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Experience The POWER of Community! The Next Soul Circle Begins September 16. Join us NOW!


This is a time many of you have been preparing for as leaders, lightworkers, spiritual guides and change agents to be in service to humanity.

I’ve been blessed to have a rich community of support including my spiritual group that meets twice a month to share the triumphs and the difficulties. I would not be where I am without my “outer family” and inner connection with the Divine.

I hear so many people say they feel isolated and don’t have the kind of folks they need to talk to. That’s a gap they have a yearning to fill.

How about you?

Do you have a circle of kindred spirits who welcome your authentic Self?

Do you have people who value deep juicy conversations that invite revealing insights to emerge?

I mean conversations that ignite passion and vitality for life with a group of people to share successes, insights, wisdom, and honest, loving conversation that catapults you higher into your greatness…… to be the Light you are meant to be in the world.

That’s why I am excited to invite you to join my Soul Circle Group beginning September 16!

In this highly affordable group you will be supported to:

  • Play and delight with your growing edges.
  • Strengthen your inner foundation to turn challenges into joyfull and prosperous victories.
  • Embrace your life path with power and passion.
  • Fortify your faith and trust to deepen your relationship with Divine.
  • Distinguish your soul voice from your mind voice.

Use this group for spiritual nourishment, clarity, courage, a loving kick in the butt, accountability….to grow yourself, mastermind, move through a transition, get unstuck, eliminate self-sabotage, transcend the limitations of your mind…..whatever you’d like support with in creating a soulfull, faith filled, abundant life!

I want this to be a fabulous power-house group so I’ll be speaking to each potential member personally. The first step is to apply for the group.

>> Learn more here and apply for your seat in this life-changing group

When people work with me, breakthroughs and shifts happen. Are you ready for one (or more)?

Love and blessings,


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Keep The Faith, Stay The Course, Trust The Journey

“When we come to the edge of all the light we have
And must take a step into the darkness of the unknown
We must believe one of two things
Either we will find something firm to stand on
Or, we will be taught to fly.”
by Patrick Overton Copyright © The Leaning Tree

Have you ever felt stretched to the limit? Maybe you feel that way right now? You believe that you cannot handle one more thing. And if something more happens that causes additional stress, pain, and anxiety….  you worry you might not be able to keep it together and you will fall apart. And if there are others depending on you to be the “strong one” the pressure to hold things together becomes even more burdensome.

You might be facing relationship challenges, struggling to grow your business, dealing with family issues, money worries, debts, divorce, or an illness. You feel tired as if you have been in a battle and you just want a break, a time out, a space for things to be easier to catch your breath, at least for a while so that you can regain your strength for what’s next.

Some part of you is certain you will crash and burn while another part whispers, “Stay committed to your life path. Keep going and trust that all will be well.”

I’m reminded of that scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when he must take a step forward to get to the other side of a ravine and there is no bridge to cross. Once he takes that first step, a plank appears beneath his feet so he can cross safely. That’s how the Universe responds to faith when we surrender the resistance – it shows up. That movie clip is one of the memories I recall when I am feeling fear rising.

I’ve had several meltdowns in the last few years. I’ve been on my knees in prayer, alternating between sobbing and anger. I’ve been stepping out in my life and business in bigger ways and there have been financial, health, and time challenges that have created so much stress and stretched me to my limits.

In this emotionally charged space I’ve traveled though despair, hatred, desperation, frustration, depression, discouragement, anger, fear, to hopefulness, optimism, positive expectation, enthusiasm, happiness, passion, joy, and love. Now my faith and trust is more solid than ever and I see the hand of Divine Grace supporting and loving me in ways that continue to astonish and delight me throughout my day. My bond with God is stronger than it has ever been which brings me joy.

When we come to the end of our tolerance with life situations and must take that step into a greater unknown, our ego goes into a panic and fears for its survival. Our self-talk paints a bleak picture of worse case scenarios with the finesse and skill of a seasoned litigator seeking to woo us back to its version of safety.

What if everything you are experiencing that is causing you pain and hardship is designed to bring you closer to your Divinity and your life purpose?

Many people quit five minutes before the miracle happens - things feel too hard, too painfull, and too uncomfortable, take too long, or don’t go the way they want. So they give up feeling angry, discouraged, and disappointed.

How about you?

