I have been playing with surrender for many years after realizing that I could talk about the subject without really “living” what I was teaching.

There were times I thought I surrendered only to find out that I was still holding on in some way. For me, surrender is not about giving up and becoming resigned to something. Rather it is the willingness to let go of struggle and the attachment to a particular outcome that creates stress and suffering if things go in another direction than what I want or expect.

And I realized that attachments can be to any belief, thought, emotion, life situation, physical condition, the future, or person. So, as I become aware of where my attention and intention is, I am continually surrendering which brings me back to the present moment.

For the last several months I have been doing some deep inner healing work that has been dramatically improving my health, clearing old emotional wounds, and mental programs to prepare me for the next phase of my life and energy healing work. Each time I step into new territory, my fears and resistance comes up.

I know that fear is a normal reaction to newness and uncertainty which fuels my mind to create drama. What helps me to stay grounded and centered are my spiritual practices, the strength of my internal foundation, connection to Source, and my inner circle of support.

I ask myself, “In this moment, what do I know that is absolutely true?” which helps me unhook from the drama stories my mind wants to create.

What is also important is to develop personal authority and self-efficacy which means:

I know who I am.

I know what I need.

And I know how to effectively and confidently navigate any mental/emotional experiences and dramas in so that I can move into something new feeling empowered and excited.

Surrender, trust and courage to go the distance takes lots of practice! And lots of slow deeps breaths as I keep letting go and putting my attention on what nourishes me and brings me joy as I step into the next chapter. Each day I tap into my inner guidance for direction and action.

I feel excited to welcome what is coming with open arms! And of course, I have to surrender to Divine Timing! Breathing… 🙂

One Love,

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