From My Heart: How To Thrive In The Fertile Void

” The term “The Fertile Void” is a Taoist concept that describes a step in the process of change, when everything seems lost and nothing yet found. You enter feeling broken, and you emerge feeling broken open. The process is a mission without a goal. We get impatient. We feel frantic and stuck. The unremitting unknowingness is maddening. But desperate as we are, we have to give ourselves some slack. We have to go with the flow. The solution to being stuck is being still.” ~an excerpt to a TED talk transcript with Suzanne Braun Levine

I have been in this void for quite some time. It is a sacred space that is often misunderstood and resisted. My focus has been on self care, lots of releasing of old patterns – a period of deep healing and letting go with small glimpses of things to come with no further understanding. Lots of faith and trust with many confirmations of loving support and abundant blessings. 

My mind/ego has been impatient to dig into something new. In a recent conversation with a close friend she reminded me of how gifted I am in working with people with self-love and forgiveness. My mind jumped on that idea to rework my wealth of material on those two pivotal areas of living whole, healthy, happy and abundant. I started to get excited to recreate something quickly when I stopped and realized that the pressure I was feeling was really coming from my ego’s fear and attempt to initiate a leap out of the void.

Fear and excitement can feel like the same energy. I know I am in a massive shift that is preparing me for the next phase of my path. You cannot push the river. I have been here before and I know what it feels like and looks like when rebirth is happening. I have learned how to be playful rather than to fall prey to drama so that I can feel peace, centered, and powerful from my divine connection. I know how fighting with the space can bring physical pain and exacerbate health conditions. And when the time to take action is ripe, I move very fast to ride the waves of creation.

We all possess this mastery.

How to thrive in the Fertile Void?

1. BREATHE – Being uncomfortable in the void can be stressful when the mind is focusing on “what ifs” or revisiting negative experiences from the past. Deep breaths slow down mental chatter so that you can come back into the present moment. Deep breathing also promotes better blood flow, a reduction in stress and blood pressure, strengthening of abdominal and intestinal muscles and relief of general body aches and pains, releases toxins from the body and aids in healthy sleep.

Read more about the benefits of deep breathing. 

2. Talk things out with your trusted inner circle of support– whether you talk with yourself or others or God or your guides, talking gives an outlet for the emotions and feelings; and helps to diffuse them. Invitethe people who buoy you up, help you see perspective when you may be caught up in drama, nourish your heart, cheer you on, and see your greatness support you. Let all the love in your life hold you gently  in this powerful spaces of opening and new beginnings. 

3. Embrace your emotions rather than suppress them. The whole spectrum of emotions are incredible guideposts for helping us to understand what is happening. Clear resentments with forgiveness. LOVE yourself enough to acknowledge areas of your life that aren’t working, where you are holding onto ill-feelings, guilt, or deep hurts.

Take the time to FORGIVE yourself or another and free your heart to love. Remember that your thoughts impact on health and well-being and can make you susceptible to illness as well as block the flow of abundance and joy!

4. Declutter/Completion – Feng Shui your home, office, kitchen, wardrobe… it you don’t use it, lose it. Create space for new things to come in that better serve you. Focus on winding up all those half-completed jobs around the house, and all those tiny to-dos hanging over your head that cause inner stress, turmoil and drain your energy.

5. Regeneration/REST – Rest allows us to tap into our ability to observe and step out of judgment. It allows us to see what is really happening; and to provide necessary renewal. Schedule lots of self-love time for YOU. Drink 10 glasses of pure water a day. Nourish our body with organic, low-carb, GMO-free food. Take a walk. Walking releases more than just endorphins.  When you walk slowly and really take your time, you can clear all kinds of stress and tensions.

Even a few minutes of fresh air can help. Nature is the essence of the feminine in so many ways; and can be incredibly nurturing in multiple ways for us. Take time to enjoy the fruits of your actions during the year, book that massage, soak in a bath with essential oils, snuggle up with a book, share your HEART with friends, enjoy the present moment and allow yourself to be nourished.

6. Meditate/Mindfulness – Spend more time to reflect and have gratitude for how far you have come, all you have achieved and how EVERY experience has contributed to your growth. Don’t try to solve everything.  Many times we aren’t taking the time to really see what is happening, or hear what is being said from our inner brilliance. Until we do, we  don’t know which way to go.

Create space for peace and quiet and stillness. It is amazing how much you can hear when you turn of all the noise. One of the ways our bodies and minds get the greatest restoration is through allowing time being quiet. A HUGE new year of growth and potential awaits you! Strengthening your conscious connection with the Creator and self-love will enable you to flourish inside out.

7. Responsibility – If there are things in your life that  brings you unhappiness, take responsibility  for the changes you want and move forward. Accept, Appreciate, and LOVE the circumstance for the growth/opportunities it provides you. Let go of complaining and struggling with “what is” which only creates more stuckness. Release what is no longer serving you. Be open to look at situations from a wider perception. How is this person/situation serving you to grow? You may see or understand something you did not grasp before that will change your experience.

8. Have FUN – What brings you joy? Schedule things you love to do. Create healthy outlets for creative expression. Have a good belly laugh for at least five to 10 minutes a day. Sometimes life gets waaay too serious and heavy. Use this time to allow your inner child’s loving and playful spirit to bring more lightness and simple pleasure into your life.

There is nothing like good nourishment of body, mind, and spirit to allow you to handle anything that you want. This means time for you and not just everyone else. This means doing things that bring true pleasure and happiness, many of which are free. 🙂

9. Focus on all of the abundance in your life – Look at all the people, resources, money, blessings, and assets that make enrich your life.  See how blessed and supported you really are builds confidence and brings comfort to trust the process that is unfolding for you that will also help to minimize how you move through challenges. This also brings a greater relationship to yourself; and who you are.

10. Imagine what is coming with delight and excitement  – The emptiness is not really empty or nothingness. Rather it is a space without noise and distraction from which seeds can be planted to sprout. Use this space to dream by putting your attention and intention on what you wish to create and summon into your life. Play with Abraham Hicks Manifestation process here. Remember to let go of attachment to the outcome to allow what is for your highest good to flow without limitations.

So, as I stay in surrender with deep gratitude, I am reminded that the void is a space of creation, nurturing and visioning with the Divine Feminine energies. Throughout life we move in and out of the void. I have learned to be ok with not knowing any more than what I know now, being present and putting my attention on what is before me. I am enough, I have enough, and I am doing enough. The rest will be revealed in perfect Divine Timing, as always. All is well 🙂

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