Pathways to Awakening

We are the ones we have been waiting for... ...

Imagine letting go of painfull beliefs, past hurts and patterns of living that have blocked you from the life, that you know deep down inside, is yours to claim.

Imagine falling in love with your Self and allowing more good into your life than ever before.

Imagine trusting that every situation in your life was preparing you to be a shining Light of love and peace in the world, opening to miracles, gifts, and blessings beyond your wildest dreams.

Imagine experiencing every moment of your life in higher blissful states of consciousness regardless of what is happening in your life.

You might be wondering if it is really possible to live in a state of love and joy, fully engaged with life without being trapped in the energies of fear, struggle, and pain.

The answer is YES

This is the journey of Awakening. This "phenomenon" sometimes called Enlightenment, is accelerating on the planet. Do you feel it?

In 2011 I was trained as a Oneness blessing giver through World Oneness University. On some recent teleconference calls, I heard speakers describe what being in a higher awakened state of consciousness is like for them. They talked about feeling overflowing love for everyone and everything which is Oneness, states of bliss in all of their daily experiences, and a quiet mind.

2013 is the year that liberation from the mind begins.....

Wouldn't you love to have silence in your head so that the voice you hear is the calling of your soul or The Divine rather than the fearful, stressful or conflicting messages created by your ego?

You might be feeling stuck, scared, confused, overwhelmed, frustrated… about your business, a relationship, money, the future…and

You may desire a deeper spiritual connection with The Divine that is rooted in trust, faith, and courage; to experience more grace, prosperity, love, joy... in alignment with your life purpose.

We have learned to manage unwanted thoughts and sensations by being distracted, busy, shut down emotionally, physically ill, or through addictions to avoid feeling deeply especially those feeling that we wish to avoid like anger, jealousy, unworthiness, pain, and sadness…

Since  the end of 2010 I have been on a deep journey of self-reflection and healing because I felt out of alignment within myself and with my business.

I felt like I was working so hard to create a great life and I was repeatedly bumping into obstacles despite my best intentions and efforts.

Life isn't supposed to be this painful and exhausting!

My inner journey has repeatedly stretched me to the edges of my emotional capacity though financial struggles, questions of faith and my life purpose, guiding me to heal many wounds from the past that were hidden in the shadows. I cried, yelled at God, battled myself, and have been brought to my knees as my heart broke open to surrender, to forgive, to love others and to love myself.

Throughout my experience thus far, there has been a Divine hand of Grace leading the way to my process of Awakening.

The skills, tools, and support I use helped me to "boldly go where I have never dared to go before." The rewards of walking through the pain of the past and illusions of my mind (and I am not done!) have brought me longer periods of peace and joy where there was fear, struggle and lots of drama.

"Revolutionary breakthrough that has changed my life forever! I've experienced an amazing recovery in just four weeks from my emotional injuries and exhaustion in the Journey into Grace program. I became aware of so many resentments, judgments and anger which was suppressed over a lifetime and at the core of my pain and misery! My life has not been the same. It was like finding a light switch turning it on. I feel stronger and fully empowered!!! I have learned to surrender and embrace my Divine Source to work in me and through me with Grace. My body slowly became infused with Divine healing energy. Lorraine has given me the opportunity to embrace my inner child and tools to know who I really am. It was truly a rare and humbling experience. With much love and gratitude to you for being my guiding light on my journey. " - In Gratitude, Jagica Agnes Bartusek, Regional Director

"Before starting the Pathways to Awakening, Journeys through Forgiveness, Self-Love and Grace Programs, I so wanted the pain of my past to stop haunting me, consuming me, and stifling me. There was so much past abuse that I was frozen in my body and mind trying to protect myself. I never knew forgiveness. I only knew punishment, anger, fears, hyper vigilance, and worthlessness.

