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9 Valuable Gifts From Fear

In my 25+ years I have coached and counseling thousands of people all over world, fear continues to be the #1 roadblock to people’s ability to succeed and thrive.

When fear  takes dominion over your thoughts and emotions, life feels scary, heavy and hard. You become separated from your True Self and God’s love and Grace.

People continually ask me how to get rid of their fear which is NOT the way to live in this new energy and move into higher states of consciousness. Resisting fear or any uncomfortable feeling and thought will keep those feelings and thoughts alive and strong in your life. What you resist, persists. You cannot “think” yourself out of feeling fear to shift into real sustained courage.  Until you begin to work with fear differently, fear will control your life.

One of the first steps is to be open to see fear as a guide rather than an enemy.

Here are 9 ways to receive gifts from fear:

1. We scare ourselves all the time. When no apparent danger is evident, our minds conjure up stories that we believe to be true. What ifs, worse case scenarios, anticipated outcomes that rarely ever happen unless we are intent in creating them! Ask yourself, “In this moment, what is the truth?”

2. When feeling fear, our thoughts are focused on the future. When feeling pain, we are recreating the past. We are not living in the present which is the only place that is NOW. Knowing “where” you are living through your attention invites you to come back into the present moment and choose where to place your attention and intention.

3. Emotions such as anger cover up fear. Why? We feel more powerfull in our anger than we do in our fear. Other emotions include depression, hurt, grief, and blame. Having the willingness and courage to go beneath the surface of anger allows you to experience deeper healing and transformation.

4. We sabotage ourselves when we feel frightened. Procrastination, rationalizations, avoidance, tolerating things, making excuses, being controlling, becoming aggressive or submissive… are some examples of how fear misdirects us from our dreams and desires.

When fears emerge through self-sabotage, that can be a signal that your inner child is desperate for some attention and comfort. Take some to go within and be a loving presence to that part of you in need.

5. Fear can be a motivator or a barrier. Fear can ignite action or become a roadblock when facing change.  Imagine instead of withdrawing in fear, you took a deep breath and decided to GO FOR IT! And if the fears are strong, that is a sign that you are on the verge of an important shift!

The strength of the fear and resistance is a vibrational match for the wonderful gift that is waiting for you on the other side of that roadblock. That’s the Law of Polarity. You came into this life with EVERYTHING you need to succeed and thrive.

6. Fears are transformed by love and faith. We can learn to rewrite the tapes we play in our minds so that the messages we tell ourselves feed us rather than deplete us. Love and fear cannot coexist in the same space.

Rather than resisting your fears, imagine loving them instead. Love your fears for the ways they serve you to grow through experience and self-reflection and bring you “home” to who you really are.

7. Fear has a positive value. If we were completely fearless and lacked caution, we might place ourselves in harm’s way, make rash decisions that have dire consequences, or make decisions we deeply regret.

Instead of looking at how you can get “rid” of your fears or condemn them, consider all the ways your fears help you.

8. Fear is a sign that we are separated from our spiritual connection. Unless there is evidence of immediate danger or circumstances that validate a fear response, our fears are activated by our subconscious beliefs and fueled by the mind.

Realizing this separation is an invitation to reconnect with the God of your understand and to deepen that relationship.

9. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is about following your heart in spite of what your mind and feelings are telling you; being willing to take those leaps of faith to follow your Divine urges. Faith is feeling trust before the evidence shows up and having the courage to do whatever it takes “in fear”.

Your soul would never ask you to do anything that would deliberately harm you or put you in the path of danger. Why would it?

Money and fear are the two most powerfull motivators or deflators today.  Living a joyfull and abundant life is within your grasp if you are willing to courageously liberate yourself from fears, doubts, and not “enoughness” to know your value, claim your Divine power and live your purpose NOW!

Would you like to know how to turn fear into an ally to live  your most vital, abundant, soul fulfilling life with the POWER of Grace to guide you?

Great news!

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Imagine who you might be…what you might do …if you felt more courageous and confident to take those next steps to follow the yearnings of your heart.

Imagine how your life will change when you stand more firmly in your POWER and start consciously creating the life you want without hesitation and doubt.


Why Forgiveness Can Feel Difficult


Without forgiveness life is governed by an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation. - Roberto Assagioli

So often people think they have forgiven themselves and others but they really haven’t.

