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heart5Inner Healing Meditations and Energy Activations

Special MP3 Audio Collection

Are you ready to lovingly embrace your wholeness, self-love, your inherent worth, and Divine power to manifest what you really, really want?

Are you yearning for a deeper relationship with the Divine and your soul so that your life becomes a joyful creative expression of your truest self?

Are you ready to resolve the past, release pain and suffering to live a soulfully abundant life?

Are you ready to deepen your connection with the Divine and claim your Divine destiny?

The two essential keys to create your greatest life is self-love and your relationship with the Divine. When you love who you are and have a deep bond with the your Essence, magic happens. To change your outer world, you must change/heal your inner world.

What makes this collection special?

The messages in these journeys were given to me, Lorraine Cohen, through Divine inspiration. Experience deepening processes, high vibration meditation journeys and energy activations to bring the past to peace, deepen self-love, release emotional blocks, and dismantle mental programs at a core level that are keeping you from fully experiencing the richness of life you want and deserve!

With this powerful collection you will open to new experiences of faith, trust, courage, ABUNDANCE, and freedom in alignment with your spirit. Each time you listen to these unique audios you will experience deeper transformation and connection to your Divinity, raising your vibrations to higher states of Love and joy!

Several of the meditations have Theta brainwave technology music to enhance your receptivity to experience deep transformation and are embedded with an energy transmission of Divine Grace to accelerate your Spiritual Awakening.

Imagine how your life would change if you claimed your power, your value, and your voice in a bigger way so that you could also be of the greatest service to humanity?

When your heart is open to love miracles happen.

If you feel your heart saying yes, longing for more ease and Grace, or truly desire to live a soul directed life, this life changing collection will give you to keys!

If you are sensitive to energy, you will feel the presence of the Divine on these audios!


Item #1

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Coming Home To Your Heart

Experience a potent guided process to explore your “inner home” within your core heart. Clear emotional burdens and patterns to welcome your hopes and dreams, embrace your strengths, gifts and talents,and reunite with your Sacred Self. Unite your heart and ego – ending separation, and inner resistance…moving into Grace and inner peace. You will create a sacred inner haven to heighten your intuition, instincts and resonance to make choices that are in harmony with your passions and life path. When you are in alignment with your higher purpose and trust your wise self to guide you in each moment, magic happens. Life shifts from struggle to Grace. This journey will help you do that!


Item #2

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Love purpleThrough The Eyes of Love

Do you have a love/hate relationship with yourself? Do you struggle with patterns of self-sabotage and “not good enough? Experience a powerfull journey to see yourself through the eyes of Divine love, to remember and reclaim who you are as a beautiful, precious child of God. You will be guided to release the lies you have come to believe about yourself to feel greater compassion, kindness and self-love towards yourself. Love opens doorways to receive life’s miracles. This journey will inspire and invite you to welcome the blessings that the Universe is ready to deliver to you with open arms.


Item #3

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forgiveness3Mother/Father Relationship Healing

Your mother/father relationship or whoever your parental figures were affects every relationship in your life. Carrying unresolved pain from the past creates money challenges, health issues and life obstacles. Experience a powerful process recorded live from Lorraine’s “Journey through Forgiveness” program to release past hurts, anger, grief… to unburden your heart, feel at peace, and experience deeper compassion and self-love for yourself and with your parents (or anyone else), whether they are alive or deceased. Forgiveness opens to the door for closure so that you can move forward; feeling lighter and open to receive the goodness that life is ready to deliver!


Item #4

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Fear program pictureCourageously Living Your Divine Destiny

Does fear hold you back from creating the life you want? Do you have hopes and dreams that you are yearning to manifest? Your life is meant to be happy and abundant. Within you is the POWER to transcend any perceived obstacle to transform yourself and your life. In this life-changing meditation you will experience a simple yet profound process to anchor into the Power and Presence of your Infinite Nature of Love and Abundance to navigate through life’s challenges with greater power and Grace. Emerge strong and excited to welcome a new day of limitless possibilities!


Item #5

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ascension lotus
The Crystal Pyramid Color Healing

Experience a deep journey through the seven energy centers of your body to clear, cleanse and release energy blocks that keep you stuck in fear, lack, unworthiness, sexual repression, unforgiveness, doubt.. .This meditation will help you reconnect with your True Self; to emerge as your own champion and hero in rewriting your present and future in alignment with your spirit. Receive a special gift from the Divine to carry you gracefully forward into a glorious future. Be prepared to make a huge shift in this journey!


