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Do you have a product or service you want to bring to a larger audience?

Do you have a message you are bursting to deliver to enrich people's lives?

Discover how to communicate your value and change people's lives using radio and teleseminar guest interviews name recognition and make money by bringing your voice and message to people who need your help

Do you desire to make a difference in the world?

Would you be realizing a dream? Your life purpose and destiny?

Think about the reasons you are in a soul-based business.

You want to be your own boss, fulfill a life-long passion and answer the powerfull calling of your spirit because you know inside that you are here on this earth to do great things. You have a burning desire to make a difference in the world, positively impact on massive amounts of people and be prosperous in your business, right?   

And this year you are ready to stop playing small and say YES to stepping out in a bigger way because it's TIME, isn't it?

With radio and teleseminar guest interviews you can. 

Imagine the legacy you could create by inspiring people to experience more joy, prosperity, and success in all areas of their life by sharing your heart, wisdom, and gifts... in a way that was in integrity with your life path and business.

How can you be in service to the people who need and want your help if they can't find you?


I have been featured on 5 broadcasts as a guest with what I learned from Lorraine Cohen

"Not only did I get great results, I got something more. Lorraine Cohen is a pro who has "been there, done that", having hosted and been a guest on hundreds of radio shows. If you want to SHINE as a radio and guest, take Lorraine's program. You won't be sorry and you will walk away with everything you need to step into the world of radio confidently. I've even hosted my own broadcasts! " - Cari Vollmer, Passion into Profit Mentor, Founder -, Creator - The Passion into Profit Blueprint™

This class not only prepared me to be a Radio Guest - it also provided me with an in depth look at my business.

Exceptional Class! Top quality information far exceeding the course description! When I saw Lorraine was giving her mentorship class I knew I had to be a part of it. She has "been there - done that" and she brings her personal experience and knowledge to this class as well as fantastic guest speakers.  Today I can articulate my passion in a way I was not able to before.To top it off, with Lorraine’s upbeat personality and humor these sessions not only were enlightening they were also fun! I have taken many online classes - some were good - some were OK - this one I truly regard as Excellent!! I absolutely Highly Recommend this Class!
- Ellie Walsh, Life Coach -

My story and how I began in radio.....

Many years ago the very thought of doing public speaking or any kind of media presentations was enough to send me into a panic. As a child I had a slight stutter that worsened when I became nervous. When I began focusing on growing my business, it became clear that speaking to audiences was a must!

So, I took a deep breath, jumped in and booked as many public speaking presentations as I could to get tons of practice. Was I great from the get-go?

No way. In fact I was pretty bad and made loads of mistakes that taught me what worked and what didn't. When I began focusing more on Internet marketing, online radio shows and podcasts were becoming a hot trend and I used what I had learned to secure bookings.

In the middle of an interview the host says to me, "You're great on the radio Lorraine. Have you ever thought about having your own show?" I said YES.

As a host and guest I've built a solid reputation as a credible expert, steadily grown my database, developed greater confidence to talk about what I love, met some incredible people who are wildly successful, and learned how to leverage speaking opportunities to grow my business.

If you're serious about marketing products, services and message to a global audience, this is a fabulous time to use radio and teleseminar interviews to help you succeed.


Recently, Internet-based radio programs have sprung up in astronomical numbers making it possible for anyone in business to reach people worldwide.

Get a load of these impressive statistics:

  • More than one in five has listened to Internet Radio in the past month.

  • At work streaming has increased an average of 43% each year over the last 5 years as of 2006

  • More than eight in ten Americans are online from any location.

  • Internet radio attracts an upper-income audience, with weekly Internet Radio listeners 36% more likely to live in a household with annual income of $100K+ than the general US population 18+

  • 41% of online radio listeners have visited a website due to an ad!
  • Radio web site visitors are highly loyal, with two-thirds of station web site visitors visiting weekly and nearly a quarter visiting daily
* From Arbitron Inc. /Edison Media Research 2006 study

Radio is a powerful tool for communicating your message. Programs are often converted to podcasts and can be downloaded to portable listening devises including cell phones-a hot, hot trend.

