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Three Questions That Keep People Stuck in Resentment and Pain

bad thoughts, Amanda Cass
I speak quite a bit about how unforgiveness affects EVERYTHING in your life.

Many people think  they have forgiven others and themselves, when they really haven’t.

Below are three questions I am continually asked that keep people from resolving past pain:

1. How can I forgive myself for making choices that has created  pain in my life? (financial hardship, abandoned dreams, loss of self…)

It’s easy to feel good about yourself when your life is going the way you want, isn’t it. We habitually assign labels of good and bad to life experiences and give power to those experiences to be the source of our inner happiness.

Consider this:

A person who loses their job may now have the opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream. Perhaps the work they were doing was joyless and they were too frightened to leave and follow a deeper passion.

Or a person who made decisions that created a financial hardship is provided the opportunity to resolve a ton of past pain, strengthen their relationship and trust with God and align with the deeper purpose of their life that is rich with prosperity and love (as I have).

On the FREE call I hosted last year, I mentioned two questions that I teach in my four week Forgiveness program, beginning May 29.

  • What if the decisions you made that created this situation (challenge, hardship) that you thought was Divinely inspired or right for you at the time, was really directed by your ego’s fear (or some other story created by the mind), Could you forgive yourself?
  • What if this experience was designed for the sole purpose of waking you up and bringing you closer to your Divine? Could you forgive yourself?

The answers to those questions can create a powerfull transformational shift!

2. How can I forgive someone who has been the source of so much pain for me and others?

Who among us has not behaved poorly, betrayed another, crossed boundaries, hurt another and done things that have brought out the most wounded parts of ourselves with another as well as against ourselves?

For centuries humanity has existed in intense darker energies of pain and fear. Now we are coming brilliantly into the Light and awakening to our true nature of Love.

Towards those who you feel wronged and violated by, take a moment to imagine what must have happened to that person as a child to have turned them into the deeply wounded person they have become. And be willing to ask that same question of yourself if you struggle with self-forgiveness?

Injustices, violations, betrayals can feel like personal attacks and the truth is, most times they are not personal while having a personal impact. As the receiver, you are experiencing the other person’s pain that is being projected onto you. The ability to see beyond the other person’s action, even those viewed as unforgivable, as the result of deep inner pain, open the heart to greater compassion and healing. This is a process…..

Forgiveness does not mean that what happened did not matter or have an impact on your life. Forgiveness allows you to come to peace within yourself by accepting what happened without resistance and “coming home” to who you really are – a brilliant Light and presence that nothing can ever extinguish. What you surrender is your reaction.

Life experiences, qualities, or behaviors can define you if you identify with them. The story you tell is the story you live. Or they can be pathways to expanding your potential and your liberation.

Our lives are shaped by our experiences - how we interpret and identify with them.

It is your choice to empower another person or event to become your life story or… to use past experiences upon which to rewrite your future.

3. How do I stop blaming and judging myself so forgiveness can happen?

Cultivating self-love and compassion allows for forgiveness to occur. The first step towards forgiveness is having the willingness to forgive. Embodying forgiveness is an internal transformational process that involves the mind, the heart and soul, and most importantly, The Divine.

Be gentle with yourself and continue to invite God to guide through this healing journey. Be open to face and embrace those parts of yourself that are in need of tenderness.

To allow Grace and love in, you must surrender your attachments, your resistance to accepting whatever is happening in each moment, your expectations, and your control; to be compassionate with your own humanness and be open to allow The Divine to guide your life experiences.

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Love and blessings,


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The Truths About Changing Beliefs, Self-Love, and Transformation

In my 25+ years of coaching, spiritually guiding, and counseling people we spend many months on self-awareness. You can’t change something you don’t recognize. So, building awareness is the first step.

What many believe is that when they become conscious of a belief, negative pattern, or past pain they will be magically transformed. The only thing that changes is that they uncovered something they didn’t know.  Sometimes what is revealed confirms or clarifies something they suspected or knew at a deeper level of awareness.

Or they feel they have been working with specific issues for a period of time and they feel frustrated because their “stuff” is still popping up.

I thought I was done with this!

I’ve worked on this FOREVER!

How do I get rid of ____ permanently?

Becoming aware of something is not a magic bullet. Relying on mental processes like affirmations can create shifts in beliefs but… real transformation occurs in your heart. You cannot think yourself into opening your heart.

There is a 12 inch gap between your head and your heart. The head is ruled by the ego and your subconscious mind. The soul governs the heart.

People consistently ask me for resources and techniques that will get rid of their unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I shake my head in compassion. They are still trying to sidestep the “feeling” part of the healing journey by trying to control, manage, and direct their experience.

