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The Compelling Conversations Series invites leaders in the field of personal transformation, health and wellness, and spirituality to share insights, tips, & success stories to support you in releasing the past, liberating your heart and fulfilling your life path in service to humanity’s Awakening.

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Spiritual Bypassing: The Denial Game

With Co-Hosts  Lorraine Cohen and Dr. Kimberly Marooney

Thursday, June 6, 3pm EST/2pm CT/ noon PST/8 pm UK


Do you feel abandoned, angry, or neglected by God/Source/Higher Power?

Do you feel stuck in victimhood and survival rather than thriving as the powerful being you are?

Do you have health issues that keep you from fully enjoying your life?

If you work with Angels, do you eliminate God in your prayers for guidance and assistance?


When I began my spiritual journey in the mid 80s I had no idea how much pain I was carrying in my heart and in my body. Over the years, my life has crashed several times with financial struggles, mounting debts, agonizing physical pain and a cancer diagnosis. There was no place to run or hide. Some of the dark nights of  the soul knocked me to my knees. I questioned my relationship with God, angels, myself, my body….EVERYTHING! 

What do I believe in?

What could I trust?

What is my purpose?

Was God or whatever you call him/her a gigantic hoax?

When does life get easier!


Have you had similar questions?

Kimberly and I walk the Warrior’s path every day. We have learned critical pieces that can change the most difficult challenges into possibilities; to bring greater health, abundance, peace and joy into our lives.

That’s why we are hosting this call.

In this FREE candid and provocative conversation, we’ll be blowing the BS whistles about:

  • How you can create ill health, and patterns of life struggle.
  • Why vulnerability is essential for health, abundance, and joy.
  • What spiritual bypassing really is and why you gotta FEEL to heal and grow.
  • How bypassing creates the illusion of safety and separates you from Unconditional Love.
  • The shifts you MUST make to align with the flow of your being and the abundant flow of Life.


Unfortunately the call did not record. Our thanks to those who joined us LIVE. 


Rev. Lorraine Cohen is internationally recognized as a Health Alchemist, Soul Power Coach, and Cosmic Heart healer. For more than 30 years she has assisted thousands of people worldwide to tear down, transform, and transmute past emotional wounds into wisdom, compassion, and power; to create a self-loving, healthy, abundant life in alliance with their soul calling.

In 2015 Lorraine began channeling healing energy directly from God’s heart with the support of her multi-dimensional team. These powerful transmissions assist to regenerate and align with your body’s true state of health – whether you are in physical pain, dealing with an illness or injury, want to energetically clear emotional/mental energy blocks, or wish to accelerate your spiritual awakening.



“Lives change” when Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney speaks. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have been touched by Kimberly’s work and teaching through her books, bestselling angel cards, courses, social media and radio. Here’s why. When angels want to new energy manifest on earth, Kimberly is their go-to earth angel. The angels have guided Kimberly into an amazing life of creativity.

Looking back in amazement, she never could have thought this up! Founder of and President of Gateway.University, Kimberly is curious what the angels have next!


One Love,