With the new tools I learned from Lorraine and her personal Divine, I was able to look at forgiveness and to risk standing before forgiveness. I began to see through the eyes of compassion, a 180 degree turn for me. I no longer have the need to punish them, or me. Through the POWER of forgiveness the blocks of pain are melting and I have more energy, more giving and receiving of love to myself and others. I can feel myself in my body for the first time and I am at peace. There is clarity and I feel safe. 

he pathway unfolded from fear to courage, from courage to awareness, from awareness to light, to being present in my body and to life around me and for me. I think, feel,and talk differently. I believe and trust life is there for me. I have been graced with a newfound freedom.
It has been said that a good leader teaches so that you will be able to carry on in their absence. That's Lorraine!
Lorraine teaches by example, wisdom and Grace. She does not ask us to do anything that she herself has not done or is in the process of doing. She is continually growing and takes us along on the adventure sharing wisdom and resources with compassion, passion, and profound Grace. She is truly a beacon of light!

I continue the journey. Please join us, there is great love for you here.
" - Lucy K.

One of my deepest prayers is to know and feel God's love, to know the voice and will of God and for my will to be aligned. My prayers are being answered as I continue on the pathways to awakening into Oneness.

Look at your life....

Are you living a love story - one that is filled with abundance and meaningfull purpose? Perhaps you feel more like you are living a horror story; one that is filled with struggle, pain, and fear? Maybe you feel your life is a little of both depending on the day and the situation.

It's not your fault.....

Change feels threatening to your ego. Big change freaks your ego out.

It gets scared and fears for its safety. So, it desperately tries to control, manage, and direct your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and often everyone else, to regain power.

As long as you rely on your ego and mind to guide your life, you will stay trapped in fear and Drama and cut off from living your destiny. Your ego sees life through a narrow lens of constriction, problems, and struggles.

Your heart sees life filled with rich possibilities and potential.

What do you yearn for? What are your prayers?

What is your soul crying out to express?

Are you longing to release your illusions and "come home" to who you really are and your destiny?

I invite you to dream about what your life would be like if you lived from a more awakened state of consciousness.

Imagine what you would be attracting into your life from love and joy; experiencing Grace and feeling fully supported by the God of your understanding in every moment.

This is a journey of commitment that includes the curiosity of a child and the courage of a warrior.

Having more financial abundance, rich relationships, vibrant health, meaningful work, passion, more love, the freedom to be authentically you is within your grasp.

Within you are the keys to free your soul to more fully emerge as the Light you are meant to be in the world and receive all the good the Universe wants to deliver to you NOW as your Divine birthright.

It’s like learning a new language that is being taught to you in bite-size pieces - one piece at a time without being able to see the larger picture and without any guarantee of success. Your soul and the Divine become your North Star.

You were born to love and have a joyfull life no matter the cost, no matter what someone else said, and no matter how the past once played out.

Are you ready to tear down the walls that separate you from your natural state of love and abundance and your connection to all of creation?

The Pathways To Awakening program is an ongoing experiential journey over a series of four weekly tele-gatherings that incorporate Divinely inspired messages, discussions, deepening processes, exercises, and guided meditations with Lorraine Cohen.

We begin a four-part series into Self-Love:

Wednesdays, 7:30-9:15 pm EST, January 23, 30, February 6, and 13th, 2013.

Register for this four-week tele-series
for only $197 by midnight EST,
Friday, January 18th, 2013.

On January 19th, the price goes up to $297.

***Space is limited***

$197 for this entire course with payment plan option!

This is an advanced program for people who are ready to work with deeper processes that support spiritual evolution, personal transformation, and invite shadow and inner child healing. The program is Divinely guided and each mini-course invites opportunities for forgiveness as a continual pathway to love and grace.

This program is for people who are fed up with money struggles, feeling "not good enough", stuck in patterns of procrastination and sabotage, and who want to feel good about themselves and their life! 

Each four-week mini journey will focus on six specific pathways: Forgiveness, Grace, Self-Love, Courage, Faith and Trust,  and Living Your Divine Destiny. Each journey is unique and offers a powerfully insightful and transformational experience that is inspired by the group and Divinely guided to come together...

Each month the pathway focus will change and build upon each other. Experience them as an ongoing journey or choose the ones that most resonate with your heart.

"Thank you Lorraine for being such an amazing facilitator. Your ability to really be with all of us in such a personal way even though we were in different parts of the world continues to amaze me. You have a god given ability to make others feel so supported and safe through your deep validation, empathy and compassion.

This program was so important to me on so many levels more than any program I have taken part in. My new motto is you 'gotta feel to heal' and I welcome all of my feelings because they show me where I need to go and on the other side of the pain just as you promised is such peace.

