Heart Connections

An Invitation to Healers, Lightworkers, Love Ambassadors, Wayshowers, New Paradigm Leaders, and Empaths to Gather in Sisterhood!

Experience the Blessings of a High Vibration Group in a Sacred, Safe and Loving Environment with Soulful, Heart-Centered Women. Feel Supported in Shining Brightly so that you can Bring More Divine Love into the World!

  • primal painter, inspirationAre you fierce about being a channel of Divine Love and possibility in service to the positive evolution of humanity where love prevails?
  • Are you ready to stand in full power, fearless, and soulfully nourished to create your most  abundant, meaningful life as the Divine Badass you are?
  • Are you ready to lovingly embrace your wholeness, self-love, your inherent worth, and Divine power to manifest what you really, really want?
  • Are you yearning for a deeper relationship with the Divine and your soul so that your life becomes a joyful creative expression of your truest self?
  • Do you see yourself as divine infinite loving intelligence with important gifts to share and seek an intimate community of like-minded, heart centered women to shine more brightly and make a difference in the world?

Using my highly attuned gifts in COACHING, HIGHER REALMS HEALING and CHANNELING coupled with my skills in PSYCHOTHERAPY, HYPNOTHERAPY and SPIRITUAL MINISTRY, you will receive support and guidance to live in solid DIVINE ALLIANCE and TRUTH to fulfill your potential and destiny.

I have been blessed to be a part of a spiritual mastermind circle for almost 10 years.  These amazing women have been my cheerleaders, butt kickers, soft landing when I fall and vision holders when I am ready to fly higher. My spiritual circle is vital to my life. They were of tremendous support as I victoriously faced four breast cancer diagnosis’ without any FEAR and with minimal medical intervention anchored in Divine Presence. I leave every call feeling heard, loved, nourished, and inspired.

One of the yearnings I often hear from women is the desire to have a more intimate, sacred community of soul sisters. They feel isolated, alone, or are the go-to person for others without having the kind of loving support they need for themselves. They often have difficulty asking for and receiving help. 

If you value doing the deep inner work, have been on a devoted spiritual path to raise your consciousness to become the highest version of YOU and be of service to others, connecting with awakened higher vibration women may be something you have been longing for. 

That’s the reason I created Heart Connections!

In this ADVANCED Oneness womeninteractive online healing circle you will:

  • Receive the blessings of sacred connection with soul sisters for emotional, mental and spiritual support especially during difficult times that accelerate your ascension into higher states of consciousness.
  • Feel safe to be authentic and vulnerable to share your heart, wisdom, and unique gifts in an intimate and loving environment.
  • Strengthen your inner foundation, intuitive wisdom, and trust in the flow of your being to bring your deepest desires and soul urgings into reality.
  • Experience opportunities to turn drama into passion and release what is not serving you to become the highest version of who you really are. 
  •  Play with your learning edges so that you can be of greater service to the world.

I am very excited to share the Higher Realms Healing energy – an evolved version of Quantum Healing with you. This is the most powerful energy I have ever channeled that accelerates deep physical, emotional, and mental releases at the core level. This ancient high vibration energy has brought relief to many people dealing with health issues in a matter of hours! Many report feeling pure Divine Love energy and joy. So be open to have some powerful shifts in the group!

To witness real peace and healing for humanity in our lifetime, we are being asked to heal ourselves of all the old patterns and limitations we’ve come to believe as Truth that have held us back from truly living our greatest desired reality.

When two or more hearts gather in support, friendship and love, miracles happen.

On the Heart Connections Group Call you will experience:

  • Opening Bonding and Grounding Meditation to collectively connect in love and intention
  • Volunteer opportunities for personal attention with me to dive deeper into issues
  • Time for juicy conversations that invite revealing insights to emerge, ignite passion and vitality for life! 
  • Higher Realms Healing energy for individual and group transformation

I  will hold space to focus our energy for  world and planetary healing.

I am walking this journey too and we are so much stronger together!