According to ClickZ, internet radio advertising is projected to reach over 300 million people by 2009.

Do you have a product or service you want to bring to a larger audience?

You're probably wondering what the step-by-step process is to use radio to connect with your target audience. Indeed, it can seem very confusing. Most likely you're asking yourself "Where do I start? What do I need to do to become an outstanding guest? How do I secure and organize interviews?"

I used to struggle with those same questions.

As both a host and guest, I've participated in well over 200 programs that have been heard and downloaded by hundreds and thousands, of people all over the world.

Contributing as both host and guest has taught me a ton of things about how best to deliver a message that is informative, distinctive, and most of all, memorable.

Even if you don't have a product, radio show interviews can be a great beginning point to begin creating your own products and drive traffic to your site. Interviews can be used as a marketing tool such as a bonus giveaway on your site or in a joint venture campaign. The preparation that goes into your presentation can become an article, free report, or a new product.

Are interviews huge money makers? They can be. Several of my colleagues make a very nice living from teleseminars and radio interviews. To be realistic, I encourage people to view interviews as one of the factors they include in their marketing strategy.

I'm invited to partner in joint venture campaigns every week. Having prior interviews that I can use to offer as a bonus giveaway has been a great way to build my subscriber list. People can download the audio into their iPod and listen to the show anywhere. And, I'm building name recognition by offering high quality content to people who are potential customers!

I have been interviewed by 3 radio hosts and have 6 more radio shows scheduled in the next month.

"Each call provided a tremendous amount of valuable information, bonus material, and resources for the tuition of this teleseminar.This has been an excellent way to let people know about my Health Coaching business and share my message about health and wellness.Thank you! - Debbie Schroeder RN, BSN, Health and Weight Loss Coach

If you are new to being a radio and teleseminar guest or an unnourished seed of a dream you have, Lorraine Cohen’s course is a must

"She provides a content rich program that is easily accessible and immediately applicable. The best part is her warmth and enthusiasm which helped me go from terror to excitement about being on the radio for the first time. Because of the environment that Lorraine creates in her class, I not only felt more relaxed, I was able to be myself and have fun in my very first appearance.– Barbara McCollough, Barbara McCollough, contributing author to Overcomer's Inc.

I created this program for you - a step-by-step road map to prepare your radio and teleseminar presentations as well as finding the right venues.

You're an expert. You're gifted. You want to share your talents with a global audience.

Some folks are great at writing inspiring thoughts and ideas however they lack the ability to communicate that inspiration when interviewed or doing live presentations. Something falls through the cracks. Perhaps they lack the skill to present their ideas in a way that keeps people’s attention.

The ability to communicate ideas in a way that makes people say, "Yes I want that! I need that" is a skill. So often I see and hear stumble for the right words to communicate their value to others and wonder way they fail to connect with the folks who need them the most.That's why I took my highly acclaimed Changing Lives Through Radio & Teleseminar Guest Interviews Mentor program and turned it into a home study program filled with proven tips, models, and strategies to get great feedback like this:

"Lorraine - Thanks so much for being on my radio were terrific! You provided insight, information, and many things to think about. I loved the show...thank you!!."
- Joan Walsh, host of Building a Blockbuster Business

"It's wonderful to talk with a person who knows her subject from the inside out, and can present it from a lot of different directions! Our world needs lots of help with fear; and to talk about using it for personal empowerment is a wonderful gift. Thank you for your work in this world, Lorraine, helping people with what *really* matters!"
-Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., author, The ABCs of Anger, Host, Full Power Living

"Talk show hosts interview all kinds of people, some more eloquent than others, some with great content, some not so much. Lorraine's content was not just incredibly interesting, her delivery was superb. She is witty, and is a pleasure to interview. I look forward to welcoming Lorraine again on my show with future topics."
Danielle Hampson, Talk Show Host, Mind Your BIZness

Do you have a message you are bursting to deliver to enrich people's lives?

