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Playing The “What If? Game


what if

Fear can have a powerfull negative impact on our lives especially when it spirals into dread that grows from anticipated unknown  or troubling possibilities.

Our imagination can run wild with vivid details that can chain us to a life that is unwanted an unhappy.

The fact is no one can scare us better than we can. Most “what ifs” focus on worse case scenarios…”What if I lose my job?” or “What if I can’t pay my bills?” or “What if someone gets angry at me?”

Years ago I was having coffee with a colleague and the topic of fear came up. He asked me about one of my fears and I answered, “I have a fear of losing everything and being out on the street living as a homeless woman or a bag lady.”

He challenged me to heighten that fear and suggested the following scenario:

Imagine that I found myself in a town where I knew no one, had no money, no clothes except the ones I was wearing, no family, and no friends. As if I was just dropped there and had nothing except myself. He asked, “What would you do?”  I could feel the panic beginning to escalate and I didn’t want to play.

After my initial shock, my answers began to pour out. I said, “The first thing I’d do is look for work. I would accept any kind of job I could get to earn immediate cash. Then I would look for some place to sleep, any shelter that felt safe.”

The more I talked about what I would do, the calmer I felt. This “what if” scenario reminded me that I’m a thriver and willing to do whatever it takes to land on my feet. I always have and reminding myself of my abilities, tenacity, and courage was comforting. Whew!

In the same situation, what would you do?

Playing the “What if?” game can help to expose the truth about your fears so that you can claim responsibility for what you will do if the worst happens. You can realize that these horrific situations are more manageable than you imagined. AND you can also see that many of the things you imagine never, ever happen!

Our negative fears view life through a narrow lens and eliminate creative options and solutions. This game can help to expand your viewpoint and invite you to see things from a fresher perspective.

Here’s how to play:

Make a list of the specific fears that occupy your thoughts and might keep you up at night. After each “what if?” write down what you would do if your worse fears actually came true. Describe in detail what would happen and what you could do about it. Consider your options, resources, support, people….

After you’ve done that exercise, consider the opposite position

Make a list of all the best scenarios you can imagine. In other words, “what if everything you ever desired, dreamed about, yearned for…. happened.”

  • What would you do?
  • Would you be able to receive all this good with open arms?
  • Who would you become?

I recommend journaling your feelings and observations. Reflect on what you learned about yourself that can become your growing edge.

And remember that in every moment, you do not walk alone. The Divine is always with you as your life partner in creating a joy-filled abundant life!

Have a great day :D



Taking Your Power Back From Worry And Fear

Worrying about something that may or may never happen costs sleepless nights and peace of mind.

Do you expect the best or the worst to happen?

Life can feel challenging, unpredictable, and sometimes scary. You may be dealing with some situations that feel uncomfortable and staying positive and trusting is not so easy. I know the feeling!

Struggle and suffering is self-inflicted. When you are feeling fear, your attention is focused on the future or rehashing the past. Energy goes where you focus the most attention.

Breathe, get present in your body, get grounded, and anchor into the arms of your Divine. Worry, fear, anxiety dissipates when you reconnect with the inner Presence.

Counting physical objects exercise  to bring you back into the present

This exercise takes several minutes. While it appears to be very simple, the effect is quite powerfull.

Put your attention (rest your eyes) on an object in your immediate environment. Keep your attention on that object for 3-5 seconds (without thinking about what it is!) and count the number 1 out loud. Repeat this and choose different objects, placing your attention for several seconds on each one as you count up to 20 objects. Notice how you feeling when you are done.

Are you creating sacred space to be still and listen? You have an internal GPS, the voice of God, your IAM Presence that is continually speaking to you; to guide you towards living a more joyfull and prosperous life. You are either following the fears of your ego or the love of your soul. One holds you hostage. The other liberates you.

What part of you are you empowering to lead your life?  Your captor or liberator?

Stop listening to your ego/mind! It does not have the answers you seek or the wisdom to lovingly guide you.

Your ego only sees life as full of problems and obstacles to solve.

Your soul sees life as abundantly rich of possibilities and potential. Your soul see the grand vision and design for your life!

One small inner shift can create a ripple of change in your life. Continue to invest in your inner growth and transformation. It is one of the most important investments you can make to live a beautiful present and glorious future.

Today expect the best.