Transformation is a feeling NOT a thinking experience.

Transformation is a process not a technique; an inner shift into a higher state of consciousness and vibration.

A client of mine has been working with a childhood hurt centered on feeling abandoned and betrayed by her parents. This theme has played out throughout her life. When she feels that wound emerging in her close relationships, she feels enraged.  Over the years she has developed understanding and compassion for others in recognizing that they too, are suffering from pain.

She has also come to recognize the ways she has abandoned and betrayed herself by not speaking up, breaking self-agreements,  having loose boundaries….Even though some of her beliefs about herself and others have changed, the  pain of betrayal still packs a strong emotional charge.

Why?  She gets stuck in anger and revisiting past memories. She swirls around in rage and self-righteous indignation that protects her heart from touching the real pain which I believe is a well of grief. She’s been trying to use her intellect and mental processes, we have done in sessions, to transform the past and avoid doing the “feeling” work.

Within that deep sorrow is a need for forgiveness and love for others and most especially, for herself. Until she is willing to fully feel and embrace her sadness and open her heart to forgive, she will stay stuck in this pattern of hurt no matter how many times she tries to change her beliefs, think differently, and make herself be at peace.

Last year during a health situation, I discovered guilt I had been harboring in my body that had to do with a conversation I had with  my mother over 30 years ago. My mother was in despair, and I lacked the words to counsel and console her. I felt I abandoned and betrayed her. Several years later she died from leukemia.

Even though I recalled the memory and had worked on lots of forgiveness and self-love, I was unaware of how much guilt and blame I carried in my heart for her death. Once revealed the floodgates of sadness opened and I was sobbing. In a session with a trusted healer, I was able to bring the pain to peace and love.

Life is an ongoing onion peel experience. You are proof of that. We keep uncovering pieces of specific life themes because we have buried our stuff under so many layers to protect ourselves and survive.

You might find some complex themes still playing in your life because there are some pieces you have not uncovered that still hold a painful emotional charge. They might be wounds that have been deeply buried because they are so tender.

Instead of getting annoyed or frustrated, welcome recurring patterns and beliefs when they emerge. They reveal themselves to you when you are strong and open hearted enough to invite your pain to be healed.  You cannot outrun yourself. Wherever you go, you take YOU and your stuff with you.

Yes, heart openings often include pain. Pain validates your hurt. Many times the release of pain and healing can happen very quickly with Grace, and even joy. Transformation is a journey of courage and commitment to walk through those dark places into the light and reclaiming your Self.

Each time you recognize, feel, accept, and embrace things about yourself with love and compassion, your heart expands. Each time you welcome all parts of your humanness, you come back into greater states of wholeness. Each time you feel self-love, you reUnite with the Divine.

I believe that developing a strong inner foundation, relationship with your soul, and bond with the Divine are essential keys to real transformation; to transcend the past and move into higher states of consciousness and vibration. Trying to do this work alone is unrealistic.

And an act of self-love is realizing when you need help to get out of your own way and have someone you trust to be a witness, a space holder and partner in walking through, not around, your pain. Seek professional help with someone skilled at navigating this tender terrain.

You ARE worth it!

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Love and blessings,



Five Spiritual Laws That Strengthen Or Shake Faith and Trust, Part 5

The Law of Intention and Desire

I hope you have been enjoying this 5-part series! Here is the last one.

The Law of Intention and Desire truly goes hand in hand with The Law of Expectation.

The Law of Intention reminds us that when we align with a clear intention and deep passion in mind, body and spirit we set the conditions to powerfully attract what we intend to create.

This Law is based on the fact that there is always an infinite amount of energy and information present to create what ever you desire! And energy always follows intent.

Desirable changes and manifestations depend on conscious ATTENTION and INTENTION.

Focused attention and intention creates a force that magnetizes to you what you most desire. Whatever you give attention to increases energetically.

Attention and deep desire energize The Law of Attraction.

Removing your attention causes the energies to scatter and dissipate.

Getting to your core desire and designing an intention in affirmative language also sets a tone for our energy and decision making.

I shake my head when I hear people express frustration with their life when the they invest a small portion of their time, spiritual practices, heart-centered attitude and actions on attracting what they say they want and spend the bulk of their time in a negative mindset.

For example, you may create an intention to have a make a difference in the world and make money doing what you love.

Everything you think, do and say must align with that intention in order for it to be made manifest in your physical reality to the degree that it is a match – or better yet, surpasses your desire. The core energies of The Law of Intention are clarity and alignment.

