How To Stand Stronger When Your Faith is Shaky

By October 19, 2019Featured

It’s normal to have those times when self-confidence wanes, fears and doubts creep in and faith gets shaky. I have felt that many times as I have been working with my health and healing.

I admit that my own faith can shake when the voice of my inner victim and fear is loud. I listen fairly well to my instincts and inner guidance and I still have those times when my ego voice is strong! “What am I doing wrong? Why is this happeneing to me? What makes things so hard? Life is not supposed to be this hard! What do I do?”

The inner struggle begins, emotions shift from fear to anger and back again (we feel so much stronger in our anger than we do in our fear!). It’s a painful cycle that can be exhausting.

Thankfully, I know how to shift out of the negative self-talk and rebound quickly.

What strengthens your faith when facing negative challenges?

Ask yourself:

1. In what do I trust?
2. In what do I have faith in no matter what happens? Where is my faith unwavering?
3. What am I great-full for? (I write two full pages of things I’m great-full for every night).
4. What do I know (in my heart and soul) that is absolutely true? (The stories and dramas I create vs. what is real).
5. What healing opportunity is emerging in this experience? (What might be the gift or blessing in this experience?)
6. What is asking to emerge?
7. Who am I being called to be and what am I being called to do?
8. What is the truth, right now in this moment?
9. Do I have what I need in this moment?

You choose where you place your attention and what you believe to be true.

Three actions to shift from fear into faith:

1. Do an act of kindness for someone. I find that when I do something that is heartfelt and generous with the intention of being of service and contribution, feelings of peace and joy push forward into my heart and mind. It hard to stay fear-full and untrusting when you’re feeling good.

Money fears often shake faith and trust and create lack when we are focused on not having enough.. Giving is especially powerful to move energy and open the flow. Giving and receiving are the same vibration. As we give we receive.

2. Call someone you love for support. Sometimes we are too close to our own illusions and dramas and lack the ability to regain perspective. Reaching out to the people in your life is a power-full way to receive the gift of love so that you find you way back to clarity and peace.

3. Do something that is self-nurturing. Be loving and compassionate with yourself when you’re feeling vulnerable. Taking time for YOU might be just what you need to see your life situations from a broader viewpoint. In other words, being open to see options and possibilities rather than only seeing problems and difficulties.

Doing some self-reflection is another great practice. Feeling fear, anger and resentments is usually a sign that you need to work through some forgiveness towards others as well as yourself. Often, the one we are most upset with is US! Feeling compassion and forgiveness towards ourselves helps us to reconnect with our spirit.

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