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Why Trying To Get “Rid Of Fear” Is A Mind Game You Can’t Win

“You are allowed to be scared. Fear doesn’t come up because you did something wrong, you’re doomed, or you look funny. Fear comes up because you’re not seeing some gorgeous, valuable and much-needed jewel right where you’re standing, and it will absolutely not let you go out that door without it.” - Mark Silver

I’ve been dancing with fear all my life. For example, when I was in my 30’s I overcame fear of public speaking to become a sought after speaker and I moved to a new state with little money and no steady income to build a coaching/spiritual guidance/therapy practice that is approaching its 28th year. Was it scary? Hell yeah.

How did I deal with my fears and doubts? At the time I used what most people were working with: affirmations, creative visualization, focusing on being in the present, breathing, hypnosis, emotionally eating….techniques geared to interrupt the mental messages, body sensations, and change beliefs and “get rid” of the fear feelings.

The focus was all about stopping and getting rid of unwanted fears and feelings.

In the late 1990’s my life fell apart for the second time.  After buying a new home, a new car, doing some home renovations, my therapy practice suddenly began to steadily decline. Money fears created a panic and I found the usual mind control techniques failed to provide any long term relief. I had periods of feeling terrified, helpless, angry, desperate, and sad. At other times I saw something miraculous happening that would change my life if I just stayed strong and trusting to walk the distance through the darkness into the Light.

What was missing?

I began to understand the missing pieces.  I realized that facing fear is not about overcoming it, it is about walking through it. I began looking at fear in a new light…

Instead, imagine seeing fear as an ally to:

  • Keep you out of harm’s way by alerting you to danger
  • Help you to discern when you need to set healthy boundaries to be safe and protected
  • Support you in developing courage to show up to LIFE
  • Build faith in yourself, others, and God
  • Provide motivational and inspirational energy to break through perceived limitations and illusions to stand in your greatness.
  • Show you when the “little you” inside needs attention and comfort; to feel love, care, and protection
  • Empower you to find your voice in your relationships, your business and in the message you wish to share with the world.
  • And most importantly, show you when you have disconnected from the Divine within you, the True Source of your Power.

Trying to get “rid of fear” is a mind game you can’t win.

As long as you see your fears as an enemy to defeat, you will continue to wage war against yourself.

To transform fear you must walk through it… to see the illusions and reclaim your Power.

The darkness or challenge is a pathway to the Light. You can get stuck in the story of a perceived problem. When you look for the deeper meaning of each experience that challenges you, you will always find healing, learning and growth opportunities.

Debbie Ford once wrote:

“Love the fears that you hold in your hand more than anything you have ever loved before.

Think about all the hours you have spent trying to deny, avoid, and get rid of these fears, and thank them for showing you your human limitations

Thank your fear for sending you out to look for ways to get rid of it. Look at how you have grown, healed and evolved in your search! Think of all you’ve discovered during your search! 

Thank your fear for bringing you into a journey of self-discovery to find your True Self and reunite with The Divine

Thank your fear for guiding you to see illusions created by your mind and being the catalyst for inspiration and motivation to take steps in faith, trust, and courage.

Thank your fear for helping you to reach out and connect with others, for your fear is probably what brought you to read this post!

Thank your soul for bringing fear into your life as a pathway to find your way back home to God – this presence within you that loves you dearly– this energy that always triumphs fear.

Love your fears as you would anything you cherish- bless them, honor them, and use them as the sacred reminders that they are…lighting the way back to the wholeness of your Sacred Self and into the loving embrace of the Divine.”

Beautiful wisdom….

You are living at an auspicious time in history, waking up to see life through a new set of eyes in this Era of Enlightenment.  Fear will continue to be a part of your life experience as you grow and evolve. A critical key to dance in this new energy is to learn how to live in the present moment, embracing each experience without resistance and allowing your feelings to be fully felt without trying to control, manage, move, and direct their elimination.

