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Coaches and Consultants – Are You Fulfilling Your Purpose AND Getting Paid For It?

By Kathleen Gage

If you’re a coach and/or consultant it’s likely you began your business because you have a need to make a difference. There’s also a good chance you would do what you do even if you didn’t get paid for it.

This is when you know your career is a great match for your passion; you love it so much you can’t help but do it.

However, in order to continue doing what you love and run it like a business you absolutely must get paid for your services. The challenge for many coaches and consultants, especially those new to running a business is this; they either don’t know what to charge, when to charge or how to ask for the paid business. There seems to be an invisible line of comfort one crosses when money figures into the equation.

Anyone who is going to not only survive, but thrive in this industry, needs to establish from the beginning that they not only deserve to get paid, but paid well for services rendered.

There is never a lack of people who will gladly use your services and tell you what a difference you are making for them until you talk money. Then many of your greatest cheerleaders suddenly disappear leaving you to doubt your abilities and/or wonder why you ever thought giving your services away would somehow turn a free client into a paid client.

Unfortunately, many coaches and consultants are under the false impression that if they can just show how wonderful they are money will somehow jump from the free clients pockets into their bank account. Rarely is this the case.

Granted, there are occasions where it is acceptable to “showcase” what you do. But knowing where to draw the line is critical to building a thriving business.

From the beginning establish within your own mind that it is okay to charge. What you charge is based on a number of factors:

  • Uniqueness of what you offer
  • Skill set
  • Expertise
  • Track record of success
  • Experience
  • Market demand

As much as you know your clients need a coach and/or consultant to address specific areas, it is likely you would benefit from having a mentor who will guide you through the process of how to go from free to fee. The sooner you get on board with the “I deserve to be paid” mindset the sooner your business is to grow. The sooner your business grows the more you can live your passion and focus on what you do best – coach and consult.

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4 Absolutely Essential Ingredients Of A Highly Effective Partnership Program

As a conscious entrepreneur you probably want to make a difference in the world doing what you love and having the money to enjoy your life.

I do!

Trying to reach people globally all by yourself is a staggering task. And you might have partners who don’t really know how to support you in getting the word out as affiliates.

If you are nodding yourself yes (I am), imagine what would be possible if you had responsive affiliates on your team….

That’s why I jumped on the chance to learn from Max Simon because he knows the secrets to get other big-name experts and leaders to promote you and help sell your programs and events for you…

He responds to thoughts like:

“But why would they pay attention to me?”
“But I don’t have a big list.”
“But I don’t have anything to offer them in return.”
“But I’m just starting out.”

Well, Max Simon just released a very fun & content-rich new video to get your “BUT”  out of the way :) Go look

In it, he also gives you a very powerful  exercise to show you exactly how to “get in” with a big-name expert or guru…even if  you don’t know them yet.

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He also dives deep into “The 4 Absolutely Essential Ingredients Of A Highly Effective Partnership Program” which breaks down exactly what you need to partner with other people in a very easy-to-follow, step-by-step system.

The video is rich and entertaining with real-world examples of how to do this right…

Plus he covers super cool stuff like, “The Affiliate Attraction Portal” which is what will  help you sign up new partners while you sleep.

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Are You a Conscious Business Owner? A Nine-Point Checklist

What does it mean to be a “conscious business owner”?

There’s been an evolution in the online conversation lately, I noticed, toward dwelling on the personal experience of being “conscious:” being in touch with one’s sense of purpose, feeling good about what you’re doing, making heartfelt decisions, being grateful and fair, being healthy and promoting health, being spiritual and soulful…things like that.

While all those things are true and wonderful, there are also cultural criteria the larger business community and society as a whole use to measure “conscious business,” or, lately, “conscious capitalism.”

So if you’re wondering if you’re a conscious business owner, here’s a nine-point checklist you might try out on yourself for starters:

  • Do you strive to be ETHICAL in your dealings with employees, customers, and others?
  • Are you SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE in terms of the people you serve, the communities in which you operate, things like energy and the environment?
  • Are you AWARE of how your products and services impact the greater good?
  • Do you think you’re aligned with your HIGHEST AND BEST purpose?
  • Do you feel the CONNECTION your business has to the needs of the Universe?
  • Do you COMPLEMENT the businesses of others, rather than competing with them?
  • Are you FAIR in your pricing, policies, and other business dealings?
  • Do you BALANCE value with profits well?
  • Do you CONTRIBUTE to the betterment of your community?

If you checked off most of these, you’re a “conscious business owner” by anyone’s standards. If you didn’t, you now have a new awareness of things you might want to strive toward!