One of the best ways to promote a product or service you believe in that will also improve the quality of people's lives is to become a guest, skillful at delivering high quality content in an informative, entertaining way.

Have you ever listened to an interview and felt the presenter was speaking directly to you? You might have been nodding your head the whole time because you were deeply relating to what was being said. And you walked away with an insight, a tip, or a new awareness that has helped you in some way. And now you would like to provide that experience for others, right?

You'll learn tips and insider secrets that I have used, taught others and mastered over the years as both a popular interviewer and guest that has helped me to secure numerous bookings as a guest on radio and teleseminars, summits, and public speaking engagements as an expert in my field.

Find out why world renowned experts like: Neale Donald Walsch, Marci Shimoff, James Twyman, Dr. Judith Orloff, Chris Widener, Dr. Eric Pearl, Janet Attwood, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Gay Hendricks, Mike Dooley, Victoria Moran, Christine Kloser, Peggy McColl and many more... love being on my show.

Changing Lives Through Radio & Teleseminar Interviews Home Study Program will give you the tools you need to bring your message to the people who could benefit from what you have to say and create opportunities for people to do business with you. Step-by-step, I'll show you how!


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In my program you will learn to......

  • Distinguish yourself as a hot guest so that radio hosts will invite you back again and again

  • Be prepared to say YES to interview opportunities at a moment's notice

  • Develop greater confidence to communicate your value by talking about your passions, knowledge, and gifts

  • Effectively leverage your guest appearances to grow your business, build credibility, and enrich people's lives

  • Understand the value of identifying your ideal audience to effectively market your expertise on the right shows
  • Discover what works and what doesn't when it comes to delivering a memorable message - avoid costly mistakes
  • Gain a higher presence on the Internet – greater visibility can introduce you to higher numbers of people who can become potential clients

  • Craft pitch letters that will catch the eye of hosts who will want to book you on their show.
Past students have raved about these additional program benefits saying, "In essence this program is 2 in 1. It’s a course that helps people get clear on:
  • Who they are
  • What they bring to others
  • Their unique and compelling message
  • Effective and inspiring ways to articulate that message
  • What distinguishes them from the others in their field
  • Who their audience is
  • How to reach that audience

As well as prepares them for radio interviews! It is truly an outstanding class!"

You get triple duty! The content in Changing Lives Through Radio & Teleseminar Guest Interviews Home Study Program is so potent you'll find you can apply what you learn in any situation (such as networking events, public presentations, and even standing in line at the supermarket).

This program provided me with the tools I need to shine and awakened my belief in my message!

"It's hard to know where to begin singing praises for Lorraine's Radio Guest Program. In addition to being beautifully organized, the examples and samples of material provided were exceptional. All of Lorraine's suggestions were supported by other guest speakers as well. Lorraine's guidance brought my awareness and understanding of my potential to new levels and I've secured 4 internet radio interviews. I feel very prepared and extremely confident!"
Thanks Lorraine...
- Jen Charbonneau,,

Lorraine’s class is chock-full of every resource you need from start to finish for increasing your radio presence and giving successful interviews!

"She generously shares what you need to know to be successful and is truly interested in you getting results. Anyone who is considering a radio show or is being interviewed frequently will love her wealth of practical experience and information!"- Laura West, Center for Joyful Business,

Changing Lives Through Radio & Teleseminars Guest Interviews Program Details

Each session includes a jam-packed learning guide to give you the best practices, models, and infrastructure to be highly successful as a radio guest. You'll have 2-3 action steps to take each week to implement the session material. The sessions are interactive for you'll have time for questions and answers.

Regardless of whether you are brand new to being a guest or a seasoned professional, there are specific steps you can take to assure greater success.

And I've purposefully designed this course to bring you tips you can use on the air, in any virtual environment, and for your speaking engagements.

With the program you will have an impressive interview packet, the blueprint for a great media kit and be prepared to market yourself to your  target audience. The rest is up to you!