You might be creating blocks in what you desire to create because there is conscious and unconscious intention in conflict because of your life experiences!

You might deeply desire to be of help to others and harbor feelings of unforgiveness towards people.

You might desire loving relationships and be struggle with loving yourself.

And what you want as a human being might be very different from the intentions of your soul.

Your soul’s purpose for being here in a physical body is to grow and be a Creator.

As a human being, your intentions might be on success, material possessions, making money rather than aligning with the desires of your soul.

Can you have both?

Of course! 

With the shift of consciousness happening on the planet, what you put your attention and intention on must prioritize your soul’s purpose and intention to be in harmony with the New Golden Age, a time for joy, love, and prosperity.

With an intention for the future, your attention must be in the present, which is conscious awareness that is real and eternal. Choose to lead from your heart in taking inspired action that will manifest your intentions for tomorrow!

What is essential is to detach from the outcome so that you are not struggling against the present moment in the pursuit of manifesting your future!

Your focused intention lays the groundwork for effortless, spontaneous expression of your desires! This is the path of Grace.

For the past year, one of my deepest desires and intention has been to have unshakeable faith and trust with the God of my understanding that everything I want and need will be supplied. With life feeling upside down in so many ways, this desire and intention felt critical for me to follow my passion and purpose. Perhaps you have that same desire?

In response to my prayers, I have created and attracted a very challenging and painful year as well as a powerfully liberating and abundant one in many ways. Has my faith and trust shaken? You bet.

What has emerged from all of the flux in my life combined with deep inner transformation work IS that my faith and trust is stronger within myself AND with my Divine.

Give thought to your current desires and intentions.

What are you giving energy to?

Are you radiating from faith and trust or from desperation and fear?

Are your expectations, intentions and desires in alignment with what you truly wish to attract, consciously and unconsciously? (Inner shadow transformation, forgiveness, beliefs?)

What needs to be healed, shifted, transformed and released to manifest what you desire and intend now, and in your future?

There are dozens of Spiritual Laws at work that govern your life including the Laws of Cause & Effect, Energy, Co-Creation, Abundance, Cultural Conditioning…….You may choose to read about more of these Laws or focus on a few to align more consciously with the Universe.

Faith and trust is being challenged today as our lives change in ways we have never experienced or imagined. Understanding these Laws help to put some questions into perspective and can begin to quiet your mind.

Transition is the psychological reaction to change (anger, fear, confusion, sadness..) and is fueled by the subconscious mind; the part of the brain we cannot easily access to create shifts in the beliefs that affect emotions and actions. During intense periods of change, fears run high. Faith and trust can weaken.

That’s why I created the next Pathways to Awakening, 4-week Journey into Faith & Trust!!  This is the 5th in a series of mini journeys that have helped folks break free of the past and limitations of their mind to become more Conscious Creators in alignment with their soul and Divine destiny. 

I felt a strong Divine nudge to offer this powerfull transformational program  beginning December 6. Choose the day or evening time that is best for you and take advantage of a special tuition that expires Friday, November 30, midnight EST. This program will help you fortify your faith and trust with Divine Power, courage, and excitement to create an exciting 2013. Learn more and sign up here.

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Love and blessings :D



30 Faith and Trust Quotes

Enjoy this compilation of faith and trust quotes to lift you up!

1. Self-trust is the first secret of success. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

2. A man who doesn’t trust himself can never really trust anyone else. ~ Cardinal De Retz

3. Without trust there is nothing. ~Anonymous

4. The best proof of love is trust. ~Joyce Brothers

5. Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. ~Garth Brooks quotes

6. Whatever is worrying you right now, forget about it…it might seem major today but eventually it won’t. Take a deep breath & trust in God. ~Author Unknown

7. Trust each other again and again. When the trust level gets high enough, people transcend apparent limits, discovering new and awesome abilities for which they were previously unaware. ~David Armistead

8. No God, No Peace. Know God, Know Peace. ~Anonymous (Love this one!)

9. The soul can split the sky in two and let the face of God shine through.  ~Edna St. Vincent Millay

10. There are only two ways to live . . . one is as though nothing is a miracle. . . the other is as if everything is. ~Albert Einstein

11. A little faith will bring your soul to heaven, but a lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul. ~Author Unknown

12. Faith is believing that the outcome will be what it should be, no matter what it is.  ~Colette Baron-Reid

13. Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to.  ~George Seaton

14. Faith is the light that guides you through the darkness.Fear ends where faith begins. ~Author Unknown

15. Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death. ~Author Unknown

16. Where hope grows, miracles blossom. ~Elna Rae

17. Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

18. Are you wrinkled with burden?  Come to God for a faith lift.  ~Author Unknown

19. Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message.  ~Malcolm Muggeridge