Without true forgiveness we can’t let go and move on. We end up dragging around unresolved hurts and disappointments in our heart,  on our bodies, and that haunt our thoughts.

There is no resolution because there is no peace. And because relationships are the cornerstone of our life experiences, we are continually given experiences that break our hearts open for deeper compassion and love.

Several reasons why you might be struggling with forgiveness

You have an attachment to what happened. You are still struggling with accepting what you did or didn’t do, what another did or what others continue to do. Your struggle and resistance creates your misery which is a choice and an opportunity to forgive yourself!

Whenever you have a strong negative reaction to another is an opportunity to look at what you are dis-owning within yourself that is showing up to be loved and accepted – a quality, a behavior, an action to be forgiven.

We are mirrors for each other and as long as we have someone or something to blame for our life circumstances, we never have to take responsibility for our role in what we create from our past and our present.

To allow Grace and love in, you must surrender your attachments, your resistance to accepting whatever is happening in each moment, your expectations, and your control; to be compassionate with your own humanness and be open to allow The Divine to guide your life experiences.

This is the shift we are experiencing on the planet today!

If you resonate with what I have written and want to feel more peace and love within yourself as well as experience greater abundance in your life, join me on May 22, for Pathways to Awakening, Journey Through Forgiveness. Register by May 17 at a special tuition that expires on May 18.

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In four weeks you will have multiple opportunities to unlock the doors to have more financial abundance, rewarding relationships, vibrant health, meaningful work, passion, more love, the freedom to be authentically you ….and so much more with the Divine guiding this journey.

The only thing you have to lose is your pain. What you have to gain is…well…limitless.

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Love and blessings :D


Pathways To Awakening, Journey Through Fear into Courage - FREE Teleseminar, October 27

During this powerfull period of change, you might be feeling stuck, scared, confused, overwhelmed, frustrated as well as excited and optimistic…. because you sense that something BIG is happening.

You might be feeling a deep inner yearning for something that something that wants to be expressed or released….

In this provocative conversation you will learn what you MUST know and do to align with this momentous time in history to have more joy, prosperity, and love in your life.

Join me for a FREE teleseminar called, Pathways to Awakening through Fear into Courage

Thursday, May 27, 2020, 7 pm EST/4pm PST

In this powerfull call I will be talking about:

1. The phenomenon called Awakening (also called Enlightenment) and how it is affecting your life now.

2. Why fear has such a strong grip on people’s lives and how to begin to liberate themselves to live their Divine destiny

3.  What is essential to transcend fear, pain, and struggle to align with the planetary shift in consciousness happening now.

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Transcend Overwhelm, Procrastination & Fear Teleseminar, June 14

Do you beat yourself up because you aren’t following through with your intentions?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the things you are trying to manage?

Is your head spinning from all the choices and invitations that flood your inbox?

Is fear stopping you from taking those steps your heart is yearning for?

Whenever I ask the question, “What’s your biggest life challenge?” I get a slew of responses that say: procrastination, self-sabotage, fears of all kinds, lack of focus, overwhelm with so many things to manage…. the pressure to show up every day to be at your best.

It can feel frustrating to keep bumping up against yourself!

That is a sure sign that your ego is running your life NOT your spirit.

Ya see, many folks think that having techniques and strategies is the key to breaking through unwanted patterns. The truth is that having a systematic way to do things has great value BUT….the cause of why you do certain things in rooted in your subconscious beliefs and the resulting emotions.

I am still working though some self-sabotage and I am fascinated by the automatic ways I create resistance to having what I want with ALL I know. That’s why I’m so committed to doing and teaching the inner work because having techniques is only ONE PART of the formula.

It’s a habit to identify with your ego and empower it to drive your life. We’ve been doing that for generations which is why this time of “waking up” is even more challenging because our egos are freaking out and creating even more resistance and fear!

Join me for ” Overcoming Overwhelm, Procrastination & Fear”.   Tuesday, June 14 at 1pm EST/ 10am PST/6pm UK

In this 90 minute program you’ll learn:

1. Ways you can be sabotaging your efforts that will surprise you and what to do to stop.

2. Five practical strategies that will help you dramatically reduce overwhelm, shifting from chaos to calm and feeling good about YOU.

