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Intuition: Living From Higher Guidance Teleseminar, August 6. 1pm EST

Do you have difficulty knowing whether you are following inner guidance and living from your ego mind?

The experiences your mind creates are often filled with fear and struggle. The soul voice has a unique energy filled with wisdom and peace to guide you through life with Grace and ease.

Being able to distinguish your soul voice from your mind voice is a critical key to living from spirit and creating your best life!

Living from Higher guidance will create a life of grace and abundance.

Join me August 6 at 1pm EST for the next edition of my monthly heart healing calls:

The topic is Intuition: Living From Higher Guidance

As always there will be a brief guided meditation, some relevant content, an energy transformation process and end with a blessing of Divine Love and Grace.

Click on the link below to reserve your seat and access to the mp3 recording.

>> Living From Higher Guidance <<

I’m excited to see what the Divine creates for us!

And if you missed the last session to clear money blocks that folks raved about, you can still get that recording and prior ones!

Love and blessings,



Self-Forgiveness: Heart Healing Telecall May 14, 2020, 3pm EST


How forgiving are you towards yourself?

Do you speak to yourself as you would with someone you love?

Do you treat yourself lovingly or harshly when you do things you don’t like?

Unforgiveness affects every area of life - self-love, money, relationships, health and well-being which is why the next heart healing monthly call will be the first in a series of sessions on Forgiveness beginning with Self-Forgiveness of May 14.

Self-forgiveness is a gift of Love.

Without self- forgiveness you cannot love yourself and allow goodness to flow abundantly into your life and move forward.

Without self-love, you cannot truly forgive and love others.

Without forgiveness there is no closure or inner peace to freely move forward. And as life is all about relationships, with yourself, others, and the Divine, there will be continual experiences to forgive so that you can love again.

Unforgiveness affects every area of life - self-love, money, relationships, health and well-being which is why the next heart healing monthly call will be the first in a series of sessions on Forgiveness beginning with Self-Forgiveness of May 14.

>> Self-Forgiveness Healing Healing TeleCall <<

If you feel an emotional charge thinking about anyone or anything that has happened in the past or is happening now, you probably have some forgiveness healing to do. When I hear people say they are stuck in patterns of self-sabotage, I always find unforgiveness and deep grief.

I continue to see and experience the healing power of Love when we offer the gift of forgiveness to ourselves and others. When you have truly forgiven, all emotional charges are gone. What you feel is peace, acceptance, and love….

Only you know what you are still holding onto….

Is this a call you are meant to attend?

If you heart says YES! Don’t miss this special call tomorrow, Wednesday May 14.

>> Self-Forgiveness Healing Healing TeleCall <<

Experience a special high vibration energy activation to release emotional pain you may be holding against yourself that is ready to be healed.

You’ll receive the call details and link to download the recording.

Expect a very powerfull heart liberating experience of Love.

Love and blessings,


PS: What a wonderfull Mother’s Day gift to give to someone you love, especially YOU!

Be sure to check out the archives if you missed any past sessions. All past recordings are available!

AND…If you missed reading my candid article, “How Forgiveness Helped Me Transform Cancer Twice“, click here


Forgiveness Helped Me Transform Breast Cancer TWICE

As many of you know, in 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Last year I shared my healing journey. If you missed hearing that special call, click here to sign up and access the recording.

I talked about how my cancer experience was a blessing without fear and worry; a shining Light rich with insights and invitations to do some deeper healing work to liberate me from decades of repressed feelings guilt, anger, grief, helplessness, abandonment…. especially towards myself.

I realized I had forgiveness and self-love heart healing work to do that related to my mother’s life and death from leukemia at age 66.

And, from my research I discovered that symptoms can come and go and that making deliberate lifestyle changes can dramatically fortify the body’s immune system and healing abilities to restore health.

So, I chose to have a lumpectomy and was guided by my body’s intelligence and my education about cancer to decline the recommended traditional aftercare protocols including chemo and radiation.