20. As your faith is strengthened you will find that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control, that things will flow as they will, and that you will flow with them, to your great delight and benefit.  ~Emmanuel Teney

21. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. ~Mother Teresa

22. Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.  ~Henry Ward Beecher

23. Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul; man cannot live in health without them. ~Mahalia Jackson

24. Peace on the outside comes from knowing God on the inside.  ~Author Unknown

25. Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. ~Voltaire

26. Faith can move mountains, but don’t be surprised if God hands you a shovel. ~Author Unknown

27. Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into. ~Mohandas Gandhi

28. I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much. ~Mother Theresa

29. As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. ~Goethe

30. Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life.Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement. ~Foster C. McClellan

Does your faith shake?

Do you find it difficult to stand in full trust that all will be well when gripped by fear?

Does life feel unsafe?

Fear, doubt, confusion as well as excitement, passion, and wonder has made 2012 a wild emotional ride.

Do you long for inner stability and peace to know that, no matter what is happening, you will be ok?

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Strengthen your faith and trust as you expand into the New Year and open to the blessings of greater prosperity, joy, and love that are coming your way!

 And I know there will be Divine guidance creating our experience together on this call! WOW.

May your faith and trust continue to blossom and guide you every day.

Love and blessings :D



Living Authentically

“Authenticity breeds more authenticity. Have you ever known such comfort as being yourself in the presence of someone who is also being themselves? That is a heart to heart connection that expands everything. ~ Kristine Carlson

On a recent coaching call with a client, we spoke about her desire to be more authentic and real. Our work together focuses on aligning her passions and gifts with her soul path and purpose. Discovering where she was “hiding out” and withholding was uncomfortable because she felt vulnerable and unsafe.

So she wondered, “What does being authentic really mean? 

Great question..

  • Did it mean saying whatever she thought and felt to everyone at all times?
  • Did it mean she was expected to be in full disclosure without any sense of privacy?
  • Did it mean she had to face things she might not be ready to deal with?
  • Did it mean she had to give up certain boundaries that kept her feeling safe?
  • Did it mean she always had to tell the truth no matter how uncomfortable she felt?

She shuddered at the thought of having to be so open and vulnerable with people. So, we talked about what being authentic means to her and what it means to me.

Being authentic meant being true to her values, and beliefs regardless of what other people thought, having the courage to be honest and real with herself, choosing what she felt comfortable disclosing, and taking 100% responsibility for her thoughts and actions.

She summarized her definition as being true to who she is (as she understands herself) in any situation to the best of her ability. It’s new for her to be that honest with herself and others and she’s taking baby steps with people she trusts. How much or how little she discloses is her choice.

It was a great conversation from a human perspective.

What about the soul?

Can you be authentic as a human being and censor your soul’s expression?

Can you be real when you hide your true Self?

I think that is the conflict many people are facing right now. 

This journey to liberate your authentic self is one the world is experiencing today - the internal battle between the mind/ego and the heart/soul.

I have found that as I have walked through many fears and doubts and claimed my gifts, my value, and my brilliance ( I felt uncomfortable writing that) I feel free to let go of looking good and doing things perfectly as well as embracing all the ways I know I am lovable and fabulous!

The more authentic and honest I am with myself the more alive I feel. I can sense my soul smile….

You can’t lie to yourself!  Deep down you always know the truth.

This time of Awakening invites us to let go of the facades and masks that are wrapped around false identities that we created to feel safe; to gain approval, to feel loved and accepted.

The keys to liberating ALL of who you are rest in your hands.

Building a strong foundation of self-love, forgiveness, compassion…. and connecting with your soul Essence infuses confidence, courage, inner strength… to be true to who you are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Your choices and actions create your experiences.

How to take the next steps without getting in your own way?

1.  Commit to your spiritual practices. Listen, trust, and follow your inner guidance when it resonates as Truth even if it doesn’t make sense.

2. Take advantage of personal growth and spiritual healing opportunitesthat show up in response to your prayers and requests for help. Synchronicity and coincidences are ways the Divine winks at you to show you that you are loved and cared for.

3. Let go of the reasons and excuses you use to avoid feeling and facing things so you can play small, stay stuck and hide out. Be willing to s-t-r-e-t-c-h outside your comfort zone.

4. Make the decision to do whatever it takes to fulfill your deepest dream and refuse to let anything stop you, including your ego. When you are serious in your intentions, the Universe conspires to bring you what you deeply desire. You must do your part in taking acti0n and the Universe will work out the “how.”