Listen to the whispers of your soul for guidance and direction. Tune your grate-full eyes to see all this is rich, loving, and meaning-full in your life. You are NOT alone. The Presence walks with you. The stronger your bond is with the Divine, the more Grace you will experience. The best is yet to come!  ♥

As events in our world accelerate, and transformation occurs with more speed and gusto, do you have the kind of help you need to PROCESS through the emotional upheavals and life challenges to create the breakthroughs you are ready to make?

I am still accepting applications for my upcoming Soul Circle group, that will be starting soon. The group is almost half full and with only 4 seats left.

When you have people who:

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Want what you want for yourself (and more) and celebrate both your victories and failures without judgment…..

Help you expand your perspective of limitation to see exciting possibilities you may have missed.. and who invite you to embrace your brilliance…

Having what you need for the next breakthrough can make the difference between struggling and soaring. Your deepest dreams can move from an idea to a reality, a challenge to a triumph when you have a team of kindred spirits to help you stay the course!

Following your resonance and inner wisdom in partnership with the Divine is the essential shift necessary to thrive in this Golden Age. Your soul would not guide to say yes to something beyond your reach. TRUST That!

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Love and blessings,


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End Drama. Manifest Your Heart’s Longing And Prosper

On my FREE call, Your Courageous Yes –The Only Alternative to Living Your Divine Destiny, I spoke about how the 5 D’s – Denial, Drama, Distraction, Doubt, and Disconnection will keep you stuck in pain and suffering, stuck in fear and not-good-enough – and separated from the guidance and love of your soul and the Divine.

I spoke how your mismatched intentions, desires, and expectations are sabotaging your dreams. I invited listeners to look at something they are struggling with to see how they might be misaligned.

I suggested asking the question, “What is the sincere longing of your heart?” instead of focusing on what you want. Asking a Destiny question will begin to lead you on the path you seek.

Change feels threatening to your ego. Big change freaks your ego out.

It gets scared and fears for its safety. So, it desperately tries to control, manage, and direct your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and often everyone else, to regain power.

As long as you rely on your ego and mind to guide your life, you will stay trapped in fear and Drama and cut off from living your destiny. Your ego sees life through a narrow lens of constriction, problems, and struggles. Your heart sees life filled with rich possibilities and potential.

Look at your life right now.

Are you living a love story - one that is filled with abundance and meaningfull purpose? Perhaps you feel more like you are living a horror story; one that is filled with struggle, pain, and fear? Maybe you feel your life is a little of both depending on the day and the situation?

When I ask folks what their biggest challenges many say:  money worries, health and weight issues, forgiveness, fear of really living their destiny, self sabotage & procrastination, blocking love, lack of self-love, self-confidence & self-worth, starting or growing a business…. I see these answers all the time.

Can you relate?

If you said yes…How long have you been dealing with the same challenges?

If you have been on a journey to liberate yourself from the limitations of your mind, the pain of your past and are still struggling, there is a misalignment. Being misaligned with your desires, intentions, and expectations will keep you stuck in “wanting and longing” that fails to manifest your greatest life.

The story you tell is the story you live…

To live your Divine Destiny means making some radical shifts that can feel scary and uncomfortable…temporarily. It means changing your inner state and challenging your ILLUSION of comfort and safety to find out the TRUTH - how LOVED and supported you really are when you allow Divine Grace into your life.

To live your Divine Destiny means shifting the voice that guides from your ego to your soul; to live from faith and trust rather than fear and suffering.

It’s like learning a new language that is being taught to you in bite-size pieces, one piece at a time without being able to see the larger picture and without any guarantee of success. Your soul and the Divine become your North Star.

You were born to love and have a joyfull life no matter the cost, no matter what someone else said, and no matter how the past once played out.

That’s why I am offering you the opportunity to break free and start really living and thriving by joining me for a 4-week liberating journey into Living Your Divine Destiny beginning August 14. Take advantage of the early tuition before August 8 midnight EST.

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End being controlled by drama. Live from your passions and purpose.

What is unique about this advanced program is the transformational meditations that are Divinely inspired to support you in healing the past, get free from continually beating yourself up and sabotaging your efforts, and deepening your connection with God.

I also use the Emotional Freedom Technique called “Tapping” in an innovative way to support the release of subconscious beliefs that are so difficult to shift.

I am not messing around with just offering practical techniques. I’m invested in supporting you to experience real transformation that shifts your inner state to align with your soul destiny. That’s where the miracles happen.

