Awakening Your Courageous Heart

*Attention* All Heart-Centered Spiritually Aware Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Business Owners, Healers, Coaches, Life-changers, Transformers…

Is fear inspiring more faith, trust, and courage or is it keeping you up at night with worry and doubt?

Is fear empowering you or holding you back from fulfilling your dreams and desires?

Imagine what your life would be like if were able to change the things you struggle with into victories.

What would be possible if you no longer held yourself back from the good that is seeking to find you?

Dear courageous powerfull friend…

I know that talking about and focusing on fear can be uncomfortable. You might be afraid that giving your fears too much attention will cause you to attract more of the things that you don’t want. You might be afraid you’ll feel weaker and less powerfull.

In truth, suppressing or avoiding your fear depletes your energy and only gives them more power to rule your life.

What we resist, persists and expands.

Fear can take the joy out of living and put dreams on hold. Fear can hold you hostage unless you find the way to transform fear into power. The inner conflict that comes from your desire to move forward while holding yourself back can be painful.

Have you been working with affirmations, vision boards, Law of Attraction principles and practicing gratitude with some degree of success and still be struggling with fears, relationship challenges, lack and financial worries?

You might be thinking, “I don’t get it. I’m doing everything I believe is right to have what I want and it’s not happening! Other people seem to be having prosperous and happy lives. What am I doing wrong?”

One of the conflicts you might be experiencing is doubting your own faith that where you are is in service to the path you have chosen when you came into this life; that all things happen for a reason and that you are where you are supposed to be.

Faith is the spark that gives you courage to walk forward without evidence that all is well, especially when things look like they are falling apart. Sometimes things must fall apart before they come together.

You can know you are ok deep in your heart while your ego is freaking out at the same time screaming “Head for the hills, the sky is falling!”

Every day you are bombarded with fear-based messages in the media, advertising, and in your personal conversations. All this paints a frightening picture of the world and reaffirms that LIFE is unpredictable and unsafe.

So, it has become “normal” and you have been conditioned to live in fear.

You’ve been brainwashed to believe you should be afraid about the future, money, relationships, health, jobs and careers, the economy, business downturns, LIFE survival…All of this produces sleepless nights filled with worry and doubt that create a gloomy outlook on life.

Do you see yourself here?

  • You get distracted, lose focus and concentration and before you know it, the day is gone and you didn’t get to the things you said were important.
  • You start out with the best of intentions and enthusiasm and then you do things to sabotage yourself like overeating, breaking agreements, procrastinating, over-booking yourself.
  • You come up with a ton of reasons why what you want is impossible and you believe it!
  • You know what you’re supposed to do and you just don’t do it. You’ve tried repeatedly to bust out of some of your old patterns and you slide back into doing what you’ve done before. Then you beat yourself up and feel even worse for breaking your agreements and commitments. YUCK.
  • When things get uncomfortable, you give up and run back to your comfort zone where it feels safer.
  • Your inner self-talk and powerfull imagination is so loud and convincing with worse case scenarios and evidence from the past  that you become frozen to follow your heart. You really want to and you’re just too scared.

These are just some of the symptoms of fear.

I Was Where You Are Right Now!

My Story

Working with thousands of people across the globe for over 20 years, I have found that fear is the #1 hurdle that stops people in their tracks when dealing with change.

I began to face and overcome my fears when I was a young girl. Perhaps it was the invincibility we feel when we are young that can change when we “grow up”. I just know that when I was a kid, I did things that were courageous without a lot of hesitation.

Throughout my twenties and early 30′s I still found the strength and courage to take risks even though I felt afraid. Fear just didn’t seem to be a major barrier in my life which is why it was so shocking when I first stared terror in the face. And it started right back at me!

This happened after my mother died in 1981 and my life fell apart. I was living in New York at the time and I began having anxiety attacks. I also began to spiritually awaken and realized I didn’t have a clue who I was.

I found myself out of work, out of money, confused, lost, in a ton of pain and freaking out. My whole world had crumbled underneath my feet. In the dark night of my soul, I reached out and asked for help. The support I received helped me to regain emotional stability and I began learning who I was and why I am here. The commitment to my spiritual journey became the foundation of my life.