  • What are you totally committed to?
  • Where is your breaking/braking point?
  • Do you stop too soon and give up?
  • Do you stay too long when it’s time to let go?
  • What are you holding on to that is time to surrender?
  • What do you want so badly you are willing to do whatever it takes?
  • What fuels your courage and faith to stay the course no matter what?

Going the distance takes renewed commitment, trust, and faith that what we feel called to be or do is sanctioned by the Universe. It’s like walking through fire and knowing that you won’t get burned, which I literally did years ago doing a fire walk with Tony Robbins.

I have written that we are living in incredible times. It is no longer life as usual or business as usual. The world seems to be falling apart in so many ways which creates the space for new ways of be-ing and do-ing to emerge. In the chaos there is a Divine plan unfolding which takes courage, faith, and trust to go the distance and ride the wave of change.

You might feel like a stranger in a strange land learning a new language. You might even feel a deep inner calm that is confirming that your life is aligning with Divine Will and Flow all is in perfection for what is next.

It is in perfection.

Right now in this moment

Let go of the problems and the evidence in your external world that binds you to worry and fear. That is a signal that you have disconnected from your Divinity and an invitation to go within for guidance and direction. For every problem, there is a spiritual solution. Remember to engage in the dance with the Universe rather than to fight against it.

Be open to all the ways LIFE responds to your call for help and say, “Thank you”. Every prayer is always answered for your best and highest good.

Keep the faith

Stay the course

Trust the journey

You do not walk your path alone…ever.

Want to strengthen your faith and trust? Are you yearning to be liberated from pain, struggle, and fear? Does your faith and trust shake with all the changes happening?

My Pathways To Awakening program  is a series of 4-week mini courses designed as deepening journeys with energy activations to help you release the past and open to greater joy and prosperity while fulfilling you Divine destiny.

Join me for a four-week Journey into Faith and Trust beginning August 14 and take advantage of the early tuition through August 9.  Learn why past students rave about this program and reserve your seat here

Experience opportunities to:

  • Know and feel safe in uncertainty and the unknown. Fortify your inner foundation of faith and trust with your Self, The Divine, and others to flow with life’s challenges with Grace.
  • Learn how to soothe fear, worry, and doubt with calm confidence and knowing.  Replace “Insanity” with awareness and choice!
  •  Master the “art of surrender” to start living through passion and purpose rather than through DRAMA.

Live each day from the center of your spirit and watch the miracles happen. When you experience this new kind of POWER and courage, you will be propelled into an infinitely beautiful and inspiring future

Imagine living your most vital, abundant, soul fulfilling life with the POWER of Courage and Grace to guide you……

Join us

Love and blessings :D



Why Forgiveness Can Feel Difficult


Without forgiveness life is governed by an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation. - Roberto Assagioli

So often people think they have forgiven themselves and others but they really haven’t.

Without true forgiveness we can’t let go and move on. We end up dragging around unresolved hurts and disappointments in our heart,  on our bodies, and that haunt our thoughts.

There is no resolution because there is no peace. And because relationships are the cornerstone of our life experiences, we are continually given experiences that break our hearts open for deeper compassion and love.

Several reasons why you might be struggling with forgiveness

You have an attachment to what happened. You are still struggling with accepting what you did or didn’t do, what another did or what others continue to do. Your struggle and resistance creates your misery which is a choice and an opportunity to forgive yourself!

Whenever you have a strong negative reaction to another is an opportunity to look at what you are dis-owning within yourself that is showing up to be loved and accepted – a quality, a behavior, an action to be forgiven.

We are mirrors for each other and as long as we have someone or something to blame for our life circumstances, we never have to take responsibility for our role in what we create from our past and our present.

To allow Grace and love in, you must surrender your attachments, your resistance to accepting whatever is happening in each moment, your expectations, and your control; to be compassionate with your own humanness and be open to allow The Divine to guide your life experiences.

This is the shift we are experiencing on the planet today!

If you resonate with what I have written and want to feel more peace and love within yourself as well as experience greater abundance in your life, join me on May 22, for Pathways to Awakening, Journey Through Forgiveness. Register by May 17 at a special tuition that expires on May 18.

This four-week liberating journey through forgiveness is an advanced program designed to support you in healing the past, get free from beating yourself up and sabotaging your efforts, and deepening your connection with God.