3. The difference between positive and negative procrastination and how to break through “stuckness.”

4. Ways to make fear your friend rather than enemy.

5. And so much more that I know will come though Divine guidance.

PLUS!! I will open the call to work with at least one person for a live demonstration.

Imagine what your life would be like if you really ALLOWED the good that is wanting to pour into your life?

And whatever you are blocking is just a teeny piece of what Source is ready to bestow upon you.  To receive more good in your life, you gotta get out of the way to let it in!

You might be thinking this is just another teleseminar filled with how-to strategies that you may already know about that haven’t helped you a whole lot.

Nope, it’s so much more than that.

Breaking out of these patterns is an inside job that’s my area of specialty.

I’ve been coaching and counseling thousands of people just like you for over 25 years to bust out of these patterns using practical strategies, shadow and inner child transformation processes, and spiritual practices. I’ve joyfully witnessed how tons of my clients have freed themselves to create happier, prosperous, and more spiritually nourishing lives

That’s why on Tuesday’s, “Overcoming Overwhelm, Procrastination, & Fear” call, I’ll demonstrate a step by step inner process, most people skip over, to access two critical keys that will help to calm the inner conflict so that you can begin to liberate yourself from the patterns of overwhelm, procrastination and fear you keep recreating.

Because unless you work from the inside out, the real transformational shifts will not occur. You’ll only band-aid the situation that will pop again and again.

Look at your business, money  flow,  happiness, inner peace, self-esteem, stress levels, health, relationships….

Receive some practical strategies to make your  life a whole lot more manageable PLUS a critical step most people miss that will make a profound difference in quelling fears and inspiring movement for a teeny investment of only $27 bucks.

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Love and blessings,



Three Key FEARS That Drive People Nuts When Making Decisions, Part 1

“There is no such thing as  a free ticket; every decision has both opportunity and cost”. – Priscilla Elfrey

For the past few weeks I have been talking about making decisions. Over the next three days I will share three concerns that affect decision-making  from my eBook and program, How Do I Choose? beginning Tuesday, April 5, noon EST.

Getting out of your own way

There are many questions to consider when making important decisions. I have found three fears repeatedly come up, causing stress and anxiety for many people.

Each of these concerns is grounded in fears: of rejection, the unknown, being alone, abandoned, failure, being embarrassed… Notice which ones you most relate to.

Concern # 1: How can I be sure my decision is the right one?

So often, people who are struggling with making decisions tell me their biggest challenge is being sure their decision is the right one. They often look as if they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, feeling pressure to come up with the right choices. Whew! In fact, fear of making a mistake is a prime reason so many people procrastinate.

What makes a decision the right one? What makes something the wrong decision?

How do you distinguish between the two?

Would you say a right decision is one that:

  • Makes everyone happy? (C’mon, is that even possible?)
  • Has a positive outcome – one that you really want or like?
  • Goes smoothly?
  • Feels good?
  • Carries the least consequence, or causes minimal disruption/change?

Would you say that a wrong decision is one that:

  • Had problems not anticipated?
  • Produced an outcome that didn’t work out the way you hoped or wanted?
  • Caused stress, emotional discomfort or pain for you?
  • Cost you time, energy or money you were unprepared to spend?
  • Upset others?

Let’s eliminate the idea of good or bad decisions, shall we? Good, bad, right, wrong…according to whom? According to what measurements and who created them?

In reality, you can only know what you know by being informed and thoughtful in your choices.

Imagine viewing your choices and outcomes as “learning opportunities.”

Letting go of the pressure of having to make right or wrong decisions can be very freeing and allow you to better evaluate the options before you.

Approaching your choices with an attitude of curiosity and with a desire to learn will free you from self-reproach if the outcome you intend fails to occur.

Instead, consider the idea of making the best decisions in any given situation at that moment in time. Imagine approaching situations with the intention of making the best choice you can with what you know and what your heart (that “inner knowing” inside yourself) is naturally attracted to.

To learn more about overcoming your fears and objections, register for my 4-week program, How Do I Choose? beginning Tuesday, April 5 at noon EST. Based on my popular ebook, you’ll learn a blueprint for making calm confident AND Wise decisions in any situation

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Tomorrow I will share Concern #2

Love and blessings,



Decisions! Learn A 5-step Blueprint to End Confusion and Indecision

Is this you?