The second encounter with terror period occurred in the late 1990′s. I was living in Pennsylvania with a thriving therapy practice as an addictions counselor and life coach. I had just bought a house (my first ever!) a new car, made office renovations, and my life fell apart again. My practice shrunk 40% within the first year. I went into a financial panic and stuck my head in the sand hoping things would get better. They didn’t. They got worse.

There were many times I found myself on my knees sobbing and praying for help in fear and despair. Sometimes, the thoughts in my head convinced me that my life was in shambles and there was no way out. At other times I had such a strong sense of peace and calm that what was happening was part of my Divine plan and my unfolding purpose to help others to transform fear. I also knew that if I had the courage to go the distance through my pain that my faith and trust would be stronger than ever before and my relationship with God would deepen.

Something inside of me was aware that walking through my own fears of “worse case scenarios and dramas” would be of the greatest service to others.

For the last two decades I have worked with thousands of people, guiding them to create happier more prosperous lives in alignment with their spirit.

Today I joyfully invite you to join me for Awakening Your Courageous Heart.

Having been on the front lines of feeling overwhelmed by fear, I know what it’s like to have your fears and beliefs sabotage your dreams. If that’s happening to you, I’m here to tell you that you can change your relationship with fear, become who you are meant to be, and live the life you are meant to live.

Let me be clear.

I don’t mean showing you how to use yet another technique to manage your fear although you will get a bunch of strategies to shift from fear to faith. I mean showing you how to become courageous, so that feeling powerfull is integrated into who you are even when you feel fear.

Have I completely freed myself from all fear? Heck no! I still feel fear. What has dramatically changed is that I know how to instantly unhook from fear and diminish it’s power over me so I can be present to experience the good in my life. And here’s something else I want you to know. When fear does show up, it doesn’t stop me from fulfilling my life path and saying YES to the bigger reasons for my existence.

That’s what I want to help you experience… Imagine tapping into your innate power to raise yourself up like the Phoenix rising from the ashes whenever you feel you have fallen and you can’t get up. Imagine feeling free from all the heaviness of your life both outside in your world and within the illusions of your mind.

Imagine after all this time, that you have the key to unlock your own prison.

What new freedom would be open to you?

Every day I thank God for leading me to Lorraine. I was emotionally fragile when we started working together a year and a half ago and within only a few short months, I felt I had the strength and the courage to move through my fears. Lorraine showed me how powerful it is when you move from fear to faith, and once I made the decision to take that leap, the Universe began lining up for me. I thought I loved life before but now loving life took on a whole new meaning.

And every time I stretch outside of my comfort zone, requiring a new commitment to faith and trust, I remind myself that all is well, that I already have everything I need. Most importantly, instead of letting fear guide my decisions, I now ask my soul.- Carol Rozek, Animal Daycare business owner

Lorraine’s Courage course was the first of many courses I have now had the pleasure of participating in with Lorraine. What separates this course apart from the others is that it was pivotal in my transformative journey. Awakening Your Courageous Heart laid the foundation for all the forgiveness programs that followed. What I learned was to stop making my feelings a mental process, to start feeling them, and how to recognize the different voices of my EGO and HEART so that I could choose which one to listen to while honoring them both.

Lorraine has shown me the way to my heart, to faith, and to truth where there is no fear in this place only love and strength.  She has bought me closer to my soul and shown me how I can walk with my fear rather than push it away.

I am more more courageous and awakened as a result of this journey. I  launched my hypnotherapy business as result of these shifts and I am facilitating some incredible journeys with my clients because of my own inner transformation. You are an amazing facilitator Lorraine!  You have changed my life and I will be eternally grateful. - Love, Lisa Ruffels (Australia)

Your life isn’t supposed to be full of struggle, fear, and lack!

Do you know that your life is meant to be happy?

Do you know that you came here with a blueprint encoded within you for a Divine purpose?

Do you know that you have the POWER to change the quality of your life in any given moment?

It’s true…..

What if you could partner with fear to cultivate faith, trust, and courage and deepen your relationship with your SELF, others, the world, and God?

What if you could transform your fear into POWER and dance with the Universe to create an amazing life?

Imagine how your life might change………the freedom, peace, abundance, love…

It can

It can begin right now

My wish is for you to experience yourself as courageous and powerfull!