Carol Liege is a contributing author to “Align, Expand and Succeed; Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success”. This “just released” book is based on the premise that the world is changing at a very rapid pace. We are starting to see that cooperation brings better results than old style competition. It’s a new era and we need to work together to create success for everyone, not just for a few.

This book features dozens of conscious entrepreneurs who share their wisdom, expertise, stories, lessons and insights about the new and exciting shifts that are happening for entrepreneurs worldwide.

This book is designed to raise the vibration of the planet like never before. Get your copy of “Align, Expand and Succeed” and enjoy an abundance of gifts with your purchase.

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Are You Crossing the Line from Persuasion to Manipulation?

We are at a fascinating time in history, where more and more people are looking to integrate honoring their calling, their passion, their soul’s work with making a living or having a successful business. One sign of this shift is that more and more people are teaching others how to achieve this integration of heart and business. We now have the chance to learn about Authentic Promotion, Permission Marketing, Soft Selling, or Heart Selling.

Let’s face it, to be in business, we need to persuade people to buy our services. We need to use our words and actions to move people to give us money for our work. If we don’t make some deliberate effort in that direction, it’s unlikely that we will actually have a profitable business. But in reaching out to make a sale, we face many choices about how we persuade. We are going to constantly come up against the question of where the line is between earnest persuasion and manipulation. At some point, we may all be tempted to use techniques that may not be in alignment with our message in order to make more sales. I face this all the time, and I see a lot of business owners around who are clearly struggling with the same issue. How can we be savvy, smart business owners without losing our integrity?

What I’ve seen is that many heart-based, soul-oriented business owners err on the side of doing too little too persuade. In this world, a call to action might sound like “Maybe if it’s not too much trouble, you could possibly consider using my services. And if you do want to use my services, I’ll be over here in the corner, so let me know.” And it’s not real effective for creating profit. I believe in attraction, in drawing to us the people who resonate with our message but part of that attraction is inviting people to play. Most of us need to challenge ourselves to be more powerful, more authoritative, and more persuasive in offering our services.

On the other hand, we’ve all experienced hard sells that left us feeling upset and uncomfortable. I’ve heard the concept that as long as your product or program is good, any technique you use to get more people to buy is justified. But I don’t buy it. Hard sells don’t feel good. They don’t build connection. They don’t build trust.

One client of mine went to a weekend on selling from a place of alignment, and then felt assaulted by a hard sell at the end for a longer program. She said she had to shower when she got home to get rid of the slimy feeling. A colleague of mine invested thousands of dollars in a marketing summit, only to find that part of the “curriculum” was an upsell to a more in-depth program that was positioned as available to only a small portion of the people in the room but later opened to a bigger group. She said it took a week of bodywork to get her back into balance.

So, when do we cross the line from persuasion to manipulation? Here are a couple of guidelines that emerged from a recent discussion on this topic that I hosted:

1. No surprises

One of the biggest objections people raised on the call was the surprise sell. That’s when you’ve paid for a program and suddenly you’re being sold, and sold hard on the next step or the next level. You’re a captive audience. On the other hand, most people said they didn’t mind hearing about the “next step” if they were told in advance, and the “next step” was presented as an opportunity to go deeper rather than the only thing between you and certain failure.

2. Whose urgency is it?

One of the truisms of copy writing is to create a sense of urgency – to give people a reason to buy now, and not later. What was interesting was that several people remarked that in “hard sell” approaches it comes across as the seller’s urgency not the buyer’s. What worked better was to tap into the prospective buyer’s sense of urgency, their desire not to put things off any longer. Most people respected reasonable deadlines for getting bonuses or qualifying for special prices, deadlines that allowed some room for careful thought and consideration before making what is often a sizeable purchase.

3. Are you creating more connection or less?

What really came into focus for me as a useful measure of being persuasive vs. manipulative was the degree to which my words increase my prospects’ sense of connection to themselves. The most manipulative techniques, we agreed, encouraged people to disconnect from themselves and their own wisdom. Techniques like tight deadlines that demand you decide to buy before you leave a web page, or before you leave a call. Techniques that invoke scarcity or invite competition between buyers. Ideally, we ask questions, and create time frames that encourage our prospects to think deeply, check in internally, and make an educated decision about working with us.

Part of being a successful business owner is being able to share your message with the world and express your genuine conviction about the value you offer. When you can persuade people to take action on their own behalf from a place of love, everybody wins.

© 2010. Isabel Parlett. All rights reserved. Isabel Parlett, The Sound Bite Shaman, helps spiritually-oriented business owners to say what they do, when what they do is deep, powerful, and hard to describe. You can get a free email mini-course on communicating with more power by clicking HERE and signing up in the upper right corner. (


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Join me for a special Compelling Conversation with powerhouse Callan Rush who I heard months ago on a call with Christine Koser. I was so blown away by Callan’s brilliance in understanding what it takes to attract ideal clients to your events.

