From My Heart, Staying The Course Part 3

I am continuing to focus inward with my journey. Being, being, and being with my soul’s guidance. I have spoken about living this way and do in many ways and this time is bringing me to a deeper place of embodiment and alignment than ever before.

So many levels…. and I have let go of the need to understand so that my ego hasn’t words and labels to attach to and bring me back into my head.

From the small conversations I have had with others, the call to be still, quiet, and inward seems to be what many feel. I have repeatedly said that we create experiences that best get our attention to see our blind spots, illusions, ego ignorance, fears, stories, misalignments… to wake us up and “come home” to who we are.

Health issues (as I am working with more positively), pain, money struggles……uncertainty feels threatening and yet it is also a pathway to possibilities we cannot even fathom. I am observing the interplay of my ego to bring me continually back to my soul and Divinity in as much presence as possible with a balance of things that are nurturing like my music, reading, being with my cat and turning everything else over with faith, trust and growing humility to live my lfe in new ways. I don’t even know what that means yet and that is ok.

It feels odd, scary, and curiously exciting. I have even let go of wondering/hoping that I am walking through this time the “right way” so I can stay open to what is flowing and the next level of my purpose with my gifts.

I will be back in touch as I feel guided to share more from my heart. Let it all unfold.

If you are feeling called to slow down and take more sacred space for a deeper inner communion with yourself and let balls drop. Please do that. The world needs you. There is a higher purpose at hand in process that often makes no sense until it is revealed piece by piece.

If there is an action to take, allow your soul to lead. It sees the bigger picture which I always feel comes with the energies of love and peace.

As always your comments and shares are welcome. 🙂



  • Tahsha Renee says:

    Ok I found you now on here so disregard that other mesaage I left on that other blog post about surrender. You have helped me so much today. I know “finding” (there are no coincidences) your blog post was NO ACCIDENT and only a reflection of the words I have been repeating over and over for the past 24 hours which is “SHOW ME THE ANSWER ON HOW TO HEAL MYSELF…SHOW ME THE ANSWER.” I am letting go of agoraphobia with terrifying panic attacks where I am basically passing out but dont actually pass out. It literally feels like I am DYING everytime it happens. Anyway. I am DONE DONE DONE with it. It’s been 11.5 years suffering. I was watching DR.STRANGE the move last night and there is a part in there where he had to learn how to surrender to the elements around him so he can tap into his inner powers and something clicked for me. Then I had a a VERY VERY VERY REAL LUCID dream last night right after the movie where this dog was biting my hand and I could feel it in my skin…the more I tried to pull away the more it bit down. I heard in my head ” SURRENDER….TAHSHA JUST SURRENDER” so I closed my eyes…relaxed my hand and let the dog have my hand. All of a sudden the dog slowly stopped and then turned into the softest dog ever and disappeared into the floor and went away.

    Then this morning I put in the word SURRENDER and this UNREAL photo came up in images of a girl limp in the air being carried by butterflies. I started to cry on how deeply that resonated with me. Your surrender blog from 2103 was under it.


    I am also a Hypnotherapist, Healer, and Psychic Empowerment Coach. I am MEANT to be a speaker to help others and getting me through this is the key to the rest of my life on all levels.

    I would love to be connected if you want to add me on fb or collaborate on something someday if it resonates!!

    Much love and blessings to you!

    Tahsha Renee

    • Lorraine says:

      Hi Tahsha

      I am glad you found my blog posts to be helpful. I do very little blogging these days and mostly share with my email list and pages on FB. Yes, no conicidences in the ways we are guided to the messages and people we are meant to connect with, especially when we listen to our inner nudges!

      Surrender is a huge piece for people with many layers and blindspots because it triggers so many issues. Going into fight and flight response is the most common reaction that is automatic and dismantling this program to create more faith, trust and peace is the new way. The dream and awareness you had are wonderful confirmations of the truth we know at a core level. Our earthly self is being invited to align with that truth. Many blessings to you!

      One Love,

  • Hollister says:

    Thank you for the response and confirmation. I totally agree with a you said!

    Do you have a fb group page I can join to see and keep up on all your latest and greatest??

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