In four weeks you will have multiple opportunities to unlock the doors to have more financial abundance, rewarding relationships, vibrant health, meaningful work, passion, more love, the freedom to be authentically you ….and so much more with the Divine guiding this journey.

The only thing you have to lose is your pain. What you have to gain is…well…limitless.

Sign up here

Love and blessings :D


Five Spiritual Laws That Strengthen Or Shake Faith and Trust, Part 5

The Law of Intention and Desire

I hope you have been enjoying this 5-part series! Here is the last one.

The Law of Intention and Desire truly goes hand in hand with The Law of Expectation.

The Law of Intention reminds us that when we align with a clear intention and deep passion in mind, body and spirit we set the conditions to powerfully attract what we intend to create.

This Law is based on the fact that there is always an infinite amount of energy and information present to create what ever you desire! And energy always follows intent.

Desirable changes and manifestations depend on conscious ATTENTION and INTENTION.

Focused attention and intention creates a force that magnetizes to you what you most desire. Whatever you give attention to increases energetically.

Attention and deep desire energize The Law of Attraction.

Removing your attention causes the energies to scatter and dissipate.

Getting to your core desire and designing an intention in affirmative language also sets a tone for our energy and decision making.

I shake my head when I hear people express frustration with their life when the they invest a small portion of their time, spiritual practices, heart-centered attitude and actions on attracting what they say they want and spend the bulk of their time in a negative mindset.

For example, you may create an intention to have a make a difference in the world and make money doing what you love.

Everything you think, do and say must align with that intention in order for it to be made manifest in your physical reality to the degree that it is a match – or better yet, surpasses your desire. The core energies of The Law of Intention are clarity and alignment.

You might be creating blocks in what you desire to create because there is conscious and unconscious intention in conflict because of your life experiences!

You might deeply desire to be of help to others and harbor feelings of unforgiveness towards people.

You might desire loving relationships and be struggle with loving yourself.

And what you want as a human being might be very different from the intentions of your soul.

Your soul’s purpose for being here in a physical body is to grow and be a Creator.

As a human being, your intentions might be on success, material possessions, making money rather than aligning with the desires of your soul.

Can you have both?

Of course! 

With the shift of consciousness happening on the planet, what you put your attention and intention on must prioritize your soul’s purpose and intention to be in harmony with the New Golden Age, a time for joy, love, and prosperity.

With an intention for the future, your attention must be in the present, which is conscious awareness that is real and eternal. Choose to lead from your heart in taking inspired action that will manifest your intentions for tomorrow!

What is essential is to detach from the outcome so that you are not struggling against the present moment in the pursuit of manifesting your future!

Your focused intention lays the groundwork for effortless, spontaneous expression of your desires! This is the path of Grace.

For the past year, one of my deepest desires and intention has been to have unshakeable faith and trust with the God of my understanding that everything I want and need will be supplied. With life feeling upside down in so many ways, this desire and intention felt critical for me to follow my passion and purpose. Perhaps you have that same desire?

In response to my prayers, I have created and attracted a very challenging and painful year as well as a powerfully liberating and abundant one in many ways. Has my faith and trust shaken? You bet.

What has emerged from all of the flux in my life combined with deep inner transformation work IS that my faith and trust is stronger within myself AND with my Divine.

Give thought to your current desires and intentions.

What are you giving energy to?

Are you radiating from faith and trust or from desperation and fear?

Are your expectations, intentions and desires in alignment with what you truly wish to attract, consciously and unconsciously? (Inner shadow transformation, forgiveness, beliefs?)

What needs to be healed, shifted, transformed and released to manifest what you desire and intend now, and in your future?

There are dozens of Spiritual Laws at work that govern your life including the Laws of Cause & Effect, Energy, Co-Creation, Abundance, Cultural Conditioning…….You may choose to read about more of these Laws or focus on a few to align more consciously with the Universe.

Faith and trust is being challenged today as our lives change in ways we have never experienced or imagined. Understanding these Laws help to put some questions into perspective and can begin to quiet your mind.

Transition is the psychological reaction to change (anger, fear, confusion, sadness..) and is fueled by the subconscious mind; the part of the brain we cannot easily access to create shifts in the beliefs that affect emotions and actions. During intense periods of change, fears run high. Faith and trust can weaken.