Using acupuncture, massage, exercise, nutritional changes, combined with deep emotional healing I facilitated and experienced with my team of gifted healers, coaches and health practitioners, support from friends and the Divine, I walked through the experience with Love and Grace in health.

From the many responses I received from folks, I know that my decisions seemed bold and unconventional, even risky. I refused to make choices from fear or to give my power away just because that’s the standard protocol.

Actually cancer treatment has progressed very far and unless you do your due diligence you can miss out on knowing the latest advances and options.

Last year I had my annual mammogram and a teeny amount of cancer cells showed up about an inch from the first lumpectomy incision. It was a surprise because I felt I had released so much pain initially and now another layer was surfacing.

This is why I coach people to let go of, “I thought I was done with this!” and stay open to embrace anything else that emerges on a deeper level.

Because I had refused the traditional cancer regime my surgeon asked me to keep an open mind in considering my next steps.

1. Mastectomy

2. Chemo and radiation

3. A second lumpectomy

4. Do nothing

So, taking a breath and stepping back into gratitude, I was shown that I was still holding onto guilt and anger towards myself.

I was guided to suspend taking any medical actions or further testing for three months while I focused on my inner healing with all of my gifts and resources.

Standing in faith and trust with a medical diagnosis like cancer and not doing what “you are supposed to do.” was very uncomfortable. I vacillated between peace and trust in what I was doing and feeling irresponsible for my health. The idea of getting cut again was upsetting.

So, I requested a follow-up mammogram to see if anything had changed and I was open to go through with a second surgery if needed.

Guess what happened?

The cancer cells they saw three months earlier were gone. A six month follow-up was recommended.

On April 18 2014 one week before my birthday, I received a clean mammogram report.  I recall anxiously sitting in the waiting room for the radiology result and the wave of joy and gratitude when she handed me the report and said,  “See you in a year”. I thanked and praised God all the way home after a quick stop at Trader Joe’s :D

Had I not followed my heart, I would have had an unnecessary surgery and maybe worse…..

For me it was proof that symptoms can come and go. When you remove stress and pain, the body can heal it itself.

This was NOT a negative experience for me and I don’t see myself as a cancer survivor because I never identified with the diagnosis. I created an experience that provided a blessed opportunity to reveal pain that was ready to be healed and released.

It is time to change the consciousness around cancer and dis-ease.

I celebrate this victory for my body and my heart without having to do battle. I KNOW that the inner healing I did with forgiveness, self-forgiveness and self-love played a pivotal role in my ability to heal.

I also feel that with the energy shifts happening on the planet affecting us body, mind and spirit, we must make thoughtful decisions that will support physical alignment and energetic harmony.

‘Dis-ease is a wake-up call to look at yourself; at changes you are being called to make including ones that you might be resisting, old repressed pain that needs to be seen, felt and released, or something deeply buried that is surfacing for healing.

In any situation, you must make choices that feel right for you and that resonate with your beliefs and Truth even when it goes against the norm. If you believe that you have the ability to heal, then you will. If you believe that you need medical intervention to heal, then that is true for you.

Cancer and it’s recovery process wreaks havoc on the body and emotionally. What courage it takes to go through this regime! My heart goes out to all who choose this route and the toll it takes emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Every experience is uniquely individual and each person must make the choices that are right for them.

I have had rapid healings before and have always included alternative therapies in my life experiences. Miracles are a part of my life and I continue to be delighted by the many forms they take!

I’m gratefull for the doctors and hospital staff who are part of my team to support me at being my best. I believe there is a time and valid need for their professional expertise and healing environments.

As a society we have become dependent on using medication or scheduling surgeries to suppress and repress what we want to get rid of. We react in fear, give our power away to others we think are wiser than we are and often make decisions we regret

Quick fixes are band-aids. Looking for the next technique to get rid of something you don’t want to deal with or only working with symptoms instead of being willing and courageous to look deeper at the cause and message our heart and body is trying to communicate will bring temporary relief rather than a permanent release.

