From My Heart: Illusions, Blindspots, and Self Authority, Part 2

By September 15, 2017Featured

As there is so much conversation that we are in this incredible period of awakening and ascension, it is not just about raising consciousness or fifth dimensional living, what I really believe it is about is coming home to who we truly are – living each day by embodying our soul self as the guiding force in our daily life moment to moment in communion with our humanity to navigate this physical plane.

Our egos have become so accustomed to running the show that they are fighting like crazy to hold onto control from fear and pushing every button in our individual lives that might be through money, health relationships… by creating obstacles and distractions to keep your focus away from reclaiming your truth and power.

This past year one of my biggest triggers has been through Health issues especially pain. What I’ve come to believe is that pain can be one of the most powerful ways to lead us back to our soul truth and power.

It has been for me. Through all of the resistance, conscious and unconscious internal battle that led me to exhaustion and reaching out for assistance externally because I couldn’t get out of my own way to see certain blindspots.

Illusions, illumination, blind spots can be revealed in many ways when we are open and able to recognize their TRUTH.

I was reminded by a dear friend that it does not matter who or what shines a light on a blindspot. The true source of your brilliance and wisdom to fulfill your soul life blueprint and navigate any experience in your life comes from Self.

Does that mean that we should refrain to reach out for help to another to be an external center of support? No!

I believe that there are times when working with others is a great benefit when the intention is to help another become their own authority of their brilliance in alignment with their soul – to recognize places of self deception, distrust with Self without creating dependency with others by giving your power away.

It can be a tricky dynamic to recognize the paradox of reaching for external help can actually empower the ego to retain authority instead of supporting alignment with your soul’s brilliance to recognize your own blindness.

I am sharing this from a conversation I have been engaged in this morning I had with my friend this morning.

I have had a strong intuition that I have cultivated all my life. Inspiration comes to me continually and I still have some blind spots. Some have not been so blind. I have been too scared and resistant to some of them and reaching out for help gave me the kick in the pants I needed to break through my denial.

The other day while sitting with my feet on the earth for healing, my ego delivered a negative message suggesting that my pain would make me a cripple for the rest of my life.

In a flash of truth from my soul I saw that message as a metaphor for all the ways I have unconsciously crippled myself by believing the illusions, lies, stories, distrust…

I was blown away by the brilliance of that insight. My ego’s fear brought me back to my soul where I always find peace and truth when I come back to that place of center. Sometimes it takes a little bit of work to shift back into my knowingness because my ego can be very strong at times.

I always get back to my soul and the more I strengthen that relationship, which is my deepest desire now, the more empowered I feel to move through my day allowing my soul to be my ultimate guide.
It is a deeply humbling and vulnerable place to live and that is what my heart is craving.

That means committing to my spiritual practices and creating space for ongoing stillness, quiet and sacred space to strengthen this bond with who I truly am.

Reaching out to others as I feel divinely guided and paying close attention to retaining my soul as my ultimate authority.

There can be great gentleness and grace in this journey as well as periods of both emotional and physical pain. I believe the freedom and the rewards are worth every step if we are willing to go the distance. It is not always an easy journey and it always harder when we fight.

And if you don’t know how to let go of the fight bring that into prayer and ask for aid from your soul to assist you in finding your way. It will help you do that.

If this is been helpful for you, please share it with others, 🙂

One Love,





  • Herb Cohen says:

    I think fear and darkness serves the purpose of leading us back to light and love- our soul state. Pain be it emotional or physical has a message. Our body has no voice other than stiffness and pain but when I direct people to simply ask the pain what is is saying there has always been a reply. A loving reply. We realized teachers are not just made of light and positivity.

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