That’s why I created the next Pathways to Awakening, 4-week Journey into Faith & Trust!!  This is the 5th in a series of mini journeys that have helped folks break free of the past and limitations of their mind to become more Conscious Creators in alignment with their soul and Divine destiny. 

I felt a strong Divine nudge to offer this powerfull transformational program  beginning December 6. Choose the day or evening time that is best for you and take advantage of a special tuition that expires Friday, November 30, midnight EST. This program will help you fortify your faith and trust with Divine Power, courage, and excitement to create an exciting 2013. Learn more and sign up here.

PS:  Join me for a special FREE teleseminar called, ”Faith and Trust: Feeling Safe, Living In The Mystery of Change”. Tuesday, November 27, 2pm EST.

Learn more and reserve your seat

Strengthen your faith and trust as you expand into the New Year and open to the blessings of greater prosperity, joy, and love that are coming your way!

Love and blessings :D



Five Spiritual Laws That Strengthen Or Shake Faith and Trust, Part 4


The Law of Expectation

(Adapted excerpt from Aligning With Destiny program with co-leader Anita Pathik Law)

“You are perfectly aligned to get the results you get.”~Dr. Stephen Covey

The Law of Expectation works in harmony with The Law of Attraction.

Energy always follows our thoughts. 

What you believe, assume, anticipate, expect or even dread or fear, consciously and subconsciously, forms the creative energy towards manifestation, and has a direct impact on the experience you create.

Expectation is an energized thought form that is highly creative in nature and may be in competition with what you want (or think you want) to create in your life.

If you believe and expect something negative to happen, you will manifest a negative outcome.

If you believe and expect good things to happen, you will attract positive experiences.

The core energies of The Law of Expectation are anticipation, faith and fear.

We become so attached to seeing things in certain ways—ways  we see ourselves and our life experiences as they relate to our current reality—that  we unconsciously limit a new reality from being experienced in our lives.

The trap is becoming so aligned with that story that it becomes your way of being.  We inadvertently reinforce our “stories” into permanence and become a “victim” in a reality that we have actively helped to create over and over and over.

Your thoughts and beliefs shape your experiences and expectations. 

If your expectation is more aligned with the undesirable, you will continue to create the undesirable.

Let’s say you desire financial prosperity and abundance in your business and life.

If what you expect is not a match to your intention – you will more likely manifest your expectation.

How you view what you attract can positively or negatively influence your faith and trust.

What you really EXPECT is:

  • You will have to work extra hard to market and increase sales, which is something you hate doing, and may feel a lack of competence, or confidence
  • You’ll be working so hard you won’t have time to have a life
  • You will lose your freedom to…
  • You will have to make sacrifices that are undesirable
  • It will only be temporary and soon you will find yourself in the same mess…. again
  • Miracles only happen to other people
  • There will always be an ebb and flow, rather than a steady stream
  • You can’t really make money doing what you love
  • People won’t pay for what you have to offer

Which ones do you relate to?

Which will ultimately win – Desire or Expectation?More often then not, expectation wins. Even if the manifestation of the desire occurs, because the expectation clouds everything you see and experience, odds are you might miss it.

Why? Because it is so different from your picture or expectation of what you wanted or intended.

“You’re always getting a perfect vibrational match to what you predominantly give your attention to. But you’ve got to make the best of it. You’ve got to vibrate slightly different from where you are if you are going to improve where you are. You can’t keep taking score of where your business is or your relationship is, or your body is without continuing to create it as it is. To make improvement, you’ve got to reach for a different thought.” - Abraham-Hicks, Tampa, FL 12/6/03

When focusing on what you wish to create and attract in your life, what expectations do you have?

Working with the Law of Attraction (LOA), remember that your beliefs, thoughts, emotions desires, and attachment to what happens are all connected with your expectations and intentions!

If your desires, intentions and expectations do not match, it’s time to look within and take responsibility for what you are creating as your reality.

Explore your positive and negative expectations with an open heart and curious mind. Suspend any judgments.

If you feel a loss of faith and trust in yourself, others, and The Divine in how your prayers and dreams are manifesting, get honest.

What were your real expectations?

Where does your faith and trust need to be strengthened?

What thought patterns do you need to shift, transform, and release?

Be willing to shine a light on any vibrational inconsistencies between your mind and your soul. By mining down to your expectations, you can see if they are a match to your desires and support them or counter them.