  • You’d rather get a root canal than make important decisions.
  • When faced with even the smallest decision, you waffle and procrastinate.
  • You’ve paid penalties or “lost out” because you simply couldn’t make a decision.
  • You make impulsive decisions you regret.
  • You second guess yourself and choose safe choices rather than the ones you know are right.

And then you beat yourself up for acting too slow or moving too fast!

With all the changes happening in the world and in our own lives, making choices can feel overwhelming, confusing, and scary.

When making decisions, most people ask friends for advice, which may be helpful or create more confusion and angst, and weigh the pros and cons to make a sound, reasonably logical choice.

They may have a sense of what is best for them and want to be sure they don’t make a mistake they regret. Often, after doing the practical steps, they come back to their initial intuitive nudge.

If you are relying solely on your mental abilities to guide you, you are edging your heart and soul out of the experience.

Your mind/ego is invested in creating problems and finding ways to solve them.

Would you solicit advice from someone who was having an emotional meltdown? And yet, when we feel in the throes of emotional conflict, that’s exactly the part we often go to for guidance!

Does that seem nuts to you?

Your heart and soul is invested in creating more joy and prosperity in alignment with your life path. When making a choice that is aligned, the first inner response is often peace.

The key is repositioning the part you are empowering to guide your choices - your head or your heart?

Imagine how your life would change if you made decisions from inner peace, excitement, and positive expectancy even if the choices were uncomfortable?

Yesterday I was facing an uncomfortable financial decision with a time constraint. Speaking with a colleague, she asked me if I had used my 5-step blueprint from my new program, How Do I Choose, beginning April 5.

Yup. Running through the steps, I already knew what my decision needed to be. I just didn’t like what I felt I had to do. I already had the clarity, my inner conflict was surrendering my resistance to take the action I knew was best.

Without using my steps for clarity, I would have exhausted myself going back and forth inside. Once the choice was made and the action taken, I felt a sense of calm and peace. Within hours, several opportunities came through to receive abundance which just about covered the financial commitment I had just made.

You might be at a crossroads in your life, reassessing your relationships, your business, and wondering what steps you should take next. You might know the desired outcome and feel unsure about what to do to get there.

You might even feel untrusting of yourself because of past choices that didn’t turn out the way you expected and wanted.

There is a difference between lacking clarity and resisting your Wise Self!

The brightest sun can be obstructed by a few clouds and is no less brilliant because of those clouds.

My new program, How Do I Choose? will give you the practical steps to shift from old decision-making paradigms that keep you in fear and constriction.

Learn how to partner the skills of your mind with the brilliance of your soul to make confident, meaningful choices that expand your life. In just 4 short weeks, you’ll have a simple, yet powerfull 5-step blueprint that you can use over and over to make big and small decisions.

Your investment for the program is only $127. We begin April 5.

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FREE Teleseminar for Women Only 11/17! Claim Your Power: Live Your Purpose

ATTN: All Conscious Heart-Centered Women

During this exciting time of change and innovation you might be in conflict to take the next steps to grow yourself and your business. Your head says one thing and your heart says something else.

If you are ready to free yourself from procrastination, fear, and ego based excuses and start saying YES to Claim Your Divine Power and Live Your Purpose, join me for an inspiring, motivating conversation.

Wednesday, November 17, 1:00 – 2:00 pm Eastern

Listen online or call in from wherever you are

In this powerfull presentation you’ll learn:

  • Why being in alignment is essential to experience true abundance and happiness  (learn subtle ways you can be out of alignment)
  • How you might think you are saying YES to your heart when you are really saying no
  • The gift of fear as a pathway to your destiny
  • Ways to tell the difference between soul inspired guidance and fear-driven action
  • A simple yet powerfull tool to get shift from No to YES

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Why Being in Alignment is Essential to Experiencing True Abundance And Joy

“You are perfectly aligned to get the results you get.”
~Dr. Stephen Covey


I’ve been talking about the importance of being aligned with who you are, what you are here to do and be for several years.

What does alignment really mean?

According to the Encarta Dictionary, Alignment is defined as:
“The correct position or positioning of different components with respect to each other or something else, so that they perform properly.”

And, “support for, or a political alliance with, a person, group, argument, or point of view.”

To align is “to bring a series of elements into the correct position with respect to each other or something else, or come into position with a specific intention, desire or objective.”

