coverHow Do I Choose? eBook

A powerfull five-step blueprint for making confident decisions

Would you rather get a root canal than make important decisions?

When faced with even the smallest decision, do you waffle and procrastinate?

Have you paid penalties or “lost out” because you simply couldn’t make a decision?

Finally! This groundbreaking 73-page eBook outlines a powerfull (and user-friendly) five-step blueprint for making calm confident decisions. Packed with worksheets, exercises, useful tips, and real-life examples, How Do I Choose? is a must-read practical business and life tool that will help you make major and minor decisions that feel right - in your heart and in your bones!



9 Keys to Claim Your Personal POWER eBook

Learn how to shift from powerless to powerfull

Do you feel ever feel unhappy or frustrated with your life and feel powerless to change things? Do other people’s opinions greatly influence your thoughts, feelings, and actions? Are you uncomfortable claiming your inner wisdom and owning your unique talents, gifts, and strengths? Do you know you have more power that you realize?

This eCourse style 35-page workbook is designed to walk you through a process of thinking about POWER in a new way. 9 Keys to Claim Your Personal POWER will challenge you to explore what power means to you, what it is and how you can begin to deliberately become the Creator of your life. Learn tools you can implement immediately to have more happiness and confidence in your life NOW.

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Take Charge of Your Life: Overcoming Overwhelm, Procrastination, and Fear! eBook

Move from Chaos into Inspired Action!

overcomingebookMaking big, or small decisions can evoke fear and stress. Whether  it’s your finances, marketing, relationships or any aspect of your life, you are making decisions every day that require action.

If overwhelm, procrastination, and fear is holding you back from implementing your decisions and intentions, you’re blocking more prosperity, happiness, and business success than you might realize!

In this updated 46-page eBook, you’ll receive motivational quotes, insights, loads of practical tools and transformational exercises you can use immediately to break through fears and resistance to consciously create a prosperous business and meaningfull life that is aligned with your soul path

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Add additional tips from this LIVE Webinar recording with presenter, Lorraine Cohen. In this content rich one hour and 50-minute audio you’ll learn:

1. How you can be sabotaging your efforts that will surprise you and what to do to stop.

2. Five practical strategies that will help you dramatically reduce overwhelm, shifting from chaos to calm and feeling good about YOU.

3. The difference between positive and negative procrastination and how to break through “stuckness.”

4. Ways to make fear your friend rather than enemy.

5. Two lesser known keys to help you unhook from fear in a matter of minutes.

Plus you’ll hear a live demonstration with a caller on how to partner with the Divine to help the fearfull “inner child.” And I ended the call with a Oneness blessing (deeksha). This audio offers tips not covered in the eBook.

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Best Buy – Purchase both! - the audio and eBook. Save 15%!

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