If you resonate with what you have heard, take a look at the program and pay attention to your soul guidance. Ignoring those inner messages will keep your ego in charge of creating endless pain and separation. Breathe, listen, act….trust.

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You either listen to your heart or your ego. You cannot serve two Gods.

The only things you have to lose is your pain and your old story.

Love and blessings,


PS: I warn you….the Pathway journeys are potent and many folks have had breakthroughs on things they have been struggling with for YEARS.

So don’t even consider this 4-week program into Living Your Divine Destiny if you want to stay where you are. Seriously…

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The Keys To Unshakable Faith and Trust

Money worries can make life very difficult and painfull. It’s hard to be fully present and share the best of yourself with the people and things you care about when you feel fear about money.

Perhaps you have a yearning to know that God really will take care of everything you want and need including money so you truly fulfill your soul/life purpose and be happy?

That’s how I felt. I was having a love/hate/fear relationship with God and my life felt more like a struggle than a joy especially with money.

I’ve heard and taught that God is the Source and supply of all our good but my ego fears and negative beliefs about money continued to override my faith and trust.

I allowed money fears and empowered my ego to dictate what I did or didn’t do. I distrusted God to provide what I needed without a guarantee or advance evidence that I would be ok.

It’s comical because that’s what faith and trust is all about - taking those soul-guided intuitive steps in faith that all will be well and unfold for your best and highest good.

My ego mind was controlling my life and “Edging God Out” of my heart and keeping me in fear.  I had to find out whether I could really trust God and trust myself.

The key?

I had to stop saving myself and let balls drop to allow God to help me. I had to let go of controlling situations to allow God to guide me with trust. And I had to allow deeper emotional pain to surface so it could be healed and released.

My worse fears began taking form and guess what happened? Miracles, blessings, and so much Grace when I finally surrendered and followed my heart. My difficulties were Pathways to a blossoming bond with God that has brought deeper faith, trust, and love into my heart that gets stronger every day with very little effort. What I gave up was fear and suffering and the illusions of my mind.

How about you?

Is your fear stronger than your faith and trust?

The spiritual journey is not an easy one. Staying strong and sustaining courage, faith, and trust can be a minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day experience when you are going through lots of change.

Life can feel hard, scary and full or struggle or….experiences can be ones of grace when you are standing on a solid foundation of faith and trust. When you KNOW in your heart that no matter what is happening, the journey is taking you to something you have been wishing for and that your soul deeply desires.

The invitation is to open your heart and mind to recognize the brilliance of the circumstances you have created and attracted, whether they are desired or undesired, to catapult you forward into the manifestation of your deepest dreams.

Strong faith, trust, and courage calm the fears and doubts of the mind. You cannot think or talk yourself into having more trust or faith or courage. That is a mind game.

Have you been trying to do that?

My personal journey birthed the Pathways to Awakening 4-week teleseries that has guided people to reclaim your life and reunite with the Divine and your TRUE nature of WEALTH.

The next Pathways Into Awakening 4-week journey into Faith & Trust begins July 3.

In four sessions you will have opportunities to strengthen your inner foundation and invite more Grace into your life in partnership with the Divine.

Receive invaluable tools, processes, and support to maintain a positive outlook and hopefull heart.

Feel the freedom from money fears, health challenges, business worries, and anything else that weighs on your mind and heart.

Are you yearning to know that you are safe and that you will always be cared for in every way that is not dependent on you having to figure things out and control your experience?

This is your invitation to find out the TRUTH, the real TRUTH that your heart is longing to show you.

In four sessions you will have opportunities to strengthen your inner foundation and invite more Grace into your life in partnership with the Source, your most powerfull and adoring ally.

What make this program unique are the soul guided deepening processes, the Divine presence leading each call, and the brilliance of the group dynamics. Some folks had dramatic shifts in just one session!

“This program was so important to me on so many levels more than any program I have taken part in.” Lisa

We begin on July 3 for a life-changing journey to unshakable faith and trust.

Read what others have to say and reserve your seat now. Learn more

This may be one of the most transformational programs you ever attend in 2012!

 Blessings :D


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Courage: Liberation From Five Myths That Can Keep You Stuck In Fear


“When experiencing new and exciting changes in life how can you expect to know how it will all go? There are times when you’re required to step blindly off the ledge only to find that with faith you are transported on the wings of love to a new and beautiful vista to explore! Today is such a day.. let fear be what it is, and let faith help you soar regardless of the fear.” – Colette Baron-Reid

What you may not realize is that from the moment you were conceived through age 6, you have been bombarded by thousands of emotional charges that have impacted on who you have become. In addition to what you have inherited from your ancestors and your family, your world has been shaped by cultural conditioning and your personal life experiences.

