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website Transform fear programAre you ready to stand in full power, fearless, and soulfully nourished to create your most abundant, meaningful life as the Divine Badass you are?

You are a beautiful soul with Divine gifts who has chosen to be here at this time to bear witness to the birth of a new world and to be an active part in humanity’s re-creation and homecoming with the Divine. This is the time you have been prepared for! It is time to dance with your soul and experience more love and prosperity than you ever imagined!

Receive time —tested tools, inspired insights, and experience soul inspired meditative journeys to heal your heart and mind to make way for the reunion with the Divine.

This robust home study program will provide REAL transformational opportunities to help you break through and break free of the illusions of your mind, to loosen fear’s grip on your soul, and unleash your courageous heart .

Are you ready to claim your destiny and truly live a magical life of prosperity, purpose, and joy with the Divine?

If you feel your heart saying yes, longing for more ease and Grace, or truly desire to live a soul directed life, this program will help you reunite with your Sacred Magnificent Self!

This comprehensive program includes:

1. Two audio recordings full of insights, inspired wisdom, and answers to burning questions about fear including what it is, how to recognize it, what causes it and how to break through it. These audios are jam-packed with exercises, tips and resources to transform fear, eliminate self-sabotage and roadblocks permanently.

PLUS, you will also receive the audio notes and scripts Lorraine used to record both audios so you don’t have to take copious notes!

2. 17 page Companion workbook to enhance your breakthroughs and liberate your soul. This workbook includes some of the best, most potent exercises and processes that THOUSANDS of clients have raved about in Lorraine’s programs and private sessions.

3. Making Fear Your Friend guided meditation and healing journey enhanced with Theta technology creates a personal experience to turn fear into an ally! Imagine how your life would change if your relationship with fear was different…. if fear was a pathway and guide to the kind of life you dream about with the Divine as your life partner. This 33 minute life-changing healing journey will help you do that!

4. Unleashing Your Inner Hero and Champion guided meditation. This 38 minute guided journey, enhanced with Theta technology, will help you create, develop and unleash your innate POWER to be the hero and champion of your life story with the Divine to guide you.

5. Overcoming Overwhelm, Procrastination, and Fear workbook. This 47 page workbook is content rich with tips, strategies, exercises and insights to turn chaos to calm, breakthrough stuckness and resistance to live your best life.

Receive eight powerful digital downloadable products: two content rich audios, comprehensive notes for both audios, two power-packed companion workbooks, and two soul created healing meditations that will change your life!

“I was able to really go deep, I loved the soft music in the background, not too overpowering and I especially loved your soothing voice. What surprised me was the shift I experienced by looking at fear in such a different way and experience it as my friend, wow that makes a difference!I realise by listening to this recording more often it will deepen the experience and settle into the subconscious mind to bring about that shift needed to guide us home to our Divine. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful teaching/ meditation and look forward to listen to the remaining recordings and read the documents that came with the program.” - Veronica, Australia


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* Making Fear Your Friend and Unleashing Your Inner Hero and Champion guided healing meditations can also be purchased as individual audios.