Powerfull Living Master Key Meditation Technology

Stop letting fear, doubt, and confusion rule your life: use the latest spiritual technology to break down the walls that stop you from having what you really want.

You need your personal power and the connection with your Soul to be the change you want in your life and the world.

Welcome,I’m Lorraine Cohen a spiritual guide and life architect who plays at the nexus of Soul, purpose, wealth, and fun. I work with clients from the inside out to transform fear, release their burdens, and liberate their True Self;  to live a life that is ‘awake and authentic’ and to create a reality that is conscious, deliberate and meaningfull.  So, I keep an eye out for the latest resources and processes that gracefully support dismantling inner programs and patterns that keep you from living a vibrant abundant life.

That’s why I am so excited to share the Master Key with you!

Powerfull Living Master Key Meditation Technology

Powerfull Living Master Key Meditation Technology is a powerful tool you can use over and over again.

What will I experience as a result of this technology?

  • You will take charge of your life through the Power of Love and Grace
  • You will envision what you want as real in the here and now
  • You will courageously follow what resonates with your heart and soul
  • You will take inspired action fueled by your power, purpose, and passion
  • You will connect with the wisdom and truth of the “real you”

soul connection1Connecting With Your Sacred Self

This is an incredible time to be alive. You have a role to play in reshaping the world in this Era of Enlightenment for your own evolution and  for humanity. Being able to navigate through emotional upheaval by anchoring into your Sacred Self,  innate wisdom, and personal power will turn fear into courage and challenges into triumphs. Innovation and creativity are unleashed in the process. Living your Divine Destiny is achieved through authentic and passionate individual expression, not by compromise or sacrifice.

Each recording included in The Master Key system was personally selected by me from a library of hundreds to guide you on your hero’s journey home to your Heart. 

The Powerfull Living Master Key Meditation Technology is the perfect tool to use to give you experiences to:

  • Rewire your brain to access your power, purpose, and passion
  • Open your heart to shift into higher states of consciousness with the Divine
  • Take soul inspired action that creates the life you want in harmony with your spirit
  • Empower your body’s intelligence and power to keep you strong and healthy

I received my own Master Key device in September of 2013 and I am so impressed by this cutting edge technology that I had to share it with you. I have masterkey_productexperimented with various different spiritual technologies over the years, such as binaural beat technology, EFT (emotional freedom technique), Theta healing, Psych-K, and acupuncture – each of these methods is useful in various situations. None of these other methods provides the ‘close to home’ reassurance that the Master Key does where you:

  • Handle high stress, anxiety or frustration with greater confidence
  • Get back to sleep with ease, after waking with fear running through your body
  • Receive reassurance by the voice of an expert at transformation

All in exact the moment you need some extra hand-holding, even if that’s in the middle of the night!

By consciously and intentionally using your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical intelligences, you will:

  • Detach from your obsessive, compulsive, and egoic mind
  • Recognize the difference between “the voice” of your small mind and the voice of your soul
  • Strengthen your bond with the Presence that lives within you and through you to co-create your best life
  • Harness your true Power to turn fear into courage and challenges into triumphs
  • Realize that your “I Am” Presence is your Truth, and know it as You.

Practical Tool

soul lightbodyIn practical realities, a whole-person approach means is that you will finally learn to trust your Self. You’ll learn the difference between the self-sabotaging fearfull part of you that needs to stay small to be safe, and the highest potential Truth of you that is infinite loving abundance. You will come to know the enlightened You that is available and accessible in the present moment, right now!

The trickiest part in living a life that is ‘awake and authentic’ and to create a reality that is conscious, deliberate and meaningfull is ‘staying your course’ in the process of transforming fear into love and I am committed to providing every means possible that I know works. I love the practical benefits of the Powerfull Living Master Key Meditation Technology!

  • Make a wise investment that works over and over
  • Access optimal brain wave learning states
  • Make profoundly deep transformational shifts at the conscious and subconscious level with ease and Grace

Which all results in you spending less time in fear and scarcity thinking, and more time enjoying life and living!

How it Works

The use of light and sound frequencies is the secret.  Our bodies naturally synchronize with the frequency we are exposed to. Imagine the high-energy frequency at Times Square in New York on New Years. Now imagine sitting down next to the ocean on a beautiful sandy beach and with a sigh say to yourself how relaxed you feel and wonder why you don’t do this more often. Your body synchronized with the lower frequency of the ocean waves.

thetaUsing light and sound frequency, The Master Key meditation technology gently guides you into the relaxed meditative state of Theta frequency. This is the brain wave state experienced by meditation gurus, as measured during research experiments.

Your body naturally synchronizes with the lower Theta frequency, relaxes and releases excess adrenaline and cortisol, the stress hormones. Additionally serotonin and endorphins are increased by about 25% and your blood pressure is also naturally reduced. Because adrenaline is reduced you will also naturally feel energized.

Because of the tangible, physical aspect of The Master Key experience, you will gain these additional benefits:

  • Reduce the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol
  • Increase your serotonin and endorphin levels
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Sleep more easily and more soundly
  • Increase your energy
  • Improve your focus and clarity

The Powerfull Living Master Key Meditation System is a beautiful convergence between ancient wisdom and new technology, body and spirit, mind and emotions, so that ultimately you can take inspired and practical action. I am so pleased to be able to provide this special offer to you…

Regular cost: $497

Your Special Preview Investment is only $349 or 3 payments of $117

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