Aligning also involves declaring your support and commitment or the support of somebody or something with a specific point of view or outcome.

In the program, Aligning With Destiny that I co-teach with Anita (Ani) Pathik Law we say:


With business clients, we focus a lot on the subject of alignment – aligning soul with strategy, aligning thought, belief, emotion, expectation and behaviors with core desires and business objectives, aligning clients and partners with core values and target markets and even aligning marketing activities with desired business goals.

When assessing your personal life, look at the areas in your life that bring you joy, harmony and ease and look at the areas in your life that bring you a sense of dissatisfaction, pain or undesirable results. In other words, what are you satisfied with and what are you not satisfied with?

Alignment occurs at both the physical and non-physical levels. Yes, it is critical to align behaviors with desired results. And, it is just as important, maybe even more so, to mine underneath into the beliefs and expectations you have; each of which influence and alter your energy, motivation, and your commitment to making the subtle yet profound changes.

Think of your automobile. Periodically you take your car in for servicing that includes having your wheels and tires aligned. You do this because during your driving days you might have hit some bumps or  potholes, had an accident, or had something that happen that jarred your car enough to thrown the tires out of alignment.

“Wheel alignment provides safe, predictable vehicle control as well as a smooth and comfortable ride that’s free of pulling or vibration.” And if you depend on your car’s reliability to get to where you need to go, (and who doesn’t, right?) then you probably prioritize your car maintenance to insure your car is safe and running well.

A few days ago I had a great conversation with a dear friend who said she is taking several months to do some deep realignment with her life. That meant less work on her business, and more time devoted to the things in her life that she values the most – her family, her life purpose, and most of all…deepening her relationship with God for greater clarity and direction for who she was being called to be.

We also spoke about our mutual  anger response we often have to people and situations. I’m not proud of that about myself and although I have tempered that quite a bit, I can still fly into a rage (I didn’t want to admit that in writing) pretty quick when I am feeling tired, scared, and out of alignment with who I am.

My friend said that when she asked herself the question, “Why am I so angry?”  The answer she got was that she was angry with herself because she wasn’t being true to who she is.

YES! I so resonated with that. Anger is one of my signals to let me know that I am more aligned with my humanity and my past that I am with my heart.

The following morning I received an email from another dear friend who’s been in deep self-reflection and healing for most of this year. The most profound thing she said was that she felt deeply peacefull, content and joyfull.

I want that.

Don’t you?

I have many wonderfull  moments of peace and joy and I still get caught up in my life drama that leaves me feeling stressed and irritable. That’s a sure sign I have disconnected from heart and gotten stuck in my head.

And while I am pretty good at following my intuition and inspiration, I have continued to break  my promises to eat more healthfully, exercise consistently, and prioritize my relationship with Source by setting aside chunks of times for meditation, mindfullness, and stillness.

I’ve been Doing, Doing, Doing instead of creating space to align with my SELF. And I am still making decisions that are fear-based rather than Divinely inspired and sanctioned.

Your soul/God/The Universe/Divinity… will try to get your attention first by some whispers, then some gentle nudges, then a push or small kick before the shove or two by four comes to get you to WAKE UP.

Such loving devotion and dedication to help you find your way home to who you are….  

Aligning in mind, thought, belief, emotion, behavior, and purpose will fast track your dreams in ways you probably can’t even imagine. And…in whatever ways you are misaligned will have an impact on your ENTIRE life.

Coming back into alignment includes resolving anything from the past that still holds an emotional charge, healing and releasing the thoughts, people, and things that no longer serve your growth, self –forgiveness, and cultivating a deeper self-love with your humanity. Allowing self-love, self-esteem, and confidence to flourish opens pathways to receive love from others and The Divine.

Love is your natural state.

Frankly, I’ve had several pushes with some financial crunches, debts and some health issues this year. I am unwilling to ignore my role in what I am creating to manifest serious health challenges, illness, putting my home at risk or sabotaging my business to get the message.

I know when I am in harmony with my SELF, abundance flows into my life in multiple forms including money. When I follow the calling of my soul, I can feel the joy inside and when obstacles arise, I am able to navigate them with faith, trust, and courage because I know the Universe has my back.

