Heart and Soul Circle Tele-Group - Living In The “Spirit” of Grace

Oneness8Dear Soulfull Woman,

First, I want to thank you for visiting this page and reading my invitation to you.

As a transformation catalyst, teacher, guide, light worker, or leader you might be feeling called to be more visible in the world in sharing your gifts in a bigger way or to serve others more quietly within your circle of connections.

There is always a first wave of pioneers who do the deep work so that they can shine a light for those who are walking in the dark. In truth, we are all teachers and students of life traveling together.

You might be the one people come to when they need help - the strong rock who people rely on when they need advice, guidance or to take action on their behalf.

If you said yes, who do you have when YOU need emotional or spiritual support? The truth is that sometimes even the strongest people feel shaky and may need to fall apart! And I know that the “strong ones” can be poor receivers and think they have to do EVERYTHING all by themselves, right?

And many women don’t have people that feel like “their tribe”. I mean having a soul family of kindred spirits on a spiritual path who value and embrace the inner journey, have the courage and passion to go deeper and create massive changes in themselves to reach higher states of consciousness and be of the greatest service to the world; to create a reality that is abundant, happy, and meaningfull.

You might feel isolated, judged or misunderstood when you are most seeking connections and camaraderie.

Feeling and sharing love is your nature.

Am I talking about you?

I am often  asked how I am able to sustain faith, trust, and courage during difficult and scary times. In the last three years I  have embraced some of the deepest and darkest places within myself - fear, despair, loneliness, rage, hopelessness, and helplessness.

One of the reasons I have been able to stand strong  and grow exponentially is because of my spiritual  mastermind group. For over five years we have met virtually twice per month. Even with some changes in members over time, authentic  friendships, collaborations, love, and support has been fostered that make our conversations rich and meaningfull. We  get very real and talk about everything because we are committed to living our greatest life.

I know many women don’t have this kind of safety, support, and accountability.

Do you have people who value deep juicy conversations that invite revealing insights to emerge? Conversations that ignite passion and vitality for life?

Rich conversations to share successes, insights, wisdom, and honest, loving conversations that catapult you higher into your greatness……to be the Light you are meant to be in the world.

Feeling validated,  getting a reality check, expanding your perspective or being reminded of something you have momentarily forgotten can be the key to unhooking from a drama reaction to reconnect with your center and embrace your brilliance.

The game of life becomes fun, joyfull and abundant. Grace flows.

Imagine sharing a safe haven to embody your faith and trust, deepen your relationship with God, and allow the Power of Grace to guide you.

That’s why I created this Soul Circle Group for women like you!

Do you have what YOU need?

Do you have what you need to allow your deepest desires and soul yearnings to be fulfilled  far beyond your wildest imagination?

Do you have a sacred circle of kindred spirits who welcome your authentic Self? 

I mean the kind of people you don’t have to look good for when your confidence shakes, you feel full of fears and doubts, or you have a meltdown. They shower you with love, compassion so you can reclaim your Power and reconnect with Divine Grace.

Women who feed your heart and support you in building a strong inner foundation to weather any of life’s challenges.

Women who want what you want for yourself (and more) and celebrate both your victories and failures without judgment.

In this advanced level group you will be supported to:

  • Play and delight with your growing edges.
  • Strengthen your inner foundation to turn challenges into joyfull  and prosperous victories.
  • Attain a more profound understanding of who you really are and what you really, really want.
  • Feel a calm confidence to relax and trust that everything in your life is unfolding perfectly.
  • Deepen your relationship with the Divine and your soul so that your life becomes a creative expression of your truest self.

This is a place where you can go deeper and resolve issues with professional support that feels loving within a community of kindred spirits. This is also a place to regain emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual stability when you most need it; to open and heal your heart, expand your consciousness and raise your vibrations to live from passion, purpose, and POWER.

And so much more…

For more than 25 years I have coached, counseled, and mentored thousands of women worldwide to live awake, prosperous, and meaningfull lives. I won’t hold anything back to support you fulfilling your deepest dreams and desires in alignment with your spirit.

Read some client testimonials.

