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Did you know that mental thoughts and emotions like anger, resentments, guilt, criticism, and worry can make you vulnerable to disease,  heart problems, chronic pain, and other health conditions?

Did you know that “not feeling good enough” affects how much self-love you feel and receive from others, how money you make, and how connected you are to Divine Love? 

Did you know that you can experience healing and awakening through a past life exploration that will help you understand your soul’s journey, clear karma and fulfill your life purpose?

In this 60 – minute energy healing or regression session, I will to guide you through any blindspots and create experiences to assist you to release emotional and mental energetic blocks, limiting ego programs, shadow and inner child wounds, and traumas impacting your health, happiness, abundance, and vitality.

Releasing energetic blocks opens pathways for:

~ Greater health, energy, and vitality.
~ Deeper inner peace and joy.
~ Revealing hidden gifts and insights to your soul calling and purpose.

Are you ready to clear old energy to have vibrant health, prosper, and have fun living your Life Vision?


I first worked with Lorraine over 10 years ago. When I found myself in the midst of a toxic work environment earlier this year that rocked me to my core and had me questioning everything, I reached out to Lorraine for help. This was no run-of-the-mill “bad boss” thing. I was in the deepest pain I had ever felt in my life – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

With loving care and intensive work with Lorraine, I was able to leave that poisonous workplace, reclaim my value and who I am, increase my self-care, deepen self-love, and identify what was most important to me in my life before I jumped into the next phase of my work. I am a much different person than I was six months ago and I got here only because of my work with Lorraine.

~ Marie G. NJ

Incredibly powerful! The past life regression work that I did with Lorraine had a profound impact on my life. I was able to see the root cause of a lingering sadness I have felt for years that I never understood and could not release. As a result of the session, not only did the sadness lift, I am able to tap into more energy, clarity, and feelings of ecstasy in my body, work and relationships than I ever thought possible. It’s been weeks now and I’m still feeling the effects of the healing shift I experienced. Wow! I’m so grateful I’ve been able to benefit from her healing abilities on a regular basis – it’s part of why I’m as healthy and centered as I am. I highly recommend her!

~ Karen Tax, Coach and Consultant, the IAMWay.

Healing sessions with Lorraine never cease to amaze me. She seamlessly blends her formal hypnotherapy training, numerous years of counseling experience and the divine guidance flowing through her into incredibly penetrating and insightful regression sessions filled with lasting shifts and release from soul-level trauma. She’s my go-to person!

~ Michelle Mayur #1 Bestselling Author, “Embraced by the Divine”

I am so grateful for her skill as a facilitator of present and past life healings and the letting go and growth that has come from these sessions. She has helped me beyond measure on the ongoing path to finding and owning who I am and of letting go who I am not, letting go of judgement and finding compassion and love, finding connection to God and understanding that this is an ongoing journey rather than an end result. I’m quite sure it was no accident that I “found” Lorraine and I can’t wait to see what our ongoing work will help to nurture in 2015 and beyond.

~ Joanna, Australia

My session with Lorraine was a truly magical experience! She led me through a very gentle process that allowed me to understand and clear some patterns that were keeping me from being visible in my business. Within two weeks of our session, I was approached by two people about participating in events that will allow me to be highly visible! One of them will be an ongoing opportunity. I can’t express how grateful I am to Lorraine for her compassionate technique and deep insights. I’m excited to work with her again in the future.

~ Lori Latimer, CEO & Founder, Ladies Who Lead

I am a firm believer that physical problems have roots in our emotions and thoughts. Energy work can help to relieve chronic pain, health flare-ups and boost recovery from injury and physical illness. In each session you can experience a new dimension of Quantum energy (life force) with Divine Love and my multi-dimensional team to unblock and bring your mind-body connection into greater alignment and harmony to activate your own innate healing abilities.

Past life regressions can positively and effectively accelerate healing of symptoms and patterns of traumas, emotional/mental pain, stress, illness/disease…. down to the soul and DNA level. You can also choose a progression to connect with your future Self to co-create the life you want!

Schedule your session by phone or Skype.

buynowSingle 60 minute session | $175  


Two 60 minute sessions | $324


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Disclaimer: Although there is the potential for every person to experience profound and positive vibrational shifts, no specific results are guaranteed. Results are individual according to numerous personal factors, including subconscious readiness for change and commitment to the inner healing process. Sessions are not to be used in place of medical advice, nor are they intended to diagnose or specifically treat any medical condition.