Scarcity vs Abundance AND Vibrant Health

This is something I shared with a client this morning who is dealing with major upheaval in his life and money fears. I sure know this place well from my own life!

“Especially during times of great upheaval in our lives that are further intensified by physical symptoms. There are messages we are trying to tell ourselves and the challenges are pathways to the things we want most. Sometimes we have to get creative in the ways in which we hold onto the things we most need to navigate these periods of incredible potential for healing and growth.

For people who are always giving, when they feel overwhelmed,  scared etc. one of the first things they often do is to eliminate some of the things they need the most for themselves to support their internal foundation to navigate these periods with strength and grace. “The beliefs of,  I can’t afford it, I can’t have this…” are the language of scarcity and lack. Ones that have ruled many people’s lives for eons.”

The truth is that abundance and money is ALWAYS flowing. It’s energy and we are energy beings!! Our natural state, our Divine Essence IS abundance!!! And these fears and constrictions are opportunities to shift the inner programs that disconnect us from our true Source of wealth in every area of life.

Abundance/poverty consciousness ties into money fears, not feeling good enough etc and plays out in health issues and playing small. Wealth is the expression of abundance in EVERY possible form of flow INCLUDING money. Heathy is wealthy. Wealth is health. All part of the same essence.This is where I am playing in my own life in a bigger way so that I don’t create more abundance blocks, stress and health issues.

When we worry the body begins to feel stress, anxiety, and can react in the same way it does to a threat of physical danger as the fight or flight response kicks in. The brain releases stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream. Over a prolonged period of raised levels of these chemicals can start to have a toxic effect on the glands, nervous system and the heart, eventually leading to heart attacks, increased risk of stroke and stomach ulcers.

Worry cause sleeplessness lethargy, musclular pain from physical tension….

And it is widely accepted that anxiety and stress can lower your immune systems ability to work optimally so that you are more susceptible to infection, colds, or other illnesses.


Worrying focuses on what may happen in the future. Worry looks at worse case scenarios, the negative past repeating, anticipated problems, expecting the worst…most of which NEVER happens.

I created a very powerful and unique abundance and money meditation for myself that I use when I feel financial fears and lack worries coming up. I always bring those concerns into meditation and invite the source within me to bring inspiration and ideas that I may not have considered that are pathways of abundance to flow to me. You can get it directly here

Looking at all the abundance I have in my life brings perspective to the lack perspective I may be seeing through the eyes of my ego’s fear. Sometimes the greatest amount of constriction allows us to let go of the resistance to doing some things that bring us rewards we could never have imagined.

Breathing is always key to step out of reaction and come back to center, in this present moment so that I can be open to inspiration, feelings of inner peace, and guidance that is always there for me when I step out of drama.

I continually talk about the critical importance of doing the inner work which is been part of my journey for the last 36 years and the thousands of clients I have been privileged to work with. The answers are always within. When we unshackle our True selves to emerge, we create magic.

Your inner being in an eternally flowing river of love, joy, vibrant health, every form of abundance, peace, and genius. The more aligned you are mentally, emotionally, and physically with your Higher Soul Self, the more easily your life will manifest your deepest desires that serve you in the highest way.

TRUST in the flow of your being that wants your life to be wealthy and healthy with purpose! TRUST and let your spirit lead you.Listen in the stillness to the whispers of your heart. It knows the way through EVERY life experience and will always guide you with love! Keep following your Light!

This is a “one year” that is the beginning of a nine year cycle. What you put your attention on in word, thought, emotion and action is what you are summoning into your present and future. Which voice will you choose to lead you throughout your day – ego or your truest self who loves you more than you can ever imagine.

Last…Resistance and fighting against anything you are experiencing will only create more stress, potential pain, and more discomfort. Yes, I know, easier said than done. The key is to move the ego mind aside and use your breath to support you in letting go so you can flow with the moment. Let go of trying to manage, direct, or control anything and work to stay in a space of allowance – one of no-mind. Less doing and more being. Practice, practice, practice.

And if you have trouble getting out of your own way and letting go, you may ultimately exhaust yourself so much that you finally do let go. If that is your process, as it is mine at times, so be it for now. Keep practicing letting go, rest in the arms of your Higher Self, call in the Angels of Peace and Grace for assistance. It’s a process and the journey. Keep loving yourself as you walk strong and stumble.You are doing great!

We are powerful manifesters and alchemists. I believe we are creating experiences to remember who we are so that we are consciously living with trust and joy.

Fear or Love? Choose wisely. ♥

“I trust the flow of my being”

 One Love


  • Ahmed says:

    Thank you Lorraine for the great ideas. Right if you believe in your self it means you trust in God. If you throw your trust on God you will find the angles surrounding you. Just call on angles of love, peace, abundance to help you.

    • Lorraine says:

      Thank you for commenting Ahmed! I hope you are doing well! So true about faith and trust in yourself, God and the Angelic Realms. And knowing that you are worthy of receiving the abundance that is your birthright! ~ Lorraine

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