Awakening to Love: Living In The Spirit of Grace

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Are you ready to resolve the past, release pain and suffering to live a soulfully abundant life?

Are you ready to liberate your heart and soul to deepen your connection with the Divine and claim your Divine destiny?

Lorraine’s unique transformational collection is a series of deepening processes given to her through Divine inspiration to help you bring the past to peace, open your heart to love and deepen your connection with the Divine.

Experience high vibrational meditation journeys and energy activations to support your heart to heal and blossom so that you can live a rich and meaningfull life in harmony with your spirit. Several of the meditations have Theta brainwave technology music to enhance your receptivity to experience deep transformation and are embedded with Oneness Blessings, an energy transmission of Divine Grace to accelerate your Spiritual Awakening. 

With this powerfull collection you will open to new experiences of faith, trust, courage, love, and freedom. Each time you listen to these unique audios you will experience deeper transformation and connection to your Divinity, raising your vibrations to higher states of abundance and joy from the inside out!

When your heart is open to love miracles happen.

If you feel your heart saying yes, longing for more ease and Grace, or truly desire to live a soul directed life, this life-changing collection will help you create that and so much more!


Item #1

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Coming Home To Your Heart

Experience a potent guided process to explore your “inner home” within your core heart. Clear emotional burdens and patterns to welcome your hopes and dreams, embrace your strengths, gifts and talents,and reunite with your Sacred Self. Unite your heart and ego – ending separation, and inner resistance…moving into Grace and inner peace. You will create a sacred inner haven to heighten your intuition, instincts and resonance to make choices that are in harmony with your passions and life path. When you are in alignment with your higher purpose and trust your wise self to guide you in each moment, magic happens. Life shifts from struggle to Grace. This journey will help you do that!



 Item #2

 Download as an MP3 — Value $49


Love purpleThrough The Eyes of Love

Do you have a love/hate relationship with yourself? Do you struggle with patterns of self-sabotage and “not good enough? Experience a powerfull journey to see yourself through the eyes of Divine love, to remember and reclaim the TRUTH of who you are as a beautiful, precious child of God.  You will be guided to release the lies you have come to believe about yourself  to cultivate greater compassion, kindness and self-love towards yourself. Love opens doorways to receive life’s miracles as you walk hand in hand with the Power of Grace. This journey will inspire and invite you to welcome the blessings that the Universe is ready to deliver to you with open arms. 


Item #3

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forgiveness3 Mother/Father Relationship Healing

Your mother/father relationship or whoever your parental figures were affects every relationship in your life. Carrying unresolved pain from the past creates money challenges, health issues and life obstacles. Experience a powerfull process recorded live from Lorraine’s Pathways to Awakening program, Journey through Forgiveness that was created to give your heart a voice and release repressed emotional energies to bring greater peace and harmony within yourself and with your parents, whether they are alive or deceased. This guided journey will create a pathway through forgiveness to unlock your heart to deeper compassion and self-love; feeling lighter and open to receive the goodness that life is ready to deliver!

Item #4

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Fear program pictureCourageously Living Your Divine Destiny

Does fear hold you back from creating the life you want? Do you have hopes and dreams that you are yearning to manifest? Your life is meant to be happy and abundant. You have a purpose you are meant to fulfill! Within you is the POWER to transcend any perceived obstacle to transform yourself and your life. In this life-changing meditation you will be guided to strengthen your inner foundation to rewrite the next chapter of your life. Experience a simple yet profound process to anchor into the Power and Presence of your Infinite Nature of Love and Abundance to navigate through life’s challenges with greater power and Grace.  Emerge strong and excited to welcome a new day of limitless possibilities on your horizon!


Item #5

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ascension lotus
The Crystal Pyramid Color Healing

Experience a deep journey through the seven energy centers of your body to clear, cleanse and transcend programs and perceptions that no longer serve you and block your ability to live a vital abundant life in harmony with your passion and purpose. Release constricted states that keep you stuck in fear, lack, unworthiness, sexual repression, unforgiveness, doubt.. .to allow your heart and soul to have a greater voice and presence in your life for yourself and the world. This meditation will help you remember and reconnect with your True Self; to emerge as your own champion and hero in rewriting your present and future in alignment with your spirit. Receive a special gift from the Divine to carry you gracefully forward into a glorious future. Be prepared to make a huge shift in this journey!



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Oneness8Meeting With The Board: Creating Your Inner Community

During the course of our life, we take on many roles and identities that become part of who we believe ourselves to be. You might view certain parts of yourself with disdain and others with positive appreciation. Each part has served you in ways to help you thrive or survive. To be whole, you must welcome and embrace ALL parts of yourself so that you will evolve and transform in higher expressions of who you are. Experience a unique and creative guided process to support wholeness, inviting the best of who you are to emerge and shine! Plus you will also receive a sample script  to play with this idea in ways that support your own healing and growth.


