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Needs, Wants and Shoulds: Creating A Healthy Mind, Body, Spirit Relationship


For the last several days I have been spending most of my time in bed running very high temperatures that are finally beginning to lessen.

I enjoy having the energy and mental clarity to do the things I enjoy. I rarely feel unwell so I was surprised by the speed impact of whatever this was.

This weekend I was scheduled to attend a Oneness Awakening weekend for the second time. It’s a beautiful program to initiate blessing givers to transmit Divine Grace to others and a great opportunity for current blessings givers to go deeper. I was looking forward to the weekend with the Oneness community instead of being in bed.

So, I started playing a game with myself. Maybe I could go for a little while because I was just too weak and tired to go for two eleven hour days. The more I thought about going, the more overwhelmed I felt. Who was I kidding? I was barely on the mend.

So, I surrendered to my higher knowing that staying home and resting was the only loving choice.

Most of us are not great patients. I know that is true about me.

It’s not unusual to try to jump back full steam ahead at the first signs of improvement and then we wonder why we relapse?

Needing to take time to recover from an illness or procedure is obvious.

  • What about those subtle cues from the body that many override?
  •  Not taking breaks when you need to
  •  Going to bed too late
  •  Feeding your body with fast food rather that nutrition rich food
  •  Working yourself to exhaustion
  •  Not hydrating enough (PS. Add a pinch of Celtic salt to your water or juice so that the cells in your body can absorb the water you are drinking. That was tip from a healer I work with).
  •  Getting exercise
  •  Meditating
  •  Pampering yourself
  •  Fully feeling your feelings so your body doesn’t have to hold them inside

If you ignore the needs of your body long enough, your body will put you down.

Prioritizing your self care reduces stress levels and helps your body’s auto-immune system to stay strong and healthy.

As I look back over the last several days, I feel gratefull for whatever I may have released from my body. Resting is essential to ease back into my normal routine and I give myself full permission to do that.

I’ve been talking about the energy shifts on the planet and it is important to note that as energy beings, we are being impacted by these changes.

You might feel nudged to slow down, take naps, change your eating habits… Pay attention and listen. What is your body asking for?

Did you know that when you let your self-care slide, your negative mental chatter will get louder? Your reactions will intensify, relationships will be affected, and the work you enjoy doing will also get less than your best.

Did you also know that as the earth is being healed and created by Divine Intelligence so are our bodies? Yup.

And one more thing. There is a difference between using an excuse to avoid doing or feeling something that is for your highest good and when taking care of you is the most loving action.

The better you come to know yourself, the more easily you will recognize when you are playing one of your games to sidestep an experience. The key is a willingness to be radically honest and own your truth.

Even though I knew in my heart I couldn’t attend the weekend, I still checked in with myself. I feel some disappointment to miss this opportunity, which will come around again in 5 months. It is what it is.

When we are doing inner healing work, the last place we release emotions in through the body. So, I choose to see the last few days as an opportunity to do some massive deep cleansing of some very old stuff I have been holding in my body.

I like that idea so I am sticking to that story.

I hope this post is making sense because I am still a little fuzzy. This article started writing in my head about six am this morning and I had to get it written so I could share it with you.

Be good to yourself. Pay attention to placing wants and shoulds over your needs. When your body, mind and spirit is in harmony, your life will flow with greater ease and abundance.

Love and blessings,


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2 Responses to “Needs, Wants and Shoulds: Creating A Healthy Mind, Body, Spirit Relationship”

  1. On February 9, 2020 at 3:52 pm Lorraine Lane responded with... #

    Of course, this writing comes at the very right time! Thank you for allowing the words to flow even though you felt fuzzy. I know that self care is a ‘big issue’ for me. As I read your struggle with attending the Oneness event, I could so relate. In days past, I would have pushed past that body message because of getting caught up in the ‘right thing to do’. Of course, that was my story. My body has reason to kick me around because I’ve ignored it and pushed it to the edge.
    Sending you restfull thoughts.

    • On February 9, 2020 at 4:02 pm Lorraine responded with... #

      I had to write it Lorraine. When articles start flowing, I have to get the words out. I would have liked to sleep later and oh, well! I have the whole day to rest. To you point about pushing through, there may be times when you must do that to meet a commitment you feel is needed and then to build in time for self-care during and afterwards. Ignoring what your body needs can carry a heavy cost.

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