Part 5 is coming in a two days!

Does your faith shake?

Do you find it difficult to stand in full trust that all will be well when gripped by fear?

Does life feel unsafe?

Fear, doubt, confusion as well as excitement, passion, and wonder has made 2012 a wild emotional ride.

Do you long for inner stability and peace to know that, no matter what is happening, you will be ok?

Join me for a special FREE teleseminar called, ”Faith and Trust: Feeling Safe, Living In The Mystery of Change”. Tuesday, November 27, 2pm EST.

Learn more and reserve your seat

Strengthen your faith and trust as you expand into the New Year and open to the blessings of greater prosperity, joy, and love that are coming your way!

And I know there will be Divine guidance creating our experience together on this call! WOW.

May your faith and trust continue to blossom and guide you every day.

Love and blessings :D


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End Drama. Manifest Your Heart’s Longing And Prosper

On my FREE call, Your Courageous Yes –The Only Alternative to Living Your Divine Destiny, I spoke about how the 5 D’s – Denial, Drama, Distraction, Doubt, and Disconnection will keep you stuck in pain and suffering, stuck in fear and not-good-enough – and separated from the guidance and love of your soul and the Divine.

I spoke how your mismatched intentions, desires, and expectations are sabotaging your dreams. I invited listeners to look at something they are struggling with to see how they might be misaligned.

I suggested asking the question, “What is the sincere longing of your heart?” instead of focusing on what you want. Asking a Destiny question will begin to lead you on the path you seek.

Change feels threatening to your ego. Big change freaks your ego out.

It gets scared and fears for its safety. So, it desperately tries to control, manage, and direct your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and often everyone else, to regain power.

As long as you rely on your ego and mind to guide your life, you will stay trapped in fear and Drama and cut off from living your destiny. Your ego sees life through a narrow lens of constriction, problems, and struggles. Your heart sees life filled with rich possibilities and potential.

Look at your life right now.

Are you living a love story - one that is filled with abundance and meaningfull purpose? Perhaps you feel more like you are living a horror story; one that is filled with struggle, pain, and fear? Maybe you feel your life is a little of both depending on the day and the situation?

When I ask folks what their biggest challenges many say:  money worries, health and weight issues, forgiveness, fear of really living their destiny, self sabotage & procrastination, blocking love, lack of self-love, self-confidence & self-worth, starting or growing a business…. I see these answers all the time.

Can you relate?

If you said yes…How long have you been dealing with the same challenges?

If you have been on a journey to liberate yourself from the limitations of your mind, the pain of your past and are still struggling, there is a misalignment. Being misaligned with your desires, intentions, and expectations will keep you stuck in “wanting and longing” that fails to manifest your greatest life.

The story you tell is the story you live…

To live your Divine Destiny means making some radical shifts that can feel scary and uncomfortable…temporarily. It means changing your inner state and challenging your ILLUSION of comfort and safety to find out the TRUTH - how LOVED and supported you really are when you allow Divine Grace into your life.

To live your Divine Destiny means shifting the voice that guides from your ego to your soul; to live from faith and trust rather than fear and suffering.

It’s like learning a new language that is being taught to you in bite-size pieces, one piece at a time without being able to see the larger picture and without any guarantee of success. Your soul and the Divine become your North Star.

You were born to love and have a joyfull life no matter the cost, no matter what someone else said, and no matter how the past once played out.

That’s why I am offering you the opportunity to break free and start really living and thriving by joining me for a 4-week liberating journey into Living Your Divine Destiny beginning August 14. Take advantage of the early tuition before August 8 midnight EST.

Reserve your seat

End being controlled by drama. Live from your passions and purpose.

What is unique about this advanced program is the transformational meditations that are Divinely inspired to support you in healing the past, get free from continually beating yourself up and sabotaging your efforts, and deepening your connection with God.

I also use the Emotional Freedom Technique called “Tapping” in an innovative way to support the release of subconscious beliefs that are so difficult to shift.

I am not messing around with just offering practical techniques. I’m invested in supporting you to experience real transformation that shifts your inner state to align with your soul destiny. That’s where the miracles happen.

If you resonate with what you have heard, take a look at the program and pay attention to your soul guidance. Ignoring those inner messages will keep your ego in charge of creating endless pain and separation. Breathe, listen, act….trust.