Item #7

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Pathways to Awakening Journey 50% Special Coupon Offer!

Secure a seat in Lorraine’s transformation program people are raving about. The Pathways To Awakening program is an ongoing experiential journey over a series of four weekly tele-gatherings that incorporate Divinely inspired messages, spirited discussions, deepening processes, exercises, and soul guided meditations, Choose a seat in one of six 4-week mini -journeys through Self-love, Forgiveness, Grace, Courage, Faith and Trust, and Divine Destiny. Receive a special 50% coupon to save $99 - $149 depending on when you register to be used with six months of purchasing this special package. People  have shifts in this potent program, often in minutes! Are you ready for a breakthrough?


Bonus Audio

Download as an MP3 - Value $15


Nature ConnectWithSunWelcoming A New Day

How you start your day can set the tone and energy for your experiences throughout your day. When you are rushing around feeling stressed, anxious and disconnected from yourself life can feel stressfull and full of struggle. This short guided meditation will help you to feel centered and connected to your heart, grounded in your body, and ready to create a beautiful day with your spirit and Grace to guide you.





Make your Sacred SELF a priority and start living the life you are destined for by investing in YOU today


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EVERYTHING in Package #1 PLUS a 30-minute

BREAKTHROUGH private session with Lorraine Cohen (Value: $250)

(Total Value $1566 )


Gracefully navigate any inner shift you wish to make or any challenges you might be facing. Private work with Lorraine has lead to incredible results for visionaries and transformational leaders (like you) who are breaking through to the next level…and have a passion for helping to reshape the world. Be prepared to create breakthroughs when you work with Lorraine! (*Session must be claimed within 90 days of purchase)

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What people say about Lorraine’s gifts


“Your Divinely-guided wisdom on the call is exemplary and provides a healing of the soul.” – Michelle Mayur,

“I am so excited about this! This is an answer to my prayers. I feel so uplifted and happy. Thank You. Love to You!” - LB

“Thank you for the meditation. I emerged in joy and inspiration” - HM

“Thank you so much Lorraine, you do not know how much I needed this! Your divine calling on this has served my needs. You are amazing. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!” - CS

“Thank you Lorraine for a very inspiring teaching and blessing which has lifted my spirit. I am grateful, thank you for being you, bless your beautiful heart. May the abundance to have just offered multiply in your life a thousand fold!” - GK

“Best divine love answers ever, I am open and willing to receive all of God’s blessings in the New Year. Thanks Lorraine!” - LM

“I find Lorraine’s guided meditations to be very powerful. Her voice is so soothing and almost has a healing quality to it. I love coming home after a long day at work, putting on my headphones, and getting lost in Lorraine’s meditative journeys. Even though I’ve only been using the audios for a few days, I already feel an increase in peace of mind and happiness.” -Ana. Ft. Lauderdale,FL

“Oh, Thank you so much Lorraine for the incredible illumination I am feeling a shift in this moment, particularly around depression. Many Blessings to you ” - BC

“A great process has started, I am shaking and I feel energy moving in my body…Thank you SOOO much, I do feel SOO aligned with this call, it feels absolutely great and exciting, thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Sofia

“I felt healing and started crying because I felt I was reconnected to God. Fear came in my life at this time to help me to come back to the Source. I’m sure I could go deeper in my past and unlock some blocks. Hopefully in the near future I could have a private session. I love you. You are doing an awesome job.”- Lise, Ontario, Canada



Creatively inspiring and innovative founder of Powerfull Living, Lorraine Cohen is an internationally recognized life strategist, spiritual guide, and healer. A powerfull inspirational speaker, teacher, and charismatic broadcast personality, Lorraine uses her extraordinary spiritual and intuitive gifts to empower her clients to transform fear, release their burdens, and liberate their True Self.

For more than 25 years, Lorraine has assisted thousands of people worldwide to live a life that is ‘awake and authentic’ and to create a reality that is conscious, deliberate and meaningful through her signature programs, teleseminars, workshops, retreats, and private sessions.

In 2011 Lorraine became a Oneness Blessing Giver through Oneness University in India and has experienced dramatic transformation within herself and those whose life she touches. In her quest to know and feel God’s love, anchored in faith and trust, she guides others to do the same. Humanity’s awakening is her deepest prayer and commitment.

As a popular broadcaster, she hosts The Compelling Conversations for Powerfull Living Series on personal development  and spiritual topics with leaders in the field including: Marci Shimoff, James Twyman, Neale Donald Walsch, Gay Hendricks, Joan Borysenko, and many others. Her warm and engaging presentation style makes her a sought after public speaker, media guest, and workshop leader engaging audiences worldwide.