The collective group energy combined with Divine Presence and Higher Realms  healing energy  are so potent that many people have profound shifts right on the call (and listening to the recordings) with issues they have been struggling with for years!

The format of the calls will also allow the natural flow of what’s most meaningful and Divinely guided to emerge. If you are sensitive to energy you will feel the Presence of the Divine, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Higher Realms in each session.

This is a healing circle, NOT a mastermind or coaching group.


If you are sensitive to energy you will be blown away. I had my first healing experience with the Higher Realm Healing and Lorraine Cohen during an illness of Mia Saenz 1Influenza B. When Lorraine did this amazing healing session on me, I had just been diagnosed with secondary Sinus Infection. I was a mess. I literally had been in bed for weeks and my office closed down during this time. After the initial healing session, I began to shift. Within two days I was upright and moving freely. That Monday, I opened my office and was able to return to my 60 hour work week.
Lorraine is the real deal, in all she does. She gives from the place of truth and trust and as a result you feel the power behind her presence when she is either giving a blessing transmission or channeling a divine message. Lorraine is a true gem and there are not that many out there in the large world we live in. ~ Mia Saenz, Spiritual Self-Love Teacher, Healer, Media Host and Editor-in-Chief – BellaMia Magazine



Jim Cash Upon my first conversation with Lorraine, I could feel her love, faith, and joy for life. It is these qualities that not only make her genuine but also powerful, and capable of channeling and transmitting higher vibration healing energies. She helped see me into the light amidst some major challenges that had manifested into very acute physical sensations and discomfort, accompanied by intense psychological stress and uncertainty. I had been feeling like I was losing myself, and battling with my mind’s wanderings, thinking I must be dying and that my time must be coming up. She reassured me, that what I was experiencing was not “happening to me,” but rather, “happening for me,” and to “trust in the brilliance of my higher self,” and not fall into the trappings and limitation of the mind which can create doubt. This was a major shift, which helped to create an opening through which Lorraine’s quantum healing could come through.

Lorraine shared her story of how she overcame and survived stage IV cancer multiple times, all through love and faith. Knowing that helped put my mind to ease, and reset my state of consciousness to that of courage and conviction, allowing for love, to create miracles. And that is precisely what Lorraine provides through her higher realm healing. For this, I’m forever grateful. ~ Jim Cash, Songwriter/Guitarist at Woven Green and Owner/Guitar Instructor at Potomac Falls Music, LLC



I feel a sense of freedom that I have not felt in a very long time, like the self-imposed shackles have finally been blasted off. They had become looser over the years, but they were still holding me chained to that event. What I loved  was that what I thought I needed and what you intuited that I needed were so different, though connected in a circuitous way. There was a time when you were speaking that my heart was pounding! I thought I needed guidance and/or affirmation of what is coming next for me, but you quickly (was it really five minutes?) discovered what truly needed healing. I can’t express how peaceful and whole I feel now, knowing that I have finally forgiven my younger self and can express my gratitude to her for putting me on my current path. I can finally love who I was the and who I am now. I just . . . I’m feel like I’ve been shattered and put back together in a new and different way. I feel shiny and new! Such amazing synchronicity it makes me tearful. Love, love, love! Love and hugs. ~ Cheryl Dobson, Writer



I’ve worked with Lorraine Cohen on many levels of emotional and energy work and can say without a doubt she is plugged in and excellent at what she does! Laura FBShe has a knack for understanding nuances to emotional and energetic blockages that often get missed. Her insight and intuition are just amazing, and confirmed so much of what I have been feeling and dealing with as of late! I find that it’s such a source of not only encouragement, but also guidance, when God allows things to be confirmed through other sources. It reminds me that He knows me, sees my struggles, hears me, wants me to know He’s got it all under control & is reminding me I am never alone on this journey, even when I feel like I am! Thank you for the wonderful gift of your insight Lorraine Cohen. If you are in need of encouragement, confirmation, or direction, I can HIGHLY recommend Lorraine, knowing she continually and professionally maintains the highest and best good of all those she works with and impacts lives in powerful and meaningful ways! ~Laura Lum Corby, D.PSc. Healer, Trainer, Coach, Writer, and National Speaker


