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Playing The “What If? Game


what if

Fear can have a powerfull negative impact on our lives especially when it spirals into dread that grows from anticipated unknown  or troubling possibilities.

Our imagination can run wild with vivid details that can chain us to a life that is unwanted an unhappy.

The fact is no one can scare us better than we can. Most “what ifs” focus on worse case scenarios…”What if I lose my job?” or “What if I can’t pay my bills?” or “What if someone gets angry at me?”

Years ago I was having coffee with a colleague and the topic of fear came up. He asked me about one of my fears and I answered, “I have a fear of losing everything and being out on the street living as a homeless woman or a bag lady.”

He challenged me to heighten that fear and suggested the following scenario:

Imagine that I found myself in a town where I knew no one, had no money, no clothes except the ones I was wearing, no family, and no friends. As if I was just dropped there and had nothing except myself. He asked, “What would you do?”  I could feel the panic beginning to escalate and I didn’t want to play.

After my initial shock, my answers began to pour out. I said, “The first thing I’d do is look for work. I would accept any kind of job I could get to earn immediate cash. Then I would look for some place to sleep, any shelter that felt safe.”

The more I talked about what I would do, the calmer I felt. This “what if” scenario reminded me that I’m a thriver and willing to do whatever it takes to land on my feet. I always have and reminding myself of my abilities, tenacity, and courage was comforting. Whew!

In the same situation, what would you do?

Playing the “What if?” game can help to expose the truth about your fears so that you can claim responsibility for what you will do if the worst happens. You can realize that these horrific situations are more manageable than you imagined. AND you can also see that many of the things you imagine never, ever happen!

Our negative fears view life through a narrow lens and eliminate creative options and solutions. This game can help to expand your viewpoint and invite you to see things from a fresher perspective.

Here’s how to play:

Make a list of the specific fears that occupy your thoughts and might keep you up at night. After each “what if?” write down what you would do if your worse fears actually came true. Describe in detail what would happen and what you could do about it. Consider your options, resources, support, people….

After you’ve done that exercise, consider the opposite position

Make a list of all the best scenarios you can imagine. In other words, “what if everything you ever desired, dreamed about, yearned for…. happened.”

  • What would you do?
  • Would you be able to receive all this good with open arms?
  • Who would you become?

I recommend journaling your feelings and observations. Reflect on what you learned about yourself that can become your growing edge.

And remember that in every moment, you do not walk alone. The Divine is always with you as your life partner in creating a joy-filled abundant life!

Have a great day :D



Claim Your POWER. Liberate Your True Self!

inner power1

Feeling obligated, responsible, and manipulated into doing something you don’t want to do through fear or guilt makes life painfull. You feel you have to, you must, you should because if you don’t you will lose something you deeply care about - love, approval, friendship, money..

Without feeling you have a choice to say yes or no on your own terms inhibits your personal freedom to be powerfully and exquisitely YOU.

Is your life ruled by have fear-filled tos or empowered choices? If you are tolerating any situation because of fear, take an honest look at the TRUTH.

Whose life are you living? Yours or someone else’s?

It takes courage and an act of self-love to show up for yourself.

Where are you giving your power away? As you give yourself permission to reClaim your Self, you serve others to do the same. Love is freedom. Perhaps this is part of your life purpose…

Whatever is happening in your life, the one choice you always retain is how you interpret your experiences. Your perception determines how you experience every moment - inner prison or freedom?

You have great power within you. You always have. You always will. And within this power is great love and compassion as well as great courage and inner strength. Live life with the innocence of a child and the courage of a lion. This is your time to shine ♥

Love and blessings,



The Truths About Changing Beliefs, Self-Love, and Transformation

In my 25+ years of coaching, spiritually guiding, and counseling people we spend many months on self-awareness. You can’t change something you don’t recognize. So, building awareness is the first step.

What many believe is that when they become conscious of a belief, negative pattern, or past pain they will be magically transformed. The only thing that changes is that they uncovered something they didn’t know.  Sometimes what is revealed confirms or clarifies something they suspected or knew at a deeper level of awareness.

Or they feel they have been working with specific issues for a period of time and they feel frustrated because their “stuff” is still popping up.

I thought I was done with this!

I’ve worked on this FOREVER!

How do I get rid of ____ permanently?

Becoming aware of something is not a magic bullet. Relying on mental processes like affirmations can create shifts in beliefs but… real transformation occurs in your heart. You cannot think yourself into opening your heart.