Awakening Your Courageous Heart
15 Transformational Sessions begin
Tuesday, October 18,2020
7:00- 9:00pm EST


Only $997



4 Pay Option

(4 payments of $215 until midnight EST, 10/7, 2011. After 10/7, 4 payments of $259)



6 Pay Option

(6 payments of $149 until midnight EST, 10/7, 2011. After 10/7, 6 payments of $199)

Even if you can’t attend each session, don’t worry. I record each one and send you the MP3 file within 24 hours of the session so you won’t miss a thing!

Lorraine, the benefits of working with you are many and difficult to capture in words. You are masterful at taking a gentle yet firm stance with your clients and your strong intuitive sense provides a clearing for others to trust themselves at a whole new level. Your relentless pursuit of providing value and producing results for your clients is refreshing and rewarding. The transformation from fear to power is remarkable and undeniable. It is quite evident that what you have to say works and that you are committed to your message. Thank you for powerfully equipping me for life’s adventures!-Appreciatively, Eunice Capritella. Executive VP, LRC International

I don’t know that I have ever met a person who is so willing to move through fear with such courage and accountability. For over two years I’ve been in a mastermind group with Lorraine and other amazing women doing important, soul directed work in the world. She approaches every challenge with incredible boldness and integrity, and is an inspiring model for us all. If something makes her uncomfortable she runs towards it. When she feels afraid, she challenges herself to move through it. When she makes a new commitment, she ALWAYS seeks support and accountability. As both her friend and colleague, I can honestly say that she is completely grounded in integrity. She’ll never ask anyone to do something she isn’t willing to do (or hasn’t done) herself. Her expertise as a coach and a transformer of fear is impeccable.

If fear is holding you back, you can be sure to breakthrough with Lorraine and will forever be grateful for this program! - Anita Pathik Law, founder of The Power of Our Way Community and Conscious Dialogues

There are a few things I believe:

  • I believe that each of us wants to be happy, free of worries and concerns that take away from having a quality life.
  • I believe that we’re all here on this planet with a life purpose. Some of us know what that purpose is, some don’t.
  • I believe we all have genuine gifts that express who we are. In fulfilling our life purpose, we must share those gifts with others. In that way we contribute to making a difference in the lives of others and ultimately, the world.
  • I believe that every person, feeling, and situation in our life is in service to our growth and evolution. When we can embrace the gifts and blessings from each experience, rather than judge and fight against it, our lives flow and expands with greater purpose and meaning.
  • Finally, I believe that we all want to thrive in our work and to make a contribution to the world. Bringing our heart, integrity, and spirituality into our daily lives will give us the keys to deep fulfillment and happiness.

Here’s the thing…. If you’ve already invested time, money, and energy to grow yourself and you’ve come a long way from where you were when you began your journey, bravo! Now, I’m not talking about taking ten to twenty minutes a day on spiritual practices, visualizing or meditating, and spending the rest of the time focusing on all that’s wrong with your life!

I’m talking about a deep commitment to your personal growth and spiritual evolution; one where you have demonstrated discipline and courage, committed to daily spiritual practices, and been willing to roll up your sleeves and dig deep to reveal the treasures hidden within all of your life experiences. This is a journey is letting go of who you are not, to reveal the beauty and brilliance of your soul as the guiding force in your life.

I shake my head when I hear people say, “I thought I was done with that”, when fears from the past or stuff they’ve worked on before pops up, yet again. Shedding layers of old beliefs, assumptions, myths, and behaviors takes time. The deeper you go within, the more stuff you find to let go of so that who you really are can more fully emerge. The less you struggle against your SELF, the easier and faster you let go. It takes chops to look within and get to know the real YOU.  And takes courage to claim the life you were born to live.

Are you ready to shift from being a victim of your circumstances to becoming the hero of your life story?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Lao-tzu

Take the next step and join me for a 15 -week transformational journey for:  Awakening Your Courageous Heart beginning October 18, 25, November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, December 6, 13, 20, 2011. January 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 2012

Only $997


Only $997



4 Pay Option

(4 payments of $215 until midnight EST, 10/7, 2011. After 10/7, 4 payments of $259)



6 Pay Option

(6 payments of $149 until midnight EST, 10/7, 2011. After 10/7, 6 payments of $199)

Even if you can’t attend each session, don’t worry. I record each one and send you the MP3 file within 24 hours of the session so you won’t miss a thing!