Session 1

This session covers the infrastructure and best practices that successful experts use to prepare for radio interviews, speaking presentations and teleseminars.

Creating the basics of your program and preparing your presentation

  • Identify your unique qualities, talents, and expertise that will make you an outstanding guest

  • How to self-promote while providing high quality content

  • Distinguish yourself from others with a similar message

  • Build confidence and talk about your passions

  • Create the essential elements for your interview packet to pitch to show hosts

Session 2

Once you have the foundation set for your presentations, the next step is communicating your message in ways that engage, inspire, and motivate your audience.

Media Skills

  • Learn to sound like a pro from the start and position yourself as a credible expert

  • Find out how “making connections” with your audience results in building credibility, growing your database, and generating more income

  • Common mistakes to avoid that will instantly turn off your audience

  • Tips to overcome performance anxiety

  • Access a blueprint for creating your media kit including an easy to follow checklist to make your efforts... effortless.

Session 3

So, you know what you love talking about, you’ve been working on communicating your message and began assembling the elements of your media kit, now it’s time to find the right show that matches your target market.

Identify shows that put you in front of your market

  • Define your target audience and your ideal client. This is an area I find where many people are unclear and confused!

  • Identify your customers' most pressing challenges and burning desires and why this is essential information to your presentation success

  • Where and how to find shows that are a perfect fit

  • How to choose the best shows for your message, products, and services

  • Sure-fire tips to leverage your presentation to grow your business and generate income

Session 4

Now it’s time to make your pitch and get booked on shows. Are you excited? In this session you’ll be pulling the pieces together to begin marketing yourself to show hosts. You'll learn how to create a compelling pitch letter to secure bookings.

Secure your radio bookings

  • Learn how to effectively use pitch letters. This is your first contact with show hosts and you want to grab their attention so they will want to book you!

  • Draft several pitch letters for different target audiences. I have a load of samples for you!

  • Complete your “kick butt” interview packet so that you feel confident about your topics and prepared for your interviews!

  • PR tips to secure bookings that can save you time and costly mistakes

Session 5

Wrap up class to integrate all 4 weeks. Listen to several LIVE mock interviews with past program participants to gain valuable insights and additional tips to make your guest appearance compelling and brilliant.


If you are a newbie to radio or a seasoned guest, go no further. Lorraine provides "everything you wanted to know about radio shows but were afraid to ask" and MORE.

I cannot thank Lorraine Cohen enough for such an outstanding course! The combination of content, dialogue, homework and speaker recordings is outstanding! I have everything I need to present myself and GET spots on radio. To top it all off, a half hour coaching session with Lorraine is an experience in itself.Thank you from the bottom of my heart :) -Eleanore Ballentine

The amount of information Lorraine provides is phenomenal and the benefits of this class will go on for a long time!

Live interviews with professionals in the field add to the value. Being able to speak to them directly and ask questions was another bonus. Lorraine is upbeat, challenging and non-judgmental. She is a terrific interviewer AND a great teacher. This class is a great bargain! - Lynn Bieber, MFT. [email protected]

In this 5-session home study program you'll receive

  • Specific tips, strategies, and techniques you can implement immediately to explode your radio and teleseminar career
  • Access to 5 live unedited recorded calls using time-tested methods that will help you get known and make money
  • Access to my expertise from the comfort of your home or office
  • Interactive Q&A sessions in each and every call
  • Downloadable learning guides with models, scripts, and samples you can duplicate and adapt to your unique style
  • Access to over 12 hours of live recordings from past hot guest experts
  • Unedited Mp3 downloads and revised comprehensive transcriptions of all sessions 
Media resources and special offers
And so much more......


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(two payments of $360)
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Taking Lorraine's class on using radio and teleseminars was a great boon to my business!

Her organized, professional, supportive and fun style of presenting made the class a joy and learning very easy. I finished the class having a clearer direction for my work (a surprise benefit not listed) and much greater confidence in my presenting and speaking abilities. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to play in a bigger arena.
- Solane’ Verraine, Spiritual Life Coach.

