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I just responded to a woman’s post in a Facebook group who was calling for prayers. She is facing homelessness and has been unable to find work. She is in a state of panic, desperateness and despair.  Many people responded to her urgency with practical suggestions, words of encouragement and love. Some shared their own fears with similar challenges. I sensed some felt helpless to know what to say to be of help to her.

I know those feelings. As I read her request I felt a strong prompting to share my thoughts.

I have walked through many painful and terrifying experiences. I thought about what helped me the most to find my way through. The prayers, love, practicality, encouragement, and reminder to reach out to the Angels were all welcome.

What did I need to hear, feel, know, and remember to stay the course, steady my shakiness, to emerge intact, strong and at peace? What profoundly helped me then and now, is what I wrote to her.

I feel guided to share my response with you. Perhaps my message to her is one you need to hear?


Finding Peace In The Storm

Dear ____________

Breathe and keep breathing. Remember that you are an energy being and we live in an energy universe. Your situation can change in a split second. Your fears and panic are creating roadblocks to your flow and the help that is trying to reach you, I have been in a similar situation of panic in the past and have turned it around by anchoring into my spirit and connecting to the Divine. The Presence inside of you knows your situation and also has your solution.

Even though you feel in an emergency this is your opportunity to tap into your real power as a Creator. To do that you must shift your focus to what you want to call into your life and sit there with your connection to Source. Refuse to listen to your fears and restate the truth that you are a perfect reflection of God with the power that creates worlds. You are bigger than any situation you face when you align with Presence.

This situation holds many gifts for you – for your growth and evolution. They are there when we are open to see and receive them.
Breathe, surrender and say out loud, This situation is working out in my favor! Repeat this out loud over and over as you need to. Breathe into those words. Feel your spirit.

You can do this! Shifting your energy out of fear and lack will open your flow.

Yes, I know this may sound really hard to do, to hold this emotional space of strength. Sometimes we take it a minute at a time, an hour at a time, a day at a time to take a step at a time. Focus also on what lifts you and connects you to your spirit. Nature, music, certain meditations, writing, dancing…. and on ALL that is blessed and right in your world.

Whatever happens, you are meant to get through this with as much Grace as you allow.

Take time for stillness. Listen to the whispers and call on your Angels to help you stand strong and guide you to the solutions and steps to take. Ask God to hold you in love. Reach out to the Angels. All will work out.

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One Love,

courage cupIt takes courage to walk the spiritual path and be vulnerable. I have been walking this path for 30 years and have been in the abyss many times. One of the mantras I say is that no matter what is happening, There is no urgency. There is plenty of time. I choose to trust in Divine Timing and to expect that my needs are known and I am being supported. I let go of the how and the outcomes and focus on what my soul is calling me to say, be and do in the present.

This has taken a lot of practice and I am still refining this with God’s Grace and the amazing circle of loving support I am blessed to have in my life.

Each person’s path is different and the experiences we create serve that purpose. Our experiences are not random or accidental. We summon them because of our desire for growth, soul calling and mastery.

So often the difficulties others face reflect our deepest fears. The desire to run away intensifies especially if we see no solution. We can think, Dear God, please don’t let that happen to me, right? And it is precisely where we find incredible truth – when we dare to face what we fear the most.

How often have your greatest fears come to pass? And if they have then you have already triumphed through that experience!
We can walk through the difficult times in struggle or peace. Suffering is optional. When you walk with God all things are possible.

PS: If you are a Lightworker, healer, change agent, empath…having a strong soul circle is a powerful gift to navigate dark nights of the soul and other pivotal periods of personal growth and healing to shine brightly, spread more Divine love out into the world and be of the highest service to humanity’s awakening.  And if you have been seeking and yearning for a community of soul sisters,  go look at my Heart Connections group. Receive support and guidance to live in solid DIVINE ALLIANCE and TRUTH to fulfill your potential and destiny.
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May your weekend be filled with love and Grace 😀

One Love,




  • Wow, there is a wisdom in your words Lorraine that feels like Divine Guidance. I hope the woman that prompted you to write the words realizes the gift she has received from you, one that is filled with love.

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