Reserve your seat

You either listen to your heart or your ego. You cannot serve two Gods.

The only things you have to lose is your pain and your old story.

Love and blessings,


PS: I warn you….the Pathway journeys are potent and many folks have had breakthroughs on things they have been struggling with for YEARS.

So don’t even consider this 4-week program into Living Your Divine Destiny if you want to stay where you are. Seriously…

Reserve your seat


Don’t Be Afraid to Dream

Who doesn’t have desires and dreams?

Let’s face it, staying motivated and inspired can be challenging especially when we get caught up in daily stresses. One of the books I keep handy is “The Four- Fold Way” by Angeles Arrien, PH.D.

The author is an anthropologist, author, educator, and corporate consultant. On page 21, she references  the way self-talk and negative beliefs govern our behavior by citing a conversation between Alice and the queen from Lewis Carroll’s famous book - Through a Looking Glass (Alice in Wonderland).

Angeles remarks that the queen recognizes personal power and takes a no-nonsense approach to “doing what must be done” regardless of any obstacles. She highlights the importance of dreaming the impossible dream in the following excerpt from Alice in Wonderland:

“I can’t believe that!” said Alice

“Can’t you?” the queen said in a pitying tone. “Try again, draw a long breath, and shut your eyes.”

Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying.” she said. “One can’t believe impossible things.”

“I daresay you haven’t much practice,” said the queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day.

Why, sometimes, I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

How about you?

How often do you talk yourself out of believing something is possible?

Do you set the bar low because you fear wishing for too much?
Do you see your life as full of possibilities or problems?
How many dreams have you given up?

Here’s a fun exercise to reclaim your dreams

Make a list of 100 dreams

Suspend judgments about whether they are possible or how you will achieve them. Be outrageous. Add dreams of any size - big or small. Have fun with this.

Let your inner child come out and play in creating your dream list. Notice what you learn about who you are and what you want.

Use this as a tool to ignite your passions and joys that will lead you to the next steps in creating your dream life and living your Divine destiny.

Have a blessed day :D


7 Keys To Shift Money Fears and Poverty Consciousness Into Prosperity and Peace, PT. 5

Ready for the last key?

Commit to daily self-care and spiritual practices.

Meditation, inspirational reading, walks in nature, stillness, and journaling are some ways to feel connected to that Divine spark within you. Daily practices and rituals that nourish your body, mind and soul connects you to your soul purpose and the collective Oneness.

Cultivating faith, trust, and courage in the face of fear, challenges and uncertainty deepens our faith that we are indeed supported by the Universe.

Taking care of your body is an important element to your inner foundation. When we feel “fed” we can show up for the people, responsibilities and situations that we most care about with our best SELF. When we are depleted, over-extended, hungry, lonely, or angry, life becomes more burdensome.

Negative self-talk, self-sabotage, and fears increase when you are not nurturing yourself.

To check when you might be out of balance or in need of some self-care pronto, here are some common signals: taking things too personally, beating yourself up, irritability, over-reacting, resentment, anger, overwhelm, confusion, distracted, stressed, or tense.

Ask yourself, “What do I need right now? What is my body asking for? What have I been ignoring?“ Then DO IT!

Notice your thoughts and feelings without judging, censoring or trying to get rid of them so you don’t stuff them down inside. Then, make a conscious decision to suspend giving your money concerns any more energy by choosing to place your attention elsewhere.

Make a commitment to stop talking about, thinking about and worrying about money. Start with an hour, a day or a week. You might be happily surprised at how much energy and flow opens when you stand strong in love, faith, trust and courage!

God is the true SOURCE of your supply and the greatest ally in your life!

Make your relationship with God a daily priority. Have ongoing conversations with God and share your heart like you would speak to a loving, and trusted friend who wants your life to be rich and joyfull.

Make God your business partner and your life partner.

Praise God for answered prayers and trust that whatever form they take is to ultimately make your life amazing.

Cultivate an abundance attitude of appreciation.

Every minute, every hour and every day you choose what you will create and manifest, consciously or unconsciously! That is The Law of Attraction.

And most importantly!!!! Commit to doing your inner work to identify, heal, and transform what is unresolved from your past that still has a painful negative charge

Rather than asking the Divine to get rid of things you don’t like or fear, ask instead for the courage and strength to walk through the experience.