5. Join me on Saturday, October 6, 2020 for a special healing teleseminar called Divine Alchemy: Awakening And Sustaining Your Courageous Heart. Imagine using fear, doubt, self-sabotage, and negative patterns to help you consciously create an inspired life; to reUnite with your True Self to allow more abundance, grace and joy to POUR into your life! This is a time sensitive event  so go look now so you don’t miss out! 


Remember -your soul knows the way home…

You do not walk your path alone… God is with you every step..including right this moment.

PS. After writing this article I read the email I receive each morning from Neale Donald Walsch -

“On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know…that they who are all things to their neighbors cease to be anything to themselves.
Norman Douglas said that, and he was right. So do not  worry about “what the neighbors think.” Worry only  about whether you are being true to yourself.
Think, act, and speak today from the place of your highest truth. About all things. Including your relationship, your life work, your thoughts and your choices.
It is time that you came out of hiding on some things, don’t you agree?”

:) Lorraine


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ReWriting Your Life Story

“Allow the dramas in your life to develop your rather than to envelop you” -Lorraine Cohen

Looking at your life right now, are you living a love story?  One that is filled with rich abundance and meaningfull purpose? Perhaps you feel more like you are living a horror story; one that is filled with struggle, pain, and fear? Maybe you feel your life is a little of both depending on the day and the situation.

I feel that way sometimes when life doesn’t seem to be going the way I want despite by best efforts. I’m blessed with a richness of relationships with amazing people and clients and I am doing the work I love helping people to transform and transcend a painful past to create a joyful present and future.

In those moments when I am suffering a loss of faith and trust,  my ego paints a bleak picture that scares me and burdens my heart.

In this profound period of change and spiritual Awakening, your inner world might feel like a war zone. Your mind is fighting for dominion, fearing it’s annihilation as your soul is stepping forward to lead the way by shining LIGHT on a deeper TRUTH to triumph over the stories you have come to believe all your life about yourself, others, the world and the Divine.

During one of the sessions in my Pathways To Awakening program,  a participant asked, “Who would I be without my story?” As she asked, I could hear some of the fear and uncertainty in her voice.

Indeed. Who would she be without the inner pain and conflict that she had lived with all her life? Perhaps two better questions might be, “Who could she be?” And “Who is she, really?”

One of my old stories was, “I’m not safe to really be who I am in the world.” I had used that story to manage the success of my business, the intimacy in my relationships, and protect myself from being too visible in the world so I wouldn’t get hurt. The inner conflict between my ego’s fear and the yearning of my soul became unbearable.

I was blocking love, peace, abundance…. from flowing to me and through me. Living that story was also separating me from the Divine. So, I surrendered and let that story go.

Recently I faced another very powerfull story rooted in distrust that the Divine would really take care of all my needs and wants. Despite ALL of the evidence to the contrary of blessings pouring into my life in so many forms, the one place I still felt fear was with money.

In prayers I asked my Divine to instill unshakable trust within me. I began to realize there was a critical piece missing that was keeping my story of distrust and fear alive.

I had the desire but I hadn’t made the DECISION to trust God.  Looking backwards to my old, “I’m not safe” story, making the decision to change my story was a pivotal shift that empowered me to take action in all areas of my life – to live more authentically and align with my Divine destiny.

Several days ago, I made the decision to surrender my “distrust story” and I felt a rush of joy and relief. I made the choice to take a leap of faith and while there is still some fear, I also feel great excitement to deepen my relationship with God and allow more good into my life.

So, what story are you living today?

If you wish you could escape your current life situation, consider this…..

What if all the things you have come to believe about yourself that makes you feel scared, not good enough, unimportant… is really one great big fat lie?

What if the stories you are telling, that feel true and real, could be rewritten?

What would your new story be?

To surrender attachment to your old story:

1. Challenge your current story and stop telling it. We hang on to our stories because we get something from them – protection from being hurt, avoiding making a mistake, not risking the loss of love… The reasons have their genesis in pain and fear. Pay attention to your thoughts, self-talk, the language and words you use to describe yourself and your life circumstances.

The story you tell is the story you live.

2. Have the courage and commitment to walk through your inner shadows to release the past and liberate your soul. Embracing forgiveness, self-love, and compassion invites Grace to guide you on your journey of Awakening.

Your perceived difficulties and problem are portals and pathways to transcend the fearful illusions of your mind to a grander design for your life. Stay the course and go the distance through the darkness to the Light.

FULLY feel whatever emotional pain arises without resistance will allow it to run its course and then burn out. Releasing past judgments, regrets, resentments, anger… will create a more welcoming place within you to attract the people in things that are in alignment with the life you came here to live.