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23 Visionary Entrepreneurs! Visionary Business University FREE Event Begins Sept. 13

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Now, more than ever, people like you are becoming more drawn to pursuing their passion and purpose as a profession. We all long to make a living doing what we love, while making a difference in the world. But how?

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Baloney Of Success And The Law Of Attraction

“I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been ‘lucky.”—  Oprah

Last week my good friend Kathleen Gage sent this post in an email. I found myself nodding my head at many of the points she raised and thought I’d like to add her comments to this blog. See what you think. Enjoy!

Baloney of Success and the Law of Attraction

Over the past few years I have had conversations with thousands people who claim to want a successful business, but are not achieving their goals. When I look at their work habits it’s no wonder they are not succeeding.

The distinctions between those who succeed and those who don’t are actually pretty clear. The ones who succeed are not blaming outside factors as to why they will or will not achieve what they want. They “get” they are responsible for managing their thoughts, self talk and actions.

Then you have those who blame everything but themselves for why they just can’t have what they want: the economy, competition, global warming, the moon in Aquarius… you name it, they blame it.

Rather than looking at all the outside reasons one is not succeeding, people need to take a look at what they themselves are or are not doing that prevents them from having what they want.

In the time I have had my business (incorporated in 1994) I have grown it from an idea to a very successful enterprise.

My business has gone through many recreations and rebirths in the last 16 years. What started out with me securing a contract with a national seminar company in the early years, transitioned to a small business training company with much of my business in the market I lived in at the time, Salt Lake City.

From there I grew it into a working on a national level with small businesses, facilitating corporate trainings, establishing an independent publishing company and consulting business, becoming a mentor to other small business owners, and now Internet marketing advisor.

There’s more, but I think you get the idea. My business growth has not been stagnant, nor have I dug my heels in saying, “Nope, I started with X in 1994 so by gosh, I will never make any changes.” Just the opposite. I did what I could to stay ahead of the curve.

Did the success of my business happen overnight? Absolutely not. It took time, commitment, focus and dedication.

It also took the willingness to try something that may not work the first time around. I likely have had more so called failures than successes. But with those things that didn’t work, I was able to move closer to what did work.

When someone tells me how lucky I am to have the kind of business I have, generating the kind of revenues I do, enjoying the life I do, most times I am amused and other times I am frustrated.

You might wonder why I am frustrated with some folks. It’s simple. Success doesn’t come in a nicely wrapped package and anyone who thinks it does needs to take a serious look at their beliefs.

When people say that successful people are just lucky, they are not being realistic. To assume those of us who enjoy a successful business just “happened upon it” is so far removed from the truth, it’s almost laughable. 

Talk to anyone who is successful and you will find there are some amazing similarities.

1. Vision
2. Focus
3. A plan
4. Discipline
5. Commitment
6. Adjustment
7. Evaluation
8. Results
9. Repeat

Most people, who know anything about me, know I believe in the Law of Attraction (LOA). Actually, I have studied LOA for years. Long before Esther and Jerry Hicks popularized LOA I was reading books and listening to cassettes. (The word cassette should be an indicator as to how long ago that was)

Some of the first books I read on the subject were written over 100 years ago. Yes, there are plenty of books on the subject of LOA that were written around the turn of the century in the early 1900’s.

Many people think LOA is brand new. Others think all they have to do is read one book and presto! they have the answers.

Another misguided belief is that all one needs to do is visualize and affirm what they want and somehow it will miraculously appear.

There’s a heck of a lot more that needs to be done. Not only do you have to vision, you have to take what Joe Vitale calls, “Inspired action.” What this simply means is, with the thought you MUST have action.

If anyone tells you otherwise, they are either lying, misguided, drunk, crazy or all of these. Simple as that.

Can it appear as if things miraculously fall into your lap? Absolutely. But if you look at the process of how things came to pass for the great majority of successful people there were actions that preceded the result.

One of the most important things I have learned about success is the importance of learning from those who have accomplished the very thing I want to accomplish. It doesn’t matter if it is in areas of monetary gain, physical wellbeing, spiritual matters, etc.

Everything has a process. Everything has a formula.

For example, in the early years of my professional speaking career, I read every book I could get my hands on, hired mentors, joined associations such as The National Speakers Association, surrounded myself with successful speakers, went to seminars and did whatever I could to immerse myself in the industry.

At times it was a great challenge because I didn’t have much money to do what I knew needed to be done. Every time I attended a conference, not only did I have to pay hundreds of dollars (sometimes thousands) for the conference fee, there was flight, hotel, meals and other expenses.