When I go against my inner knowing, the battle inside is hell. It affects all aspects of my personal life, my business, and my relationship with God. AND it impacts on my energy, attitude, health, self-care….. yuk

So yesterday I worked, meditated, did not buy chocolate or any junk food that waved at me when I went to the store. I drank my full gallon of water, and went to bed when I really wanted to.  It felt great to be in integrity with myself!

That was yesterday and today is a new day to stay in alignment. I just took my walk and I commit to take time today and be still so I can commune with Source and follow my inner guidance about where to put my attention today.

So, I gotta go before I allow writing to become a distraction and blow my whole morning’s agreements cuz I’m not willing to beat myself up later and have to come back here and fess up.

How about you?

  • Do you have the sense that your life is not the one you came here to live?
  • Do you ever feel in conflict with what your head and heart wants?
  • Do you ever break agreements and commitments with yourself?
  • Do you use excuses and fear to to hold yourself back?
  • Do you ever sabotage your dreams and desires?
  • Do you ignore your nudges and intuition?
  • Do you quit 5 minutes before the miracles happen?

Had enough?

Then, if you are ready to finally free yourself from procrastination, fear, and ego based excuses, release the past, and align with the destiny that you came here to live, join me and my partner Anita (Ani) Pathik Law for a 13-week transformational adventure beginning November 9. Our Aligning with Destiny program will help you transform yourself and your life NOW. Receive the downloads for my preview calls with Anita on 10/3 & 10/10 AND 10/19. Register for the downloads & some freebees!




What Prevents You From Partnering With Your Destiny?

By Anita Pathik Law 

Lately, I’ve had way too many conversations with folks who seem to be more aligned with their ego (patterns in life and personality) than with their destiny (new emergence in alignment with soul and Divine Plan).

In the paraphrased words of Virginia Satir, We seek not so much to survive as we do to stay in the familiar.”

Often this subtle, but deeply profound agreement we make to stay in the certainty of the familiar (even if it is undesirable) is unconscious to us. Embracing the uncertainty of what will feel “unfamiliar” as destiny unfolds in our lives can be a little (or a lot) scary.

But, we know that “the who” that makes the new commitment will not be the same person who celebrates all that manifests as a result.

And what do you really want? We’ve all heard the phrase “Familiarity breeds contempt.” This applies to our own lives as well. Why? Because we are here for two massively important shared reasons:

1. To Evolve in Consciousness and Support the Evolution of Humanity

2. To be of service to our Divine Purpose and others that we’ve pre-agreed to support on their own quest for purpose and evolution.

How do you know the difference between EGO and SOUL Based Manifestation?

Although I may simplify this explanation for the sake of keeping it to a blog post, as opposed to a book, ultimately, it comes down to four main things:

1. The quality of the emotions or thoughts that dictates your decisions (fear vs. faith, excuses vs. empowered choices)

2. The intensity of that quality and the EXPECTATION it fosters within you.

3. The patterns of manifestation that don’t resonate with you

4. The patterns of hiding, procrastination, or excuse making that keep you stuck in the undesired manifestations that are becoming painfully familiar!


Right now, more than ever, you are being challenged - in some profound ways - to come back into alignment with a destiny you were born to.

I ask that you think about this and contemplate on what is truly emerging as a HUGE opportunity for you right now.


Recently, I had a huge awakening of my own. I realized, through some icky conflict I was experiencing, that I had stepped out of integrity with my soul path and had allowed fear to govern how I was showing up in one of my relationships.

As a result, I held back on making some new decisions and commitments for almost a full year! My fear of rejection - or rather, rocking the boat in this relationship, caused me great pain. Drama, and even some gossip, which I really DON’T LIKE, like, seemed to be a major theme no matter what I did - or said.

It wasn’t until I released my attachment to the relationship, and all of what I initially thought of it’s potential, that I was able to truly see a destiny that had CLEARLY been waiting for me to say yes to some things and no to many others.

Bottom line, I was being asked, nudged and prodded (in sooo many ways, in so many directions) to ALIGN with my Destiny and make some important decisions. Of course, it required me to examine my own excuses and do some forgiving of myself and the other person.


An interesting thing happened right away. The week I made new commitments to myself and took some much needed action, I received some heavy confirmation that I had come back into alignment.

The first thing I noticed was a sudden increase in my business and I received the opportunity to work with 6 new clients in about a 24 hour period of time. I bursted in the creativity department and released a new cd. We also found a perfect space to begin a new weekly live event (at absolutely no upfront cost and NO RENTAL FEE!!!) with my husband.