Fear has been a dominant energy on this planet for thousands of years. 2012 is heralding a shift of consciousness and a new era of love, peace, and prosperity. The grip of fear will begin to wane as you “come home” and wake up to who you really are with the Divine presence within you to be your guiding Light.

You may view fear as an enemy, something to be gotten rid of rather than seeing fear’s value as a friend and pathway to your homecoming.  Fear can keep you stuck and frozen or be a motivator and catalyst for change. Healthy fear can be a positive benefit to your life. Irrational fear can keep you separate from the life you were born to live and separate from God.

When your fears become strong, you might get very small because a younger part of you, an inner child is feeling frightened and needing some comfort.

As long as you judge anything about yourself to be bad or wrong, the peace and self love you seek (that we all seek) will not happen.  To feel whole means creating a welcoming place within you to love and embrace all of you – your thoughts, your beliefs, your feelings and your actions.  The first step is a willingness to love and accept yourself as you are with COURAGE and an open heart.

You are not broken, you do not need to be fixed, there is nothing wrong with you.

Changing your relationship with fear is a step forward to reunite you with your Sacred Self and the Divine while calming the fearfull “little you” inside.

Here are 5 myths many folks have about fear:

1) Using affirmations will change your fear beliefs if you say and write them for 21 days. Some people swear by affirmations and they do have some benefit. BUT, your subconscious is in charge of what you think, feel and do as a human being. Affirmations only work with the conscious mind that operates a teeny tiny part of your mind and don’t go deep enough to create long-last shifts in beliefs.

2) Positive mindset will change fears. Relying on your “attitude” to shift fears and worry will work in short bursts. Fears return because no permanent inner shift has occurred. Real transformation goes beyond mindset.

3) If you face fear head on, the fear will become overwhelming. Attempting to repress fear only gives it more power to impact your life especially through self-sabotage. Shining a light on the illusions and fear your mind has created invites them to crumble, freeing you from its grip forever. Transformation can occur in seconds.

4) Fear is an enemy and something to be gotten rid of. Whatever you judge within yourself as bad or wrong creates more separation and pain from who you really are and the connection with Source. Fear can be tamed and turned into any ally.

Read my article, “9 Valuable Gifts from Fear”  

 5) Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is about following your heart in spite of what your mind and feelings are telling you; being willing to take those leaps of faith to follow your Divine urges. Faith is feeling trust before the evidence shows up and having the courage to do whatever it takes “in fear”.

Take an honest look at what is driving your thoughts, feelings, and actions to create your current reality.

Is it love? Is it faith? Is it courage?  Is it Grace?

Or is fear, pain, struggle and scarcity?

Is your scaredy cat still controlling your life and keeping you from feeling fully alive and prosperous???

Are you believing everything you THINK?

This is a time for new beginnings and shedding old paradigms that suck the life out of your heart.

This is YOUR year!

Ready to create your new courage story and rewrite your future?

Join me for a 4-week mini journey into Courage beginning Tuesday, May 29. Learn how to make fear your friend, unleash your inner hero, and partner with the Divine POWER within you to liberate you from the grip of your mind AND start thriving in ways you never have before. Early tuition ends May 22, midnight EST. Learn more


Don’t Believe EVERYTHING You Think

Today I was reminded of the importance of distinguishing the difference between facts and the truth.

Facts are knowledge and information that is based on reality and circumstances as they are. Facts turn into emotionally charged stories filled with beliefs and illusions created by your ego/mind.

When I say Truth, I mean the inner knowing and wisdom that comes from your soul-connection. When you believe everything you think Truth becomes enmeshed in the story you imagine.

The more emotionally charged your story is filled with fear and pain, the more powerfull it becomes to dominate and control your life and separate you from God.

You are NOT your mind

You are NOT your thoughts

You are NOT your emotions

You are NOT your illusions

You are NOT your story

The truth is, there is a Power that is greater than any fact, fear, or worse case scenario you can imagine that dwells inside of YOU.

Don’t believe EVERYTHING you think.

When fear and upset grabs hold of you, stop and notice where and WHEN your attention is focused. Are you projecting into your future that is yet to unfold, or rehashing the past?

Then take a few slow deep breaths to reconnect with your body and ask, “In this moment what is the truth?”

