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The answer is yes.

In fact, I can recall several instances when I felt happy and nothing in particular had happened. It was very cool and it felt wonderfull.

As part of my Compelling Conversation Series for Powerfull Living, I had the opportunity to engage in an inspiring conversation with Marci Shimoff, best selling author of the book, “Happy For No Reason.”

I love what she talks about in this book. If you don’t have this book already, I HIGHLY recommend it. In addition to having great tips and exercises that are familiar, you’ll also find Marci brings a fresh approach to happiness in it’s simplicity.

Did you know that each person comes into this world with a happiness set point? I didn’t. According to her research that’s true. The happiness set point is the level at which people experience happiness – like a thermostat with an internal default setting. She says that what determines the happiness level is 50% genetic (which includes chemical imbalances) and 50% habit. So, the good news is that people can raise their happiness level. Isn’t that great?

In Happy For No Reason, Marci says there are two myths that people have about happiness:

1. The Myth of More. Having more means you will be happier. Not true. Some of the wealthiest people are the most unhappy. You can have enormous success, a seemingly ideal life, lots of money and still feel lonely, alone, and miserable. In the book What Happy People Know, authors Dan Baker and Cameron Stauth tell one story of a wildly successful and wealthy man who seemed to have the life many people dream about, who was on the brink of suicide because he was in so much pain and unhappiness. It’s isn’t how MUCH you have that determines your level of happiness.

2. The Myth of “I’ll Be Happy When”. You’ve either heard this statement of said it yourself. I’ll be happy when I lose weight, have more money, find my soul mate, write my book…. you can come up with a slew of things that you think are the solution to solving your unhappiness situation. How many times have you achieved some of the things you thought would “make you happy” only to find brief periods of gratification or disappointment because your happiness expectations fell short.

How often do you associate something that happens to you as the source of your happiness? Something externally occurs in your life and your response is a feeling of happiness. Sure, that’s a normal response to creating and receiving good things into your life.

The truth is that happiness is an inside job; a state of mind and being that is independent of anyone of anything outside of YOU. Cultivating a heightened state of happiness can be life-changing.

Imagine what your life would be like if you began each day looking  through the eyes of happiness and possibility!

That’s why knowing that 50% of what affects your happiness is a habit can be great news. Some very simple exercises done consistently can begin to permanently change your happiness level set point.

How to begin raising your happiness level?

1. Practicing daily gratitude

2. Shifting limiting beliefs and negative self-talk

3. Surrounding yourself with a great community of support

4. Daily spiritual practices to commune with your heart and soul

5. Being of service to helping others

6. Self-care and nourishment

You can begin to shift habits in as little as 5-10 minutes a day as long as you are consistent. Marci shared a story of a man who overcame some very difficult hardships in his life. Every day he chose a theme, which could be anything – grass, water, a smile…. and during the course of the day whenever he saw or experienced that theme showing up, it was a reminder for him to feel gratitude for his life – a signal to stop, take a breath, come back to the present and into the space of appreciation for the gifts and blessings in his life. In the span of 20 years, he said he hadn’t repeated one theme yet.

Another story Marci shared was of a woman who was experiencing some serious medical challenges. Every day this woman blessed everyone she came in contact with, by silently wishing for them what she wished for herself. Her prayer was:

May you be safe
May you be happy
May you be healthy
May you live with ease

She did this for one year and areas of her life radically changed including her physical condition. Prayer and  love are powerfull qualities to enhance your life experience.

I’ve already created my prayer. I invite you to create yours.

And remember that it’s important to pay attention to those times when adding professional or medical support may be an integral part of making the shifts you desire. Pay attention to your intuition and inner guidance for direction.

Would you like to experience greater happiness?

Select  one thing you are willing to do every day that brings you joy. For additional ideas, pick up a copy of Marci’s book, Happy For No Reason, now in paperback!

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To your greater happiness!



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