3. Invite your personal Divine to co-create this new reality. Rewrite your new story on paper, design a vision board, or create an audio recording describing your new life. Share your deepest desires with the Divine in your verbal prayers, meditations, walks in nature, moments of silence and contemplation, journaling…

Become helpless to create this new reality without God’s help. Until you become helpless, God is helpless to come to your aid. Ask to shown where you are setting limits and boundaries on your own power. Then ask to be taught how to expand those limits and boundaries – to become limitless so that the Divine Grace can pour through you.

Who you really are is NOT your story.

4. Attune your eyes and heart to recognize all the ways your prayers and requests for help are being answered. Feel gratitude and appreciation for the richness in your life that can begin with your eyes opening in the morning to take your first conscious breath.  Look for the blessings and abundance that flows to you that enriches your daily life.

Invite the feelings of gratitude to fill your heart and body, like a warm fuzzy blanket.

5. Choose a new story and make a decision to live it every day. When you catch yourself retelling the old story in your mind or out loud, (and you will while you are in this transformational shift),  remember to be loving and compassionate with yourself.

Let go of ANY attachment to the reality you envision to be open to the higher vision that is unfolding.  Expect your prayers and desires to be answered in the forms that are for your best and highest good, including bumps!

Every person and situation is in service to your healing, personal growth, and spiritual evolution. Your life is meant to be happy and prosperous!  You just gotta get out of the way to let the good in!

A new world is coming. You have the power to create a new landscape for your life and for the world. You have the key to unlock the door…..

The time is NOW.

Join me for the next Pathways to Awakening program, Journey into Grace. Liberate your SELF and rewrite your life story in this four week tele-series beginning August 10. Learn more.  “Give up” your reasons and excuses and “Give in” to your purpose and destiny.

Love and blessings,



Creating A Soul-Aligned Vision

At the beginning of 2010 I began thinking about what I wanted to create and attract into my life. In my mastermind group, we each write a Thank You Letter To God and share what we have written on our calls to invite the whole group to join us in our individual visions. It’s a powerful experience of bring intentions, declarations, and commitments into focus to send out into the Universe! At the end of December I wrote a post. go read it.

This year as I sat down to write, I reflected on what I had written the year before. 2009’s vision was quite ambitious and very unrealistic. It was written from my ego’s perspective rather than my heart and soul. This year, I wanted my letter to be aligned with my life path and soul desires; to blend with my ego, mind, and spirit.

So, how to begin to sort out what your mind and ego wants and desires from what your soul is yearning for?

A close friend of mine recently took a one-day vision workshop. Here’s what I recall from our conversation that peaked my interest. Written from their ego’s perspective, each person wrote a list of everything they wanted as a morning exercise and had a group discussion afterwards.

In the afternoon, they cut out pictures from magazines that intuitively caught their attention, opening to Divine inspiration as they created a vision board to reflect their soul’s desires rather than being purely focused on their ego’s list of wants, needs and desires.

I thought, what a cool idea to give voice to both your ego and soul to create your vision for the year.

That’s the perspective I took this year when I wrote my Thank You Letter to God. Before writing this year’s, I reviewed my letter from 2009. How close did I get? Not very far. Last year’s vision was too ambitious and unrealistic to be accomplished in one year and was written strictly from my ego with a teeny bit of soul. What I realize I did was to write what I wanted and then look for my soul to get on board with the vision I created from my ego rather than to tune into my soul’s desires and intentions for growth and evolution. I wanted The Universe to go along with my game plan rather than to open to a greater Divine plan for my life.

As I meditated and contemplated my Thank You Letter To God at the beginning of this year, I kept listening for what was asking to emerge this year, to hear the voice and soul calling of what was desiring to be created and manifested. It took a few times to write because my mind kept getting in the way of I want, I want, I want and more, more more…. The truth is that when you listen to and follow Divine guidance, all that you could ever want, need or desire is fulfilled.

Last year was a profoundly challenging and transformational year for me to get back to basics of what is truly valued, restore personal integrity, and clear out what is no longer serving a greater vision to unfold this year. 

At the beginning of this year, I made several business decisions that surprised me including doing my highly acclaimed Radio and Teleseminar Mentor program for one last time to be turned into a home study program this spring, only doing select joint venture and affiliate campaigns that excite me, and changing the way I’m offering my Compelling Conversations Interviews to both serve the world and my business. I’m so juiced to create a new Signature program that is at the heart of my Powerfull Living brand of helping people transform fear into POWER and spiritually awaken to who they are. The program is called: From Spark to Flame- Awakening Your Courageous Heart and it launches this spring. And I’m making great progress with my new book: Beyond The Veils: Saying YES to Who You Are Meant To Be!