Any attempt you do to try to control your experience will create more resistance and suffering.

Imagine a fire burning and your resistance is like continuing to throw logs on the fire to keep it going.

Feel your fears (and every emotion) without focusing on the mental story your mind/ego is creating.

Experience your emotions as the energy they are and breathe into them, doing NOTHING. Just feel, breathe and notice… body sensations, thoughts swirling…whatever…..let your emotions play out….

Without resistance and actively engaging your efforts to get rid of or stop what you don’t want to feel, the emotions will begin to burn out and fall apart leading to transformation. Peace and Grace will rush in when you stop fighting.

I always make a connection with the Divine; to feel the Presence within me to help me stay strong and present as I walk through my pain which is part of the Grace Release Process I use and teach my clients to master.

In fact, the most powerfull partner to help you change your relationship with fear and have an extraordinary life is God/Higher Power/Jesus/The Divine/Inner Presence….

Final note: In the last five years I have faced a third period of my life falling apart; almost losing my home, financial debt, business decline, breast cancer diagnosis (I am quite well) and many dark moments of pain, I have never felt stronger, more alive or richer. What has helped me is my community, my faith and trust, my inner guidance, most of all, God. Fear no longer dominates my life. Joy, peace, abundance, gratitude, love……does.

Embrace your fears with love instead of judging them and doing battle. Your life will change…. :D

Would you like to know how to turn fear into an ally to live your most vital, abundant, soul fulfilling life with the POWER of Grace to guide you?

Great news!

Join me for a four-week mini journey into Courage and POWER beginning Wednesday, June 11. Learn how to make fear your friend, unleash your inner hero, and partner with the Divine POWER within you to liberate you from the grip of your mind AND start thriving in ways you never have before. Early tuition ends Thursday, June 5, midnight EST.

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Love and blessings,



Forgiveness Helped Me Transform Breast Cancer TWICE

As many of you know, in 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Last year I shared my healing journey. If you missed hearing that special call, click here to sign up and access the recording.

I talked about how my cancer experience was a blessing without fear and worry; a shining Light rich with insights and invitations to do some deeper healing work to liberate me from decades of repressed feelings guilt, anger, grief, helplessness, abandonment…. especially towards myself.

I realized I had forgiveness and self-love heart healing work to do that related to my mother’s life and death from leukemia at age 66.

And, from my research I discovered that symptoms can come and go and that making deliberate lifestyle changes can dramatically fortify the body’s immune system and healing abilities to restore health.

So, I chose to have a lumpectomy and was guided by my body’s intelligence and my education about cancer to decline the recommended traditional aftercare protocols including chemo and radiation.

Using acupuncture, massage, exercise, nutritional changes, combined with deep emotional healing I facilitated and experienced with my team of gifted healers, coaches and health practitioners, support from friends and the Divine, I walked through the experience with Love and Grace in health.

From the many responses I received from folks, I know that my decisions seemed bold and unconventional, even risky. I refused to make choices from fear or to give my power away just because that’s the standard protocol.

Actually cancer treatment has progressed very far and unless you do your due diligence you can miss out on knowing the latest advances and options.

Last year I had my annual mammogram and a teeny amount of cancer cells showed up about an inch from the first lumpectomy incision. It was a surprise because I felt I had released so much pain initially and now another layer was surfacing.

This is why I coach people to let go of, “I thought I was done with this!” and stay open to embrace anything else that emerges on a deeper level.

Because I had refused the traditional cancer regime my surgeon asked me to keep an open mind in considering my next steps.

1. Mastectomy

2. Chemo and radiation

3. A second lumpectomy

4. Do nothing

So, taking a breath and stepping back into gratitude, I was shown that I was still holding onto guilt and anger towards myself.

I was guided to suspend taking any medical actions or further testing for three months while I focused on my inner healing with all of my gifts and resources.

