My Personal Journey, September 2017: Beginnings

This month of September I committed to focus inward as things in my life began to fall apart with my health, business, home… to let balls drop and settle deeply into being fully present and living my life very diferently for most of my days in between select clients sessions and work.

This deep space of healing and introspection has been intensely revealing so far. I’ve been cracking through a lot of denial and resistance at the deepest level to allow faith filled soul embodiment to lead from the Divine Feminine back to TRUTH, claim my power and allow my path to unfold.

I’ve always said that we cannot out run ourselves and in this last week I have had to stop running away in fear from something I didn’t want to know about myself and an action I did not want to take. A close friend, Karen Leys, called me out on it as I do with my clients and invited me to tell the truth, to own the truth.

And it wasn’t something I didn’t know about, it was something I was too afraid to face. I have stopped running and taken action in trust and faith. A critical step to freedom.

The term nowhere to run, nowhere to hide has never felt more true for me.

Resistance is such an automatic response and one that is not easily dismantled. It takes daily commitment and a willingness to let go of how to stop resisting and just be present moment to moment. Breathing and allowing all the thoughts, emotions, sensations to flow where they are, as they are.

There is no battle or fight to be won.

Whatever is happening in your life commit to go the distance no matter what. Because in truth, there is no back to return to. There is only forward and the potential for something greater than you can ever imagine.

The time is NOW. 🙂

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