Attendance at another weekly event we host doubled and several new people called to join us. Two of my kids reached out and asked me to help facilitate some healing with them. And, I was invited to go on two vacations, with my family, for absolutely free!

What does all of this have to do with you?

Recently, in some preview and integration calls Lorraine and offered (you can get the free downloads at www.powerofmyway.com/unfetteryourdesires.html) we shared a quote from one of my favorite mentors, Dr. Stephen Covey.

“You are perfectly aligned to get the results you get.”

This is HUGELY important to contemplate absent of the temptation to give yourself a hard time.

It is not about blame. Rather, it is about taking responsibility for the choices you can make to create a totally different reality.

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3 Fears That Affect Decision-Making


“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one”. –Elbert Hubbard

We make decisions every day. Some are so automatic we barely notice them. In my eBook, How Do I Choose? a 5-step blueprint for making rock solid decisions, I talk about three common fears that cause people to hesitate or avoid making certain choices

There are many questions and points to consider when making decisions, big or small. I have found the following three concerns repeatedly come up, causing stress and anxiety for many people.

Each of these concerns is grounded in fears: of rejection, the unknown, being alone, abandoned, failure, being embarrassed… Notice which ones you most relate to.

Fear # 1:  How can I be sure my decision is the right one?

So often, people who are struggling with making decisions tell me their biggest challenge is being sure their decision is the right one. They often look as if they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, feeling pressure to come up with the right choices. Whew! In fact, fear of making a mistake is a prime reason so many people procrastinate.

What makes a decision the right one?

What makes something the wrong decision?

How do you distinguish between the two?

Would you say a right decision is one that:

  • Makes everyone happy? (C’mon, is that even possible?)
  • Has a positive outcome – one that you really want or like?
  • Goes smoothly?
  • Feels good?
  • Carries the least consequence, or causes minimal disruption/change?

Would you say that a wrong decision is one that:

  • Had problems not anticipated?
  • Produced an outcome that didn’t work out the way you hoped or wanted?
  • Caused stress, emotional discomfort or pain for you?
  • Cost you time, energy or money you were unprepared to spend?
  • Upset others?

Let’s eliminate the idea of good or bad decisions, shall we? Good, bad, right, wrong…according to whom? According to what measurements and who created them?

Instead, consider the idea of making the best decisions in any given situation at that moment in time. Imagine approaching situations with the intention of making the best choice you can with what you know and what your heart (that “inner knowing” inside yourself) is naturally attracted to. When I say your heart, I mean listening to your instincts and gut response to everyday situations and people.

In reality, you can only know what you know by being informed and thoughtful in your choices. Imagine viewing your choices and outcomes as “learning opportunities.” Letting go of the pressure of having to make right or wrong decisions can be very freeing and allow you to better evaluate the options before you. Approaching your choices with an attitude of curiosity and with a desire to learn will free you from self-reproach if the outcome you intend fails to occur.

Have you ever had a gut response to a situation that required a decision? What did you do? Did you follow your instincts (your heart)? Did you ignore your gut response, like so many people do, and look for other people’s opinions to guide you or direct you? How did things work out for you?

Have you ever felt strongly about a decision and then found yourself questioning that idea after speaking to someone else? What happened?

On one hand, soliciting advice from people you respect will afford you insights and points of view you might not have considered. On the other hand, you can be influenced by people’s viewpoints that are colored with their emotional issues (such as their fears) and judgments that, ultimately, create more confusion and doubt for you.

We are most influenced by people we trust and depend on for advice and support. If you are swayed by the opinions of others from following the course of action that is best for you, then who is really making your decisions? Whose life would you be living?

Here’s an example:

You’re looking to start a new business. You have lot of questions and decisions to make. You might look for direction from someone who has fears about change, money and uncertainty. The advice you receive will probably be biased with their fears, which in turn, might cause you to become fearfull.

Truth #1 – Making the best decision will ultimately be the right choice for you. Bring your inner wisdom, instincts, and intuition into your decisions and let go of attachment to the outcome. Choices that are Divinely inspired will always guide you to what is in your highest and best good.

Fear #2: What if I make a mistake?

