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The Love Revolution Online Retreat with host Mia Saenz, September 2015

I’m reunited again with my dear friend and host Mia Saenz! In this 30 minute presentation I talked about what it means to stand in your Divinity and live your greatness. You will also experience a guided process to embrace your Divinity.

Woman Unleashed Retreat Celebration with host Amber Bonnici, August 2015

Watch this powerful 45 minute presentation on the keys to Embrace Your Greatness with a very special energy activation process to embody and live from the virtues and expressions of your Divinity!

Feminine Instinct and Money Series with host Prema Lee Gurreri, April 2015

Enjoy this 31 minute as I discussed how to distinguish your intuition, the keys to allow abundance to flow effortlessly, and feeling safe on the mystery of not knowing, my definition of true success and so much more!

10 Days of Gratitude with host Mia Saenz, November 2014

Enjoy this insightful and provocative 26 1/2 minute video interview with many inspirational “nuggets” and a 21-day exercise to transform your life.


Awaken to Happiness Now telesummit with host Shefali Burns, June 2014

Hear my one hour and thirty two minute interview, “Essential Keys to Living in the Spirit of Grace. ” Learn how to turn fear into an ally to create a more joyful and soulfully vital life, unconscious ways you might be creating struggle and how to allow more ease and Grace into your life, and experience three transformational energy activation processes.


Activate Your Abundance Telesummit with host Shefali Burns, April 2014

Hear my one hour and 21 minute interview on “Releasing Lack and Scarcity: 7 Keys to Living an Abundant Life.” Learn what abundance really means. the ways we create scarcity and lack rather than the abundance we want, what does an abundance based life looks like, and essential keys to living an abundance-based life.



The Paradigm Shift: Conquering Fear summit, hosted by Mia Saenz 2013

Hear my 33 minute interview on on, “Changing Your Relationship with Fear”


Self- Love Summit with host Mia Saenz, 2013

Hear my 44 minute interview on, “Awakening Your Loving Heart.”


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