There is a 12 inch gap between your head and your heart. The head is ruled by the ego and your subconscious mind. The soul governs the heart.

People consistently ask me for resources and techniques that will get rid of their unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I shake my head in compassion. They are still trying to sidestep the “feeling” part of the healing journey by trying to control, manage, and direct their experience.

Transformation is a feeling NOT a thinking experience.

Transformation is a process not a technique; an inner shift into a higher state of consciousness and vibration.

A client of mine has been working with a childhood hurt centered on feeling abandoned and betrayed by her parents. This theme has played out throughout her life. When she feels that wound emerging in her close relationships, she feels enraged.  Over the years she has developed understanding and compassion for others in recognizing that they too, are suffering from pain.

She has also come to recognize the ways she has abandoned and betrayed herself by not speaking up, breaking self-agreements,  having loose boundaries….Even though some of her beliefs about herself and others have changed, the  pain of betrayal still packs a strong emotional charge.

Why?  She gets stuck in anger and revisiting past memories. She swirls around in rage and self-righteous indignation that protects her heart from touching the real pain which I believe is a well of grief. She’s been trying to use her intellect and mental processes, we have done in sessions, to transform the past and avoid doing the “feeling” work.

Within that deep sorrow is a need for forgiveness and love for others and most especially, for herself. Until she is willing to fully feel and embrace her sadness and open her heart to forgive, she will stay stuck in this pattern of hurt no matter how many times she tries to change her beliefs, think differently, and make herself be at peace.

Last year during a health situation, I discovered guilt I had been harboring in my body that had to do with a conversation I had with  my mother over 30 years ago. My mother was in despair, and I lacked the words to counsel and console her. I felt I abandoned and betrayed her. Several years later she died from leukemia.

Even though I recalled the memory and had worked on lots of forgiveness and self-love, I was unaware of how much guilt and blame I carried in my heart for her death. Once revealed the floodgates of sadness opened and I was sobbing. In a session with a trusted healer, I was able to bring the pain to peace and love.

Life is an ongoing onion peel experience. You are proof of that. We keep uncovering pieces of specific life themes because we have buried our stuff under so many layers to protect ourselves and survive.

You might find some complex themes still playing in your life because there are some pieces you have not uncovered that still hold a painful emotional charge. They might be wounds that have been deeply buried because they are so tender.

Instead of getting annoyed or frustrated, welcome recurring patterns and beliefs when they emerge. They reveal themselves to you when you are strong and open hearted enough to invite your pain to be healed.  You cannot outrun yourself. Wherever you go, you take YOU and your stuff with you.

Yes, heart openings often include pain. Pain validates your hurt. Many times the release of pain and healing can happen very quickly with Grace, and even joy. Transformation is a journey of courage and commitment to walk through those dark places into the light and reclaiming your Self.

Each time you recognize, feel, accept, and embrace things about yourself with love and compassion, your heart expands. Each time you welcome all parts of your humanness, you come back into greater states of wholeness. Each time you feel self-love, you reUnite with the Divine.

I believe that developing a strong inner foundation, relationship with your soul, and bond with the Divine are essential keys to real transformation; to transcend the past and move into higher states of consciousness and vibration. Trying to do this work alone is unrealistic.

And an act of self-love is realizing when you need help to get out of your own way and have someone you trust to be a witness, a space holder and partner in walking through, not around, your pain. Seek professional help with someone skilled at navigating this tender terrain.

You ARE worth it!

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Love and blessings,



Five Spiritual Laws That Strengthen Or Shake Faith and Trust, Part 5

The Law of Intention and Desire

I hope you have been enjoying this 5-part series! Here is the last one.

The Law of Intention and Desire truly goes hand in hand with The Law of Expectation.

The Law of Intention reminds us that when we align with a clear intention and deep passion in mind, body and spirit we set the conditions to powerfully attract what we intend to create.

This Law is based on the fact that there is always an infinite amount of energy and information present to create what ever you desire! And energy always follows intent.

Desirable changes and manifestations depend on conscious ATTENTION and INTENTION.

Focused attention and intention creates a force that magnetizes to you what you most desire. Whatever you give attention to increases energetically.

Attention and deep desire energize The Law of Attraction.

Removing your attention causes the energies to scatter and dissipate.

Getting to your core desire and designing an intention in affirmative language also sets a tone for our energy and decision making.

I shake my head when I hear people express frustration with their life when the they invest a small portion of their time, spiritual practices, heart-centered attitude and actions on attracting what they say they want and spend the bulk of their time in a negative mindset.