Standing in faith and trust with a medical diagnosis like cancer and not doing what “you are supposed to do.” was very uncomfortable. I vacillated between peace and trust in what I was doing and feeling irresponsible for my health. The idea of getting cut again was upsetting.

So, I requested a follow-up mammogram to see if anything had changed and I was open to go through with a second surgery if needed.

Guess what happened?

The cancer cells they saw three months earlier were gone. A six month follow-up was recommended.

On April 18 2014 one week before my birthday, I received a clean mammogram report.  I recall anxiously sitting in the waiting room for the radiology result and the wave of joy and gratitude when she handed me the report and said,  “See you in a year”. I thanked and praised God all the way home after a quick stop at Trader Joe’s :D

Had I not followed my heart, I would have had an unnecessary surgery and maybe worse…..

For me it was proof that symptoms can come and go. When you remove stress and pain, the body can heal it itself.

This was NOT a negative experience for me and I don’t see myself as a cancer survivor because I never identified with the diagnosis. I created an experience that provided a blessed opportunity to reveal pain that was ready to be healed and released.

It is time to change the consciousness around cancer and dis-ease.

I celebrate this victory for my body and my heart without having to do battle. I KNOW that the inner healing I did with forgiveness, self-forgiveness and self-love played a pivotal role in my ability to heal.

I also feel that with the energy shifts happening on the planet affecting us body, mind and spirit, we must make thoughtful decisions that will support physical alignment and energetic harmony.

‘Dis-ease is a wake-up call to look at yourself; at changes you are being called to make including ones that you might be resisting, old repressed pain that needs to be seen, felt and released, or something deeply buried that is surfacing for healing.

In any situation, you must make choices that feel right for you and that resonate with your beliefs and Truth even when it goes against the norm. If you believe that you have the ability to heal, then you will. If you believe that you need medical intervention to heal, then that is true for you.

Cancer and it’s recovery process wreaks havoc on the body and emotionally. What courage it takes to go through this regime! My heart goes out to all who choose this route and the toll it takes emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Every experience is uniquely individual and each person must make the choices that are right for them.

I have had rapid healings before and have always included alternative therapies in my life experiences. Miracles are a part of my life and I continue to be delighted by the many forms they take!

I’m gratefull for the doctors and hospital staff who are part of my team to support me at being my best. I believe there is a time and valid need for their professional expertise and healing environments.

As a society we have become dependent on using medication or scheduling surgeries to suppress and repress what we want to get rid of. We react in fear, give our power away to others we think are wiser than we are and often make decisions we regret

Quick fixes are band-aids. Looking for the next technique to get rid of something you don’t want to deal with or only working with symptoms instead of being willing and courageous to look deeper at the cause and message our heart and body is trying to communicate will bring temporary relief rather than a permanent release.

I believe that the inner healing work is a critical key to freedom from pain and suffering. Being fully alive means FEELING.

You are an energy being. Thought, words, and emotions carry energy that creates. If you are not allowing the energy to flow freely from you and through you, and stuffing feelings down in your body, the energy building up over time will create stress of the immune system and compromise health, well-being, and happiness…

What you do not release will create something within you and in your world. Dis-ease…..

Life is a reflection of what is happening within you. Whether facing a health, financial, relationship challenge or one with yourself, you must have the willingness and courage to dig deep and release whatever pain is locked within you that is ready to be healed.

And for goodness sake, do not do this work alone. You will likely get in your own way! Having a community of support can mean the different between struggling and suffering and walking in love and Grace.

Want some personal help? Private sessions are available. Learn more

I believe that heart healing is essential to living an awake, meaningfull, and abundant life with the Divine. My mission this year is creating healing processes and energy activations designed to release pain and raise consciousness through transformation.

My next heart healing monthly teleseminar will focus on Self-Forgiveness. Join me May 14.

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And if you live near the Philly area, or in Maryland, Delaware or New Jersey, Join me for a Day of Forgiveness on May 17. It will be a life-changing heart-liberating event!

