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Three resources I HIGHLY recommend to support a cancer diagnosis or to sustain vibrant health is, “The Truth About Cancer Series”. In my opinion, this is an ESSENTIAL educational resource with information from leading edge experts around the world about natural health alternatives, practices to reverse cancer naturally and so much more!!!. Who doesn’t want to feel good and have a high quality of life?


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A supplement I will never be without called PH Balancer, made by Melpro Labs. This nutrient rich liquid supplement is full of fulvic and humic acid plus tons of other body loving ingredients to support  your body to optimally thrive or heal. Be sure to check out their other products including Lugol’s Iodine, also essential for health!


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Cell hydration is an essential component to strong health and vitality. I use a Kangen Water System and another portable Structured Water Unit to insure my body is well hydrated.

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Healing, Personal Development, and Spiritual Path

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney - Clearing Blocks to Receiving Home Study Course. Includes 65 minutes of audio instruction, a 47 minute clearing and opening meditation, and a 20-page eWorkbook.

Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation Touch the Timeless Mind: Make the Million-Year Leap in Human Consciousness.Click here

Vitality Science Pet Care Products. This website offers high quality holistic pet remedies. I love them and endorse their products whole-heartedly!

Intentional Resting - Dan Howard’s creative approach to working with surrender and intention to create a positive and powerfull relationship with your body, mind and spirit. People have reported major shifts in their well-being, improved health, energy, and so much more.

Byron Katie’s site packed with free worksheets and products for changing beliefs.

Avatar - Courses and books to change your beliefs and move you forward on a path of enlightenment.