For example, you may create an intention to have a make a difference in the world and make money doing what you love.

Everything you think, do and say must align with that intention in order for it to be made manifest in your physical reality to the degree that it is a match – or better yet, surpasses your desire. The core energies of The Law of Intention are clarity and alignment.

You might be creating blocks in what you desire to create because there is conscious and unconscious intention in conflict because of your life experiences!

You might deeply desire to be of help to others and harbor feelings of unforgiveness towards people.

You might desire loving relationships and be struggle with loving yourself.

And what you want as a human being might be very different from the intentions of your soul.

Your soul’s purpose for being here in a physical body is to grow and be a Creator.

As a human being, your intentions might be on success, material possessions, making money rather than aligning with the desires of your soul.

Can you have both?

Of course! 

With the shift of consciousness happening on the planet, what you put your attention and intention on must prioritize your soul’s purpose and intention to be in harmony with the New Golden Age, a time for joy, love, and prosperity.

With an intention for the future, your attention must be in the present, which is conscious awareness that is real and eternal. Choose to lead from your heart in taking inspired action that will manifest your intentions for tomorrow!

What is essential is to detach from the outcome so that you are not struggling against the present moment in the pursuit of manifesting your future!

Your focused intention lays the groundwork for effortless, spontaneous expression of your desires! This is the path of Grace.

For the past year, one of my deepest desires and intention has been to have unshakeable faith and trust with the God of my understanding that everything I want and need will be supplied. With life feeling upside down in so many ways, this desire and intention felt critical for me to follow my passion and purpose. Perhaps you have that same desire?

In response to my prayers, I have created and attracted a very challenging and painful year as well as a powerfully liberating and abundant one in many ways. Has my faith and trust shaken? You bet.

What has emerged from all of the flux in my life combined with deep inner transformation work IS that my faith and trust is stronger within myself AND with my Divine.

Give thought to your current desires and intentions.

What are you giving energy to?

Are you radiating from faith and trust or from desperation and fear?

Are your expectations, intentions and desires in alignment with what you truly wish to attract, consciously and unconsciously? (Inner shadow transformation, forgiveness, beliefs?)

What needs to be healed, shifted, transformed and released to manifest what you desire and intend now, and in your future?

There are dozens of Spiritual Laws at work that govern your life including the Laws of Cause & Effect, Energy, Co-Creation, Abundance, Cultural Conditioning…….You may choose to read about more of these Laws or focus on a few to align more consciously with the Universe.

Faith and trust is being challenged today as our lives change in ways we have never experienced or imagined. Understanding these Laws help to put some questions into perspective and can begin to quiet your mind.

Transition is the psychological reaction to change (anger, fear, confusion, sadness..) and is fueled by the subconscious mind; the part of the brain we cannot easily access to create shifts in the beliefs that affect emotions and actions. During intense periods of change, fears run high. Faith and trust can weaken.

That’s why I created the next Pathways to Awakening, 4-week Journey into Faith & Trust!!  This is the 5th in a series of mini journeys that have helped folks break free of the past and limitations of their mind to become more Conscious Creators in alignment with their soul and Divine destiny. 

I felt a strong Divine nudge to offer this powerfull transformational program  beginning December 6. Choose the day or evening time that is best for you and take advantage of a special tuition that expires Friday, November 30, midnight EST. This program will help you fortify your faith and trust with Divine Power, courage, and excitement to create an exciting 2013. Learn more and sign up here.

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Strengthen your faith and trust as you expand into the New Year and open to the blessings of greater prosperity, joy, and love that are coming your way!

Love and blessings :D



5 Spiritual Laws That Strengthen or Shake Faith & Trust, Part 2

In part 1 I talked about The Law of Opposites, here’s the next one.

The Law of Divine Timing and Divine Order

Below is an excerpt on this Law from the second class of a program I co-teach with my pal Anita Pathik Law called, Aligning With Destiny. As you read, consider a situation or person that feels to be a source of your unhappiness or struggle (including YOU!)

The Law of Divine Timing and Divine Order reminds us of the powerful elements of truth that can difficult to hold to, especially when we are being short-sighted, unfaithful, untrusting, or impatient.

The core energies of the Law of Divine Timing and Divine Order are: respect, acknowledgment, trust, appreciation, open mindedness and curiosity.

The main elements alive within this law are:

  • All things happen for a reason
  • The reasons may not be discovered until much later and some may never be fully understood.
  • We must trust the reason even though we might not be aware of what it is.

