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pixababy meditation-473753_1280What if you were able to be your true self in every moment of every day….relaxed, sure and confident, effortlessly attracting abundance and joy into your life?

You might be in a transition, feeling stuck, confused about how to use your gifts and energy to create what you really want.

You might be feeling scared and uncertain about the future and want stay strong and positive that everything is unfolding in your favor.

You might be feeling excited about making changes in your life and want some guidance to empower you to keep moving in the right direction.

Perhaps you want the fun and experience of receiving messages from the Divine to help you create and attract what you really, really want.

Sessions have evolved from being Intuitive Life Path, Soul and Angel Readings to Divine Guidance Messages that may include oracle cards.

Benefits of a Divine Guidance session:

1. Be inspired and feel empowered.
2. Receive clarity to take your next step with faith, trust and courage.
3. Feel more connected to your Divine Essence, Soul, Angels and the Higher Realms; to know you’re not alone.
4. Experience affirmation and confirmation for your own intuition and guidance.
5. Feel a sense of calm confidence, renewal, and balance; to relax and trust that everything in your life is unfolding perfectly.

Plus! You may be invited to receive an energy healing to open pathways to heal your heart, mind, body, and soul.

Working with thousands of spiritual people for over 25 years I’m known for my highly attuned intuitive gifts, directness, and laser focus to get the heart of matters quickly.  These interactive sessions combine my personal skills and direct guidance and messages from the Divine to support you in the highest way.

If you are sensitive to energy, you will feel the Presence of the Divine, Angels/Archangels, Guides, and the Higher Realms during our time together. The session will conclude with a “blessing”, an energy transmission of Divine Love and Grace.

Choose a 30 (mini) or 60 minute session that includes a recording.

buynow  30 minutes | $116


buynow  60 minutes | $ 215


You will receive an email to coordinate schedules, (excluding the weekend). Sessions will scheduled via phone or Skype. M-TH, 10 am -7 pm EST.

What people say about Higher Light channeling sessions with me:

“Very powerful! Lorraine is so clear and as one who also does readings I know how the energy flows. All the right releases came of energy and my message was amazing. I am on the right track for sure and I really loved Lorraine’s powerful presence.

I have known Lorraine Cohen for a few years as a colleague and a friend. I was honored to be allowed to see her blossom with her Divine Guidance Messages. Lorraine is the real deal, in all she does. She gives from the place of truth and trust and as a result you feel the power behind her presence when she is either giving a blessing transmission or channeling a divine message. Lorraine is a true gem and there are not that many out there in the large world we live in. “

~ Mia Saenz, Transformational, Spiritual Practitioner

“I’ve been dealing with some emotional upheavals in both my personal and professional life over the past few months. One session with Lorraine offered me more clarity than I had been able to achieve on my own in 6 months of trying. Lorraine’s insights and advice were spot on. I highly recommend a session with Lorraine if you are needing guidance in any area of your life.”

~ Mary E. Pritchard, Ph.D., Body Image Expert, Published Writer, International Best-Selling Co-Author Awakening The Goddess Within Community

“I feel a sense of freedom that I have not felt in a very long time, like the self-imposed shackles have finally been blasted off. They had become looser over the years, but they were still holding me chained to that event. What I loved about your reading was that what I thought I needed and what you intuited that I needed were so different, though connected in a circuitous way. There was a time when you were speaking that my heart was pounding! I thought I needed guidance and/or affirmation of what is coming next for me, but you quickly (was it really five minutes?) discovered what truly needed healing. I can’t express how peaceful and whole I feel now, knowing that I have finally forgiven my younger self and can express my gratitude to her for putting me on my current path. I can finally love who I was the and who I am now. I just . . . I’m feel like I’ve been shattered and put back together in a new and different way. I feel shiny and new! Such amazing synchronicity it makes me tearful. Love, love, love! Love and hugs.”

~ Cheryl Dobson, Writer

“I’ve had two Divine Guidance sessions with Lorraine now and the results have been profound! I wanted to get some specific guidance for my business and the information that came through Lorraine was spot on. I am now able to precisely focus my efforts in my business in ways that I know are absolutely aligned with my soul path AND in the highest good of my clients. I feel relief and confidence as I move forward knowing that I am expressing the deepest desires on my Divine self.”

~ Karen Tax, Career coach, Business consultant, Spiritual Guide

“I highly recommend the services of Lorraine Cohen. I feel very blessed to have a guided, intuitive reading by Lorraine. Lorraine effortlessly connected to my higher self and communicated with ease and grace, messages that my soul was ready to hear and accept. The clearings continue and I have such a sense of gratitude for Lorraine’s support as to my spiritual path and journey.  Thank you so much Lorraine. You are a gift!!”

~ Brenda Lainof, Medical Intuitive, Radio Show Host

“The accuracy of the reading with Lorraine was surprisingly high. Each piece of it resonated with me at such a deep level, to a point where the messages were so clear, they just couldn’t be ignored. It was uncanny.

Lorraine is highly intuitive, no doubt. The questions she would ask me were so appropriate and would spark very clear insight in areas of my life where reinforcement was very much appreciated.  Thank you so much, Lorraine.

