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oneness6I use my extraordinary spiritual and intuitive gifts to support women to dive deeply into self-love and self-care to transform past emotional wounds into wisdom, compassion, and power. A fierce advocate for my clients’ transformation, I’ll assist you in restoring your innate value, purpose, self -love and personal connection to Source, Creator, God; to turn your life into play so you can create their boldest, most abundant, and meaningful life.

Working with thousands of spiritual people for over 25 years I’m known for my highly attuned intuitive gifts,  directness, and laser focus to get the heart of matters quickly.Using multi-layered energy processes with Divine Presence, and practical strategies, I’ll help you to:

    • Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem to follow your heart’s calling and make a difference in the world.
    • Attain a more profound understanding of who you really are and what you really, really want.
    • Deepen your relationship with the Divine and your soul so that your life becomes a creative expression of your truest self.
    • Transform emotional burdens and heart pain to live from POWER, passion, purpose, and prosperity
    • Identify and strengthen your inner foundation to turn challenges into victories and limitless possibilities.
    • Feel a calm confidence to relax and trust that everything in your life is unfolding perfectly.
    • Live each day from the center of your spirit and watch the miracles happen.

You were born to love and have a joyfull life no matter the cost, no matter what someone else said, and no matter how the past once played out. When you work with me you will create shifts and move forward!

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to schedule a 30 minute Discovery Session (this is not a coaching session) if you are ready and excited to live your greatest life.

* This is a time, energy and financial investment in YOU. To make any real significant shift, be willing to invest 6 months.  Read client testimonials

  • Single coaching session -Use this 30 or 60 minute session for soul guidance, gain some clarity about your life or spiritual direction, get advice, brainstorm some ideas. break through a block …whatever you need.

buynow 30 minute session,  $170. 


 60 minute session, $260.


  • Two hour intensive session - Use the time to dive more deeply into specific areas that matter most to you. This session can include higher light channeling from spirit and a soul guided inner healing process as time permits.


buynow2 hour intensive - $586


“I typed up some of the juicy bits of our session together. Nearly 4000 words later, I am amazed and delighted at the depth of what we covered. I am experiencing much more clarity and momentum in the direction that allows my heart to sing with joy. So much insight and rewarding gifts were packed into this session. As today is 11.11.15, I’m going to use this gateway to clearly stand in my YES! Thank you Lorraine for a really wonderful and powerful session. You are truly amazing and inspiring. I’ve just downloaded the audio from our session! YAY!!! Love Rose.” ~ Rose Hoyt, Australia

You will be contacted by email to schedule your phone or Skype session. Many sessions may be recorded.