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You came into this life with everything you need to succeed and create heaven on earth. Lead with your guidance rather than your mind and ego and you will always be guided to what is right and best for you.

Trust that! :D

Love and blessings,



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Heart-to-Heart: I Thought I Was Done With This!

I thought I was done with this!

I hear that a lot when I’m working with clients on a theme that seems to be repeating.

Childhood experiences, cultural conditioning, family messages… create the perceptions of how you begin to see yourself and your life.

On my journey I’ve noticed how “issues” seem to have a long shelf life and I began thinking of them as internal structures, like physical buildings, that are emotional energy charges. You and I are energy beings living in an energy Universe so everything felt or repressed is energy creating all the time.

We are dragging around pain “charges” from our past including through our family lineage that have become layered with so many beliefs, emotions, and interpretations that we become unconscious to real truth about ourselves.

Life experiences reinforce and validate “charges” giving them more power, like adding floors, windows,  and even wings to an existing structure. Over time the building can become quite tall and complex with additional beliefs, emotions, and thoughts creating layers of painful energy charges that your mind uses to direct what you think, feel, and do.

One of the internal structures I have been dismantling is feelings of abandonment. Part of my inner building had been deeply rooted in distrusting God to take care of me in every way. In my exploration of unraveling the deeper layers I have discovered charges with self-love and self-value, fear and worry, anger and tons of grief.

While my relationship with God and others has dramatically changed and blossomed, charges come up as I go deeper within myself. Now when they emerge I welcome them with open arms to be seen, felt and released.

Yes, there are times I feel weary and frustrated with the stickiness of the wound and I bring that into prayer for assistance and guidance.  Last week during a session with a colleague I felt an old pain charge switch off as a major part of the internal structure collapsed.

The spiritual journey is ongoing. “Charges” will be coming up for the rest of your life. There may be times when you feel pain without being able to name the pain or be able to connect a memory.  Feeling the energy without resistance is an important part of healing rather than retelling “the story. Pain comes up because it is already there and is ready to be released.  (* I guide folks how to release charges without blocking them using my Grace Release Process).

Welcoming the next piece that emerges with love and gentleness rather than with upset and judgment will bring you Grace instead of suffering.

Is there a done? Yes and no

Your past experiences help to shape who you have become.  Each charge you successfully release will unburden your heart and bring you closer to your True Self . What you heal and release will be transformed into love and peace. And because separation is really an illusion your courage and commitment to heal and evolve will also benefit the world.

I believe heart healing and forming a strong bond with the Divine are essential keys to living an awake, meaningfull, and prosperous life.

So, the next time your stuff comes up, choose to see it as the gift that it is – the next step in liberating your heart and soul.

PS. You’re invited to join my next Pathways to Awakening seven week journey into Self-Love and Integrity beginning February 5. Clear emotional/mental blocks, release pain and suffering to dismantle patterns and programs that burden your heart and bring you into greater harmony with your Sacred Self. Learn more here and take advantage of the early tuition through January 31.

* Each of the four Pathways program journeys will be offered quarterly. The Self-Love journey will only be offered once per year unless I am guided to repeated it again so don’t less this opportunity pass you by if you feel an inner nudge to say YES!

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When your heart is open to love, miracles happen!

Love and blessings,



Experience The POWER of Community! The Next Soul Circle Begins September 16. Join us NOW!


This is a time many of you have been preparing for as leaders, lightworkers, spiritual guides and change agents to be in service to humanity.

I’ve been blessed to have a rich community of support including my spiritual group that meets twice a month to share the triumphs and the difficulties. I would not be where I am without my “outer family” and inner connection with the Divine.

I hear so many people say they feel isolated and don’t have the kind of folks they need to talk to. That’s a gap they have a yearning to fill.

How about you?

Do you have a circle of kindred spirits who welcome your authentic Self?

Do you have people who value deep juicy conversations that invite revealing insights to emerge?