Have you been trying to get “rid” of your fears?

Ways fear serves and protects you:

  • Keeps you out of harm’s way by alerting you to danger elps you to discern when you need to set healthy boundaries to be safe and protected
  • Supports you in developing courage to show up to LIFE
  • Builds faith in yourself, others, and God
  • Provides motivational and inspirational energy to move forward


It has been my experience that when you get to the heart and essence of most fears, the greatest fear is fear of dying which might mean actual physical death. More often the fears we experience, that can feel enormous during periods of upheaval, change, uncertainty, and transition, is the ego’s irrational fear of annihilation and the battle waged inside us in it’s struggle to survive and maintain control.

Irrational fears have their genesis from past experiences, real and imagined. Fear is generated by your ego and is fueled by compelling illusions, anticipated outcomes, and expectations about the future.

When we are engaged in irrational fear we are not in the NOW and we are disconnected from Source. Being aware of that simple truth can help you to take the steps to shift back to your Essence with God.

When faced with the emergence of irrational fear, having the ability to distinguish between legitimate ones can make the difference between feeling clobbered or being able to transform them with courage and clarity.

Courage is not the absence of fear!

Courage is about following your heart in spite of what your mind and feelings are telling you. Courage is an act of love and faith to do what is right and true for you; to be willing to do whatever it takes because you must!

Each person expresses and experiences courage differently. Courage is an internal feeling that can be powerfully directed outward in the world as an expression of your heart’s desires and soul’s intentions for your life path. Ultimately, courage has little to do with what you might view as heroism and heroic acts and everything to do with the choices you make every moment and every day throughout the course of your life. Acts of courage can be seemingly small yet powerfull in the ways you can transform yourself and your life.

You came into this life with everything you need to fulfill your life purpose. This is truer than you may realize.

The key to transforming fear is with your relationship with your essential SELF and God/The Divine/ Higher Power/Source… Cultivating faith, trust, and courage is an inside job. That’s why doing the inner work is so important! If you have so much noise going on in your head, how can you hear the whispers of your heart?

When your desires, decisions, and actions are in alignment with your soul, the seemingly impossible becomes possible. This is the path of Grace. And whatever dreams you have that seem lofty are small in comparison to the vision held for you in the mind of God.

I know just imagining what miracles, gifts, and blessings might be possible can be scary because your life can change so dramatically… and yet ….

Embracing your courage will give vibrancy and aliveness to your life. Giving into fears and doubts without taking those leaps of faith with courage and trust allows you to become a spectator to your life rather than being an active participant in it’s creation.

Suppressing your heart’s longing creates a disconnection with your sacred relationship with GOD. It is this part of you that is yearning for expression, growth and wholeness.

Are you allowing yourself to feel that yearning?

What is your soul calling you to express in your life?

How is GOD speaking to you right now?

Are you listening?????

When you walk in faith, trust, and courage with an open heart to share your love, gifts, and passions with the world in partnership with Source, fear loses power to hold you back from your destiny.

When I began working with Lorraine, I felt trapped in my life. I watched from the sidelines, but could not or would not take the steps necessary to make a change. As I learned how to live in integrity with my core values, I began to see new and exciting possibilities and believe that I deserved the new life that I was imagining. With Lorraine’s encouragement and instruction, I started to step outside of my comfort zone, to take those leaps of faith. It wasn’t easy - I feared success as much, if not more, than I feared failure. But with each step I gained self-confidence. I am no longer mired in fear. It is not always easy to take that step toward something that isn’t immediately tangible; my heart may race a little but I now believe in what is possible for me and I claim it as my own and so, I close my eyes and take those steps, trusting that the pathway will lead me on. - Cheryl Dobson, Travel Coordinator

Thanks to Lorraine’s insights, advice and support I am now more confident in myself and my abilities and I am undergoing a transformation, which is seeing my positive energy output and motivation soar. In fact, since working with Lorraine my increased positive energy and efforts have resulted in a 500% growth in my client base in the last 30 days compared with the previous 30 days. Lorraine is a wonderful and insightful coach who is guiding my journey towards less fear and more power. I can’t wait for what’s going to happen next! - Alex Stone, Owner of Just Too Busy, Virtual Assistance Services

For a fraction of the cost of private coaching, you’ll receive over 30 years of my experience in the areas of personal transformation, business development, coaching, counseling, skill building, hypnotherapy and healing. I won’t hold anything back to help you claim the life you are destined for.