The Universe is always responding to your best interest and loves to provide in accordance and in alignment with your current vibration and inherent purpose.

1.  Do you really want the Universe to supply you with something that is not in your highest good – or is out of alignment with your soul’s path?

2. Does your desire support you being an expression of your purpose?

The Universe operates solely in a love vibration and is always responding to human forms of thought and emotion. The Universe supports you in having experiences that support you in your growth and evolution.

1. Are you willing to let go of blaming the Universe for your current situation?

2. Are you ready to take 100% responsibility for what currently exists in your life?

3. Are you ready to stop punishing yourself for your current situation or past decisions?

The Universe is much more intelligent, creative and purposeful than most of us in our natural humanized states can possibly imagine!

 1. How are you demonstrating trust and faith in Divine order?

2. How are you not?

3. What needs to shift so that you allow your life to unfold with greater faith, trust, and patience?

Even that which you perceive as undesired and unwanted seeks to be experienced as a blessing; an opportunity for growth or an experience of faith, forgiveness and an active invitation to demonstrate better alignment.

1. How might you view your current situation as a blessing?

2. How have you grown through trials and tribulations in the past?

3. Think of a situation in your past that, when it emerged, was undesired, unwanted, even hated…

4. Looking backward, what did learn from that experience that contributed to your growth? What were the gifts and blessings?

5. Healing opportunities are being presented to you and it is 100% up to you to take advantage of them. How can you today- right now – choose to align with this opportunity?

6. What are your greatest gifts for growth in your current situation?

The Present is perfect – you are exactly where you are supposed to be. All things are happening in the timing of the Divine and your highest good.

1. How can you come into greater appreciation with what is?

2. How will surrendering to Divine Order and Divine Timing alter your experience?

Every situation offers a healing and growth opportunity to learn something about yourself, expand your perspective, open your heart, and rise above your human reactions to a higher vibration of consciousness and expression; to be more than your reaction, personal interpretations, and illusions that are created by your ego.

In those challenging times, you are invited to emulate the qualities of God/Higher Power/The Divine and ask:

What would faith and trust do?

What would faith and trust see?

What would faith and trust say?

If I looked through the eyes of God and Divine Love, what would I see, do and say in this moment?

And then choose to embrace faith, trust and love to guide you the moment and the moments that follow.

Part 3 is coming in two days.


Does your faith shake?

Do you find it difficult to stand in full trust that all will be well when gripped by fear?

Does life feel unsafe?

Fear, doubt, confusion as well as excitement, passion, and wonder has made 2012 a wild emotional ride.

Do you long for inner stability and peace to know that, no matter what is happening, you will be ok?

Join me for a special FREE teleseminar called, ”Faith and Trust: Feeling Safe, Living In The Mystery of Change”. Tuesday, November 27, 2pm EST.

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Strengthen your faith and trust as you expand into the New Year and open to the blessings of greater prosperity, joy, and love that are coming your way!

And I know there will be Divine guidance creating our experience together on this call! WOW.

May your faith and trust continue to blossom and guide you every day.

Love and blessings :D



Getting Rid of Fear And THRIVING In These New Energies

I continually hear people ask me, “How can I get RID of my fears?”

Did you know that when you approach fear from that perspective you cast judgment and condemnation towards yourself that separates you from your true Nature and God?

In this shift in consciousness, we must make a paradigm shift in how we think and feel about our fears or any thought and pattern we don’t like so we are moving into states of wholeness, peace, and love.

You will continue to be in conflict and inner struggle as long as you beat yourself up and judge yourself in any way including when you do or don’t do something out of fear!

Transformation is an internal energy shift that cannot be managed, controlled or directed by your mind and ego which is why learning new ways of living “with fear” in these new energies is critical .

You might be thinking, “I know this!!! I know I need to be more self-loving, more forgiving, more….!”  but you are still  getting hooked into old reactions. (Me too sometimes)

It’s not your fault if you are struggling with fears.

Fear has been controlling the world for centuries. It’s in your DNA. And there are many positives to fear you might not realize too.

That’s why 2012 and the years to follow are so exciting. This is your time to be liberated from the grip of your mind/ego  by the only one who can do that - God.

For this to happen, creating harmony with all parts of yourself is essential including your fears!

Living in the grip of fear and feeling powerless sucks.

You are not powerless.

If you are struggling with fear or any feeling or pattern you wish to change, the problem is HOW you are being WITH it - embracing ALL of you or bracing against yourself? Resistance to anything you don’t want only gives it more power to be alive in your life.