This is what I needed!”

~ Zack Randel, Transformational Life Coach

“Lorraine’s reading with me was fantastic! She really tuned in and read what is going on with me very clearly and objectively. She gave me a lot of clarity on what is going on and what to do next. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”


~ Shefali Burns, CEO and Founder at Shefali Burns

“I’m going through some massive changes in my life. Lorraine Cohen did a reading for me that was insightful, encouraging, and informative. She helped me to see options I never imagined so I could make better decisions based on what truly matters. In addition, Lorraine suggested some real-life strategies to help me with the roller coaster of emotions and the discomfort of being out of control. Lorraine combines her spot on intuition with her life and business coaching skills to make a potent and valuable reading experience.

Just do it!”


~ Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney,
International author and founder of The Angel Ministry

“Lorraine Cohen continues to bring fresh approaches to light and shares these so beautifully with those whose lives she touches. Her readings are truly inspired, and brings such joy. They are spot on and are a fantastic roadmap. Since my reading, so many things have unfolded that fill me with such joy and excitement..

Thank you Lorraine!”

~ Brenda Pearce. CEO EFactorLIVE,
author, broadcaster, and and fan of Lorraine Cohen’s readings!

“Hire this woman! Lorraine, the reading you did for me was brilliant and spot on with all of the issues I am exploring in my life. Taking into consideration that you and I have known each other since back in the early 1980’s, the words you used to describe my journey were those that I was thinking on my way over to meet you. It was if you stuck in a straw and sucked the verbiage right out of my brain. I am taking the time to really delve into the messages that came out and applying them day by day. They touch on personal relationships and professional/creative endeavors. You know stuff, woman and your guidance is impeccable! I strongly encourage folks to contact you and schedule a session!”

~ Edie Weinstein, Best Selling Author,
BLISS, Columnist, Bliss Coaching!

“The reading with Lorraine was amazing. I was stunned that it actually felt like she was in my head. She picked up on every aspect of my life and it gave me goosebumps how perfectly attuned I felt during my time with her.

I would very highly recommend her and suggest that you contact her immediately as she is going to be one very busy lady!!!

~ Judy O’Beirn, International Bestselling Author,
President, Hasmark Services Corp

“When I think of the blessings in my life, Lorraine Cohen is certainly one of them. The card reading was so powerful and she channeled so many messages that I know were just for me. When Lorraine mentioned the two angels for me to reach out to, I knew with certainty that the messages were Divinely inspired. Give yourself the gift of a reading with Lorraine.

She is supportive and communicates your messages in a way that speaks to your deepest heart and soul.”


~ Lorraine Lane, Business Coach / Corporate Trainer

“I always feel so blessed to be able to work with Lorraine, and when she was guided to offer readings I jumped at the opportunity and I’m so glad I did. The reading itself was both fun and amazing. Each card that came out brought hoots of laughter from both of us… the Divine synchronicities of each card was astounding. I am so amazed and awed at the information that came through. Each card was so spot on, accurate, confirming, affirming and enlightening. And the insights that Lorraine brings into the reading make it even more thought provoking and real and personal.

I loved it and highly recommend it.  Thank you Lorraine.”

~ Joanna F, Australia

“Lorraine’s reading for me was spot-on. It lovingly confirmed not only many of the ‘higher nudgings’ I had been getting recently, but also highlighted the blind spots that had been holding me back. Great for being able to refocus and clarify one’s direction. Her intuitive gifts and her connection to the Divine make these readings something extra special that go above and beyond any reading I have ever had in the past.

Highly recommended!”

~ Michelle Mayur,

“I opted for a min-reading as my first meeting with Lorraine (who I “met” through synchronicity) As I gave Lorraine my question with regard to the work I do, she immediately received insights. As I chose my cards I had my doubts of what the positive outcome I intended might be? What help could it possibly be?

Throughout our time together I received multiple confirmations of I am traveling in the right direction. Lorraine spontaneously provided valuable insights into best directions in further taking the gifts of my Life Purpose to the world. The synchronicities of my current life actions complimented Lorraine’s insights were amazing and delightfully surprising. One synchronicity being the planting of a live bamboo screen two weeks ago. I laughed, I cried. If you are asking for compassionate, soul-full insights in any area of your life… ask Lorraine. You’ll have a fun time, of that I’m sure.

~ Linda Murray, Queensland, Australia

“Incredible session with Lorraine Cohen!

Her insight and intuition are just amazing, and confirmed so much of what I have been feeling and dealing with as of late! I find that it’s such a source of not only encouragement, but also guidance, when God allows things to be confirmed through other sources. It reminds me that He knows me, sees my struggles, hears me, wants me to know He’s got it all under control & is reminding me I am never alone on this journey, even when I feel like I am! Thank you for the wonderful gift of your insight Lorraine Cohen. If you are in need of encouragement, confirmation, or direction, a session with Lorraine is such a blessing!”

~ Laura Lum Corby, D.PSc.
Owner Synergistic Health Solutions

It would be my honor and privilege to support you more personally!

In One Love,