I will be recommending this program to anyone who is open to doing this work. I'll be back.
" - Love from Lisa R. (Victoria, Australia)

"I am so truly blessed to have found you. YOU ARE A WONDERFUL Spiritual and Transformational coach/teacher, and you really reached into and touched my heart. I will definitely tell anyone I know that is interested in transformation, all about you, in hopes that they too can experience the awesome healing and comforting touch of your words and caring. It took me awhile to find you, but you are sooo worth it. My heart connection to you is unbelievably strong, after just finishing one transformational Forgiveness class with you.

The extras you provided us were beyond what I or any of us expected, and the shared journey is one I am so thankful you allowed me to share with you and everyone else in this class. Your thoughtfulness and grace in providing me a partial scholarship so that I could attend has been so heartwarming... that you could let me participate, even though you did not know me at the time, just because I wished to learn. You truly have the best interest of the student and their journey as your priority. I am so amazed at how wonderful your class was. I would not exchange the experience for the world, thank you again so very much.

I think anyone wanting to learn forgiveness, self love or any other issue would greatly benefit from your teaching, whether one or one, or in the classroom journey experience. These words are from my heart. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! You have indeed blessed my life.
" Love and blessings ALWAYS. - Laura I.

 “The most adventurous journey to embark on; is the journey to yourself, the most exciting thing to discover; is who you really are, the most treasured pieces that you can find; are all the pieces of you, the most special portrait you can recognize; is the portrait of your soul.” 

~ C. JoyBell C

You are invited to a four–week journey into Self-Love!

This journey will provide opportunities to:

  • Become your best friend and champion. Soften your negative internal critic to foster kindness, compassion, and self-acceptance. Create a welcoming place integrity for your true SELF to emerge and guide you in living your greatest life.

  • Embrace your brilliance and make a meaningfull contribution to humanity. 

  • Transform stuck patterns that keep you from moving forward and fully sharing your gifts. Restore a harmonious state of personal and inner integrity in alignment with your heart and your dreams.

  • STOP playing small and START ALLOWING the greater than imagined possibilities for your life to transform your reality.

  • Release the “lies” you have come to believe about yourself and claim your value as the magnificent being you truly are.

And so much more...

Lack of love affects EVERY area of your life - health conditions, weight challenges, money flow, emotional well-being, relationships, business success...

Love is an unstoppable force that can transform the world, one person at time and collectively.

In this four week program I will share a powerfull meditation process to open your heart to more love and compassion.

Imagine feeling more peace within yourself …..and being able to resolve the past with compassion and self-love."

Imagine treating yourself with greater compassion, forgiveness and appreciation as the precious magnificent being you truly are.

Imagine feeling good about yourself so that you stop punishing yourself and allow the abundance and love you crave to pour into your life.

And now imagine how allowing your natural state of love to be fully expressed might touch other people's lives... ...more joy, abundance, improved health, loving relationships..

I warn you....

The Pathway journeys are so potent and many folks have had breakthroughs with blocks and past pain they have been struggling with for YEARS. So don't even consider registering if you want to stay where you are. Seriously...

This program is for you if you are ready to have a SACRED life that is rich with love, abundance, joy, peace, and Grace.... with God by your side.  If that is you, do not let this opportunity pass you by!

I am not messing around with just offering practical techniques. I’m invested in supporting you to experience real transformation that shifts your inner state to align with your soul path. That's where the miracles happen.

This is your destiny! And the time is NOW.

Register for this four-week tele-series
for only $197 by midnight EST,
Friday, January 18th, 2013.

On January 19th, the price goes up to $297.

***** Space is limited to 25******

$197 for this entire course with payment plan option!

In this four-week journey into Self-Love, you will receive:

  • Four, 90-120 minute weekly sessions packed with powerfull tools, guidance, and exercises to support you in releasing fears, resentments, judgments, and regrets towards others and YOURSELF. Experience using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in innovative ways to unburden your heart, mind, and spirit.

  • Deepening processes, "on the spot" healing meditations and coaching to release the past and liberate you from the limitations of your mind, providing opportunities to shift conscious and subconscious beliefs that block your peace, joy, and connection with your personal Divine.

  • Skillful and intuitive guidance from a seasoned specialist in shadow and inner child healing. Experience ways to transform pain into peace within a safe, loving, and supportive environment of kindred spirits.