I mean conversations that ignite passion and vitality for life with a group of people to share successes, insights, wisdom, and honest, loving conversation that catapults you higher into your greatness…… to be the Light you are meant to be in the world.

That’s why I am excited to invite you to join my Soul Circle Group beginning September 16!

In this highly affordable group you will be supported to:

  • Play and delight with your growing edges.
  • Strengthen your inner foundation to turn challenges into joyfull and prosperous victories.
  • Embrace your life path with power and passion.
  • Fortify your faith and trust to deepen your relationship with Divine.
  • Distinguish your soul voice from your mind voice.

Use this group for spiritual nourishment, clarity, courage, a loving kick in the butt, accountability….to grow yourself, mastermind, move through a transition, get unstuck, eliminate self-sabotage, transcend the limitations of your mind…..whatever you’d like support with in creating a soulfull, faith filled, abundant life!

I want this to be a fabulous power-house group so I’ll be speaking to each potential member personally. The first step is to apply for the group.

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When people work with me, breakthroughs and shifts happen. Are you ready for one (or more)?

Love and blessings,


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How To Live In The “Spirit” of Grace

A few years ago a dear friend gave me Cheryl Richardson’s book, “The Unmistakeable Touch of Grace.

She writes, “Grace comes from the Latin word gratia, meaning favor, charm or thanks. Grace is seen as a creative force- an act of exceptional kindness and goodness. It’s the recognition that everything is connected and sacred. The more in touch we are with this natural abundance of life, the less we need.”

She also believes that grace is a kind of spiritual intelligence, a form of energy that comes from the Divine Source and that as we connect and trust this Higher Power to lead us, the more we step into alignment with a larger vision for our lives. We begin to recognize the signs, symbols, and messages that lead us to our highest good.

It’s easy to recognize the Divine hand of Grace when things work out the way you want.

For example: You envisioned something you wanted, prayed about it, practiced working with The Law of Attraction and if it flowed the way you hoped, you were happy. You might even say Grace was at work to bring you what you wished for.

Have you ever had one of those moments or days or where everything seemed to come together with ease? It felt magical, didn’t it?

Grace can come in many forms like having all the traffic lights  turn green when you had to get somewhere at a certain time, receiving help just when you needed it, an uncomfortable conversation goes better than you expected,  and attracting business opportunities without a lot of effort.

Who doesn’t love it when things go the way we like? We feel thankful and often credit The Divine for the blessing.

When life seems to take a turn and brings you challenges and pain, do you see the hand of Grace then?

Prior to reading Cheryl’s book, I never thought much about what it meant to live “in Grace.” I knew that when times felt difficult I wanted ease and relief. And when life felt rich and flowing, I was grateful and happy.

I realized how powerfull it is to be able to feel ease and flow no matter what is happening; to not be dependent on something happening “out there” to feel good “in here.”

That’s what Grace is really about. Grace has an energy of peace and calm that is filled with faith, trust, love, courage…that is rooted in your relationship with God.

Last year during my breast cancer experience, I lived with the hand of Divine Grace. It was an amazing period of defining moments to walk through what could have been a terrifying experience effortlessly…without any fear or burdens. My bond with God grew stronger and I felt liberated from a ton of emotional drama without even trying. I had made a shift in consciousness…and I began to understand what Divine Grace really is - a gift of freedom from suffering and struggle.

Now, when I get caught up in my fears and worries, I know how to walk through my drama and bring Grace with me.

You might be experiencing fear, money worries, health issues, relationship conflicts, and business challenges. It may be difficult when life feels hard to see Grace in operation and yet, it is always there.

Would you like to have more Grace and love in your life?

Your mind and ego won’t get you there. As long as your mind is trying to direct, control, and manage your life, you will stay in struggle and fear.

Grace comes when you let go of resisting whatever is happening, wanted or unwanted Often what we grasp so tightly in fear is exactly the thing that is blocking what you most desire. Grace also comes when you have done all you can and fully release any problem into the hands of the Divine and trust that all will be handled.