Group Logistics: 

  1. We will meet online twice a month for 90 minutes on Wednesdays at 4:30 PM EASTERN.  *Periodically some calls may be rescheduled to align with with moon cycles, solstices and special energy events.*
  2. The monthly investment is only $81 USD per month. With recurring payments I only accept credit cards. If you pay for 6 months in advance you will receive a private 60 minute healing, channeling or coaching session with me as my gift.
  3. All calls are recorded for you. Even if you cannot make the live calls, the healing energies are just as strong on the replays.
  4. Confidentiality. What is shared with the group, stays in the group.
  5. Deepen connections with others in the group in a secret Facebook group.  Share successes, insights, wisdom, and love that catapult you higher into your greatness as the Light you are meant to be in the world?
  • The 6 month payment in full option is non-refundable. If you discontinue before 6 months, any remaining balance, less the cost of the free session gift, may be used for a second session or the purchase of my products. *

Do You Feel a Resonance for the Heart Connections Calls?
Click on the link below to complete a questionnaire:


I will contact you via email to arrange a 15 minute chat to make sure we are vibrationally aligned with each other and a great fit for the group.


This is a co-creative interactive experience, not a passive one, to strengthen your inner world so that your outer reality is an expression of your deepest desires and soul path. Your active participation will make the group dynamics rich.

Even though you are not required to make a five or six month commitment in order to join, you are asked to prioritize attending the calls or listen to the replays and be willing to fully show up for yourself as well as the group; to make these sessions a love rather than a time commitment that is in investment in YOU and those whose lives you touch!! If  you feel excited about joining the Heart Connections group, please click on the link above to the questionnaire 🙂



Lorraine-newAbout Lorraine Cohen

I’ve been on a spiritual path for over 30 years, (really all my life!). This journey has been one of the most painful, terrifying, exhilarating and liberating experiences of my life that has brought so many blessings and miracles.

Over the years I’ve mourned the loss of my father within two and a half years of my mother’s death, said goodbye to two beloved pets, dealt with heavy debts and financial challenges. I lost a ton of money in the stock market, reinvented my business several times, almost lost my home, and victoriously faced four breast cancer diagnoses with minimal medical intervention. 

I’ve been on my knees more times than I can count and been lifted up repeatedly….

I know what it feels to transform existence to living, scarcity to abundance, and fear to courage; to shift from spiritual concepts to Divine embodiment and True Power. Dealing with cancer has been a huge blessing in revealing it’s true purpose and message for my healing and evolution. Part of my calling is to help change the consciousness of cancer to reclaim our wholeness as Divine Essence; to positively use the gifts a health diagnosis brings to heal ourselves and the world.

As an internationally recognized one love coach, soul guide, energy healer, higher realm channel, and charismatic speaker, I use my highly attuned spiritual and intuitive gifts to support conscious women to dive deeply into self-love and self-care to transform past emotional wounds into wisdom, compassion, and power.

A fierce advocate for transformation, I assist women like you to realize your true power, inherent worth, and divine nature to manifest your deepest, fulfilling dreams in alignment with the Divine AND be of service to humanity. 

I am an international best-selling co-author of two anthologies, “Unwavering Strength, Volume Two: Stories to Warm your Heart and Soul,” Embraced by the Divine: The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose, and an internationally published feature writer for BellaMia Magazine.



Disclaimer: If you suffer from Grand Mal Epilepsy or any form of psychosis, the Heart Connections Calls are not suitable for you. Although there is the potential for every person on the Heart Connections Calls to experience profound and positive vibrational shifts, no specific results are guaranteed. Results will be very individual according to numerous personal factors, including subconscious readiness for change and commitment to attending the calls, either live or via replay. The Heart Connections Calls are not to be used in place of medical advice, nor are they intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

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