And if you are depending on your mind and ego to create the changes you want within yourself and your life, that is not where your true transformational power lies.

That’s like going to a mechanic to get your teeth cleaned.

The key is Love. It always comes back to love - the most powerfull transforming energy in Creation. That is your natural state and the essence of God.

You gotta line up your insides to attract what you want in your reality.

I can help. This is the work I do.

Take advantage of two resources designed to change your relationship with fear and thrive in these new energies. Experience leading edge approaches that can release years of pain and suffering, sometimes in a matter of minutes.


The deepening processes and soul-guided meditations are so potent that folks continually report feeling lighter, more peacefull, confident and empowered to roll with life. They tell me how much more fun and abundant  their lives have become.

Want that?

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To your liberation!

Love and blessings,

Lorraine :D


Don’t Be Afraid to Dream

Who doesn’t have desires and dreams?

Let’s face it, staying motivated and inspired can be challenging especially when we get caught up in daily stresses. One of the books I keep handy is “The Four- Fold Way” by Angeles Arrien, PH.D.

The author is an anthropologist, author, educator, and corporate consultant. On page 21, she references  the way self-talk and negative beliefs govern our behavior by citing a conversation between Alice and the queen from Lewis Carroll’s famous book - Through a Looking Glass (Alice in Wonderland).

Angeles remarks that the queen recognizes personal power and takes a no-nonsense approach to “doing what must be done” regardless of any obstacles. She highlights the importance of dreaming the impossible dream in the following excerpt from Alice in Wonderland:

“I can’t believe that!” said Alice

“Can’t you?” the queen said in a pitying tone. “Try again, draw a long breath, and shut your eyes.”

Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying.” she said. “One can’t believe impossible things.”

“I daresay you haven’t much practice,” said the queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day.

Why, sometimes, I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

How about you?

How often do you talk yourself out of believing something is possible?

Do you set the bar low because you fear wishing for too much?
Do you see your life as full of possibilities or problems?
How many dreams have you given up?

Here’s a fun exercise to reclaim your dreams

Make a list of 100 dreams

Suspend judgments about whether they are possible or how you will achieve them. Be outrageous. Add dreams of any size - big or small. Have fun with this.

Let your inner child come out and play in creating your dream list. Notice what you learn about who you are and what you want.

Use this as a tool to ignite your passions and joys that will lead you to the next steps in creating your dream life and living your Divine destiny.

Have a blessed day :D


Desperate Action or Inspired Action? How To Tell The Difference?

Desperate Action or Inspired Action? How To Tell The Difference?

I’ve been noticing the difference between desperate action and inspired action as I have been flowing more with the Power of Grace.

In the past when my faith and trust was shakier, many of the choices I made were from desperation. I can usually tell when I begin to feel the grip of desperation kicking in. I start feeling stress and tension in my body, my mind begins to scramble for options and solutions to a situation I feel fear and struggle with, and confusion increases.

I have come to know that any action I take in this state ends poorly.

Desperation is rooted in fear and is driven by the mind/ego in an effort to create a desired change.
Desperation is the ego’s attempt to control, manage, or avoid something that is perceived as bad and is anticipated to be an experience of suffering.

Action taken in desperation creates resistance and results in suffering.

Can you think of an experience when that was true for you?

Inspired action comes from within.

Intuitive nudges, subtle repetitive thoughts, sensations, a deep sense of knowing and trust, things that feel Divinely guided and peacefull in your heart, even if the action is uncomfortable. I often feel excitement, joy, love, gratitude.. when inspiration comes through. The feeling can be visceral and energizing. Actions have a flow and ease because there is no resistance.

The key is to surrender any attachment to what happens, trusting that the outcome will serve you in the highest and best way.

What to do when you feel desperate?

Take NO action. Desperate and impulsive action can bring lots of regrets!

Stop. Breathe. Bring your attention to the present moment and being fully in your body.

Desperation is focused on the future. Come back to NOW.

Reconnect with The Divine with whatever practices help you to create sacred space with the God of your understanding - meditate, journal, take a walk in nature, pray, contemplation….

For every problem there is a spiritual solution.

Desperate action edges God out (ego).

Turning inward to commune with God invites that reconnection with your most powerfull ally who loves you madly. Pay attention to the thoughts that pop into your mind as you meditate, journal, pray…. Notice the synchronicities and messages that come to you and through you.

Listen for your guidance and follow what you feel called to do or be.