Awakening Your Courageous Heart
15 Transformational Sessions begin
Tuesday, October 18, 2020
7:00 - 9:00 pm EST


Only $997



4 Pay Option

(4 payments of $215 until midnight EST, 10/7, 2011. After 10/7, 4 payments of $259)



6 Pay Option

(6 payments of $149 until midnight EST, 10/7, 2011. After 10/7, 6 payments of $199)

Even if you can’t attend each session, don’t worry. I record each one and send you the MP3 file within 24 hours of the session so you won’t miss a thing!

In this comprehensive transformational program, you’ll learn how to:

    • Turn fear into an ally rather than an enemy
    • Powerfully shed long-standing, life-draining beliefs and behaviors. Rediscover more passion and vitality for life
    • Tap into your soul’s wisdom and dance with your Personal Divine to attract your deepest desires
    • Walk in GRACE through any life challenge
    • Give your passions, unique gifts, and wisdom a greater voice and presence in your life without holding them back or hiding them
    • Use models, exercises, strategies, processes, and proven tips to cultivate and sustain courage, faith, and trust no matter what is happening in your life
    • Embrace the POWER of your true nature and start living your Divine destiny
    • Develop and access your Power Formula to strengthen your inner foundation and step into the next and highest version of who you are meant to be
    • Release past anger, regrets, and resentments towards yourself and others through forgiveness, love and grace.
    • That’s just the tip of the iceberg! You’ll also receive special offers and bonuses from respected teachers and colleagues, including a few from me!

If fear is controlling your life, the good news is that you too can learn to use your fear to change your life.

I have made a complete career change and left a job that, at the beginning of our work together. I had no idea how to leave. All I could see was an endless chain of long-hours, low-pay blue -collar jobs. Some fears were holding me back - fear of success, perfectionism, and a fear of dreaming big. Now I am clear that that I am capable of achieving big dreams. I am moving out into the world to meet positive, supportive people and writing colleagues. I know that I can be really brave in the face of challenges and no longer identify myself as a victim or a quitter. I am now a published author! - Lynda Gene Rymond, Artist and Author


The course Awakening Your Courageous Heart really broke my heart open to get to a much higher level of unconditional love for myself and others. Through your example in the way you listened and accepted each participant so fully and in the way you were so non-judgmental patient kind and loving in holding for each participant the space for each person’s next steps towards a courageous heart. I am inspired by the depth of your understanding and the loving patient way you guided others and myself through our individual processes and next steps in becoming the best version we can be in our lives as individuals and as ONE. You inspire a deep love and respect in me and I always look forward to hearing your sharing, your teachings, your guidance, your energy. I am deeply grateful that our paths have crossed Lo. My life is richer and more joyful as a result. Thank you! - Many blessings, Karen A (Israel)

Awakening Your Courageous Heart Program Details

This tele-program will begin on Tuesday, October 18, 2020 and end January 31, 2020  for a total of 15 sessions. Even if you can’t attend each session, don’t worry. I record each one and send you the MP3 file so you won’t miss a thing!

The program also includes weekly healing meditations, a private forum, exercises, models, and resources to support your success. You’ll be using weekly integration sheets to help you stay on track with your commitments and celebrate your victories. Buddying up with another course member for additional support is highly recommended.

What makes this course uniquely different?

With an extensive background in addictions, recovery, emotional trauma, and spiritual guidance spanning more than 25 years, I’ve guided thousands of courageous people to transform and transcend a painful past to a powerful present and a joyful future

This program will provide advanced guided inner journeys for people who are ready to work with deeper processes that support spiritual evolution, personal transformation, and invite shadow and inner child healing.