Benefits to you as a group member:

  • Opportunities to embody your faith and trust, deepen your relationship with God, and allow the Power of Grace to guide you to bring your deepest desires and soul urgings into reality.
  • A safe and supportive environment with kindred spirits to bring out your best and support you in living your greatest life path.
  • An instant and valuable community to share expertise, resources, and wisdom.
  • Permission to be authentic and real.
  • A sense of shared Oneness that propels motivation, inspiration, and movement.

Max. participants - 7. 2 spots still open

* You might make some new friends and form new business alliances!

What you will receive from me:

  •  Seven 90 minute sessions over 3 months. One initial get acquainted call on August 26 to express intentions and support needs/requests prior to meeting for two monthly phone sessions. This first call will be the springboard for our gatherings. Each call will begin with a brief centering meditation and end with an energy blessing of Divine Love and Grace.
  • One 30 minute private session with me to be used before the group ends.
  • All calls will be recorded and available for download.
  • You will have access to over 25 years of proven tips, processes, resources, and techniques that I’ve learned and use as a spiritual minister, soul guide, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, healer, and coach.
  • Spiritual direction and compassionate guidance. On the spot laser coaching and Divinely created meditations as I feel guided. Learn more about me

Plus three bonus gifts for FREE!!


Divine Alchemy of Love – Heart Healing Meditation Recording

In this profoundly transformation guided process with co-hosts Lorraine Cohen and Michelle Mayur you can experience: A HIGH VIBRATION HEALING INTENSIVE that will release pain and suffering to help you dismantle patterns and programs that have been blocking your direct connection to the Divine, life-changing, heart-opening experience, and an Energetic Upgrade / Activation to move you into higher states of consciousness with the goal of expanding consciousness into direct experience of the Divine. If you are sensitive to energy, you will feel the Presence of the Divine and the Angels in this powerfull session!

Plus  you will receive my “Grace Release Process”; a life-changing model to  show you how to move through emotional charges with power and Grace.

Value - $129



soul connection1My Internal Foundation Self-Study program.

This special ten session ecourse program will guide you in creating a solid inner foundation base in harmony with your True Self and provide a “structure” to be more able to sustain the “earthquakes of life”; to turn trials in triumphs.

Value - $397.



This tele-group is forming NOW for September 2014
Calls will be Tuesdays, 5pm EST

* This is not a class or program that I will be teaching nor is it focused on business growth and strategies. This is a co-creative interactive experience to strengthen your inner world so that your outer reality is an expression of your deepest desires and soul path. Your participation will create the group dynamics.* 

The format of the calls will be loosely structured to allow the natural flow of what’s most meaningfull and Divinely guided to emerge.

Use this group for spiritual nourishment, clarity, courage, a loving kick in the butt, accountability….to grow yourself, mastermind, move through a transition, get unstuck, eliminate self-sabotage, transcend the limitations of your mind…..whatever you’d like support with in creating a soulfull, faith filled, abundant life! Engagement is the key. Read my article on getting what you want from virtual opportunities here

What is the financial investment for the Soul Circle Group?

The total investment is only $579 when paid in full or choose a 3 payment option of $199. The first  installment will be billed when you register and the balance of payments will be billed every 30 days. Only credit card payments will be accepted. Paypal cannot be used for multiple payments.

Plus, take advantage of scheduling private sessions with me at a reduced investment as a special member bonus!

To receive the full value of this group you are asked to make attending these calls a priority.  Of course emergencies and conflicting priorities can arise that may cause you to miss a call and ALL calls will be recorded for your private use.

By registering you are asked to invest the time, energy, finances, and focus to  “show up” for yourself and the group, make a serious commitment to your growth and development, and take 100% responsibility for the benefits you create and receive from this group experience. If that’s you, come play!

If you have read over the group specifics and are excited to be included in this special women’s group, you are invited to apply for a seat. I’ll contact you to have a chat to answer any questions and assess whether it is the right fit so the group is a fabulous combination of amazing folks!


Apply for your seat by clicking on the link below!

>> Applications for this group are OPEN <<


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