And no matter what actions you take - either desperate or inspired, the experience will offer healing and growth opportunities.

Nothing is wasted. There are no real mistakes.

And you never walk alone!

You are loved!

Have a great day

Love and blessings,

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Pathways to Self-Love: Revealing The Magnificent YOU, FREE Teleseminar, February 1, 2020

“Opening the doorway of unconditional self-love doesn’t mean simply using positive affirmations or telling yourself, I love you a hundred times a day because you probably won’t believe it anyway. 

It means replacing all habits with new beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. When you make self-love a practice you actually develop new neural pathways in your brain that support the experience of unconditional self-love making it easier and easier over time to spontaneously be a kinder, gentler more powerful you. If you want to be unconditionally loving to others, first you have to be unconditionally loving consistently and generously to yourself.”- Marci Shimoff, Love For No Reason

The greatest wound humanity suffers is a lack of self-love and worth.

Join me, Lorraine Cohen,  for “Pathways into Self- Love – Revealing the Magnificent YOU”.

Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012

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1. The relationship between self-love, faith/trust and courage

2. Calling a truce between your mind and your heart

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5. What you MUST do this year to align with the love energies on the planet.

Love is the energy of  The Golden Age of Light and prosperity that has already begun.

Love is the greatest transforming energy that exists to transform YOU and the world.

Love is the natural state of your soul and the Divine.

Love opens doorways to experiencing the miracles of life.

Love is what connects us in an unbreakable bond of Oneness.

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Love and blessings,



Uncertainty - A Pathway to Limitless Possibilities

“Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. Don’t let them scare you unduly, for they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity.”- R.I. Fitzhenry

I’ve experienced three major life-changing periods in my life. One was in the late 1990′s (and I can definitely say I am in the throes of big transitions now).

At that time, everything in my life seemed to be in flux.  I felt at a crossroads filled with excitement and huge fear.  Where was I going?  What might happen next?  At times, I felt overwhelmed with so many questions and so much uncertainty.

One day, while at a low point, I flipped on the TV and caught one of the Public Broadcasting Station fundraising drives.  Deepak Chopra was the featured presenter.  He was introducing his view about uncertainty.  To illustrate his point, he recalled a story that involved his son during the Christmas holidays.  When asked  what he wished for in the New Year, his son replied, “I wish for another year of uncertainty.”

I felt my stomach churn with upset when I heard that! You gotta be kidding!

The essence of his message was this:

Open your mind to see uncertainty as a state of possibility. Limitless possibilities.  So often we view uncertainty with dread and anticipation of something negative happening to us.  Imagine seeing the potential of limitless possibilities that might result in wonderfull things happening.  In other words, expect the best instead of expect the worst.

What if you held the thought, “I wonder what new (and exciting) experiences might be coming my way?” and pondered upon the delightfull possibilities instead of fearing the unknown.

What if you approached life as learning experiences rather than problems or obstacles to overcome?

What if you stood strong in affirming that The Universe is a friendly place and that each moment of every day you walked with your best friend - your personal Divine who is madly in love with you and want your life to be FABULOUS?

And…what if you made the choice to serve God rather than your ego? And decided to turn repeatedly back to God when you felt the slippery grip of your mind pulling you down.

If everything always stayed the same, day in and day out, imagine what your life be like personally and professionally…

How would you grow and expand as a person?

What challenges would invite your best to emerge?

How would your passions be expressed in ways that inspired you and others?

What would delight and bring you joy?

“The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.” – Ursula K. LeGuin

So, now imagine stepping into new experiences with an explorer’s sense of adventure and curiosity! Imagine that everything is unfolding perfectly and guiding you to an extraordinary life even if your outer reality doesn’t look that way.

When you open your mind and heart to possibilities, amazing things can happen! When you invite your Personal Divine to be your partner in all areas of your life and make that your most precious relationship, MAGIC happens.

Your invitation:

1. Adopt a new attitude about uncertainty.  Create opportunities to playfully approach uncertainty with an open mind and heart.  Be the explorer every day! Unleash your adventurous nature as you live in the mystery. Be sure to stay in communion and conversati0on with God throughout your day!

2. Watch what happens when you are open to possibilities.  You might find people and opportunities coming to you that you might have missed when you approached uncertainty as a negative.

3. Notice your reaction to this exercise.  Learn more about yourself.  Tip: Journaling is a great tool to capture your thoughts and feelings!

All is well

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I’m here to help….

Love and blessings,


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