Plus! The calls will end with a Oneness Blessing (called Deeksha) which is a process of transfer of Divine Grace that initiates a journey into higher states of consciousness. The Deeksha is believed to affect the different lobes of the physical brain, thereby reducing stress levels and intensifying the levels of love, joy and awareness.

And remember that  making any permanent change occurs over time. Everyone moves at their own pace. You are where you are for a reason and every person and situation in your life is in service to your growth and evolution. What you do with the program materials and experiences is up to you!

Program Overview

Weeks 1-3: Setting The Foundation. The inner foundation work is a critical piece many programs skip over or don’t go deep enough. When you are standing on a strong inner platform and owning who you are, you’ll flow with life’s challenges and THRIVE.

Weeks 4-7: Partnering With Your Fear. Uncover your underlying fears, learn how to use your intuition and inspiration, and begin cultivating courage. I’ll be doing a very special deepening process to make fear your ally.

Weeks 8-10: ReWriting Your Life Story. Focus on transforming self-sabotage and limiting beliefs, resolve some past pain through forgiveness, and shift out of your current dramas and stories to write a new life story!

Weeks 11-13: Navigating Through The Discomfort Zone. Create your unique and personal Power Formula to stand strong in the face of fear and uncertainty when moving through any life transition and change.

Weeks 14-15: Saying YES To Your Life and next steps! You’ll pull everything together to consciously focus on manifesting your deepest dreams and soul desires with confidence and clarity.

In this fifteen-week teleseminar series you’ll receive:

  • Fifteen consecutive 90-120 minute live weekly teleconference calls
  • Five downloadable comprehensive learning guides filled with original content
  • Skillful and intuitive guidance from a seasoned specialist in shadow and inner child healing.
  • Experience Divinely guided deeper processes to transform pain into peace though through forgiveness, self-love, and fear within a safe, loving, and supportive environment of kindred spirits. Open to greater love and grace!
  • Proven exercises, model, and methods, you can implement immediately to transform yourself and your life that will serve you for a lifetime
  • Transformational meditations and healing processes that work
  • Access to my hands-on expertise from the comfort of your home or office
  • Interactive Q&A sessions in each and every call
  • Mp3 downloads of all classes. No worries if you miss a call, they’ll all be recorded
  • Special offers and additional surprise bonuses from select partners
  • And so much more….


You helped me find my power and tools to manage the inner critic, inner voices, and have personal power again. Of course the inner voice is still there. It’s just so great to know that I “don’t have to let it run the boardroom anymore!” (One of your most empowering models/quotes to me). I am eternally grateful to you, and for all that we accomplished together. Raise a glass and toast our success, and invoke our names and connection when you taste your next delicious meal! - Dr Jeffrey Lupowitz, Chiropractor


Awakening Your Courageous Heart
15 Transformational Sessions begin
Tuesday, October 18, 2020
7:00-9:00 pm EST


Only $997



4 Pay Option

(4 payments of $215 until midnight EST, 10/7, 2011. After 10/7, 4 payments of $259)



6 Pay Option

(6 payments of $149 until midnight EST, 10/7, 2011. After 10/7, 6 payments of $199)

Even if you can’t attend each session, don’t worry. I record each one and send you the MP3 file within 24 hours of the session so you won’t miss a thing!

In April, 2009, I did two pilot programs with 30 people. Here’s some of the feedback I received when I asked what they would tell people about this program to encourage them to register?”

 1) I think people need to hear you, connect with you, know you are not above reproach but rather a person who recognizes we are all on a path. Inviting us to acknowledge that each of us holds onto fear, including the wise woman who facilitates the program, gives me permission to have been much more open. I also came a step closer to seeing & believing that we are not living the life which is meant to be lived when in this place of fear. Seeing the fear(s), identifying them and addressing them so that I may begin to really live which in turn is allowing others to live their respective lives.  

2. Lorraine is awesome! She comes from a spiritual background, she is loving and reflects a true passion for helping others enrich their lives and live courageously!

3.Overcoming fear and step up into courage allows as to step into our authenticity, be, live and express our essence in faith and trust as well as come closer to love and inner happiness.

4.I would tell them that they have no way of knowing how this program will improve their life until they give it a try. Synchronicity follows Lorraine around and if you are in her company you will benefit from it also. I sure did!