Item #6

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Oneness8Meeting With The Board: Creating Your Inner Community

During the course of our life, we take on many roles and identities that become part of who we believe ourselves to be. You might view certain parts of yourself with disdain and others with positive appreciation. Each part has served you in ways to help you thrive or survive. To be whole, you must welcome and embrace ALL parts of yourself so that you will evolve and transform in higher expressions of who you are. Experience a unique and creative guided process to support wholeness, inviting the best of who you are to emerge and shine! Plus you will also receive a sample script to play with this idea in ways that support your own healing and growth.


Item #7

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Lotus, pinkDivine Alchemy of Love Heart Healing

In this profoundly transformational guided process with co-hosts Lorraine Cohen and Michelle Mayur you can experience a HIGH Vibration Healing Intensive that will release pain and suffering to help you dismantle patterns and programs that have been blocking your direct connection to the Divine. Experience a life-changing, heart opening process with an energetic activation upgrade to raise you into higher states of consciousness to support expanding your connection with the Divine. And if you are sensitive to energy, you will feel the Presence of the Divine and the Angels in this powerfull session.


Item #8

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Love lights the pathConnecting With Your Sacred Heart and Soul

Experience a guided process to become more present and centered with your multidimensional body. Use this meditation whenever you feel scattered or disconnected with your True Self. When you feel more connected with your heart and soul, you can make choices and take actions that are in harmony with your passion, purpose and POWER.



Item #9

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Nature ConnectWithSunWelcoming A New Day

How you start your day can set the tone and energy for your experiences throughout your day. When you are rushing around feeling stressed, anxious and disconnected from yourself life can feel stressfull and full of struggle. This short guided meditation will help you to feel centered and connected to your heart, grounded in your body, and ready to create a beautiful day with your spirit and Grace to guide you.




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Kat “Fabulous does not adequately express the journey I was able to take with my father and mother. I’m speechless unable to fully express the rising up of my spirit and soul as I breathed, my soul breathed. It was wonderful!!!!…And then I was able to understand. Love and forgiveness came as I silently wept. I could sense the Divine with you through every phrase and word you gently expressed with love and understanding. Thank you.

Coming Home To Your Heart -This is indeed a very powerful healing meditation! Wow it really is a heart clencher. The love in your vocal tone and the beautiful setting are what allowed me to slowly move into the next step of the meditative process. It became exhilaratingly beautiful…I did not want to leave as the meditation came to a close. Thank you so much for making what was hard for me to face in this one, end up with so much!!

Welcoming A New Day - OMG what a tremendous powerful experience this brings. You make it so easy to follow your lead with each expression. I could feel the enormous impact of warm-hot love bathing my whole body. I didn’t want to leave this beautiful loving space ever. It invites me to willingly surrender and follow its path to my soul…Precious. What a wonderful way to begin my day. It’s not too long so one would feel anxious, and it freely gives you a choice to willingly express your heart felt desires for your day.

This is top quality. I am humbled and honored to have received this precious gift of healing. Well done.” - Kat Thomson, England


“Lorraine’s Inner Grace guided meditation audios are exceptional on so many levels. Not only is her voice calming and loving, but it soon becomes obvious that she is a Voice for the Divine. So many of the evocative words and powerful messages of Divine Love expressed in these guided meditations seem to be coming through her from the higher realms rather than from her. My very favourite audio is ‘Through the Eyes of Love’, which guides you to see yourself through the compassionate eyes of Divine Love. These are audios I will treasure as valuable instruments of transformation.” -
Michelle Mayur, Melbourne, Australia


“I was blown away by Lorraine’s meditation recordings! While listening I was transported through my fear and overwhelm to a place of inner calm and peace. I would describe the experience as filled with grace. Lorraine seems to transmit an energy to carries me directly to the highest version of my self, to that ‘hidden splendor’ that I have longed to know. I’m am eternally grateful that these audios are available to me.”- Karen Tax, President, Karen Tax & Associates and the IAM Learning Community



Lisa-Dorey “Lorraine Cohen channels incredible energy through her audios. It is not just the words she speaks, but the whole experience is infused with a transmission of Divine Grace. No matter what emotions you may be experiencing in your day to day life, sitting for 20 minutes, listening to Lorraine will re-set you for the day, centering you and bringing such a sense of deep peace.

The addition of a Oneness Blessing into each and every audio is also a very beautiful and uplifting experience. Thank you for your work, Lorraine.” - with love, Lisa Dorey, The Angelic Catalyst for Personal Transformation



BrendaI listened intently and then unconsciously to the mp3 of “Looking Through The Eyes of Love”. It is beautiful, loving, supporting, encouraging and deeply stirring in its content message and the energetic transmission. I fell into deeply delicious sleep, and awakened refreshed and in a heartfelt centered way. Thank you for the grace to receive the gifts of your journey and sharing them in such a magnificent way. Bliss & Blessings, Brenda Pearce, CEO E Factor Radio Network


May your life be blessed with Love and Grace!