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Receive the recording for a life-changing Compelling Conversation, “How a Health Challenge Can Positively Transform Your Life.”

What we’re seeing is an opportunity to make a profound and transformative shift in how we experience health and healing.

This tele-call is a fundraiser to support Lorraine’s healing for a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis and to help her pay for mounting medical and living expenses. While she is healing and continuing her recovery, she is not working at full strength and needs your help!

This call will also support people everywhere to change the consciousness of dis-ease; to restore our natural state of wholeness and wellness.

In this special 60 minute session, you will hear and experience:

  • Essential keys to create a paradigm shift from dis-ease and woundedness to wholeness and wellness.
  • How labels and identification can keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns of fear and suffering.
  • Receive a high vibration Divinely guided energy healing process to support your inner transformation and healing journey.

PLUS! At the end of the call you will receive a high vibration blessing of love and Grace from the Divine.

We co-created a transformational Energy Upgrade Attunement upgrade of a new expanded liquid gold Light energy matrix of love, abundance, and well-being. The healing process is focused on shifting into higher states of vitality and health on a cellular level – emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, whether you are facing a health challenge or not!

What an incredible call last night!! I am still feeling the LOVE from our beautiful interaction! Your voice is sublime and I AM truly grateful to meet you…even from thousands of miles away. Thank YOU and Lorraine for the enormous blessing!!

It was such a great process and my guide, who didn’t show up for a long time, came in during the process and stayed for quite a while. I was soooo happy. Thank you so much for the wonderful process.

A beautiful and loving call. I wish you continued great health and wellness. Thanks again. Sending love and best wishes to you.

Beautiful work from Michelle Mayur and Lorraine Cohen. What a gift both of you have given us. Thank you so much!

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