It was one of the few courses I have taken that was definitely worth the tuition!

Lorraine, I want to thank you for the wonderful, information packed seminar! Not only did I learn practical steps on becoming a frequent radio guest, but the seminar was fun! Your expert guest speakers were wonderful with lots of valuable information. Thanks!
- Jan Foster, owner -

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I don’t have a product to promote?

Radio show  and teleseminar interviews can be a great beginning point to begin creating your own products and drive traffic to your site. Interviews can be used as a marketing tool such as a bonus giveaway on your site or in a joint venture campaign. The preparation that goes into your presentation can become an article, free report or a new product.

And if you have a long range view of using radio to market yourself in a much bigger way such as public speaking, you can collect the best of your interviews into a digital press kit to promote yourself.

I’ll show you ways you can leverage radio shows to your advantage.

Q: How can I do radio interviews if I have a fear of public speaking?

A lot of people use their fear of public speaking to shy away from radio interviews and achieving the level of success they desire. With my background in overcoming my own fears including public speaking, I’ve mentored many people to break through their fears, express their passions with confidence, and have fun speaking to audiences.

I will teach you specific strategies so your fear won't hold you back.

Q: What if I'm a beginner and have never done a radio show before?

Before we get good at anything, we start as a beginner. Interviews can be a great way to practice and validate how much you know that can be of benefit to others. I have found that people are more skillful than they realize in communicating their knowledge and insights. The good news is that there are so many different kinds of shows and some of the hosts are new too, which can be a great playground for practice.

I’ll teach you the steps and process to organize your ideas and feel prepared to use radio as a venue as you develop your confidence and proficiency.

Q: What if I already have experience being radio and teleseminar guest? Will this material be too basic?

Whatever your level of experience, if you are not achieving the results you want, you’ll likely learn where you might have some gaps in your process and ways you can close those gaps to be more effective and profitable

Q: What materials do I receive?

You receive a learning guide for each session, the downloadable audio file, models and samples you can duplicate as well as transcriptions from each session. You’ll also have access to recordings from past expert guests who will share their success secrets and strategies.

Q: Can I really make money being a radio guest?

Absolutely. But, being on a show is not a get-rich quick strategy. Using radio interviews will help you build a marketing platform that can become money-making opportunities for both you and the host. The key is applying the knowledge in a strategic way that will maximize your results. 
If you expect interviews to be immediately profitable, you will probably be disappointed

I’ll be teaching some great tips on how to generate income opportunities.

Q: I don’t have a website. Am I spinning my wheels considering talk shows without a website in place?

Many people don’t have a website. There are a variety of ways to create online presence such as having a blog, a Squidoo lens, and social networking sites that provide profile pages. Today people can connect and do business in more ways than you might think!

Q: Can I use the material from this course for public speaking presentations or teleseminars if I decide not to pursue radio interviews?

I specifically designed the course materials to give you the tools and confidence to position you as an expert in any venue where you have an audience.

Now, if you're looking for an over night money making strategy or a program that promises to bring you instant visibility, wealth, and name recognition, I suggest you pass this program by. It takes time to reap the potential rewards from doing interviews and I won't make that guarantee to you. What you can count on is that I'll share with you everything I've learned to be successfull with audiences and groups that have helped me and my clients to make a difference in people's lives, generate income, build credibility as an expert, and brand recognition. The bonus audios from past guest experts who I interviewed in this training course are invaluable resources that you'd pay a ton of money for if you spoke with them individually. What you do with information to achieve success is up to you!

This proven program has helped countless numbers of people to be more successfull in all areas of their business. When you purchase this program you will be given immediate access to all of the course materials which is why I do not guarantee individual success or give refunds. If you are dissatisfied with this program, an option to use your investment as an exchange towards another Powerfull Living program or service is available.


I highly recommend Lorraine Cohen's Radio & Teleseminar Mentorship Program to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level as well as learning to be a great guest.

