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“Dearest Lorraine, I have been living in wonderment and bliss. I have been connecting with the energies of my Divine and the whole world has become more beautiful and alive! My physical sight has seen a new aliveness all around me and much gratitude for life and all it has to offer. The simplicity of things and importance of “being in the moment” has taken on a life of its own. The gratitude felt is amazingly blissful! Infinite Love & Gratitude.”~ L.H

“I have listened to many, many teleseminars! Your Divinely-guided wisdom on the call is exemplary and provides a healing of the soul.” ~ MM

Lorraine’s presentations bring raves!!

Out of the wealth of speakers to choose from for your next event, Lorraine’s live and online presentations are compelling, compassionate, direct, and funny. Known for her ability to instantly connect with audiences, listeners repeatedly report inner shifts with her dynamic energy and intuitive heart. Lorraine is available for speaking engagements for keynotes, teleseminars, telesummmits, radio shows,public seminars and events, and retreats that focus on spirituality, inner transformation, and personal growth.

Sample online interviews (click on the links access the webpage or the player)

The Best People We Know Show with host Deb Scott

Activating Compassion Radio with Jesse Ann Nichols George

Mindful Healing Show with Brenda Lainof
Episode 33

E Factor Radio with Brenda Pearce

The Cari Murphy Show: Straight Talk For The Soul

Wake Up and Be Happy with host Will Wilkinson

Forgiveness Project with Jon and Chris

Click on the live link to watch Video interviews

Testimonials from raving listeners:

WOW thank you SOOO much for an amazing session with Amber!It was so powerful I am still tingly and in a state of JOY and PEACE. with tears in my Eyes I send you THANK YOU and blessings.

I have just finished watching the interview with Lorraine Cohen, so much wisdom in here, love what she says: “claim your Divine right”. During the energy transmission Lorraine sent to us, I felt tingling all through my body and a great peace… Thanks Lorraine, Amber

WOW when Rev Lorraine Cohen said ” What if all the things that you judge about yourself as broken, flawed and unlovable within yourself is what makes you the most beautiful and most powerful ? What would be possible if you stood in that truth and knowing?” everything inside me went still.. and my breath went deep..and I knew.. that shifted something deep within me.. and I will look at myself so differently.. I am so grateful And her” I am” statements that followed.. brought me deeper and deeper into LOVE.. wonderful , all glowing , cell dancing self LOVE!!

“Gosh, You Ladies, rocked the boat today!!! I am so deeply moved and even saw myself in the woman Lorraine worked with because we all have soooo much stuff to let do off an deal with. Lorraine, you are a Goddess! of compassion and love and wisdom and healing powers! Shefali, you are a Goddess of compassion and love!!! The caller just moved all of us in the realms of the divine love and healing! Thank you all I am in gratitude and sending you love and love and love Infinite blessings”

“OMG What a call Thank you Lorraine for this tremendous support!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!1 Thank you Shefali for opening the space Thank you to this brave soul ready to heal and move on and let go! Thank you MUCH LOVE.

Wow .. I love this show, .. Lorraine is talking about everything I have thought about and wondered about for some years about a few people who’ve come into my life .. oh I love the reassurances and the aha’s of this call .. thank you.”

I have signed up for many teleseminars and unfortunately, something or another has come up in the past. Your divine calling on this has served my needs. Thank you for tuning in. You are amazing. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Thank you Lorraine for a very inspiring teaching and blessing which has lifted my spirit. I am grateful, thank you for being you, bless your beautiful heart. May the abundance to have just offered multiply in your life a thousand fold.

Best divine love answers ever, I am open and willing to receive all of God’s blessings in the new year. Thanks Lorraine!

What a beautiful gift- Thank you so much for this incredible time together.

Oh, Thank you so much for the incredible illumination I am feeling a shift in this moment, particularly around depression. Many Blessings to you!

I am so excited about this! This an answer to my prayers. I feel so uplifted and happy. Thank You. Love to You

Thank you for sharing the process of Relentless Affirmations and thank you for the meditation. I emerged in joy and inspiration.

Thank you for doing this. I have signed up for many teleseminars and unfortunately, something or another has come up in the past. Your divine calling on this has served my needs. Thank you for tuning in. You are amazing. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Thank you so much Lorraine I needed to hear this information and the way you explain it it. You do not know how much I needed this!

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