Yet, I knew that I had to get the right information and then apply it in order to succeed.

Early on, there were plenty of times I wondered if I would ever be successful as a speaker. Not only have I experienced some amazing success as a speaker, I have been around a lot longer than most.

This indicates a few things. One, I am not a spring chicken. Two, most people give up before they ever realize their dreams. Three, you do have to put effort into creating what you want.

Does that mean you can’t enjoy the effort? Just the opposite. Whatever you are passionate about seems to take less effort although it’s likely you will be putting more effort into the process. It’s just that the effort can appear to be effortless.

Can you have what you want? Absolutely. Are there ways to achieve what you want faster than others? Most definitely. You just need to know who to ask and where to get the best information. And then….apply the information.

Anyone who says knowledge is power is way off base. It’s what you do with the knowledge that makes all the difference. You don’t get it through osmosis. You get it through effort and application.

(C) Kathleen Gage. 2010


Avoiding This One Thing Can Prevent Our Entrepreneurial Success

By Kathleen Gage

For years I have known the importance of consistent steps to move toward a goal. Some steps can seem monumental and overwhelming. On the flip side are the steps that seem so minimal they may not seem necessary to achieve an outcome.

Then there are the steps that are just darned uncomfortable. Such was the case recently while at an Internet Marketing conference in Atlanta. Actually, the step I needed to take seemed both monumental and very uncomfortable.

Regardless, I took the step.

What was it?

In a moment I will share it, but permit me set the stage.

A few months ago I was training for a full marathon as a power walker. (Nope, I’m not a runner, nor do I want to be, I love power walking). The marathon was scheduled for October 4th but in late August my plans came to a screeching halt when I broke my ankle.

From the day I had the accident, I had my mind set on healing and participating in a marathon. Granted, not in October, 2009, but one I could participate in as soon as my ankle healed.

A few weeks ago I took my first power walk since the injury. The distance paled in comparison to the double digit walks I had been taking on a fairly regular basis only a few months prior.

Knowing that with a focused commitment I would soon have the stamina and strength I had previously grown accustomed to I didn’t let the short first walk back discourage me.

Fast forward to today. As one of the conference presenters for Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems (NAMS3), I would begin each day with an early morning power walk with a colleague who was also presenting at the conference. Each morning, Denise Wakeman and I would shake off the cold as we stepped out of the warmth of the hotel lobby into the cold morning breeze that awaited us. 

The first two days were a breeze even though temperatures were near freezing. Actually, the weather made the walks quite invigorating.

My parting words to Denise the evening prior to day three of our walks were “I’ll see you at 6:45 for another walk.” Although my intentions were sincere at the time, when my 6 a.m. wake-up call came my first thought was, “Hmmm, wonder if I could call Denise and bag the walk?”

I knew I could use my old injury as an excuse, but the fact is my ankle is healed. The next temptation was to use the fact I was on a 3 hour time difference and had a full day the day before and was just plain tired.
Yet, I made a commitment; to Denise and to myself. Sluggishly, I rolled out of bed to prepare for what was to come next.

The first thing that became apparent as we walked out into the open air on day three was how much colder it was than the previous two mornings. Not only was it near freezing, it had also rained during the night with a light rain was still coming down.

As Denise and I high fived each other upon the completion of a two mile plus power walk, I felt incredible. Not just because I completed a rather grueling walk, but rather because I took a step toward a greater goal. Even though small compared to crossing the finish line of the coming marathon I have begun to train for, the fact I took the step is critical.

Taking steps in all areas of our life is something we do, or not, on a daily basis. These steps either move us closer to our dreams or further away. It’s all based on choice.

In the session of the morning for the conference, I looked around at a room filled with men and women attending and saw hundreds of people who have dreams, goals, vision and drive to build their online businesses in order to have a better quality of life.

The fact is, to achieve the outcome they desire will require doing things that will come very easy at times and other things that feel like “walking in freezing rain” at other times; often to take a minuscule step. Yet, all the steps are part of the success each will create.

The fact is, whatever you want to achieve takes effort. Each step of the way, you will be confronted with choices…to do or not to do whatever needs to be done.

Success or failure in anything is determined by the daily choices we make. We set a vision for what we want and then we choose.

What choice will you make today?

And what future will you be responsible for?

~ About the author:
Kathleen Gage is an Internet marketing advisor who works with spiritually aware speakers, authors, coaches and consultants who are ready to turn their knowledge into money making products and services. Find out how you can learn from Kathleen on how to build a successful business using the Internet through her Street Smarts Marketing VIP Club

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