Whatever you don’t know how to do or be - God does. Ask to be taught, shown and guided… and be open to the form this learning takes to bring you closer to who you really are as a child of Light.

Get help where you need it and remember to send your prayers to the Universe. Help comes when asked for. You are not meant to travel through this life alone!

And if FEAR is controlling your life, join me for 4-week mini journey into COURAGE beginning May 29. Take advantage of the early tuition through May 22. The program is a game-changer to transcend your money story and life struggles to live a more joyfull, prosperous and soul-guided life. Learn more and reserve your seat!

PS - If you missed the other six keys written over the past week, take a few minutes to read them. They might be exactly what you need to remember right now! :D


7 Keys To Shift Money Fears and Poverty Consciousness Into Prosperity and Peace, PT. 4

Two days ago I shared the third key, “Adopt an attitude of gratitude.” I said even though we are reminded about feeling genuine gratitude and the powerfull impact it has on our heart and outer reality, when we get caught up in fear and negativity, gratitude flies out the window!

I also wrote that gratitude is a powerfull magnet to attract good into your life when your thankfulness is genuine. Heartfelt appreciation radiates love, which is our natural state of being.

Every person and life situation is in service to your individual evolution and the expansion of the planet.

Every desirable or undesirable experience offers a healing and growth opportunity.

Here are three more keys to invite greater prosperity and peace:

Breathe. Breathe, Breathe. 

Worrying about the future, imagining the worse case scenarios, or past upsets repeating can generate a downwards spiral  into pain,  Slow deliberate breathes can discharge fear reactions by bringing you back into the present moment.

Breathing also opens the gateway to reconnect with The Divine/God/Source within.

Practice conscious breathing throughout your day. Make this a habit to stop, be still, and focus on deliberate breathing for several minutes. You might find you feel more focused, present, grounded, connected to your SELF, and peacefull.

Shift your inner and outer language.

Your inner thoughts, self-talk, the words you are thinking and saying to others are either constrictive or expansive. You can feel this in your body because your thoughts, beliefs, and feeling are interconnected.

Do your words and thoughts reflect the abundant reality you wish to create? Pay attention to what you are thinking and what is coming out of your mouth. Are you lapsing back into your lack and scarcity story? 

The Universe in listening!

Be of service to others.

I’ve written about this many times. Give what you most want to receive in your life because it brings you joy rather than for the purpose of getting something back in return. I’m a believer that we are all collectively connected and part of the ONE God/Divine/Creator of All That Is. In giving to others we also receive.

Look for ways to be of help to others in whatever way you can that feel right and true for you. Share your love, your wisdom, your time, your energy, your connections – whatever you feel called to offer another that will enhance their life positively. What goes around…

One more key to go!

Love and blessings,



7 Keys To Shift Money Fears and Poverty Consciousness Into Prosperity and Peace, PT. 3

In the first two keys I talked about the importance of letting go rehasing and telling the lack and scarcity stpry in your mind and in your conversations

I invited you to recognize the many forms of abundance in your life to expand your definition and perspective of wealth.

This next key is probably one you hear about quite often. It is also one that is easy to forget especially when we get caught up in fear-based thinking.

Adopt an attitude of gratitude.

Each morning I begin my day writing seven things I’m gratefull for. Sometimes I even write things in advance of them happening!

Periodically I write 100 things I’m gratefull for which invites me to dig deep to recognize all the big and small blessings that are easy to overlook like having hot water, food in the refrigerator, laughter, a sunny day…I find that after I reach 100 which takes about 15 minutes I can still add more. Try this out for yourself!

Gratitude is a powerfull magnet to attract good into your life when your thankfulness is genuine. Heartfelt appreciation radiates love, which is our natural state of being.

If you have difficulty feeling deep gratitude, as I do sometimes, pick up the book by Rhonda Byrne called, “The Magic”. I just received this book for my birthday and I am excited to deepen my own embodiment of gratitude.

Every person and life situation is in service to your individual evolution and the expansion of the planet.

Every desirable or undesirable experience offers a healing and growth opportunity. You can either flow with Life or fight against it. The choice is up to you.

Focus on all that is right in your world rather than all that is wrong.  Rest into the energies of appreciation so it fills you up and then take a look at your life.

What do you see?

The next keys are coming in two days!

Love and blessings,


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