I’m the Cover Girl on Bellésprit Magazine, September 2015!

When my good friend Edie Weinstein invited me to be the cover of September Bellésprit magazine I jumped at the opportunity. I love the idea of being a cover girl at this stage of my life!!

Here’s a little snippet of what the interview covered:

1. How would you define Spirit and your relationship with it?

Quantum physics has found that, at the core of every object, we are all, in essence, the same. Some call it God, some call it Spirit, Higher Power, Source, The Creator, All That Is, The Divine and some call it Essence.

My belief is that our essence is spirit and we exist as energy and that our essence is connected to all things in Creation; that we are ONE with All That Is. Essence is what you access in your heart when you feel love, or certainty, or that all is right in the world. Essence is the REAL YOU, your true nature, the genuine, authentic spiritual being you truly are.

We are spiritual beings having a human, physical experience to awaken consciously and evolve spiritually, fulfill out passions and purpose, bring more love and Light to the world, and to allow God to experience itself as a Creator in a physical form through us. When we are aligned with Essence, life become more joyful, abundant, and meaningful.

2. Have you always had a sense that you were tapped into it?

Yes. I have always been highly intuitive without realizing my connection because of how natural and easy it is for me to receive guidance or tap into inner wisdom. Over the years, my intuitive ability and relationship with Spirit has become deep and highly refined, like a muscle that you build.

Imagine tapping into an internal GPS to lead your daily life and watching what happens!

Read the rest of this rich conversation in September’s online issue (click down on the bottom right to turn the pages)

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