The weekly learning guides are comprehensive, the classes are full of juicy tips and you get to play too! Was it worth it? YES! Don't be surprised if your self-esteem grows too! Besides acquiring the tools, tips, skills and more to become a great guest, I have been an interviewer as a radio host too! - Suzie Cheel aka Abundance Queen (Law of Attraction facilitator and trainer, author, radio host, Law of Attraction in Action:

Lorraine obviously puts her heart and soul into helping her students

It was crammed full of extremely helpful information with loads of thought provoking tasks to accomplish. Lorraine then did a practice interview which was highly relevant and eye-opening. I know that my success with my upcoming business ventures will be a testimony to her skill as a motivator and trainer. - Gillian Pritchett, Business consultant and coach.


AnitaSpecial guest expert interview with Anita Pathik Law – Founder of The Power of Our Way Community and host of Conscious Dialogues™. Anita is a coach, published author, speaker and a powerful voice in the consciousness movement. As a popular guest and broadcaster, you’ll learn Insider Tips to sharing your heart and message in ways that inspire audiences.

Audio runs approx. 28 minutes.

You’ll also receive a special hypnosis audio for public speaking with confidence.

Value – $69

DiannaSpecial guest expert interview with Dianne Legro – President of Speaking Success International is an international speaker, voice specialist and speech/presentations skills expert coach. Her expertise includes performing on the Broadway stage, working with Fortune 500 companies and top government agencies to master ways to deliver a compelling message. Learn Insider Tips to being a presentation star.

Audio runs approx. 53 minutes

Value - $79

KathleenSpecial guest interview with Kathleen Gage, President of Turning Point, Inc. and Maxwell Publishing, is known as The Street Smarts Marketer™. Kathleen works with speakers, trainers, authors and consultants who are ready to turn their expertise into money-making products and services. Learn Insider Tips from a sought-after speaker on ways to market your presentation to your ideal audience.

Audio runs approx 54 minutes

Value - $79

You’ll also receive two additional fabulous bonuses – Directory of Resources for Internet Radio and Radio Interviews Version 2 – A Recipe for Success ($27 Value)

JackieSpecial guest interview with Jackie Lapin - CEO of Jackie Lapin Media Relations and its’ subdivision Conscious Media Relations. Award-winning media and public relations expert with over 25 years experience working with sports, entertainment, consumer marketing, and authors. Lapin’s agency handles book launches, general media tours, and radio media tours for authors, speakers, coaches, and visionaries to help people bring their products and services to a global market. Arrange Radio Media Tours that directly connect with 600+ personal development radio shows. Learn 10 Insider Tips to Put Pizzazz in Your Pitch--Getting Radio Hosts So Excited They Demand You!

Audio runs approx 55 minutes

Value - $99 (really priceless!)

You'll also receive several samples of press releases and promos Jackie uses to promote her clients!

AlexGet Rich & Become Famous Being A Guest On Big Radio Shows”

Hear my guest interview with Alex Carroll. Over the past 10 years Alex Carroll has been a guest on more than ONE THOUSAND radio shows (1,246 to be exact), captured well over $4,500,000 in free radio airtime, and generated more than $1,500,000 in orders directly from listeners … all without spending a DIME on advertising and rarely leaving the comfort of his own home.

You’ll hear him spill the beans on exactly how to extract a mother lode from the radio publicity gold mine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling seminars, books, products, services, newsletters, a website, a cause, or a campaign … He'll be sharing a ton of information on how you can generate thousands of dollars worth of free publicity right from your home or office as a radio guest.

Audio is approx. 31 minutes

Value - $69 (really priceless)

Joan StewartHear my recorded interview with Joan Stewart, aka The Publicity Hound from my Powerfull Living radio show on Blog Talk, January 2008. Learn "How to Promote Your Expertise Online and Offline and Generate Thousands of Dollars in Free Publicity". Hear about ways to form strong relations with media people and get thousands of dollars in free publicity.

Audio is approx. 59 minutes.

