a Oneness blessing which you will receive wherever you are in the world. And, I’m so excited that my presentation is on 11/11/11. How powerfull is that!!!

This Telesummit starts Monday November 7th and runs through November 18 and there is NO COST to attend. Join me and sign up now:

PS - Click on the link below to download some beautiful healing music called “Beautiful Rapture”

Love and blessings,



Discover The Top Three Secrets to Make Money & Build Name Recognition With Guest Interviews! FREE Recording & Report!

Who doesn’t want  to live a meaningfull life, make a difference in the world living your purpose and be profitable without compromising who you are? 

One of the ways you can powerfully do that is effectively using online radio programs, tele-summits, teleseminars, and live presentations to reach a global audience with little to no out of pocket investment. 

With visibility as one of the challenges people many folks are struggling with who have some great services and programs, it’s a no brainer to look for venues like radio and teleseminars to make connections with people globally by being a great guest!

That’s why I couldn’t wait to tell you about my two gifts! 

Receive my teleseminar recording, “Discover The Top Three Secrets to Make Money & Build Name Recognition With Radio Guest Interviews” and report for FREE. 

This call was recorded last year and hundreds of people signed up immediately!

In this call you’ll learn:

1. Where to start to get your foot in the door so hosts are eager to book you.

2. Three must-haves in your pitch letter to be taken seriously.

3. One easy to implement action that can generate immediate income (Psst - find out how I made $900 in an hour from a simple interview conversation!).

And much, much more….

Register here for my two FREE gifts!

Then if you are serious about enriching people’s lives, expanding your community reach, and generating income, be sure to check out my  acclaimed,“Radio & Teleseminar Guest Interviews” home-study program.

Using a step by step blueprint, you’ll learn everything I know as both a seasoned broadcaster and popular guest about how to pitch to the right program hosts, secure bookings, and become a confident guest presenter, skillful at delivering high quality content in an informative, entertaining way. 

Save an instant $200 for a limited time. It will be one of the best investments you make in creating a global presence and sharing your message with the world! Go look

Love and blessings,



Visionary Leaders BreakThrough Series – 7 Keys to Reinvent Your Life Begins July 12, 2020

Discover How to Create the Life You Dream of… But Thought You Couldn’t Have!

  • Is there a dream burning inside of you that leaves you feeling restless and frustrated with the status quo?
  • Do you have everything you thought you wanted but find it isn’t enough?
  • Are you settling for a job you hate just to maintain your lifestyle?
  • Are you hiding parts of yourself to “fit in” where you’re at?

If you’re answering yes to any of these questions or your curiosity is piqued, join us for the Visionary Leaders BreakThrough Series.

You may be at a powerful reinvention point, an incredible opportunity to initiate a reinvention of sorts in your life and in your work. You don’t have to pretend to be satisfied with your professional life – there’s a reason you’re feeling the way you are and the answer may surprise you.

Think Bigger About Who You Are and What Is Possible. Learn from 24 Visionary Thought Leaders, Top New York Times Best-Selling Authors, and Transformational Experts. Greater things have yet to come; greater things are still to be done. 

Discover the 7 Keys to Consciously Reinvent Your Life.

Join me beginning July 12, for this FREE event hosted by Anastasia Montejano.  I’ll be talking about, “Dancing With Your Personal Divine!”

AND… Submit your own reinventions story to be feautured and possibly READ during the event to THOUSANDS of listeners!

Register here

PLUS!! Sign up today and be entered to win a Scholarship for the “Get Known - Time to Shine” Program!  This program is designed to get you known, showcased and published alongside visionaries and bestselling authors.

This is more than an event, it’s a movement. Be at the forefront and join us to witness 1 million people move from career to mission by aligning with your destiny work. Visionary Leaders BreakThrough is where this vision meets reality.

Are you in?

Join the BreakThrough Now!

Love and blessings,



Transcend Overwhelm, Procrastination & Fear Teleseminar, June 14

Do you beat yourself up because you aren’t following through with your intentions?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the things you are trying to manage?

Is your head spinning from all the choices and invitations that flood your inbox?

Is fear stopping you from taking those steps your heart is yearning for?

Whenever I ask the question, “What’s your biggest life challenge?” I get a slew of responses that say: procrastination, self-sabotage, fears of all kinds, lack of focus, overwhelm with so many things to manage…. the pressure to show up every day to be at your best.

It can feel frustrating to keep bumping up against yourself!

That is a sure sign that your ego is running your life NOT your spirit.

Ya see, many folks think that having techniques and strategies is the key to breaking through unwanted patterns. The truth is that having a systematic way to do things has great value BUT….the cause of why you do certain things in rooted in your subconscious beliefs and the resulting emotions.

I am still working though some self-sabotage and I am fascinated by the automatic ways I create resistance to having what I want with ALL I know. That’s why I’m so committed to doing and teaching the inner work because having techniques is only ONE PART of the formula.

It’s a habit to identify with your ego and empower it to drive your life. We’ve been doing that for generations which is why this time of “waking up” is even more challenging because our egos are freaking out and creating even more resistance and fear!

Join me for ” Overcoming Overwhelm, Procrastination & Fear”.   Tuesday, June 14 at 1pm EST/ 10am PST/6pm UK

In this 90 minute program you’ll learn:

1. Ways you can be sabotaging your efforts that will surprise you and what to do to stop.

2. Five practical strategies that will help you dramatically reduce overwhelm, shifting from chaos to calm and feeling good about YOU.