I believe that the inner healing work is a critical key to freedom from pain and suffering. Being fully alive means FEELING.

You are an energy being. Thought, words, and emotions carry energy that creates. If you are not allowing the energy to flow freely from you and through you, and stuffing feelings down in your body, the energy building up over time will create stress of the immune system and compromise health, well-being, and happiness…

What you do not release will create something within you and in your world. Dis-ease…..

Life is a reflection of what is happening within you. Whether facing a health, financial, relationship challenge or one with yourself, you must have the willingness and courage to dig deep and release whatever pain is locked within you that is ready to be healed.

And for goodness sake, do not do this work alone. You will likely get in your own way! Having a community of support can mean the different between struggling and suffering and walking in love and Grace.

Want some personal help? Private sessions are available. Learn more

I believe that heart healing is essential to living an awake, meaningfull, and abundant life with the Divine. My mission this year is creating healing processes and energy activations designed to release pain and raise consciousness through transformation.

My next heart healing monthly teleseminar will focus on Self-Forgiveness. Join me May 14.

>> Self-Forgiveness Healing Healing Call <<

And if you live near the Philly area, or in Maryland, Delaware or New Jersey, Join me for a Day of Forgiveness on May 17. It will be a life-changing heart-liberating event!

>> A Day of Forgiveness with Lorraine Cohen <<

You came into this life with everything you need to succeed and create heaven on earth. Lead with your guidance rather than your mind and ego and you will always be guided to what is right and best for you.

Trust that! :D

Love and blessings,



Living from Spirit: Following the Voice of Your Heart

“In the stillness and quiet you will hear the wisdom of your soul. All of the answers you seek are within you. “~ Lorraine Cohen

A few years ago I made a commitment to live my life by inviting my soul/spirit/The Divine /my Higher Self to be the guiding force in my life rather than my mind or ego. I have always had a strong intuition and I felt weary from all the drama I was creating!

I believe the living from spirit is the new way of being in this time of profound change and spiritual Enlightenment.

Not so simple though. It’s like being a stranger in a strange land and learning a new language. And when you are used to relying on your ego and mind to navigate your day, making the switch to live from the inside out takes practice and awareness!

I am often asked how to distinguish the voice of the ego from the voice of the soul’s heart especially when making decisions.

Here are a few things to consider:

The voice of your ego creates tension and constriction in your body and focuses on problems and impossibilities. It usually focuses on the downside of life and cannot dream bigger than it’s ability to imagine.

When the voice of your soul speaks, there is a feeling of expansiveness and peace in the body.  You might have a sense excitement even if there is some fear. I find that voice is encouraging, uplifting and confident that all will be well. Your soul sees limitless possibilities.

Here are seven ways your heart guides you:

1. Resonance – when something feels right in your body and in your heart. Pay attention to your body’s intelligent communication. It never lies.

2. Reoccurring thoughts, symbols, messages, and dreams. This one I notice most often as a sign for me to take action.

3. Negative vibes – you feel something is “off” and is moving you to back away. Staying present and connected to your body is a key to receiving your soul’s guidance.

4. Inner knowing – you just know and trust without needing any further information or evidence.

5. Synchronicities, meaningfull  and delightfull coincidences. I call those God winks.

6. Longing - We experience both human and soul longings as a strong, persistent deep desire, yearning, hunger, thirst, aching or craving for something that feels missing from our life that can feel unattainable or distant.

7. Divine messengers - folks who deliver the messages at just the right time. You might hear, read, or see something that is exactly what you need. You might receive or experience something that is an answer to a prayer. That happens to me a lot!

You might find an answer comes to a question you have in your mind before you finish your thought because the Presence inside already knows your needs and wants.