Value $69

Special guest interview with Ilene Dillon, a California Clinical Social Worker with a 35+ year private practice, Ilene is author of 15 published works. Since 2004 she has joyfully created and hosted Full Power Living, a weekly Internet radio broadcast that is the only internationally-broadcast show focused on human emotions. Learn Insider Tips from a seasoned show host and guest about how to be a guest that interviewers love to book.

Audio is approx. 57 minutes

Value $59

SuzannSpecial guest interview with Suzann Rye, bestselling author and an internationally renowned expert on voice and performance training. Her work is rooted in her extensive stage experience - over twenty years as a performer and vocalist. As a voice performance and life-coach, Suzann has helped thousands of people finding their own voices and transform their lives. Learn Insider Tips to express your authentic message to an audience eager to find you.

Audio is approx. one hour and 6 minutes

Value $79

LoriSpecial guest interview with Lori Giovannoni. As a professional speaker Lori has addressed over 250,000 people; she is an author and founder of How To Become A Six Figure A Year Speaker! a unique training course for anyone serious about becoming a professional speaker. In addition Lori is an expert in the field of media training. She has coached CEO’s, executives, speakers, trainers, authors and entrepreneurs on how to be a great radio guest. Learn Insider tips to turn an average interview into a “knock their socks off event.”

Audio is approx. one hour and 20 minutes

Value $129

Raven DavisSpecial bonus call with Raven Blair Davis, known as the Talk Show Maven, popular host of Internet Radio shows: Women Power -Radio and Mentoring from MLM Divas Live!

Known as the Talk Show Maven, Raven Blair Davis has over 25 years experience in telecommunications, tele-sales/telemarketing, customer service and management. She is known by friends, family, clients and associates as "The Telephone Diva" and feels you can do any job or create business over the phone, once you learn and master the art of tele-connecting. She is also live on 1320 WARL Am radio with her newest show Careers From The Kitchen Table.

Interested in hosting your own show? Learn Insider Tips about show hosting from a pro who has interviewed powerful business owners, recording artists and actors, like: Les Brown "The Motivator" - International speaker, Victoria Rowell - Acclaimed Actress (Young & The Restless) Alex Mandossian - Internet Marketing Guru , Dr. Joe Vitale - Marketing Guru and many more.

You'll also receive a special discount to receive Raven's Kitchen Table Radio - Home Study Course, How To Produce, Post and Profit from Your Own Radio Show."

Audio is approx. one hour and 10 minutes

Value $99

GayleSpecial Bonus call with Gayl Murphy, Veteran Hollywood Correspondent, Media and Presentational Coach, Speaker and Author. As a Media Expert, Gayl celebritizes entrepreneurs, entertainment industry pros, CEO’s, authors, experts, inventors, doctors, engineers, lifestyle gurus and celebrities in business and entertainment how to dodge media bullets and CELEBRITIZE themselves and their brands so they can TELL IT TO SELL IT! Learn "Interview Tactics" from a pro.

Audio is approx. 65 minutes

Value - $59

BrentSpecial bonus call with Brent Law, Media Specialist and owner of Phoenix Studios, a full production digital recording, mixing, mastering & duplication studio. Learn about how you can leverage your radio and telesminar guest interviews to create digital press kits, videos, and recordings to reach people globally and secure bookings.

Audio is approx 51 minutes

Plus - receive a link to download meditation music

Value - $69

Janet EspositoSpecial bonus call with Janet Esposito, bestselling author, coach, and workshop leader with more than a decade of experience in helping people who fear public speaking and performing. Hosted by Kathleen Gage titled "Getting Over Stage Fright", you will learn how to respond to your fear and nervousness in a more positive and powerful way, reduce and manage physical symptoms of fear and anxiety, tap into the power of your mind so that it works for you, not against you, draw upon the wisdom of your spiritual nature to help transform your fear, and turn your challenge into a catalyst for personal growth.

Audio is approx. one hour 10 minutes

Value - $79

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(two payments of $360)
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