It’s much easier to write and talk about than it is to practice surrender. Once you begin to surrender using practices that deepen your connection to the Divine, your perspective on life transforms. When your perspective transforms, your life transforms.

That’s why noticing the blessings and hand of Grace is so important. That is the evidence that builds trust between you and God.

Grace is something you RECEIVE. It is not something you MAKE happen.

A current life challenge and difficulty might be an answer to your prayer; an opportunity for grace to lead you to a joyful, prosperous, and meaningfull life.

  • A job loss might be the pathway to do the work that brings greater vitality and aliveness to your life.
  • A financial challenge might be Divinely designed to help you develop trust and bring you closer to God
  • A relationship conflict might help you to find your voice, develop greater compassion and love, or invite you to forgive.
  • A health condition may be a gift to help you heal unresolved grief, guilt, or unforgiveness..

Have you had experiences that you thought were “bad” that turned out to be blessings in disguise?

Take a look at your life.

What do you resist, struggle with and fight against?

What would happen if you surrendered your resistance and invited Grace to lead you with faith, trust and courage?

Want to consciously live in the spirit of Divine Grace?

Learning the art of surrendering, deepening your bond with God, opening your heart and expanding your mindset are some of the keys to dance with Grace.

That’s why I created the Pathways to Awakening program which is a series of 4-week mini courses designed as deepening journeys to help you release the past and open to greater joy and prosperity while fulfilling you Divine destiny.

The next  four week journey focuses on Divine Grace beginning Wednesday, April 17. Take advantage of the early tuition through April 12 and choose from two payments options.

PLUS, I am gifting one 30-minute private session with me to three folks.

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TRUST your intuition to register. That’s Divine Grace speaking to you. It would be an honor to help you expand your relationship with Grace.

Love and blessings,


PS: If you have questions and need help deciding if this program is right for you, email me to set up time for us to have a little chat.


Five Ways To Value and Love Your Self


“…Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of the Universe. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others…” ~ From A RETURN TO LOVE by Marianne Williamson

You have a purpose in being here

You matter

You are beautiful

You are smart

You are good

You are whole (not broken)



Your soul knows that.

The Divine knows that.

Love is the energy of this new Age of Enlightenment.

The veil of separation between your Human Self and Soul Self is lifting to reconnect you with Divine LOVE. 

You might be facing some difficult life challenges in your – relationships, health, finances, business which are opportunities to break your heart open to access that LOVE.

Imagine what it might feel like to be embody LOVE in every moment no matter what is happening…

Here are five ways to be more self-loving with yourself (and others):

1. Notice when you are being too harsh with yourself. Your natural state is love.  Pay attention to your thoughts, self-talk and how you speak about yourself to others. Listen to the words you use to express in your head and out loud.  Do your words, thoughts and actions reflect love compassion, forgiveness, patience…? Look for opportunities to soften your heart and allow the love to flow.  Do you speak or think of yourself like a loving friend or a critical parent?

2. Treat your body with love and respect. Do you mistreat and abuse your body by ignoring what you know will help you to feel vital, vibrant, and alive?  You might ignore when you need to rest, exercise, eat more healthy, take breaks, meditate…..Do you withhold love by choosing to do things that might negatively impact on your health and well-being? Do you prioritize your self-care? Look for ways to honor your body and your needs as the treasure you are!

3. Do something every day that brings you pleasure. Yup, I said every day. What makes you feel good and brings you joy that is positive and uplifting? Do you pamper yourself and do things that make you smile? When you value yourself by doing loving things consistently, your life will be much happier and everyone in your world will reap the benefits.

4. Commit to the relationships in your life that lift your heart and feed your soul. This year look for opportunities to be more engaged with the people you love. Ask for help and allow them to love in return by being there for you when you really need support. Allow the nature flow of love to be both given and received.

