From My Heart, Staying The Course Part 3

I am continuing to focus inward with my journey. Being, being, and being with my soul’s guidance. I have spoken about living this way and do in many ways and this time is bringing me to a deeper place of embodiment and alignment than ever before.

So many levels…. and I have let go of the need to understand so that my ego hasn’t words and labels to attach to and bring me back into my head.

From the small conversations I have had with others, the call to be still, quiet, and inward seems to be what many feel. I have repeatedly said that we create experiences that best get our attention to see our blind spots, illusions, ego ignorance, fears, stories, misalignments… to wake us up and “come home” to who we are.

Health issues (as I am working with more positively), pain, money struggles……uncertainty feels threatening and yet it is also a pathway to possibilities we cannot even fathom. I am observing the interplay of my ego to bring me continually back to my soul and Divinity in as much presence as possible with a balance of things that are nurturing like my music, reading, being with my cat and turning everything else over with faith, trust and growing humility to live my lfe in new ways. I don’t even know what that means yet and that is ok.

It feels odd, scary, and curiously exciting. I have even let go of wondering/hoping that I am walking through this time the “right way” so I can stay open to what is flowing and the next level of my purpose with my gifts.

I will be back in touch as I feel guided to share more from my heart. Let it all unfold.

If you are feeling called to slow down and take more sacred space for a deeper inner communion with yourself and let balls drop. Please do that. The world needs you. There is a higher purpose at hand in process that often makes no sense until it is revealed piece by piece.

If there is an action to take, allow your soul to lead. It sees the bigger picture which I always feel comes with the energies of love and peace.

As always your comments and shares are welcome. 🙂


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