FREE Call To Receive Answers From Spirit, September 12, 2020, Noon EST

Last month I offered a 2nd FREE call to receive messages from the  Divine and Higher beings.

Here’s what a few people say about these sessions:

Thanks for this wonderful call. I really felt the Divine presence and the healing and learned some things along the way.

Thank you! I received so much from this webinar. Many blessings!

“THANKS! It´s true. I´ll take a look. Thanks a lot. Much love!

Some people were crying from the guidance and confirmations they received.

So, I am doing a 3rd FREE call Saturday, 9/ 12, 12 noon  EST. (This might be the last one)

The fall is a great time to begin to review where you are; to get to the heart of what is most important and stand more firmly in what you really, really want with passion, purpose and power.

Join me!!

I am putting aside 5-7 minutes per person and you must be on the call Live to raise your hand for a chance to be in the “hot seat” with me and receive a loving Divine Guidance message that is wanting to come through for you.

If you are sensitive to energy, you will likely feel the Presence of the Divine, Angels/Archangels, Guides, and the Higher Realms during our time together.

Click here to reserve your seat and access to the recording that will be available through September 14

Please remember that a message for one person is usually a message other people need to hear as well!

You may hear something you have been wanting/needing to know!

It is a joy for me to support you to feel more loved and to deepen your connection to the Divine.

In One Love,

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