5. Engage in daily spiritual practices to connect you with your “Essence” and Divinity. Prayer, contemplation, inspirational reading, walks in nature, meditation….opens our heart to be in loving communion with who we really are and God/Source/Higher Power as we walk though life’s challenges and blessings.  Cultivating the relationship with The Divine invites us to look at life through the eyes of love – to embody love with ourselves and those whose lives we touch.

Demonstrations of self- love are great ways to open your heart in concert with doing the inner emotional healing and transforming beliefs on both the conscious and subconscious level.

Ready to fall in deeper love with your Self?

Join in the next Pathways to Awakening Journey Into Self- Love, beginning Tuesday, November 13.

The weekly meditations and deepening processes that have catapulted past participants into higher states of joy, abundance, peace…are all designed in the moment by God to work on conscious and subconscious levels to heal and open your heart and create reconnection with your Sacred Self. Adding EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) had made the program even more potent.

Imagine releasing old pain, beliefs, and patterns you have been carrying in your heart for years with Grace, even joy?

Impossible? Not in this program !

Go read
what other folks have said and experienced.

If the program resonates with your heart, LISTEN and reserve your seat with the early tuition before it expires on November 9!

You deserve it!! :)

PS! Listen to my FREE call on Self-Love here

Love and blessings,



Learn the Cash Alignment Grid. Hear my FREE Call w/Beth Grant, August 22 noon EST


Attention disillusioned, frustrated, big-hearted entrepreneurs! Are you tired of million-dollar promises? Are you starting to wonder what on earth it takes to create sustainable success online and offline?

I haven’t done many business focus calls for quite some time and when I recently heard Beth Grant, I HAD to book her.

In this compelling seminar, marketing strategist and spiritual mentor Beth Grant will be sharing her insights on why the marketing tools you’re learning aren’t living up to the promises and how you can create more income with less effort using her revolutionary Cash Alignment Grid.
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If you’re just starting out, learning this on the front end is going to save you boat loads of time and money. If you’re established, you’re going to have an a-ha moment and see how to ramp up your results big time.

When you hear this FREE call, you will know why. And if you think you will hear the same stuff you have been hearing, I’ll bet you won’t cuz I didn’t.

Join us for “How to Rapidly Increase Your Sales Conversions Using the Cash Alignment Grid”.

Wednesday, August 22, 2020.

12 noon EST/10 am central/ 9 am PST/ 5pm UK

Register here for the details and access to the replay even if you can’t attend live

You will be glad you did!

Can’t wait to be with you!



Are You A Self-Lifter Or A Self-Deflator? Releasing The Blame Game

A few days ago I had a conversation with one of the folks in my community who expressed his anger about how his life was going.  He blames his financial struggles and relationship challenges on others. He believes he had NOTHING to do with his current circumstances.

I heard so much unforgiveness in his anger.

When I pointed out how palpable his anger was, he denied it. And when I suggested that his difficulties were providing healing opportunities for love and forgiveness, he shut right down. When I reminded him of  how powerfull the Law of Attraction is, became even angrier. He was too invested in feeling like a victim and being miserable!

Ya know what’s crazy? How often I see people refuse opportunities that could be life-altering if they were willing and courageous to boldly shine a light on the shadows that could liberate them from the past.

I see that happen all too often with folks who say they want their life to be different and then they back off. And what is astonishing is how CLOSE they really are to be free from fear and misery. So CLOSE if they would take that leap of faith.

Why allow a chance to slip by that could make life easier and more joyful?

Here are a few reasons that you might relate to:

  • The Devil you know…. misery, suffering, struggles are too familiar comfort zones and provide a false sense of safety
  •  Fear - of success, uncertainty, failure….. One courageous student in the last forgiveness program wondered who she would be without her story of pain. Imagine how much more peace, happiness, abundance, love could be unblocked!
  • Excuses - “I can afford it, I don’t have enough time, it’s too hard, it’s not the right time…” There’s always a payoff to the excuses we use to refuse to move.
  •  Unworthiness - “I don’t deserve it, I don’t matter, I’m unlovable, not good enough, I need to be punished..” Lies that we come to believe as truth create misery. We block the good that is our Divine birthright.