Sometimes the guidance is so subtle you can miss it so don’t get attached to thinking that your soul voice is always the same. Use these as guidelines to discover how your wise self communicates with you and pay attention to those nudges and hunches.

And if you miss the guidance, take comfort in knowing that your soul will lovingly keep nudging you to get your attention. I’ve had a few two-by-fours!

We can get lost inside of the roles we play and lose sight of the truth that we are more than what we do; that we have a depth of heart and spirit that, once revealed, can be a powerfull creative force in our lives.

The Essence of who you are is NOT your body, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions or your life circumstances. Your soul expresses itself through your ego, mind, feelings, and actions – through your humanity. With practice you get better at knowing “who” is talking so that you begin leading with your soul and partnering your mind to make informed, grounded, and realistic choices that support your dreams.

All aspects of your personality and Spirit serve you to co-create heaven on earth.

No matter what choice and action you take, every person and circumstance is in service to your growth and evolution.

NOTHING is ever wasted!

Life is calling you to stretch beyond all of the can’ts, shoulds and shouldn’ts; to be willing to break the rules of who you were taught to be to become the person you dare to be. Life is a journey of courage and passion.

Living from spirit by allowing your soul and Divinity to lead rather than your ego is not always comfortable. It requires being ok with “I don’t know” and allowing things to unfold with faith and trust.  Not always so easy!  Fear and worries rise up and imagination runs wild.

Life is a journey of courage and passion. It’s normal for fear and worry to arise when stepping out of your comfort zone. The key is knowing how to use transform fear into courage when following your heart.

Some days you take life one minute at a time, an hour at a time and a day at a time so you can take one step at a time. That is why having a strong bond with the your “Essence” is critical to your inner foundation so that you can weather life’s storms with ease and Grace!

To strengthen your inner foundation with courage, join me for my next monthly heart healing call on March 12, “Transforming Fear into Courage”. Learn more about these life-changing calls here

It’s all perfect! All is well! :D

Love and blessings,




Surrender: Turning Resistance Into Abundant Flow

Without realizing it, we can consciously and unconsciously create roadblocks to the very things we want the most.

In the mid-1980’s I committed to my spiritual journey and was guided to a teacher of metaphysics.  Learning about energy and healing, one day he told me I was a healer. My initial reaction was “no way!”

I was living and working in Manhattan as an account executive on 5th Ave and seeing myself as a healer was foreign and uncomfortable. As I continued to grow spiritually and identify my gifts, the message of being a healer kept coming up.

No, no no!

For over a year I resisted acknowledging myself as a healer until one night, I gave in and said within myself, “All right already I’m a healer!” My heart had begun to hurt and I could no longer deny this soul yearning and truth.

In a split second I was flooded with feelings of joy that I know came from my soul. The intensity of the joy was overwhelming.

That yes has led me to the heart healing work I do today with the Divine working through me with clients.

Another shaky yes helped me overcome fear of public speaking to become a sought after charismatic presenter.

Who would I be today if I had continued to say no to all the nudges and guidance I have received?

I have no idea.

Over the years I’ve been learning how to surrender, often with Grace, and many times kicking and screaming.

Why does surrender feel so hard and scary?

Surrender doesn’t come easily for most people. Resistance has become the norm.

I believe that letting go can feel too vulnerable, risky, and unsafe. Our ego likes to have the answers and the road map to feel safe and secure. Uncertainty can feel threatening and frightening.

I realized that I didn’t really know how to surrender. Resistance became a knee-jerk reaction.  I was so used to taking control and handling things that made me feel powerfull and secure. I could depend on me and letting go meant I had to allow others and the Divine to show up. What if that didn’t happen? Would I be ok?

What I have learned is that surrender does not mean giving up, rather it means letting go of the struggle so that you stop fighting against Life and yourself. Trying to control and resist “what is” blocks the ability to fully receive the support from the Universe.  Fear can be used to build walls or create breakthroughs.