Lots of shifts are happening to make space for what’s next by either modifying or letting go of what I am doing or how I am showing up. Alignment is the key to be in the flow and dance with The Universe.

So I wrote my list first of all the things I want – no holds barred and it’s a lot of stuff like a new HD TV, WII, a new laptop, a fantabulous vacation, high end spiritually aware clients….. from a “wouldn’t it be nice to have all this” perspective without any judgments or attachments so the Universe knows what I’d like. It is quite a list! LOL :D

In the last week I began cutting out pictures for my vision board. I was curious to see what would catch my eye and I really wanted to be Divinely inspired with it’s creation. I see some themes emerging in the pictures – health and exercise, people smiling, relationships, love and relationships that reflect a high and rich quality of life. I’m still cutting pictures and it will be ready to be created on poster board soon. The vision will reflect my soul’s deepest desires and my part is to listen and follow inspired action combining all the practical business strategies I’ve learned over the years that align with my life path.

When your thoughts, words, and actions are aligned with Divine Will, magic happens.

Years ago, this poem came to me anonymously. I just love it

Broken Toys

As children bring their broken toys
With tears for us to mend
I brought my broken dreams to God
Because He was my friend
But then instead of leaving Him
In peace to work alone
I hung around and tried to help
With ways that were my own
At last I snatched them back and cried,
“How could you be so slow?”
“My child,” He said, What could I do,
You never did let go,”
- Anonymous

How to tell when you are taking back the controls and reacting in fear? One way is to tune into your body. Fear –based decisions feel physically constrictive while soul-based inspired action feels exciting and expansive.

Each morning I wake up asking, “How can I be of service today? What is mine to do?” I’m no longer trying to engage the Universe to follow my lead.  Instead, I am surrendering daily to a higher purpose.  It’s an ongoing dance between humanity and spiritual guidance.

I often refer to the metaphor of driving a car and being asleep at the wheel when we weave in out of life experiences by being unconscious or try to go make the car go to the left when it is deliberately pulling to the right by Divine design. Whenever my fears kick it, I can unconsciously grab the wheel and think, “What do I do?” rather than to stop, breathe, pause and take a moment to tune inside for guidance and inspiration.

That’s my focus this year – Faith, Trust, and Courage to say bigger YESES to my destiny and consciously conspire with the Universe to create an amazing year.

What’s changed? I’m having a terrific year so far. Abundance is pouring into my life because I have shifting from trying and pushing at LIFE to surrendering, allowing, and receiving LIFE in all of it’s Creation. Surrendering to “what is” in each moment without resistance (ok, I am not perfect at this) and flowing with whatever the gifts and blessings are that support my growth and evolution.

How about you? Do you have the courage to say yes to follow your soul calling? To be who you came here to be and do what it takes to fulfill your life path and embrace LIFE rather than resist it?

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Holding onto Your Winning Ticket? Cash it in Already!

By Anita Pathik Law

More and more, you may find yourself feeling curious (or hesitant) about your future, and how it is in the process of changing based on the growth (a.k.a. challenges) you are experiencing.

Unfortunately, your curiosity can sometimes be masked by frustration – or fear – and feel more like deep longing (for what you believe you don’t have), as opposed to exciting and motivating.

Let me share an example. I was just talking to a client who was commenting about feeling lonely.

My response was “You are ready to find your people, right?”

She took in a deep breath and said, “Yes! That’s what it is!”

I shared with her that there are times when our longing (in her case, to find “her people)” is not really about the sense of lack we are experiencing. Rather, it is a pre-cognitive awareness that something is on the precipice of coming into our lives.

In simple English what this means is that you are sensing a change before it happens. There is a part if you that knows that change is coming – that it is inevitable – and quite timely from a Divine perspective.

It’s as if you are interpreting an intelligence that already knows where life is heading and what is in store for you – if you can get on the same page and align with this new reality in thought, faith and in behavior.

And, (this is important), you need to experience yourself as worthy of receiving the realization of destiny into your life.

Destiny is interesting in this respect because it is influenced by free will and worthiness in ways we can’t imagine. See, each choice you make influences your future.

A right turn leads you on one destined path. A decision you make today unfolds into a whole set of experiences that you would not have had if you had made a different choice.

The dance between destiny and free will is an interesting one – and sometimes it can get a little confusing. One can override the other, depending on how – and what we are aligned with in many areas (belief, faith, our stories, level of self-trust, thoughts, behaviors, worthiness, relationships, etc.).