You have more courage, inner strength, and wisdom than you realize.

You may have more support and abundance than you acknowledge too. And you have the greatest ally that walks with you every moment of every

The more deeply connected you are to the TRUTH that lives within you, the more you will experience the POWER of Divine Love and Grace to guide you in living a courageously Awakened life.

You are loved.

All is unfolding in your life in perfect and Divine order to guide you “home.”

All is well.

Take a moment to stop and breathe this Truth  in.

Have a great weekend!



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Uncertainty - A Pathway to Limitless Possibilities

“Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. Don’t let them scare you unduly, for they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity.”- R.I. Fitzhenry

I’ve experienced three major life-changing periods in my life. One was in the late 1990′s (and I can definitely say I am in the throes of big transitions now).

At that time, everything in my life seemed to be in flux.  I felt at a crossroads filled with excitement and huge fear.  Where was I going?  What might happen next?  At times, I felt overwhelmed with so many questions and so much uncertainty.

One day, while at a low point, I flipped on the TV and caught one of the Public Broadcasting Station fundraising drives.  Deepak Chopra was the featured presenter.  He was introducing his view about uncertainty.  To illustrate his point, he recalled a story that involved his son during the Christmas holidays.  When asked  what he wished for in the New Year, his son replied, “I wish for another year of uncertainty.”

I felt my stomach churn with upset when I heard that! You gotta be kidding!

The essence of his message was this:

Open your mind to see uncertainty as a state of possibility. Limitless possibilities.  So often we view uncertainty with dread and anticipation of something negative happening to us.  Imagine seeing the potential of limitless possibilities that might result in wonderfull things happening.  In other words, expect the best instead of expect the worst.

What if you held the thought, “I wonder what new (and exciting) experiences might be coming my way?” and pondered upon the delightfull possibilities instead of fearing the unknown.

What if you approached life as learning experiences rather than problems or obstacles to overcome?

What if you stood strong in affirming that The Universe is a friendly place and that each moment of every day you walked with your best friend - your personal Divine who is madly in love with you and want your life to be FABULOUS?

And…what if you made the choice to serve God rather than your ego? And decided to turn repeatedly back to God when you felt the slippery grip of your mind pulling you down.

If everything always stayed the same, day in and day out, imagine what your life be like personally and professionally…

How would you grow and expand as a person?

What challenges would invite your best to emerge?

How would your passions be expressed in ways that inspired you and others?

What would delight and bring you joy?

“The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.” – Ursula K. LeGuin

So, now imagine stepping into new experiences with an explorer’s sense of adventure and curiosity! Imagine that everything is unfolding perfectly and guiding you to an extraordinary life even if your outer reality doesn’t look that way.

When you open your mind and heart to possibilities, amazing things can happen! When you invite your Personal Divine to be your partner in all areas of your life and make that your most precious relationship, MAGIC happens.

Your invitation:

1. Adopt a new attitude about uncertainty.  Create opportunities to playfully approach uncertainty with an open mind and heart.  Be the explorer every day! Unleash your adventurous nature as you live in the mystery. Be sure to stay in communion and conversati0on with God throughout your day!

2. Watch what happens when you are open to possibilities.  You might find people and opportunities coming to you that you might have missed when you approached uncertainty as a negative.

3. Notice your reaction to this exercise.  Learn more about yourself.  Tip: Journaling is a great tool to capture your thoughts and feelings!

All is well

PS: Want some help? Join my Soul Mentor Group! Take advantage of this powerfull opportunity to receive the spiritual, emotional, and mental support you might be craving with like-minded, open-hearted kindred spirits.

Use this group for spiritual nourishment, direction and guidance, clarity, courage, a loving kick in the butt, accountability….to grow yourself, mastermind, move through a transition, get unstuck, eliminate self-sabotage, transcend the limitations of your mind…..whatever you’d like support with in creating a soulfull, faith filled, abundant life in 2012 and beyond!

This group may be one of the best investments you make this year.

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I’m here to help….

Love and blessings,



Dream Big: Releasing Fears Exercise

A few weeks ago I received Doreen Virtue’s Oracle Card- Magical Mermaids and Dolphins. I love using different resources to tap into guidance when I’d like additional help from the Universe. In truth, all of our answers are within us and we do get in the way of hearing and trusting our Wise Self!