Life is a dance of following your intuition/heart and letting God to let go

7  Common Signs of Resistance

1. Using rationalizations, excuses, and reasons to say no
2. Efforting –trying to manage, direct, and control an experience and the outcome rather than allowing things to unfold
3. Self- sabotage behavior
4. Conscious and unconscious attempts to get rid of unwanted feelings, people and situations
5. Living in the past or future rather than the moment
6. Believing the stories we tell ourselves that create fear, worry and drama
7. Health issues– excess stress, physical pain, illness, sleep disruptions

The need to be in control is a sure sign of fear operating in your life

These are learned habits….and habits can be replaced.

Here’s an exercise you can try:

For one week, focus on surrendering (as often as you can) to as many situations that arise. Notice:

  • How often do you truly surrender? Pay attention to the ways resistance come up including physical symptoms, sabotage behavior, addictions, mind games…(Psst stress, tension, tightness in your body are common signs of resistance)
  • What do you use you to control, direct and manage feeling and situations rather than to surrender? What do you do, think, feel, and say?
  • How does fear and drama affect your resistance and surrender?
  • How does courage, faith and trust affect your resistance and surrender?
  • What shifts do you need to make in order to let go? (emotionally, physically, psychologically, spiritually)

If you are able to let go, what happens? Notice body sensations, thoughts, feelings..


Surrendering invites you to be present and being fully accepting of what is, in the moment. By releasing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual struggles, you experience the freedom to respond to life, rather than living life through reaction.

What needs to occur or change before you let go? I don’t mean becoming a doormat, complacent to your experiences and sacrificing your well-being: I do mean being open and flexible to the unpredictability of life and flowing with them with a sense of curiosity and adventure!

Surrender allows us to attract new possibilities and invites the Universe to shower us with blessings and gifts. Surrender connects us with the Divine and defuses fear.

So, the next time things don’t go your way, and you become aware of mounting stress and irritability, take several deep breaths and exhale slowly. Remind yourself, “It is what it is” and ask, “What is mine to do?”

How to surrender without grabbing back the reins of control?

A few tips…

~ Getting to know yourself intimately will help you recognize your behaviors of resistance.

~ Breathing will bring you back into your body and the present moment.

~ Develop a strong bond with the Divine to be your guiding force. This is a powerfull partnership to help dismantle old patterns and programs.

~ Be willing to question the stories and dramas you are creating. Are they really true?  Remember that fears, painfull past experiences and negative beliefs fuel resistance. Don’t believe everything you think and tell yourself!

~ Trust what you know to be true. I’ll bet your personal history  is rich with  people and experiences that show you how loved, blessed and supported are by Life and the Divine you really are.

Be gentle, compassionate and loving with yourself in your journey. And get help when you know you need it!!!

You might also be interested….Last week the monthly heart healing call focused on Surrender and Resistance with a special healing process.

Get the recording here if you’d like to work more with letting goooooo.

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Are You Living In Or Out of Integrity?

“What are these scars from?” she asked.

“They’re battle wounds,” I replied.
She looked at me for a long time.
“Who were you battling?”
“Myself” - Unknown

One of the ways we do battle with ourselves is when we are not living in integrity.

I see integrity from two perspectives as personal and inner integrity.

To me inner integrity describes a state of wholeness; to tell the truth to YOU and the Divine Presence within you; to “own” and embrace all of your qualities, personality traits, identities, behaviors, beliefs… with an open mind and heart without resistance, judgments, resentments, anger….

Personal integrity refers to how your life system is set up in alignment with your core values. For some it means keeping promises and agreements with others and YOURSELF; being congruent in thoughts, words, and deed.

How you consistently show up in your life that is in alignment with what you stand for; how authentic and in harmony with your True Self reflects integrity.

How to tell where you are?

When you feel in integrity:

Fewer problems are experienced. You feel more vital and alive. Consistent feelings of peace, self-love, gratitude, confidence, self-esteem, and well-being are present and flourishing. Reactions to others is greatly diminished or eliminated. Quality relationships blossom.

