Physical Healing

I’ve known Lorraine Cohen for many years and she has been a wonderful friend, as well as a healing practitioner I have benefitted from. In April of 2016, while visiting my parents in Florida, I herniated a disk and was in the ER in excruciating pain several days before my scheduled flight home. I was greatly concerned, as I was unable to sit or stand and had to remain in a position laying flat at all times. Lorraine was able to use her incredible skills to tap into higher realms work that was done remotely on my back. Within a 24 hour period my pain was greatly reduced, and within 3 days I was able to take my scheduled flight home, without any additional medical intervention at that time. I am not only grateful, but wonderfully surprised by the relief that was provided. I can highly recommend Lorraine and the work she does. ~ Sincerely, Laura Lum Corby, D.PSc., Holistic Health Practitioner



Sunder SrinivasanI asked Lorraine for some healing energies to be sent for the heaviness in my chest due to Ishemic heart disease. I have four stents following a heart attack. And, to be frank and truthful, a real fantastic experience I am having for the last 48 hrs. I feel full like a charged battery, while I felt always in fatigue like a discharged battery. I am at a loss…How do I thank you Lorraine? ~ Sunder Srinivasan, India




Jim CashLorraine is an extraordinary lady who has deep insight and amazing healing gifts. Upon my first conversation with Lorraine, I could feel her love, faith, and joy for life. It is these qualities that not only make her genuine but also powerful, and capable of channeling and transmitting higher vibration healing energies.

What Lorraine did for me, was to help see me into the light amidst some major challenges that had manifested into very acute physical sensations and discomfort, accompanied by intense psychological stress and uncertainty. I had been feeling like I was losing myself, and battling with my mind’s wanderings, thinking I must be dying and that my time must be coming up. She reassured me, that what I was experiencing was not “happening to me,” but rather, “happening for me,” and to “trust in the brilliance of my higher self,” and not fall into the trappings and limitation of the mind which can create doubt. This was a major shift, which helped to create an opening through which Lorraine’s quantum healing could come through.

Lorraine shared her story of how she overcame and survived stage IV cancer multiple times, all through love and faith. Knowing that helped put my mind to ease, and reset my state of consciousness to that of courage and conviction, allowing for love, to create miracles. And that is precisely what Lorraine provides through her higher realm healing. For this, I’m forever grateful. ~ Jim Cash, Songwriter/Guitarist at Woven Green and Owner/Guitar Instructor at Potomac Falls Music, LLC



Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Recently I had a Quantum healing session with my dear friend Lorraine Cohen and my healing intention for this session was to experience more free flowing authentic soul expression. I was born with the umbilical chord wrapped around my neck three times and I could clearly see how it was affecting my life in subtle ways and during my PMS and menses stage. I didn’t feel safe to express myself, I was more reclusive and less patient with others.

Since the Quantum healing session, I feel safer to express myself with more joy, authenticity, emotional balance and patience without having to withdraw from others…including during those sensitive days. Overall I feel free to express my sovereignty regardless of my life experiences. I feel so safe to be and express all of me with others and a deep trust in the spiritual field that supports me always. I am deeply and forever grateful to you Lorraine. The way I feel about myself now and the way I am enjoying myself now has been a dream of mine for so long. ~Emelina Holland, Metaphysical Artist, High Priestess of Love & Womb Keeper of Sacred Creative Manifestation



MichelleLorraine Cohen’s Higher Realms Healing packs a punch! Although I didn’t feel a whole lot more than usual during the actual session with Lorraine, the energetic shifts came thick and fast after the session. For over a week issues for clearing were coming up daily, especially around my incarnation as a Jew during the Holocaust and associated soul level beliefs. If you are serious about making some big shifts in your life and are prepared to do the work, then I highly recommend Lorraine. Her work is definitely not for the novice or the curiosity-seeker.” ~ Michelle Mayur, #1 Bestselling Amazon Author, Healer, Speaker



AshleyHigher Realm Healing with Lorraine Cohen. Wow. Just wow. Lorraine was able to successfully tap in and direct high octave quantum healing energies that helped me in a time of crisis. I was experiencing a combination of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that had me reeling and feeling completely overwhelmed and on the verge of insanity. I am an otherwise grounded and passionate person with a very strong connection to my own inner guidance and higher frequencies of healing energy. Yet, I found myself in an extremely unbalanced state.