  • Unique opportunities to deepen your relationship and bond with the God of your understanding.

  • Mp3 downloads of all calls so you never miss a thing if you can't attend live plus bonus audios to support your journey.

AND…..As a Oneness blessing giver, blessings (deeksha) will be given on each call to everyone

"Deeksha" (also known as the Oneness Blessing). Deeksha is an ancient word derived from the Sanskrit language that refers to a "benediction" or a "gift", from the Divine, from God, from the Higher Self, which fuels the awakening process. Deeksha is the transfer of a physical energy, which affects a neurobiological shift, deactivating the energy in certain areas of the brain while increasing energy in others, which results in a diminishing of the feeling we all have of separation Deeksha is a Blessing from the Divine that works to activate the kundalini, balance the chakras, and serves to intelligently guide the recipient on an individual, unique journey into higher states of consciousness, and ultimately into the state of Oneness itself.

"What an AMAZING! experience with Lorraine and the Pathways to Awakening-Forgiveness program. When I learned about the session, I was at a low place. My job was horrendously toxic and it was affecting my outlook, performance, relationships and health.

Despite money challenges, I uncharacteristically took a leap of faith and signed up. These calls are experiential and interactive and amazingly, by the second call, my whole attitude, outlook and perceptions had dramatically improved. I found courage to give notice at work, and eased up on beating myself up and others.

Meeting with my Inner Divine Spark-Higher Self was hugely life-altering. Finding forgiveness for my younger selves-I can't even adequately explain how that felt, and the shift inside it created. It was wondrous, miraculous and singularly healing. I feel lighter and more connected and more "able".

Now, at week 4, I have just accepted a new job and better pay with it, and had the added bonus of a week off in between jobs-with pay! As Lorraine says-I had to lose my need to control-to surrender- and have my heart broken open so that it can be filled with a Divine inspired path, pattern, and light.
" - Ruth M.

In four weeks you'll have multiple opportunities to unlock the doors to have increased financial abundance, rewarding relationships, vibrant health, more energy, blossoming creativity, meaningfull work, passion, more love, the freedom to be authentically you and fulfill your Divine destiny ….and so much more.

Fears, lack of forgiveness, and withholding love towards yourself and others controls and limits what you allow yourself to receive into your life.

YOU are the block. YOU are the solution.

I'll show you how to free yourself and your spirit - to live an awakened life and be a beacon of Light for others.

So, if you resonate with what I am saying, join us for the Pathways to Awakening, Journey into Self-Love!

Register for this four-week tele-series
for only $197 by midnight EST,
Friday, January 18th, 2013.

On January 19th, the price goes up to $297.

***** Space is limited to 25******

$197 for this entire course with payment plan option!

Surrendering to the deeper shadow and emotional healing work takes courage. Having a strong inner foundation, trust in yourself and with The Divine to move through the feelings brings Grace. It is not possible to align with the shift in consciousness and avoid the deeper transformation healing.

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself today is liberating your SELF to Awaken. Whatever we resist feeling and embracing blocks our ability to fully feel EVERYTHING including love, joy, inner peace….

In a recent video by a woman called Little Grandmother, she said, "The strongest souls are on the planet today to usher in this new World Age." That means YOU.

It is TIME for you to take your place in the grand design of this new Golden Age that has already begun. Yes, it has already begun….and you chose to be an active participant in this shift of consciousness in which love, prosperity, and Oneness prevails.

Awakening is not just your choice, it is your soul commitment. This is the time you came into this life to experience; that you have been preparing for …. for your own life and for your service to the world.

Even if you can't attend each session, don't worry. I record each one and send you the MP3 file within 24 hours of the session so you won't miss a thing!

This unique and Divinely inspired journey will help you open pathways to greater peace, love, and prosperity.

Register for this four-week tele-series
for only $197 by midnight EST,
Friday, January 18th, 2013.

On January 19th, the price goes up to $297.

***** Space is limited to 25******

$197 for this entire course with payment plan option!

I'm sooooooooo excited to walk this path with you!

Committed to your spiritual journey and transformation and need financial assistance to join this program? Click here to apply for a partial scholarship.

Love and blessings,

Lorraine Cohen, 2013, All Rights Reserved

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