Soul Café

We are One

Are you feeling isolated and long to connect with kindred spirits in a safe, loving environment?

You might be feeling stuck, scared, confused, overwhelmed, frustrated…. You may desire a deeper spiritual connection with your own heart and Divinity with prayers for guidance and direction.

You might also be praying for stronger faith, trust, and courage to experience more grace, prosperity, love, joy no matter what is happening all around you.

You might ready to share your gifts and Light in a bigger way to transform the world.

I know how much richer my life is because of the circle of friends and support I have. During those times when I need a boost, encouragement, perspective, and a nudge, having a community in my life has been a blessing!

My gift as a life strategist and spiritual guide is to help you to release your fears and emotional burden and liberate your True Self  and also be of service to humanity. I’m blessed with a strong spiritual support system that helps me to stay strong when I feel vulnerable and shaky.

Feeling validated,  getting a reality check, expanding your perspective or being reminded of something you have momentarily forgotten can be the key to unhooking from a drama reaction to reconnect with your  POWER center.

Having support to be heard, express what you feel, and shift perspective to regain your faith, trust, and inner strength makes a huge difference when you feel yourself slipping into fear, pain, and unconsciousness.

It’s a lifeline back to your spirit and the Divine - remembering who you are! Reclaim your power to become the creator of your destiny.

Become a member of the Soul Cafe’ virtual community:

The Soul Cafe’ is an interactive opportunity designed to support your growth and evolution as well as expand our collective Oneness through community and shared wisdom.

Imagine sitting with friends having a cup of coffee or tea and engaging in meaningfull conversation.

What would you want to talk about that is of the greatest value to you?

What would support you the most to thrive in your life right now?

Rich conversations often reveal common themes that unite us in shared challenges and victories.

Imagine having people who value deep juicy conversations that invite revealing insights to emerge. Conversations that ignite passion and vitality for life!

Imagine having a group of people to share successes, insights, wisdom, and honest, loving conversation that catapults you higher into your greatness……to be the Light you are meant to be in the world.

Join me for transformational experiences that include readings, guided meditations, spirited discussions…whatever Divinely unfolds… support you mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually as we all move through this powerfull time of change and new possibilities.

When you join the Soul Cafe’ you’ll receive:

1. Two 60 - 75 minute monthly calls on Tuesdays with teachings, spiritual guidance, and opportunities to ask for support with your most pressing concerns, challenges and opportunities. The focus will be on your  personal transformation and spiritual awakening rather than on your business. The calls will be interactive as we co-create the sessions together.

2. Access to all recordings as mp3 downloads within 24 hours of each call. Listen to them over and over at your convenience.

3. safe, loving space to be authentic, heard, and spiritually supported by other like-hearted souls. You can talk about anything that is on your mind. All perspectives are welcome!

4. Spiritual guidance, tips, resources, and some other goodies including special pricing if you’d like to schedule some private sessions with me!

5. Be part of an online community on Facebook.

* You might make some new friends and form new business alliances!

PLUS!! When you choose to remain a member after the 14-day trial, you will receive my BRAND new Internal Foundation Self-Study program with my compliments. This special ten session program called, “I Am Revealed” will guide you in creating a solid inner foundation base in harmony with your True Self and provide a “structure” to be more able to sustain the “earthquakes of life”; to turn trials in triumphs. You are among the first to receive this program! Valued at $597.

This is not a passive group. Your feedback and participation is ESSENTIAL to provide the topics and focus that create the group dynamics. This is a interactive experience to strengthen your inner world so that your outer reality is an expression of your deepest desires and soul path. Bring your unique needs, questions, challenges and triumphs to create inner shifts that will also benefit the world. Engagement is the key.

Read my article on getting what you want from virtual opportunities here

Is this opportunity an answer to your prayer?

Take advantage of a 15-day Free Trial, then just $57/month (every 30 days)

Two calls per month on Tuesdays, noon EST


Details on this invitation:

Your free trial is totally risk-free. You’ll have access to at least one member call. Once your first payment goes through, you will receive my BRAND NEW Internal Foundation program for FREE.

You don’t have to be “live” on the member calls to get help. You can submit your questions ahead of time and then listen to the recording. I will answer as many questions as I can on each call and I will remind you to send me any questions in the reminder member call emails.

To make things easy for both of us, you’ll provide your credit card information today when you choose to give us a try. We won’t access that information or charge you anything to you until the trial period ends. (Paypal cannot be used for this program).

We hope you want to stick around, but if you decide to cancel, just email [email protected] or call 610-415-1733 prior to the last day of your free trial. It’s an easy and friendly process from our end. You have no long-term contract or commitment.

We don’t do retroactive cancellations, though, and we don’t pro-rate cancellations. It’s just too complicated on our end.  If you cancel your membership, you’ll have full access to all the materials shared and all calls through the end of your  current pay period. Please don’t ask us to cancel after your payment goes through. Thanks.

Register for the Soul Cafe

Tuesdays, noon EST! This group begins this summer 2013!


I’m excited to join with you to co-create a great future!



** Reminder: This is NOT a coaching group to focus on growing your business or for self-promotion **

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