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Love Yourself Healthy And Happy!

Are you dealing with chronic pain, a lingering illness, or a disease diagnosis?

Do you have health problems or recurring health conditions doctors can’t fix or figure out?

Are you ready to feel deeper love that can amplify wellness, inner peace and happiness?

Out of all the remedies and preventions doctors recommend — such as vitamins and dietary improvement — Divine Love is the most powerful healer of all. ~ Dr. Christiane Northrup

Love decreases inflammation, improves your immune system, and can be a potent pain reliever.

Love decreases anxiety, stress and depression, which can reduce the signs and symptoms of heart disease.

What continually blocks Divine Love’s healing power to get well and stay healthy? Lack of deep self-love and self-worth! 

These four healing audios will help you connect with energies of Divine Love to create greater wellness and vitality!


primal painter, acceptanceLive in Brilliance – Sometimes we develop health problems and stay sick because we are afraid to embrace our brilliance. This 29 minute meditation layered with powerful healing affirmations will help you connect to your Divine Life Vision and let go of what is holding you back from living it so you don’t need to stay sick to avoid it anymore! This audio invites you step into the next chapter of your life with health and vibrancy!  



woman beautifulYou Are Enough! – Mental thought patterns that cause the most disease in the body are criticism, anger, resentment and guilt! ~Louise Hay. This 16 minute meditation will assist you to see yourself as worthy, as deserving, as intelligent, clear, motivated and as your true self. When you do know that you are lovable and loved you can let go of patterns that drain your energy, keep you stressed, and susceptible to disease. 



woman power1Drenched in Love – Two essential keys that supports vibrant health is Love and the relationship with God. This 21 1/2 minutes meditation will help you to allow more Divine Love into your heart and into your life so that your body doesn’t need to hold onto thoughts and beliefs that can create illness. How much Love can your heart hold?  Use this powerful audio to find out so that your health flourishes.



Meditative Treatment For Physical Ailments and Health Conditions Want to experience relief faster and accelerate your body’s natural ability to heal so that you step can into the next chapter of your life with health and vibrancy?  This multilayered 22-minute meditation with Quantum healing energy will help you tap into your innate power, see your body as whole and well, and create a new health story so that your body creates that reality. Includes a companion pdf with information and tips to enhance symptom relief.  (This can be bought separately for $29)


Read what others say about this special healing collection:

Lorraine’s audios are magical to experience. Her energy transmissions are unlike anything I ever experienced. I felt wrapped in Divine love and held safe in an amazing space of healing, empowerment & unconditional love. Miraculously all the stiffness, tension and pain in my body dissolved and I was shifted into a much higher state of consciousness- peaceful and ready to step up to my true potential. Thank you Lorraine from the bottom of my heart. ~Love, Gisela, Germany

What a stunning audio package filled with Nurturing, Love and Lorraine’s incredibly soothing voice! “Drenched in Love” is absolutely beautiful. When I had my hands on my heart it felt like my heart was thumping out of my chest. Listening to “You are Enough” I saw the Violet Flame of Transmutation with my inner sight throughout most of the audio. With “Living in Brilliance” I felt soothed, caressed and supported in Divine Love. Give yourself the gift of these nurturing audios as a precious act of Self-Love. ~ Michelle Mayur,  Australia, #1 Bestselling Author, Embraced by the Divine

They are wonderful! I especially enjoyed, “Drenched in Love “, which I listened to 3 times last night! More times since then! It put me in a wonderful space to set an intention in sacred space thru prayer/meditation to focus on deepening/expanding my personal relationship With God! All are very powerful meditations!  ~ Richard, Biloxi, Mississippi

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