Several days ago, one of the cards I pulled was “Dream Big.” The essence of the card’s meaning speaks to releasing inferiority and insecurities about moving forward to accept greater success and good into your life.

Unworthiness and fear are two of the most powerfull energies that block abundant flow and keep people in misery.

On this page is an invitation to release fear. Below is the suggested practice I adapted.

1. Write down a list of  your fear about moving forward. Expand  the list to include anything that holds an emotional charge related to fear. Don’t hold anything back. Keep writing until you cannot think of anything else that scares you about yourself, your  life, others, God…..

2. Then take the paper(s) and drown it is a bucket or large bowl of water. As you soak it, bless what what you have written, know that you are letting go of illusions created by your mind, and release it into the hands of the Divine to be healed and transformed.

3. Take a cleansing, shower, bath or swim.

4.  Afterwards, take the paper you have soaked in water and throw it away outside. (I balled it up and flushed mine down the toilet)

Or, you might choose instead to tear the paper into pieces and burn them OUTSIDE (not in your home to circulate energetically) and release them to the Divine.

5. Center yourself by taking several slow deep breaths. Write down what you are ready to claim now that you have released your fears. Invite your heart and soul to express your deepest yearnings to come alive in manifestation.

You might claim abundance, a vision for the New Year, courageous actions toward fulfilling a passion, creating a product or program, pursuing a new relationship….. you get to DREAM BIG. So do it.

Read it out loud and invite the Universe and God to bear witness to your declarations.  And be ready to do your part in taking action to bring your intentions and dreams into reality.

Love and blessings,


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Keeping Your Faith and Trust Strong Thru 2012

For several weeks, I’ve been speaking and writing quite a bit about faith and trust. With the massive vibrational shifts on 10/28 & 11/11 coupled with the energies of the holidays, your faith and trust might be in need of some fortification.

2012 is a long-awaited year to bring the new energies of Enlightenment onto the planet. To receive and align with these higher vibrations, our lives will continue to experience inner and outer shifts to let go of the old to make room for the new; letting go of beliefs, behavior patterns, fear, and pain that no longer serves you.

As this year winds down I’ve been reflecting on all the changes that have occurred since the year began. The answer to my prayer for unshakeable faith and trust in a deeper relationship with God has unfolded in ways I never imagined into peace and Grace.

It is so common today for people to be plagued with panic and anxiety…  You might be experiencing a great deal of inner turmoil bouncing between the guidance of your soul and the struggles of your mind. One voice will bring you into deeper faith and trust. The other will lead you into greater fear and pain.

Been there, done that.  My faith and trust has never been stronger!

The responses to your prayers and requests to the Universe do not always take the form you desire. When LIFE shows up in ways that stretch you to the edges of your comfort zone and beyond, how strong is your faith and trust that all work out?

Do you play with the mystery with curiosity and creative excitement or struggle against Life in fear and worry?

It is the strength of your faith and trust that will sustain you through these shifts. It is the depth of your relationship  with Source/God/The Divine that will carry you through challenging times with power and Grace.

It’s easy to have faith and trust when things are going the way you want. What happens when your life feels hard with struggles….. during times of uncertainty…. or when your fears, worr ies, and doubts bubble up with force?

Strengthening your faith and trust will expand your capacity to welcome the New Year and open to the blessings of greater prosperity, joy, and love that is what this new age is about!

That’s why I am hosting a call with my dear friend. Rev. Kimberly Marooney. If your faith and trust is shaky, join us for one of the most important teleseminars I have ever hosted on Monday, December 19, 7-8:30 pm EST/ 4-5:30 pm PST for, “Sustaining Faith and Trust Through Challenging Times” .

Join us to strengthen your faith and trust as you expand into the New Year and open to the blessings of greater prosperity, joy, and love that are coming your way!

And if you have ever been on a call with Kimberly, her very presence invites peace and Divine Love.  And I know there will be Divine guidance creating our experience together on this call! WOW.

Look at the program and reserve your seat NOW

Plus, you will experience a special guided meditation and receive a Oneness blessing at the end of the call. The Oneness blessing, called Deeksha, is an energy transmission from the Divine affecting neurological shifts in the brain that accelerates conscious “Awakening”.

This may be one of the MOST IMPORTANT calls you have ever attended to prepare for 2012!

Discover the real power of what is possible when you have faith and trust in the voice of your soul rather than the voice of your mind.

Sign up now for only $29 (reg. $39). After the call, the recording will be available for $39.

Lobe and blessings,


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