When you are out of integrity with yourself, you feel out of sync and in disharmony with YOU; a feeling that you have abandoned your true nature- your spirit. Inner peace and self-love suffers. Life feels more like a struggle rather than one of Grace and flow.
When you don’t like who you see in the mirror, you won’t let yourself have all the good you desire.

Some examples include: staying in the wrong job, accruing debt, abusing your body, unhealthy relationships, abandoning your values, giving your power away, ignoring your needs, compromising safety, destructive behaviors, and not following your heart.

Benefits of Restoring Integrity

1. More energy and an effortlessness to live your life.

2. You will attract quality and more fulfilling people into your life who are reliable, empowering, loving and inspiring, consistently.

3. Restoring integrity is a process that enriches your life.

4. Self-love expands in your heart. When you feel happier with yourself your life blossoms and prospers.

5. Living in inner and personal integrity fosters your connection with your Higher Nature/Personal Divine to move in higher states of consciousness and awakening. Miracles manifest more quickly.

That’s why we’ll focus on identifying and transforming some of the “integrity games” you might be playing in my 7 week Self-Love journey beginning Feb. 5.

>> Take a look at this life-changing program here

What makes this program so unique?

The energy. The high vibration activation and healing processes, group dynamics and Divine Presence that guides each session with Love.

You will experience heart healing shifts that can happen with Grace and joy.

Whatever you want for yourself this year is my wish for you…

Living in integrity is a critical bridge to create a life that is awake, abundant and meaningfull for yourself and humanity.

>> Join us and take advantage of special pricing through midnight EST, January 31 here

This is my journey too and my promise to you is show you how to open and heal your heart with love and Grace. :D


PS. This is the only time this year I have this program scheduled and it will probably not be offered again until 2015. So, if you feel a nudge to say yes, that’s your soul talking to you. Pay attention. It knows the way to create your heaven on earth, not your ego.


Heart-to-Heart: I Thought I Was Done With This!

I thought I was done with this!

I hear that a lot when I’m working with clients on a theme that seems to be repeating.

Childhood experiences, cultural conditioning, family messages… create the perceptions of how you begin to see yourself and your life.

On my journey I’ve noticed how “issues” seem to have a long shelf life and I began thinking of them as internal structures, like physical buildings, that are emotional energy charges. You and I are energy beings living in an energy Universe so everything felt or repressed is energy creating all the time.

We are dragging around pain “charges” from our past including through our family lineage that have become layered with so many beliefs, emotions, and interpretations that we become unconscious to real truth about ourselves.

Life experiences reinforce and validate “charges” giving them more power, like adding floors, windows,  and even wings to an existing structure. Over time the building can become quite tall and complex with additional beliefs, emotions, and thoughts creating layers of painful energy charges that your mind uses to direct what you think, feel, and do.

One of the internal structures I have been dismantling is feelings of abandonment. Part of my inner building had been deeply rooted in distrusting God to take care of me in every way. In my exploration of unraveling the deeper layers I have discovered charges with self-love and self-value, fear and worry, anger and tons of grief.

While my relationship with God and others has dramatically changed and blossomed, charges come up as I go deeper within myself. Now when they emerge I welcome them with open arms to be seen, felt and released.

Yes, there are times I feel weary and frustrated with the stickiness of the wound and I bring that into prayer for assistance and guidance.  Last week during a session with a colleague I felt an old pain charge switch off as a major part of the internal structure collapsed.

The spiritual journey is ongoing. “Charges” will be coming up for the rest of your life. There may be times when you feel pain without being able to name the pain or be able to connect a memory.  Feeling the energy without resistance is an important part of healing rather than retelling “the story. Pain comes up because it is already there and is ready to be released.  (* I guide folks how to release charges without blocking them using my Grace Release Process).

