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How Doubt Leads to Faith and Trust

“Doubt is the beginning, not the end, of wisdom”
. -George Iles

Why does feeling doubt cause fear and discomfort?

Doubt is created by your mind/your ego. Imagination kicks in, your negative emotions flare and you are off and running with worse case scenarios, what ifs… Doubt causes you to feel off kilter and not on firm ground. Fear of the unknown creates uncertainty and worry. This is created by your mind and is all illusion.

While there can be some truth mixed into the story you create in your mind, doubt can really serve you when you are open to appreciate the gift it brings.

When your inner wisdom, guidance, and intuition bumps up against your ego’s doubt and fear, what happens?

The Gift of Doubt

Doubt invites you to look inside of yourself by asking questions about who you are, your beliefs, choices, actions - all areas of your life. Through the process of self-reflection we become more of who we are and less of who we are not.  In this way, we become more authentic and live in a greater expression of our true selves.

Doubt serves you to gain clarity about what is right and true for you. Whether your doubt is ignited by your own mind or others, the opportunity to serve you in your healing and growth is a blessing.

When feeling doubt about a situation ask yourself:

1. What is the truth, as you understand it, about this situation?

2. What do you know to be true with certainty?

3. What does your intuition and gut say? Use your spiritual practices to tune into your inner wisdom’s guidance.

4. What do you fear might happen and what is the likelihood or probability that your fears will manifest as you imagine?

5. If you waver of what you know to be true, what will you lose? Your power, self-trust, self-confidence, responsibility? Pay attention to the power you give to others to influence what you know in your heart to be true!

6. If you stand strong on what you know and believe in, what will you gain? Self-trust, confidence, faith, connection with spirit, direction, prosperity?

7. What wisdom is your doubt (or fears) calling your to recognize, embrace and own? Be open to recognize how you can use this wisdom the next time you experience doubt?

Remember to breathe and bring your attention back to the present. Bless the doubt from wherever it comes to serve you in remembering who you are!

Notice all the ways your intuition speaks to you through repetitive messages, synchronicity, Divine  coincidences, inner knowing, body sensations..

When you feel fears, doubts, desperation and confusion, remember that your soul has the answers you seek and the Divine has the solutions to any problems you face.

Stop, take a breath, go into the stillness and ask for what you need within your mind or out loud. Listen for the answers that often come before you finish the question. Trust what you hear and sense. Truth comes quickly.

If there is a pause and gap before the answer comes, I believe that is the ego attempting to respond rather than your spirit.

What voice do you want leading you?

Personally, I choose to invite my soul to guide my life, not my ego. So, guess which voice I am listening to and following?

My invitation to you!

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