What if you do? Can you imagine if we all did things perfectly all the time? How would we learn? How would we grow as people if we always did everything right the first time? Read my article post on: Failures and Mistakes: Keys to Success

The beauty of making a mistake is that you can learn something new, something you might not have known before that you can begin to integrate and implement into new ways of doing things. Trial and error is a great learning curve.

Facing an important decision, you can only consider what’s best based on what you think, feel, and the information you have at that moment in time. If more information is needed, get it. If you’re under pressure or deadlines, I believe that if you don’t feel 100 percent on board (in your gut) to say yes, then the best choice is NO.  Making decisions for the wrong reasons (you feel you should, have guilt, feel influenced by others, or are feeling fearful) rarely turns out well. Regrets and doubts creep in when we feel pressure to say yes before we are fully committed to the decision. Even after making the best choice, having some trepidation, fear or doubt is normal when faced with key decisions that might be life changing.

There’s no such thing as a perfect decision. If you are unhappy with a situation in which you wish to remain, you have two choices:

1. Change the situation.

2. Change your way of being in that situation. Change your way of thinking, feeling and acting in that situation. Approaching a person or situation from a different point of view might create a different result that is more desirable.

For example:

My client, Dan (not his real name) had been looking for another position with a new company for quite some time. After interviewing with several potential employers, he chose a company he felt offered opportunities for advancement, skills development and financial rewards. Relocating his family, he felt confident about his decision. Within six months, he realized his choice was a mistake. For the next year and a half, Dan tried to make the most of his job as he looked around for something better.

Was his initial decision the wrong one? I’d say no. Based on the information he had at the time, his choice seemed to be a smart one. It wasn’t until he became involved with the day-to-day activities that he was able to clearly see the company politics and operational dynamics. Dealing with the challenges of the job, Dan focused on improving his leadership skills and led his team to achieve multiple successes for the company. Despite the fact that this position did not work out the way Dan had hoped, he gained greater confidence as a leader, improved his communication skills, and grew as a person by getting to know who he is. Learning from that experience, Dan left the company and chose a different career path, one more in line with his passions and expertise.

Truth #2 – Every experience, regardless of the outcome, provides opportunities to learn and grow. Your attitude is key in how you view each situation and the benefits you receive!

Fear #3: What if my decision upsets others?

It might. Is your goal to make decisions that please EVERYONE? In reality, that’s a difficult, if not impossible, goal to reach consistently. The choices you make might cause some distress or ruffle some feathers. So what if they do? So often the greatest leaps we make in our life come from those experiences that stretch us beyond our comfort zones and challenge us to think, feel and act in ways that bring out our best qualities, strengths and gifts!

If helping others is a core value for you, when you are true to yourself and follow your heart, you will be assisting others to grow and to be their best. In this way, you can be a positive role model for others! When you are following your heart, people around you will experience a happier, more energized, and productive YOU.

Whether you own your business or work within an organization, you might relate to this example:

Gail (not her real name) is a stay at-home mom with two young children. She had a strong desire to start a home-based business. She knew that getting her business off the ground would initially require a great deal of time, energy and focus. There were many business and personal decisions to consider. One main concern was the impact that building her business would have on her children, marriage and personal time. How would she balance it all? Would they be upset because she was so busy? What if…?

To succeed, Gail and her family will all have to make certain adjustments in their relationship as a family. Having a home-based business will provide many opportunities for them to grow and evolve as a family and as a team.

There are no guarantees that the choices you make will please everyone and end just the way you always dreamed!

Truth #3 – Making the best decision might challenge the people in your world to step out of their comfort zone. In that way, you serve others by providing experiences for them to grow and evolve into their potential.

I believe that approaching situations with the openness and desire to learn and grow is the best way to experience life. The evolutionary leaps we can make when faced with adversity, conflict or discomfort are enormous. Life challenges us to step out of our comfort zone and stretch ourselves so that we might realize our true potential. Providing opportunities for people in your life to “stretch” is a way to help them realize their own true potential. Win-win.

Making no decision is a decision

Your life is meant to be one of experiences. You must be an active participant in creating the life you desire rather than being a spectator observing your life going by.

When you come to the end of your days, will you say you lived a full life with few regrets or deeply wished you had done so many things differently because you were afraid to say YES!

To help you make great decisions I recommend:

My eBook, How Do I Choose?

The Right Questions by Debbie Ford

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Have a terrific week



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