5.That it will help them to stop their fears from stopping them in their tracks, deepen their spiritual growth and integrate in into living a successful life where they can achieve their goals.

6. Real change is attainable for anyone willing to commit, do the work and surrender to the process. Unconditional support is available here to make the shift!

7. It is a comprehensive, compendium of tools to use to shape a spiritual practice as well as set and achieve goals.

8. That it opened me up and had me examine the most vulnerable parts of myself. That it is a key for living, embracing and being what god intends. It describes nearly every ego process and makes sense out of it and puts it where it belongs…haha!It lays things right out on the table and it’s for people who have bottomed out with every other way they tried living & being. Lorraine was divinely inspired to create this program, she walks the talk and is a consistent guide to walk you down the path. She has a balance of allowing source to step in during the calls and yet covers the material. The focus of each meditation is centered on where the calls take the participants & what the group is being guide to. Lorraine is a treasure

9. The study guides and recordings are worth twice the admission!

I’ve kept the tuition and payment options extremely affordable. I want a ton of people to have access to this program because I know how powerfully fear keeps people in struggle, scarcity, and pain. Partial scholarships are also available for anyone who has a true financial need and is yearning to be in this program. Click here to apply

That’s the great news for you

It’s decision time. If you are ready to commit do it now.

So if you already know you are meant to say YES to this program, listen to your wise self and register now. Your hesitation could be your evidence of the fear you are now ready to overcome.

Lorraine lives what she teaches. She plunges headlong into her darkest shadows with courage and love, and creates light from darkness. She inspires me with her bravery and, as a friend and fellow teacher, often helps me illuminate my path when I’m facing frustrations and challenges. - Jackie Lapin, Author of “The Art of Conscious Creation: How You Can Transform The World”

I recently participated in Lorraine’s ‘Awakening Your Courageous Heart’ program and found it to be a potent vehicle for helping me to look at some hidden fears and trapped emotions that I had been holding on to. Lorraine generously offers many tools for transformation in this program. We built a wonderfully nurturing and safe community to allow each participant to move toward releasing various blocks and issues that had come up during our studies together. We laughed and cried and found Lorraine’s beautiful and gracious spirit very encompassing during this learning time together. I personally experienced some wonderful insights and shifts and gathered many tools to help me on my own path of healing and transformation! I highly recommend this program for personal growth and renewal! - Rhoda Bolton


You have nothing to risk with our 100% money-back guarantee. I am confident you’ll receive a ton of value from attending this course. If after attending the first session you feel this information is not for you, I will refund your money, no hassles and no questions asked. You keep the handouts and initial materials. We part friends, no questions or pressure.

Take the next steps to claim your Divine POWER and Live Your Life Purpose. Join us October 18, 25, November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, December 6, 13, 20, 2011. January 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, 2012

Only $997



4 Pay Option

(4 payments of $215 until midnight EST, 10/7, 2011. After 10/7, 4 payments of $259)



6 Pay Option

(6 payments of $149 until midnight EST, 10/7, 2011. After 10/7, 6 payments of $199)


Even if you can’t attend each session, don’t worry. I record each one and send you the MP3 file within 24 hours of the session so you won’t miss a thing!


Special Bonus Gifts

Creating Miracles NOW! 4- week Healing Series To Manifest More Abundance, Joy, And Vitality In Your Life Audio Recordings

This 4-week series I hosted September 29- October 20, 2020, focused  on shifting subconscious beliefs, cultivating a deeper connection with your ESSENCE,  and empowering you to align with the life you were born to.  The inner work is essential to experience greater prosperity, happiness, and freedom!

Listen to these powerfull speakers:

Ann Taylor - Unleashing Your Inner Hero: Experiencing More Abundance And Joy

In this prerecorded call you’ll hear the private one hour and 42 minute call she did for my “Awakening Your Courageous Heart” program participants, May 20, 2020.  She worked with people on 10 beliefs including: Self-criticism & judgments, Worry about money, & fear of lack of money, Courage and confidence of self-made millionaires, Trust and faith in God, No matter what you do, it’s never good enough, You are worthy & you deserve success and more. Folks were blown away by the miraculous instant healings they received in a matter of minutes on the call and listening to the recording.

