From My Heart – The Power of Why, Part 1

I have been getting nudged for hours to post this so I’m listening to share a bit more of my personal experience during this last week of taking deep time to go within.

I have said many times that when you know you need help from other professionals such as coaches, energy healers, tech and marketing support etc. to get that assistance.

I have been very blessed to have a strong network of people I can turn to for a variety of different assistance. Within that network is my mastermind group that includes some of the people in my inner circle who have been on their own inner journey for decades to follow their path of their purpose for themselves and for humanity.

Over the years I have been told by spirit that I am more powerful than I know. Similar message from Marianne Williamson about embracing our greatness. Each of us has reasons why we may be resisting owning our power and trusting our soul.

I believe that’s true of all of us. I have known that I am a very gifted energy healer, powerful coach, hypnotherapist and intuitive soul guide with lots of evidence over the past three decades working with thousands of people.

And when I need help I reach out to the people in my network who I have selected personally and trust because of their gifts and their integrity, and most importantly is how much I resonate with them.

Why am I sharing all this?

This year I scheduled more healing sessions for myself as I was dealing with a lot of physical stuff. And the question I was confronted with was why? Why so many sessions and were my decisions soul guided or from my fear? And when I say fear I am talking about not trusting my own Power and gifts working with my spiritual team to be ENOUGH.

There is a difference between getting assistance that is soul guided and when it is ego driven with fear for the purpose of getting rid of something unwanted because there is a belief we have no power to move through it by ourselves.

There are definitely times when getting assistance is important – perhaps when learning a new skill, navigating a challenging time with someone who has been there and done that, mentoring, uncovering blind spots, getting a training to enhance one’s gifts, not wanting to walk through something alone…Many good reasons.

And then there are those times when we reach out to others because we are denying our own capacity, our own power and giving it away to others to be our authority rather than to take responsibility and become our own authority. It is an easy way to develop a dependency on others rather than on self. We are in a period of Truth and Power.

This has been my playground for the past week among other awareness and realizing the importance of stopping to ask the question, Why? Am I reaching out for help from another or from fear or from soul embodied guidance leading the way. Moving from concept and actually living from that space every moment of every day.|

The ego is tricky and can masquerade itself as soul guidance which is why getting to know yourself deeply within is so important. We are human beings and we are not here to do things perfectly.

Inquiry and curiosity helps us find our own truth.

So, WHY, has become an important question I will continue to ask myself.

I hope this has made sense to you because it’s just flowing from my heart. This week thus far has really shown me where I have had some blind spots of giving my power to others rather than embracing my own.

Perhaps that is the question worth asking yourself as you make decisions going forward.
Reach out for the right reasons and retain your power by standing as your own authority for your life. Let your soul guide and let go of the hows, whens, and outcomes.

Yes it brings up a lot of emotions and thoughts and push back from the ego. I know that when I stand strongly in my soul there is always a deep peace, strength and a knowing that all will be well – and that I am deeply loved and supported in every moment even when I can’t see it.

Do you feel that truth within yourself?

Practice, practice, practice being open to see the evidence of this Truth. Experiment.
Now that I have written this I think my soul will now give me a some peace.

Keep developing trust with yourself. There is a plan for you and your soul knows how to get you there. 
Wrapping you all and love. I welcome your love as well.

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  • Renee says:

    Moving into that true space of inner knowing and authenticity really does require us to be radically honest , vulnerable and forgiving doesn’t it ! We all talk about self love ; for me I have realised that the journey of the heart is definitely raw and real , a road less travelled but it’s the amazing connection with other beautiful Souls that embellish my heart and strengthen my ability to reach for the stars ❤️❤️

    • Lorraine says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment Renee. Well said! The journey does require us to be very raw, vulnerable and radically honest with lots of self-love and forgiveness. The importance of this deep introspection, healing and embodiment is one that I feel many misunderstand. Especially what self-love really means at the deepest levels to live a healthy, abundant, and loving life in alliance with their soul blueprint. I love how you expressed your experience and wisdom by providing an opportunity to connect with a beautiful soul like you. <3 <3 Lorraine

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