3. The difference between positive and negative procrastination and how to break through “stuckness.”

4. Ways to make fear your friend rather than enemy.

5. And so much more that I know will come though Divine guidance.

PLUS!! I will open the call to work with at least one person for a live demonstration.

Imagine what your life would be like if you really ALLOWED the good that is wanting to pour into your life?

And whatever you are blocking is just a teeny piece of what Source is ready to bestow upon you.  To receive more good in your life, you gotta get out of the way to let it in!

You might be thinking this is just another teleseminar filled with how-to strategies that you may already know about that haven’t helped you a whole lot.

Nope, it’s so much more than that.

Breaking out of these patterns is an inside job that’s my area of specialty.

I’ve been coaching and counseling thousands of people just like you for over 25 years to bust out of these patterns using practical strategies, shadow and inner child transformation processes, and spiritual practices. I’ve joyfully witnessed how tons of my clients have freed themselves to create happier, prosperous, and more spiritually nourishing lives

That’s why on Tuesday’s, “Overcoming Overwhelm, Procrastination, & Fear” call, I’ll demonstrate a step by step inner process, most people skip over, to access two critical keys that will help to calm the inner conflict so that you can begin to liberate yourself from the patterns of overwhelm, procrastination and fear you keep recreating.

Because unless you work from the inside out, the real transformational shifts will not occur. You’ll only band-aid the situation that will pop again and again.

Look at your business, money  flow,  happiness, inner peace, self-esteem, stress levels, health, relationships….

Receive some practical strategies to make your  life a whole lot more manageable PLUS a critical step most people miss that will make a profound difference in quelling fears and inspiring movement for a teeny investment of only $27 bucks.

Or just ignore this invitation and keep doing what you’ve been doing…’s your life….

Sign up directly here

You’ll get the details and the link to the mp3 recording even if you can’t make it live. If you do come on the call with me, you might be the person I do a demonstration with using the inner process I am excited to share with you.

And if you have ever been on calls with me before, you know that investing $27  in this teleseminar is a teeny amount for what you will get in return. It’s a small price to pay in your future!

Love and blessings,



Three Key FEARS That Drive People Nuts When Making Decisions, Part 3

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one”. – Elbert Hubbard

Concern #3:

What if my decision upsets others?

It might.

Is your goal to make decisions that please EVERYONE? (read my article post on Keeping Everyone Happy)

In reality, that’s a difficult, if not impossible, goal to reach consistently. The choices you make might cause some distress or ruffle some feathers. So what if they do?

So often the greatest leaps we make in our life come from those experiences that stretch us beyond our comfort zones and challenge us to think, feel and act in ways that bring out our best qualities, strengths and gifts!

If being in contribution (helping others) is a core value for you, when you are true to yourself and follow your heart, you will be assisting others to grow and to be their best. In this way, you can be a positive role model for others!

Whether you own your business or work within an organization, you might relate to this example:

Gail (not her real name) is a stay at-home mom with two young children. She had a strong desire to start a home-based business. She knew that getting her business off the ground would initially require a great deal of time, energy and focus. There were many business and personal decisions to consider.

One main concern was the impact that building her business would have on her children, marriage and personal time. How would she balance it all? Would they be upset because she was so busy? What if…?

To succeed, Gail and her family will all have to make certain adjustments in their relationship as a family. Having a home-based business will provide many opportunities for them to grow and evolve as a family and as a team.

There are no guarantees that the choices you make will please everyone and end just the way you always dreamed!
Making the best decision might challenge the people in your world to step out of their comfort zone. In that way, you serve others by providing experiences for them to grow and evolve into their potential.

To learn more about overcoming your fears and objections, register for my 4-week program, How Do I Choose? beginning Tuesday, April 5 at noon EST. Based on my popular ebook, you’ll learn a blueprint for making calm confident AND wise decisions in any situation

Click here to check out this powerfull program

Or, so you don’t miss out completely, you can get started with my blueprint on your own by investing only $37 bucks for my eBook. It’s a great beginning point to start shifting how you make decisions NOW.

To purchase your downloadable copy, click here:

Love and blessings,



How Do I Choose? Transcend Struggle and Fear To Make Calm Confident Decisions! FREE Teleseminar, March 30

You make decisions every day. Some are so automatic you no longer think about them. And then there are those times when you might question what to choose because of fear, confusion, overwhelm…

What to do?????

The inner turmoil wreaks havoc on your peace of mind especially when feeling pressure to make a decision.

Join me for a special FREE call on Wednesday, March 30

1:00 pm EST/10:00am PST/6:00pm UK

I’ll be talking about:

  • Ways you get stuck in mind games.
  • One major mistake that will cost you money, time, and peace of mind
  • The essential shift that MUST be made to move from fear based choices to calm confident ones.
  • A simple yet powerfull tool to regain perspective when you get lost in your “story”.
  • And much more.

If you have ever been on a call with me, you know you’ll walk away with some great information you can implement immediately.

Click here to register for this powerfull Call.

Can’t make it live? The call The call will be recorded. Register even if you can’t make to be sure you receive the replay link.

This is a preview call to my brand new 4-week program, How Do I Choose? beginning April 5. Learn more

MUCH more than a typical how-to course, this is THE program you want to attend if you want to learn how to make decisions with greater ease and confidence that is aligned with your heart without over-stressing yourself, feeling even more confused and making yourself nuts.

“See you” on the call!

Love and blessings,


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