Like, say I buy a lottery ticket and it turns out to be the winning number. In that moment, my destiny is to be a millionaire. But, my thoughts are saying, “Oh, Ani, you’ll never win the lottery, so why bother checking the number?” So, the winning ticket gets tossed and I never find out I won, therefore, never collect this destined gift.

Life is like this. You have a ton of winning lottery tickets (metaphysically speaking) that when cashed in would completely change your life. They come in the form of inspired ideas, your passions, talents, and synchronicities (“chance” meetings, and Divinely directed connections to opportunities and people).

But. . .you gotta cash in the ticket. You have to make a decision. You have to demonstrate willingness to do your part and Align with Your Destiny. And, you have to see yourself (at all levels) as being worthy of receiving the gifts that will come when you cashing in your winning ticket.

Maybe you can do this on your own. Maybe you are so tuned in and so committed to living your best life that you don’t need any help. Maybe you are excellent at receiving and have absolutely no issues with self esteem or worthiness. Maybe your history has proven to you that once you make a decision from your guidance and soul longing, you do your part to follow through and fully partner with destiny and free will, soul and personality.

This was not the case with me. When I began to align with my destiny as a spiritual teacher and coach, I needed a lot of help. I needed special training and education as a healer, coach and minister. I needed the help of teachers, coaches, and a clear direction to follow. I needed encouragement and accountability until I could provide it for myself.

Most importantly, I needed to align in the totality of my being with a greater calling of my soul. This required healing my body (which I did) and healing the parts of me that didn’t feel capable, or worthy, or ready for the vision that was before me.

The longing I experienced (and still do at times) can feel really painful and scary. I imagine you can relate.

It’s part of the evolutionary process and this mysterious dance between Destiny and Free Will.

Imagine THIS! A Conversation With Your Soul!

Imagine being able to directly ask your soul these questions. Imagine being able to bypass your personality and all of the wacky beliefs and reference points it has collected through the years.

Get centered through some deep breaths and ask your soul:

  • “How am I to serve?”
  • “What wants to be created through me?”
  • “How are my passions and talents asking to be expressed?”
  • “What am I being asked to transcend and use towards my growth?”
  • “How do I best reach the people who both love and value who I am and what I offer?”
  • “Is there anything I need to let go of, forgive, and release in order to better serve my greater purpose for existence?” 
  • “What is asking to emerge as priorities for how I invest my time and energy?”
  • What can I do right now to align with my destiny and fully receive all the gifts of this abundant Universe?

Ready to stop making excuses and start living your dream - your destiny? Begin today at 6:30 PM Eastern at www.aligningwithdestiny.com

A few weeks ago, during an interview, I shared an analogy of your soul being on a foreign exchange program - you can listen to the clip by clicking on http://playaudio-345.com/play.asp?m=498535&f=VZOAYH&ps=7&p=1  

During the interview I said, “dissatisfaction is a sign of the soul unexpressed.” It is an important cue not to be dismissed, yet, time and time again, I witness people stuffing a deeper calling, only to find themselves more frustrated (safe maybe, but not all that happy).

Do you ever have moments when you just lose your patience - with yourself? Have you ever just gotten tired of hearing yourself complaining or making excuses and said, “Enough!!!”?

Sometimes it takes pretty disruptive external forces for us to be willing to make changes in our lives that will put us on a more direct path to our purpose. 

Why wait until you don’t feel like we have a choice? Why don’t you initiate the shift so you can at least feel like you are in control? Fear? Safety? The Illusion of both?

Your Divine Purpose - the reason you incarnated. . .the reason you were born, why you have the parents you have, the talents you possess, and the life experiences (both desired and undesired) may hold the key (it does, but you might not believe me) to being happy and fulfilled in all areas of your life.

This purpose, partnered with your free will, shapes your destiny.

Imagine that just a few adjustments will put you firmly on the path of alignment.

The world is waiting for you to step up, step in, and step out. 

Honestly, so is your soul, the Universe, and all of the people who will be touched by you over the course of your lifetime.

If you can’t remember – or can’t seem to fully align (in faith and action) with why you were born; what your most authentic expressions are, and how you will feel deeper fulfillment and feel consciously connected to the bigger picture (and the smaller details)  of THE TOTALITY OF YOUR LIFE, begin Aligning with Destiny with me and Lorraine Cohen starting TONIGHT, Tuesday, September 8, 2020 by registering at www.aligningwithdestiny.com

The Whole World is Waiting For You! What the Heck Are You Waiting For? www.aligningwithdestiny.com begins TODAY, TUESDAY, September 8th, 2009.

Are you in?

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