Full Moons are powerful times to detox self-sabotage patterns, clear emotional wounds, physical blocks, or anything else that affects your health and well-being. This is an opportunity to reflect on the changes you wish to manifest in your life now. 

Do you want to feel more peaceful and calm no matter what is happening in your life?

Are you in the middle of a health crisis, recovering from an injury, or dealing with chronic pain?


Do you have trouble sleeping?

I have a very special invitation for you…

Join me to receive a NEW higher frequency of Quantum healing on the Full Moon, sent to you remotely on Tuesday, November 12 at 3:30 pm Eastern. 

With this double energy opportunity you can amplify:

~ Greater health and vitality especially if you are dealing with a health condition now!

~ A steady increasing flow of money and abundance.

~ Deeper connection and alignment with your Soul and Life blueprint.

This is a time clean out the old to rebirth a new YOU.


“I wonder if you realize how far I have come with your help and these healing transmissions. My body, which is usually contorted in pain, relaxed. I fell fast asleep and awakened 8 hrs later! Believe me, I pinched myself to be sure I was alive…I was so calm and peace-filled without pain. Healing at all levels…spiritual, physical, emotional and vibrational. As I try to find words, tears are flowing …how does one find words to describe “miracles” ~ Kathy



What old story are you ready to release to create the NEW next chapter of your life??

When you AMPLIFY the moon cycles and energy currents WITH Quantum healing, miracles can happen!

>> Tear down barriers, beliefs and programs to free yourself from fear and illusion.

>> Transform and reprogram your inner core to allow deeper peace, love and joy into your life.

>> Transcend the past to create a loving life based in health, abundance, and authentic soul connection.


“When I look back on the person I was last year I don’t recognize her at all! I never felt “good enough” and often felt ignored, useless and constantly criticized.  Since receiving the Full Moon healing transmissions my physical health has improved enormously. On the last visit to my rheumatologist I was told that my bloods have been “normal” on the last two blood tests. The first time in 19 years! My mobility has improved, and pain lessened. I am calmer, I have regained my sense of humour and joy in life. I am excited as to what the future may hold!” ~ Linda



Read more experiences from my clients  here

The energy transmission is so powerful it will reach people all around the world simultaneously and amplify the intentions of each person.


Single Full Moon Session $33 



Monthly Subscription $24



Paypal is recommended for International payments but cannot be used for recurring billing. Subscribe using credit or debit card. Unsubcribe anytime.

* Contact us if you have any difficulty registering. *

“I was so close to being disabled. I was literally forcing my way thru life to just keep going. I am already a new person. I spontaneously wept. It was ecstasy. I’m so overwhelmed with joy I can’t speak about it yet. This energy is nothing less than a miracle. I can’t stop weeping.  Bless you Lorraine. Much love!”  ~ Anita




Join live via Zoom or listen to the replay, relax and receive. The webinar will run about 20-25 minutes. This is the same high level transmission I do with private clients in full sessions. 

The energy I bring to the Full Moon transmissions are only for this time and only for this month to amplify YOUR intention and for the issues that are collectively coming up for people. The replay is embedded will the PEAK energies of the Full Moon AND Energy of the LIVE session for 29 days until the next Full Moon transmission session.

I am also using an Ionic Wand with the transmission; an energy balancing and cleansing tool designed to clear energetic disturbances in the human Aura/Biofield that surrounds and penetrates the human body. Clearing the biofield can release stuck energy that affects health and clear energy BEFORE it manifests as illness.


I listened to her October Ful Moon transmission last night, I immediately saw a vivid blue light in my third eye, it kept getting brighter and my entire body was warm and more relaxed than I can remember in a long time. I haven’t been able to sleep past 5am in a very long time often waking up with an anxious feeling, this morning I slept until 7am and I just have this sense of peace and gratitude. I will continue to listen to the replay and I am anxious to sign on for her monthly sessions. I may even try to work with her privately. I cannot thank Lorraine enough. So much love for this beautiful lady!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. PS: I have more energy today and a little less pain. ~ Pat H


Even if you don’t attend live or listen to the replay, you will receive the healing transmission!

Whether you are in physical pain, dealing with an illness or injury or just wish to accelerate your spiritual awakening, you will receive powerful benefits from this mind-body experience! PLUS!!! The healing benefits for these transmission sessions are cumulative.

Ready to boost your body’s healing ability and release stuck energy to feel refreshed and renewed?

Ready to take command of your life and move forward in fresh, creative and positive ways?

Go sign up now to supercharge your health and your dreams!

One Love,