First, Lorraine gave me a very helpful phone consultation that helped prepare me for the energies that were going to be sent to relieve and help rebalance my energy fields. The next day, she tapped in and sent the quantum energies my way, and I was immediately relieved! It was as if I was coming to myself again. That very same day, I began receiving very strong messages and guidance on how to heal myself further and continued to receive these messages and promptings for several days. This included specific guidance on how to use my work with Sound Healing to rebalance myself and my husband.

Whenever I would open myself and ask for more, as she had instructed, I would immediately receive more guidance. Our team of helpers is always waiting to assist, and Lorraine has certainly discovered a way to call them in! It has only been 5 days since the initial remote healing session and I eagerly await what the next few days hold for me. Thank you Lorraine for this powerful experience! – Ashley Cash, Singer, Sound Healer, Musician, Artist – Woven Green, ONE LEAP


As a healer, I am very picky about who I go to for help when I am in my own way. It has to be someone who can understand where I am in my process, and who works with Source-level energies, as I do. Lorraine is that person for me. My experience of her Higher Realms transmissions may be different than others, but that is part of its brilliance!

For me, there is very seldom an immediate, “YES, that’s so much better!”. That has more to do with the nature of the issues I bring to her, which are about ascension/soul path issues, most of the time. The transmissions are very strong, as Source energy is, flowing in and around me, intelligently targeting what is needed to resolve the issue on the table. My results occur over time, noticing changes and improvements as the healing and release process works its way to completion. Aside from the transmission, this all happens without me being aware of it, running in the background.

Lorraine will put you at ease, and send you good stuff! There are many new methods, abilities and energies available, now, that have much more expansive healing capabilities than what has come before. Jump in and give this a try!! ~ Rev. Chris Oldham



Sue McDonaldI have also had this amazing experience with Lorraine Cohen several weeks ago. It was an awesome experience that I requested because I was experiencing anxiety that was blocking my ability to resonate at the level of my abilities at any level. I am extremely sensitive to energy and this was just something else – even more than I have experienced ever before. I felt such a beautiful sense of absolute calm move through my whole body which has taken over my whole life in such a beautiful and surreal way. The energy was so powerful and the wonderful news is that it is still with me 24 hours later.

It was a very short healing, but the results were instant and very profound! This is an amazing experience that I will never forget! Bless you Lorraine, Thank you! ~Sue McDonald, Director at Academy of Awakening



linayahI met Lorraine through a mutual friend and I instantly felt a wonderful connection. She is very inspiring and her loving honesty is delightful. Her new healing work is absolutely amazing! As an energy healing practitioner I understand energy and how it works. What she does is incredible. I am used to running energy and so it takes something quite powerful for me to get a buzz. It hit me like a powerhouse from head to toe! I absolutely love this new method she uses. It aligns you with Source energy in a profound way. I felt so peaceful and so much lightness after the session with her. I would recommend it and Lorraine to anyone in an instant. It is so unique and works in magical ways. I look forward to another session with her. I love, love, love it! Lorraine is a special person who shares her gifts in such a way that is a blessing to anyone who receives from her. I thank Lorraine for saying ‘yes’ to sharing her gifts with the world. ~Linayah Kei Michael, Angelic Path To Healing



KariCompletely blown away by the Higher Realms healing from Lorraine! When I received the first session I was going through a difficult time with stomach issues and  emotions, see-sawing between fear, guilt and grief. Feeling such a heavy heart. Following the healing, these emotions escalated. And I mean escalated to the point of almost overwhelming me for a period of about 3 days while releasing in waves!

After finishing the series of three healings, I am able to stay more grounded, centered, and respond to others instead of react. I find myself taking a pause, connecting to my breath, feeling into my being and speaking my truth. I feel much more connected to my intuition and completely integrated in my being! Where I had past patterns of feeling fear, I am able to stand in my strength and power! I am elated with these results!!! Thank you so much, Lorraine. ;-) ~ Kari Kammerzell



Mia Saenz 1I had another healing session with Lorraine three weeks after the first session because I wanted to be aware of what it felt like. I could feel the love pouring into my chest. With my eyes closed I felt the most glorious light shining upon me, and of course my energy hand heated up.

This divine channel that Lorraine has tapped into is Quantum and above. This is brilliant work and I was so honored to have this healing within me, Body, Mind and Spirit were connected. Thank you, Lorraine for sharing this gift with the world. ~Mia Saenz, Spiritual Self-Love Teacher, Healer, Media Host and Editor-in-Chief – BellaMia Magazine