Each of us has acted unwisely, betrayed another, abandoned ourselves, and shown up as less than the loving presence we really are. And yet, knowing how important it is to forgive and actually embodying forgiveness are two different things.

We can be like dogs with a bone, right?

Harboring resentments, judgments, grudges, regrets, or anger towards others and most specifically YOU, throws a mountain of resistance in front of all the things you want to come into your life - more of the challenges you are struggling with now. You end up eating your pain and wearing it on your body, getting sick physically or psychologically…..

Resentments, regrets, judgments, anger affects EVERYTHING in your life - money , health, success, relationships,happiness…

I know it can be scary to go into the shadows. The reward of giving yourself the gift of this FREEDOM and PEACE is experiencing states of grace and love beyond words.

At the core, the one you are most upset with is YOU…. Being unforgiving is a form of hatred towards others and your self; separating you from your natural state of love and abundance.

Unforgiveness separates you from your True Self and the Divine by withholding love and self-worth. That separation is the greatest wound humanity suffers.

How to tell where you might be holding on to past resentments, regrets and judgments, especially with yourself? There is ALWAYS an emotional charge!

  • Debt and financial struggles
  • Revisiting painful childhood memories and past events (feeling abandoned, rejected, betrayed, not heard, unloved..)
  • How quickly you feel rage, anger, shame, and unworthiness
  • All the ways you sabotage your efforts
  • The way you treat yourself - lovingly or unlovingly
  • Health and weight problems

I could go on…

I have been doing some deep forgiveness work with MONEY. In the past, I made some personal and business decisions that created financial challenges and regrets. I was the angriest with myself because “I should have been smarter!”

I realized was having a love/hate relationship with money. I had created an unwelcoming place within myself for money to come and when it did, I expected money to leave me and that’s what was happening!

Using my skills, tools and the guidance from my spirit (which I share in the Journey through Forgiveness program!), I worked with self-forgiveness and my relationship with money.  I created a special forgiveness process with money (that I also share in the program) that immediately shifted my financial situation.

Things opened up right away! I’ve had money and all kinds of abundance pouring in without having to work hard. In this past week alone, I’ve had money and abundance coming in DAILY! What fun!

Forgiveness is an internal shift you embody not something you WILL yourself to feel.

Forgiveness is the pathway to Love and Grace.

Forgiveness is a bridge to the Divine.

Forgiveness unblocks flow.

Love, Forgiveness, and Grace opens the floodgates for more good than you could possibly imagine!

Whatever you are holding onto that is unresolved and not brought to love and peace within you in operating at full throttle affecting EVERY area of your life, mentally, physically, emotionally,  psychologically, and spiritually. What isn’t released into love festers inside. The result is unhappiness, suffering, illness…life feels hard and painful.

That’s not what you signed up for!

How to tell when you have truly forgiven?

You feel peacefull, an increase of energy, and a rise in your happiness level. There is no resistance, no emotional charge or angst

Are you at peace?

Are you a welcoming place to receive all the good the Universe wants to gift you?

If you answered NO!, then join me for my Pathways to Awakening, 4 week Journey into Forgiveness will give you PROVEN keys to let yourself and others off the hook for being human and not showing up in the highest and most loving way.

Restoring peace by having the chops to take the journey with forgiveness is the pathway to the life you came to live as an awakened being in this new world consciousness of love and prosperity. The past can only be put to rest if you are willing to take the steps to liberate yourself. I’ll show you how!

We begin Tuesday, September 20. Click on the link for all the details and take advantage of the special tuition through midnight EST, September 15. If you know you are meant to be in this program, do it NOW. This program is accessible to EVERYONE who is serious about claiming their destiny. 

The only thing you have to lose is your pain.

Love and blessings,


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