Rev. Dr. Lorraine Cohen - Relentless Affirmations: Using The Power of Your Inner Knowing To Transform Your Life

Learn and experience a fresh perspective of thinking about affirmations as a way of living and being rather than as a tool to trick your mind. In a conversational, interactive, and lively session you’ll have the opportunity to identify your personal “relentless affirmations” that can become the truisms that guide your thoughts, decisions and action to manifest the life you truly want. Experience a healing meditation to anchor your personal affirmations – body, mind, & spirit.

Anita (Ani) Pathik Law -  Cultivating a Welcoming Place for Healing, Receiving and Transformation

The healing session with Anita (Ani) Pathik Law will guide you into a deep trance state where mind, body and soul partner beautifully to receive healing. A gifted healer and Medicine Woman, Ani will take you on a journey deep within to your core essence and higher above in perspective. Whether healing your body, emotions, or cultivating a more welcoming place for abundance and manifestation, you will love this session! Never scripted, Ani’s trance healing sessions bring about a tangible shift, one you will feel as it is happening!

Ping Li - 5 Ancient Secrets to Claim Your Divine Power

Are you ready to put ALL the pieces together and FINALLY RE-ALIGN, your state of being to Source? Are you ready to have the inner spiritual transformation and awakening that is necessary to manifest the reality truly nurtures you, supports you and honors you effortlessly?  Imagine what it would be like to have, be and do exactly what you were put on earth to experience with ease, flow and joy! Imagine yourself living each and every day at your highest, most abundant level of purpose, contribution and compensation—while radiating love, light and joy. In this energy healing session, you can relax in the knowledge that you have been guided here at this moment to make that vision a reality!

Due to some technical interruptions on the first call, a second call was scheduled. You get them both plus two energy healing meditations!

Value $250


Dr. Lori Leyden - The Grace Process Meditation: Opening Your Heart To Receiving.

Enjoy this special 9 minute healing meditation to open your heart by Lori Leyden, PhD, MBA. She  facilitates healing work with The Grace Process, a spiritual practice for heart-centered living and is known for her humanitarian work with genocide victims in Rwanda

Value: priceless



Kimberly-MarooneyRev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney: Breath Awareness Meditation Gift Kit

1) Breath Awareness Introduction 5-minute mp3 download
Learn when and where to use this meditation.

2) Breath Awareness Meditation 44-minute mp3 download
Join Kimberly on a guided meditation to open your heart and life through breathe awareness. Gain clarity about the physical, emotional and mental issues of your life. Then listen within for your deeper soul calling. Complete by thinking about your life and what you need help with for divine consciousness. Open to receive Heavenly assistance.

3) Guiding Angels eNewsletter
This weekly ezine is full of precious gems of love, wisdom, inspiration and empowerment from the angels.

Value: $79


JackieLapinJackie Lapin’s  Free Wealth and Prosperity Chapter from her book,” Practical Conscious Creation - Daily Techniques for Manifesting yoiur Desires.” 

Would you rather spend your precious hours struggling With your life or enjoying it? If you’ve heard about the Law of Attraction, you’re only a tenth of the way there. This  special chapter by Jackie Lapin, Author of The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World—An No. 1 Best Seller guides you with practical steps to experience greater wealth and prosperity in all areas of your life.

Value: priceless

JackieLapinJackie Lapin: Money Magic: 7 Things You Must Know About Consciously Creating Prosperity And Wealth Audio

This one hour teleclass recording learn how to leave behind your days of struggle and financial pain. Find out how to design your life to Consciously create daily wealth and abundance, discover the simple keys for raising your personal frequency that will allow you to tune into the vast untapped wealth that is waiting for you, unleash your own personal power and energy to become a powerful magnet, and learn how to construct a compelling vision that will fill your bank account, provide financial security and enable your personal freedom.

Value: $37.50

PS! There are some additional bonus surprises that are fabulous!!!

Only $997



4 Pay Option

(4 payments of $215 until midnight EST, 10/7, 2011. After 10/7, 4 payments of $259)



6 Pay Option

(6 payments of $149 until midnight EST, 10/7, 2011. After 10/7, 6 payments of $199)

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