Welcoming the next piece that emerges with love and gentleness rather than with upset and judgment will bring you Grace instead of suffering.

Is there a done? Yes and no

Your past experiences help to shape who you have become.  Each charge you successfully release will unburden your heart and bring you closer to your True Self . What you heal and release will be transformed into love and peace. And because separation is really an illusion your courage and commitment to heal and evolve will also benefit the world.

I believe heart healing and forming a strong bond with the Divine are essential keys to living an awake, meaningfull, and prosperous life.

So, the next time your stuff comes up, choose to see it as the gift that it is – the next step in liberating your heart and soul.

PS. You’re invited to join my next Pathways to Awakening seven week journey into Self-Love and Integrity beginning February 5. Clear emotional/mental blocks, release pain and suffering to dismantle patterns and programs that burden your heart and bring you into greater harmony with your Sacred Self. Learn more here and take advantage of the early tuition through January 31.

* Each of the four Pathways program journeys will be offered quarterly. The Self-Love journey will only be offered once per year unless I am guided to repeated it again so don’t less this opportunity pass you by if you feel an inner nudge to say YES!

And be sure to check out my new monthly Heart Healing web calls and receive the recordings!  The first call on Self-Love brought many people to tears of joy. Take a look here

When your heart is open to love, miracles happen!

Love and blessings,



Healing The Victim Wound

Last week in preparation for 2014 I began working with my victim wound to do deeper heart healing work. I’ve been working on clearing blocks that was affecting my flow of abundance. The victim wound emerged as a neon flashing sign.

Feeling like a victim is uncomfortable and seeing that as an identity can feel icky because victims are not seen in a positive light. We grow up in a society where there are rules and consequences that create feelings of helplessness and powerless. Childhood experiences, family dynamics, relationships, school, religious teachings…. all contribute to teach us about power.

How often have you felt that someone or something (government, organizations…) was bigger and more powerfull than you?

Looking at experiences in my life when I felt manipulated, taken advantage of, helpless or scared/powerless to someone or a situation, a slew of emotions came up. I began cycling through waves of seething rage, fear, despair, helplessness, and grief towards others, myself, and God.

Working with my healing processes, I fell to my knees in tears as my heart broke open even more as I let go.  The Grace and peace came rushing in and there was no more pain.

I am gratefull for everything I felt and released.

Bring it on!

I welcome the next opportunity for my heart to heal.

Many people are dealing with some very deep heart pain and challenging experiences.

Perhaps you are….

Life is calling us all to heal the past so our hearts can blossom and experience life as we have only imagined and dreamed about. Creating heaven on earth is within our grasp as we come into greater harmony with our true self and the Presence within.

My friend Lisa Dorey wrote, “We should remember that the landscape around us is changing fast. What looks strong, permanent and impossible to change is actually able to shift in a minute. The new energies pouring into us and our planet are causing this. If you find yourself in a seemingly impossible situation, be aware that change can happen in an instant, and in unexpected ways!”

I see so many people trying to sidestep the inner emotional healing work. In this new energy and consciousness, heart healing is a must and actively FEELING is essential. There is value to verbally expressing your thoughts and feelings about experiences. The key is walking through the pain without getting stuck in the story.

When you stay focused on mental details and retelling what happened over and over, you shift from the heart to the head and there is no release- just a cycling round and round of endless suffering.

As you think about what you want to create in the New Year, consider what you may be avoiding that you must choose to face and feel in order to move forward.

If you resonate with what I have written you are invited to attend my new Heart Healing monthly calls beginning January 8. Click here to learn more and register for this powerfull session. The first call will focus on Self -Love and recorded for you to download.

My passion and mission is to guide folks to open and heal their heart and deepen their connection to the Divine. That’s the journey I’m personally walking. Join me?

Love and blessings,

PS. I’m scheduling private heart healing sessions. Contact me if you’d like some personal help. It would be my honor to assist you! Learn more here

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